Season 4 Episode 1

Extradition: British Columbia

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 07, 2009 on USA

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  • I guess the Monk writers are doing this script as well, they phoned it in.

    This was another disappointment. The Monk episode was well below par and this one joined it. At least this episode the supporting cast did something.
    It was an interesting premise, a romantic vacation that goes awry when Shawn's girlfriend cannot make it and it is a non refundable vacation. That part gave me a smile, especially when it took Gus a while to figure it out, even though he paid for it.
    The thief and his thefts was clever, but the rest of it seemed to be just a little off. I had just hoped for a good night of TV on USA Network but then they are owned by the same people as NBC and they have not had many original or good ideas in a long while. They occasionally give us something good, but then milk it too long, like Heroes, and how many Law and Order spinoffs do we need?
  • 4th season premiere

    Psych has always tried to find a fine balance between crime drama and comedy. And most times, the needle tends to swing between the two,-- comedy mostly. The series premiere had fallen prey to this flaw. What we witnessed was 40 minutes of comedy, which included the typical Psych goofiness and a few jabs at CBS' mentalist and CZJ's laser routine in entrapment.

    Psych could have made the villain look more intimidating. The sequence where he lets Shawn get off the hook, or the ones where he lets Shawn and Gus know about his plans were arguably stupid. It makes us wonder if we should even take the bad guy seriously. All said and done, I did like the fun part of the story. Though this can't be categorized as a super episode, nevertheless it isn't worth trashing as well. Its good the writers stuck to the usual framework, rather than jumping the shark in lieu of giving us the surprise element.
  • Shawn and Gus are in Canada after an art thief who always seems to be just one step ahead of Shawn.

    This was a pretty good episode. I did deduct a half a point because it started off very slow and the writers seemed to struggle in the beginning putting Shawn and Gus away from their normal routine up in Canada, but...

    I give them a lot of props for it. The episode wasn't working at first but the minute Shawn and Gus went to the Canadian authorities this episode started showing the 10 quality again that I take for granted on this show. And they didn't look back after that.

    The art thief played by Mr. Ewles was a worthy adversary who made you believe at least a little bit that Shawn might have been a little over his head. The funniest thing about the episode was Gus and Shawn riding together and Gus slowly realizing Shawn was taking him out on a date with his own money. That was hilarious.

    The cute payoff scene with Juliet was phenomenal too. Even though Shawn might be with Abigail at the moment you can see the slow push for Jules and Shawn.

    One of my favorite comedic movies was Ace Ventura Pet Detective. When they did a sequel they took it out of his element into Africa and the movie was very inferior, stole the old jokes and had nothing for Jim Carrey to play off of. In this episode that is what had first hurt it. But unlike that movie. Once they gave people for Shawn and Gus to play off of, this became just as good as any other episode in this series. And it was helped even further with a good villain to play off of too. I liked this interesting experiment for an episode, but I still can't wait for them to go back to the states and than Shawn and Gus can really do what they do best and more Corbin Bernsen always helps too. I can't wait for more.
  • Shawn and Gus catch an art thief in Vancouver, B.C

    This was a very cute forth season premiere. The cast always has great chemistry and Cary Elwes is always a treat. I really enjoy his precise English. One true nitpick that I have of this episode is that for goodness sake Whistler is not open in the summer time, as there is NO snow in Canada at this time. The summers in Vancouver are warm and so as a Canadian viewer this is just irritating. Always making Canada cold, reagrdless of the season, is insulting and obviously the writers are going for stereotype and not doing research. This is sloppy and frustrating.
  • As far as season premieres go, even without the staple dead body, ‘Extradition: British Columbia’ doesn’t disappoint. It delivers it’s signature blend of humor and wit while successfully addressing some of the developments in Season 3.

    So after what seemed like forever (to me and my Twitter buddies. I am pretty sure the six month time space continuum passed pretty much like six months for the rest of the universe), the quirky crime-fighting duo of Shawn and Gus finally made it back on our screens for the fourth season. But not from sunny Santa Barbara where the show is set at , but the snowy peaks of British Columbia, Canada. The season premiere titled ‘Extradition : British Columbia’ finds Shawn ( James Roday) and Gus ( Dule Hill) off to a ski vacation in Whistler which gets disrupted with an international art thief , Pierre Despereux played by Cary Elwes of ‘The Princess Bride’ fame showing up in town whom Shawn recognizes from Lassiter’s wall of most wanted. Pretending to be Head Detective to solicit the local police’s help, Shawn attempts to nab Despereux with Lassiter (Tim Omundson) and Juliet (Maggie Lawson) flying down to assist. What follows is an entertaining forty minutes complete with a dig at the ’The Mentalist’, the standard Canada joke or two, talking to raccoons, An ‘Entrapment’ laser spoof and some less than stellar skiing on part of the guys all of which is rounded off nicely with an adorable, aww worthy non-date between Shawn and Jules. Lassiter’s frustration at not being able to have a gun and exude his usual authority, being out of his jurisdiction is amusing as is Cary Elwes’ portrayal of the gentleman criminal as he speaks in clipped tones and wears designer loafers. As fans of the show would know, the show is actually filmed in Vancouver where it does a decent job of masquerading as being set in California. With the need to pretend obviously not there in this particular episode, panoramic shots of popular tourist destination like the Capilano Bridge and Stanley Park and the city skyline have been added gleefully for the simple fact that they can be shown.

    As far as season premieres go, even without the staple dead body, ‘Extradition: British Columbia’ doesn’t disappoint. It delivers it’s signature blend of humor and wit while successfully addressing some of the developments in Season 3 namely Shawn’s attempts at rekindling romance with high school crush Abigail (Rachael Leigh Cook) and the interesting twist it has for the Shawn and Juliet storyline. Season 4 finds the fake psychic attempting to negotiate a fledgling relationship with Abigail while reconciling with the abruptly changed dynamic of his little more than friendship with Juliet. Roday brings out some unseen nuances to the character of Shawn as he awkwardly and endearingly fumbles through conversations wiht Juliet before oh so sweetly proclaiming to refuse to be uncomfortable around her, because she means too much to him. Maggie Lawson too does well at keeping Juliet non-dramatic and composed. Episode writer and show creator Steve Franks thankfully keeps out any exaggerated heartbreak or pining from weighing in upon the lightness of the show. While I must admit, the shipper in me was less than thrilled about yanking the flirtatious element between the two characters, there is a new and heightened awareness of feelings for each other which is sure to lend to the depth of the show.

    All in all, ‘Extradition..’ sets the tone perfectly for season ahead.
  • Season premiere.

    Psych returned for its 4th season tonight, offering very few laughs, and one of the weakest storylines in the show's history. There was no background given to this character outside of the norm, there was no red herring or anything special about it. This was just the usual: Shawn is in trouble, Shawn embarrasses himself, but Shawn ends up figuring it out anyway.

    Since it is August there really is not too much better TV on the tube right now, but come September I don't think too many will keep watching if the program does not get any better than this.
  • An excellent work...

    A great new way to start the season of Psych. The mojo is back, and the characters in this episode were superb. Cary Elwes was amazing, and so were Roday and Hill. The writers also did an amazing job of the Shawn/Juliet storyline without having any rediculous whining/pining for the other. Lassiter without his gun, as well as references to the other past episodes. Much, much better than the last season premiere, and if this is anything to go by, Psych fans have alot to look forward to with the rest of the season! If you don't watch...then that would be the not-so-perfect crime!
  • This episode doesn't come close to the regular routine.

    The season premiere is based about the premise of perfect crime, which, as Henry tells Shawn in the falshback, does not exist. This ties nicely to the plot where Shawn and Gus, while on skiing vacation in Canada, spot an internationational art thief. The new setting create an opportunity to have Shawn demonstrate his "gift" to a brand new police department, which sadly isn't as funny as it was the first time. In fact the whole investigation is not that exciting and unlike some other episodes, it is almost impossible to figure out yourself. There is a gullible canadian police officer who is strangely less entertaining than the FBI profiler from the last season finale. When Shawn and Gus are on the trail of the thief they have to get through security (red) lasers and Gus does a routine from the movie "Entrapment". Even though it instantly obvious how it will end, it still was amusing to see. More interesting is the sub-plot of why Shawn and Gus are on the vacation, what is up with Shawn's relationship with Abigail and how it will affect him working with Jules. I'm not going to spoil it but Shawn's planning of the vacation is hilarious. Even though I knew (from the episode guide) that Shawn will be with Abigail I expected some more development in this department. Like the third season finale hinted us that Shawn was not really that comfortable with her, when he had Gus watch them in the car (they exchanged looks as if it was deliberate). In this episode it is made uber extremely obvious that Shawn is having seconds thoughts. And that is suppose to be the begging of his relationship? The thing is that his stance toward Jules lacks the subtlety of that seen in previous episodes. I expected jealousy a source for comedy, instead it is akwardness. I hope it will change for the better.
  • Shawn and Gus go to Whistler, Canada to ski but Shawn has used Gus credit card and maxed it out. Shawn is looking for some work. While on the slopes Shawn recognizes one of Lassiter's suspects from his wall of fame at home putting Shawn in motion.

    Not a strong episode for a season premiere. It was still humorous and an enjoyable time but not quite on the mark. Shawn and Gus are in Canada and Shawn recognizes Pierre Despareaux played by Cary Elwes on the slopes. They go to the Royal Canadian Mounties for help. Working with Corporal Mackintosh played by Peter Oldring who is taken in by Shawn's charm and the act. He brings in his boss who calls Lassiter and he and Juliet head to Canada to join "their boss Detective Spencer". Pierre seems to be one step ahead of Shawn at every turn. Shawn's dad told him there was no such thing as the perfect crime and luckily Shawn remembers all of that. In the end Shawn does figure out what crime Pierre is actually perpetrating. Luckily he figures it out before its too late and everyone is in on the collar.

    I'm not really sure why this episode didn't click. It could have been that the sponging on Gus is getting old or the fact he never tells Gus the truth about things. The romantic ride in the park was a little awkward. Cute overall but just not as funny as usual. Acting was fine but I think the story sort of lacked something. Production values were fine as well. I'm sure they'll be back to there old selves next week. Thanks for reading...
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