Season 5 Episode 2

Feet Don't Kill Me Now

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 2010 on USA

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  • Amazing episode!

    This episode of PSYCH definitely delivered. It had everything PSYCH needs: a good mystery, witty character interactions and great comedy.

    The thing I liked most this episode were the character interactions. Seeing Shawn with Juliet and Gus with Lassie was a breath of fresh air, but I still liked when the teams got back to normal. The end with everyone taking down the murderer was the best part. And of course this episode had hilarious banter between all four cast members, due to perfect timing and brilliant writing. The mystery was pretty solid also; throughout the episode I thought the lab partner was the murderer. Then the red herring came up with the flirty assistant being the killer, but it turned out to be the lab partner. Also, I hope Lassie does tap dancing in future episodes to clear up his problems.

    Overall, this episode of PSYCH was one of the best. Can't wait for the next episode!
  • 502

    The second episode of Psych proves to be an improvement over the season premiere, albeit barely, but the show still struggles to capture that charm that propelled it into the hearts of millions just a few years ago. Last season I thought that the show was as strong as ever, but the start to the fifth season has shown me that the Santa Barbara based series may have already run its course.

    Outside of a few random Shawn lines I really did not laugh at all during the hour. The show is not even trying at this point as far as creating original storylines on a weekly basis. They think they can throw anything at us, and add 15 minutes of banter between Shawn and Gus and we will eat it up with a spoon. It is almost insulting really.
  • Jokes are there for sure...but not sure about the plot

    So this is the 2nd episode of psych's season 5. For one, I am loving how psych has incorporated one of Dule Hill's talents into the show...which is tap dancing. Sure it was briefly mentioned once that Gus tap dances back in season 2 episode 7 but this time, it was mentioned more. I also find it comical how Gus and Lassiter started teaming up as a result of tap dancing. You gotta love how Lassiter has pick up tap dancing as a way to stay calm and relieve him of stress. I am hoping the show does more with this in the future.

    As far as the whole episode goes, I thought the plot was lacking. I was disappointed about why the crime was committed. I was hoping it would be a different reason than the good old jealous co-worker. Whatever happened to the good motives of the crime back in the first few seasons? I remember the old episodes would keep me on the edge of my seat and would really want to know what happened or who the killer is. With this episode, we can more or less predicted that it was the lab technician who did it. Actually, how big of a twist would it have been if it was actually Desiree's mom who committed the crime? Btw, is it just me or do others also miss the fact that Shawn no longer shouts out random stuff (after making an observation) and does really random things to get the chief to follow up on a possible lead? Nowadays, Shawn just says exactly what he saw or formed a conclusion based on what he saw while starting with "I am sensing that..."

    Don't get me wrong though, I still love psych and it's still one of my favorite shows. I definitely love the character chemistry. This week was definitely different since Gus rarely ever talk to Lassister nor harmonize with him ever. I also find the one liners funny such as "Missing a weapon, you can try taking the knife off my back" and the "Dude, I know you are not psychic."

    And ya, as others have mentioned, I am not sure if I really like Henry being part of the police department again and wearing a suit. I definitely like the Henry in a funny t-shirt more and when Shawn would go to him for help if Shawn has hit a wall for the time being. I am really hoping during one of these episodes, Henry would step down from the position due to whatever reason.
  • Getting Better

    I breathed a sigh of relief after watching this episode of Psych. The season opener had me a little worried that the show was losing it's edge. Not a problem though, because the show was back this week. I admit the mystery was slightly weak, but I loved the tap dancing with Lassiter & Gus. Watching Lassiter doing the steps while trying to work through the case was hilarious. Gus & Lassie together was super funny. Juliet & Shawn fell a little flat to me. I know it was supposed to so the original partners would go back together, but it still felt a bit like they were messing up Shawn & Juliets chemistry. Excited for next weeks episode!
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