Season 1 Episode 9

Forget Me Not

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 19, 2007 on USA

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  • Forget Me Not

    The Good:

    -"You should ask a mountain lion."

    -For once, Shawn is not the troublemaker. An ostrich chokes on a tennis ball that was probably thrown by Trish - who was trying to hit Shawn with the ball.

    -Shawn's accent and Gus's elaborately-pronounced nickname.

    -"Simba, I am your father."

    The Bad:

    -Using a man with Alzheimer's AND a girl from Shawn and Gus's past seems like a waste of two solid ideas. Captain Conners is obviously competent enough to handle himself, so his accompaniment to the office by Trish seems strange. The two ideas could have each come up in different episodes.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of psych shawn gus are called to the thing of a missing persons case and they must figure out what happen. it involves a old police captain and old friend from high school this was a good and funny ep. he must figure out what happen to the husband. who came looking for his mother and father. shawn and guss do some investgating and learn that the billiair is his father and that his wife killed the mother 20 years ago and then killed the son who came looking for his dad . and the wife did not want them to get any money so she disposed of both of them from a moutain lion. this was a really good ep i tought.
  • Shawn and Gus are visited by Tish and her father retired Capt. Conners of the SBPD. Connors claims that he has witness some murders and hires the boys to investigate. Shawn's father tells Shawn to drop it as Captain Conners has early onset Alzheimer's.

    One of the best episodes of Psych so far. A great performance by Kurtwood Smith of That's 70's Show fame as retired Captain Brett Conners who worked with Shawn's dad on the San Bernardino PD. In a way Conners trusted Shawn when his father wouldn't. Tish played by Ashley Williams who is Conners daughter is the same age as Shawn and Gus who both fancy her.

    What has occurred is a situation which played out similarly twenty years before. A person is mauled and killed by a Mountain Lion. In both cases the persons death was considered an accident but Conners had suspicions twenty years before and now is suspicious again. Shawn and Gus investigate and sure enough there are some things that just don't come together based on the way the authorities are putting the story together. One of the really damning pieces is the fact that it has not been a dry season and there was no reason for the Mountain Lion to attack a human. Also the Lion seems to be malnourished which again is strange for the surrounding circumstances.

    We are driven toward a certain suspect but the interesting thing is the surprise in the end and the fact that the businessman was oblivious to what had been going on. His wife was a gold digger and didn't want to share so she literally killed to keep as much of the family money as possible. It makes you wonder how long she would have kept her husband around at this point?

    Shawn and Gus are great together and really make an excellent team. Very enjoyable episode and a great sign of things to come. Thanks for reading...
  • LOL "Simba I am your father." LOL A great episode!

    This episode of Psych was great! If it wasn't perfect, it came very close to perfect. This episode was just amazingly funny.

    I liked when Trish was talking to Gus and Shawn was in the other room, dancing on the table and acting silly. He even pretended to read a book, but then it was shown that the book was upside down! LOL

    My favorite part of the episode is when Shawn says "Simba, I am your father." But then the episode gets even funnier when he and Gus "communicate" after Joan asks Gus to help with the warthog delivery. This is one of the funniest scenes I've ever seen on television. I liked when Shawn and Gus went to the cabin with the ranger, pretending that they'd been lost in the forest. The looks on their faces were so funny. It was a great scene when everyone crashed the Crocker's home. Shawn gave a battle cry that was hilarious. When Shawn pretended to communicate with Mike, it was extremely funny. Lassiter's annoyance over this was a riot. Another great scene I almost forgot to mention was the opening scene, where Shawn and Gus are pretending to read the lips of Trish and Captain Connors. "Abs like Bruce Lee." LOL Too funny. I loved the look on Gus' face when he said that Trish "Sure has grown". It was great, too, when Shawn asked Trish if they'd ever kissed and she said no. He said that that image might be coming from the not-too-distant future. It was great. I loved how Shawn and Gus had a little competition going for Trish. It would have been great to see if either of them actually had a chance with her. LOL

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes of Psych. It's sooo funny. It was well written, well acted and very silly. I loved it. All of the Psych episodes are hilarious and I could watch any episode at any time but there's just something special about this one. Great episode!!!!
  • A mountain lion framed of a murder

    The most hillarious show I've ever watched! Of course, Psych is the best when it comes to comedic-argument! The show was opened with a pretense dialog between a father and his daughter, dubbed by Shawn and Gus. It was obvious that at some point Gus had a crush on this girl.

    I especially loved it when Shawn and Gus were arguing with their "kosov" languange, using nonsense noise coming from their mouth. It was sooooooo freaking funny, I LMAO.

    I didn't expect that Shawn would stand down and give Gus a chance with the girl. But then again, as typical as they are, they made it a race to kiss the girl.
  • Shawn and Gus solve a 20 year old murder.

    When Shawn's father'sold friend from the police force comes for his help to help him remember a murder that he had solved but doesn't remember anything sbout it like who weas killed and who was the murderer. Shawn takes the case. But soon discovers that the mnurder his father's friend is talking about happen twenty years ago. He still continues when he see a missing picture of someone that was seen arguing with the suspect of that case that happend 20 years ago. And then finds out that the both this case and the case 20 years ago have 2 things in common. Mountain Loins and A very wealthy person.
  • What a great way to start the second-half of the first season!

    I for one, am ecstatic that my favorite show off all time, is back for several more episodes, with a promised second season on the way. And what a fantastic installment to the Psych season! This was a great episode, and I have to say, I absolutely loved every minute of it. I think my favorite part was when 'Lassie', began to demand 'answers' from Mike's missing poster. OMG, that was just hilarious! Not to mention Shawn's actual calling of Lassiter, Lassie! I was very pleased to see Lassiter begin to accept Shawn's tips, and not question them so much. He's beginning to accept him. Not as a psychic, but as a good investigator at least. My favorite part, had to be when Shawn helped the Captain out of the police department, not letting him get more embarrassed than he would have been. It was a great scene. And it was nice to see Shawn looking up to someone for once. It just goes to show you, that if someone believes in Shawn, he will be there to the end for them, and always respect them. Perhaps that's why his relationship with his father is so strained, he was never given any credit.
  • Great season opener.

    In the Season two opener of Psych Shawn helps an old friend outwho thinks he solved a murder. I thought that this was the best Psych out of the 2, it might have been 3 that I have seen. It was the funniest out of thethree and the best plot. I love when Shawn and his father fight it is funny how they have nothing in common and they just go at it in their own way. The flashbacks are another good part of the show. You can see the backround of Shawn and his father and their "misunderstanding". Anyways shawn helps his ol time friend out and on the way that case unlopcks the key to a more present mystery which are both figured out at the end.
  • crazy funny!!!!!

    this one was soooo funny i was dying laughin!!! i was goin crazy when it first came on when they was talking for that girl and gus was like no daughter go out with gus! or something like that and when they was talking in that made up lauage!! man i rollin. and they accually did the birth! that was the funnest psych ever!!!
  • good stuff

    PSYCH is back!!!! And it's about time as I missed the show very much. After a long wait the season premier is no dissapointment. It combined great comedy with a compelling adventure - mystery. I Think the mystery had a great twist that I did not see coming at all. I assumed that The rich guy killed his son because he did not want to be caught cheating on his wife, in this assumption i also assumed that he killed his mistress. But it turned out to be his wife because she didnt want want other hiers to thier fortune. Good twist that i enjoyed. Overall 4 out of 5 stars for me
  • Man eating lions, evil wives, and great oneliners...

    If you've never seen Psych before, this episode was a great example at what you can expect to see every week. Something from Shawn's past connects to his future and then the race is on to solve the crime before the cynical police detective Lassiter. This show provided great one-liners and comedy. The best friend duo, Shawn and Gus keep the storyline lively and fun while at the same time being serious about solving the crime. After talking his way into places he shouldn't be, Shawn finds clues that the less observant would miss. Along the way he and Gus fill in the blanks and solve the crime. I think this show does a great job of putting a new spin on crime solving.
  • Hilarious show once again!

    Very funny show once again and no wonder it is
    A hit as Gus & Shawn are approached by a
    Former police captain trying to solve a crime that took place about twenty years ago. But the one problem is that the poor old man just can't seem to remember. Really great show once again and that Gus & Shawn are like the new cop buddies for this generation.
  • An old school friend and her father, an ex-police captain, ask Shawn and Gus for help.

    The captain thinks that he solved a murder, but he cannot remember any of the details. He is getting older, and he has trouble remembering things. They go to Shawn and Gus for help.

    Shawn and Gus figure out that the mountain lion didn't really kill the person...and his mother 20 years earlier. They go to where the mountain lion is and they notice that it is malnurited. But why? There was plenty to eat.

    They learn that Mr. Crocker was the father of the man who had been killed. He had an affair with his secretary 20 years earlier. His wife killed her and framed a mountain lion. Then, when his son came looking for him, she killed him also.

    This was a hilarious episode filled with great jokes and some very memorable moments. I loved it.
  • In this episode Shawn's old friend from school came to Psych to tell Shawn that her father witnessed a murder. He can't remember who murdered a young man. They seek his help, and he delivers. This episode has man-eating lions, evil wives, and funny.!

    This episode was hilarious. My mom and me both loved the part when they went to the veterinarian office and pretended to be another docter. When he talked to Dr. TOk (Gus) and they were making a language, it was hilarious. Also, when they were in the indoor garden and he was "speaking" with Mike, I think that was funny too. This episode was definately great to see into Shawns past and his old friends. I didn't like how he was mean to the girl in the beginning or the fact we still don't know who thre the tennis ball. It made me kinda mad.