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Official Discussion - "Cog Blocked"

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    Gus was awesome. The names at the Buena Vista Lounge were hilarious. I'm glad he got to be the big man in an episode, and point out how much Shawn just makes up as he goes along. It's also nice for Gus to get a little consideration in return for everything he puts up with. I hope he and Emanuelle last for a while.

    Shawn's flyer-based job search was also a crack-up. He messes around a lot, but it seemed like he was genuinely confused by those flyers - I mean, he really commits to a "bit", but calling people he doesn't know seems beyond just him being a jokester. The dog walker conversation wasn't even in anyone else's earshot.

    All in all, nicely done and a well-deserved feature episode for Gus.

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