Season 1 Episode 10

From the Earth to Starbucks

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 26, 2007 on USA

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  • From the Earth to Starbucks

    The Good:

    -"My name is Aurora...Borealis."

    -Gus gets to be on a date for once. Even though it doesn't end well, it is nice to see him getting into the dating scene.

    -Shawn pretends that his name is also Carlton, but says he spells his name with two K's. Juliet pronounces both, calling him "K-Karlton."

    -It is nice that Shawn tells the woman at the beginning that her boyfriend is not cheating on her. He could have slept with her anyway, but this episode shows that he's not a sleazy guy.

    The Bad:

    -It's disappointing that Jessica and Gus are set up so nicely, only to have her leave. It would have been great to see the two of them have a continuing romantic story, since Shawn is not dating anyone.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of psych shawn sees lastiter at the bar and he is drunk and upset and he does not think he has what it takes anymore . he was working on case but could not prove anything happen . but shawn and gus want to solve the case but make belive lasiter did it himself and get all the credit to make him feel good again. and so they go and invesgate and turns out the guy that died was having in affair but also discovering a planet but the guy who he was working with was posining him with a flower from his garden and he killed him so he could get the credit . this was a really good ep i thought.
  • So hillarious. I loved this episode it was so funny and amazing. OMG.

    This episode was so funny. Lassiter, completely drunk, opens up to Shawn at a bar about a case. He tells Shawn about a case he couldn't solve a couple of weeks ago and Shawn feels really bad for Lassiter so he decides to take the case, but give Lassiter all the credit. When he tells Gus about this, Gus isn't to happy and leaves him hanging for a fist pound. Later, Shawn tells Gus what the case is about and reveals that he has been watching Gus. This makes Gus go into "Stealth" mode(this part is so funny!). They end up solving the case and Lassiter has no idea that they helped him in any way. He does hint that he new Julliete helped him, but that is it.
  • Psych does it again. Another perfect episode!

    I liked this new apsect of Shawn and Henry's relationship. Shawn was uncomfortable with his father having a love life. It was a nice change to see him looking genuinely uneasy about something. And when he met Henry at the bar at the end of the episode, that was sweet. Henry gave up his date to meet with Shawn. I liked Lassiter drunk. It was funny and he just kept spilling his guts, sharing his feelings. Shawn didn't really want to help him at first, but he ended up feeling sorry for him. The case was interesting as well. When Gus and Shawn suspected Jessica of murder, I felt bad for Gus because he obviously liked her a lot. It seems like the couple of women he's liked were suspects. (Shawn and Gus are always attracted to potential suspects). When it became clear that she wasn't the murderer, the look on Gus' face was funny. But why did Shawn spoil it for him by telling her that he and Gus suspected her? I don't get that part. He tried to hook them up and then her ruined it. I liked the scene in the observatory, when Shawn takes over the planetarium show. It was absolutely hilarious. "I am your host, Aurora Borealis". LOL It was so funny when Shawn described the constellations and then gave them stupid names like 'monkey with rash'. The guy who worked in the planetarium and was stealing from people was very funny too. It was funny when he stood at the podium with Shawn, right in Shawn's face! Later, when Gus and Jessica got back, it was too funny seeing all the people falling down and looking dizzy as they left the planetarium. Shawn walked off nonchalantly, adding to the humor of this scene. I think it's so sweet how Shawn, Gus and Juliet helped Lassiter solve the case, without him knowing. That was great. I love that they do sweet things for each other sometimes.
  • Shawn is at a bar fixing another persons life with his observations when he runs into Lassiter who is having a bad night. Unable to leave Lassiter to his pain Shawn decides to help Lassiter prove to himself he is a good detective with Gus and Jules help.

    This is what Psych is all about at its best. I think every character shined in a good light in this episode. Shawn for not always doing things for himself. Juliet for caring about her partner. Gus for finally feeling like he really is getting good at working with Gus. Shawn's dad who seems to be finally moving forward with his life. Finally Lassiter who had stopped believing in himself.

    There was a lot of really humorous moments in this episode. Gus trying to be stealthy and elude Shawn only to be found every time. Vernon the janitor played by Ryan Robbins was very funny and did a great job as being a little mysterious but harmless in the end. Shawn dumping the plant on his father porch when he finds out his dad is dating.

    Another love interest bites the dust for the boys. This time Gus had his eye on Jessica played by Nicole Lyn who then spurned him when she found out he was investigating her. At least this time she wasn't the killer. That has happened a little too often. If there was any miss-step in the episode it was the fact that his partner the other astronomer killed the victim. There is a lot of fame in doing this job and it's rather tedious, but to kill someone over a discovery they would have both got credit for seems a little far fetched. Of course people have killed for less. Richard Kind who played the killer is a great character actor and I have always enjoyed his work.

    This was a very enjoyable and entertaining episode and one of the best if not the best of the season so far. Thanks for reading...
  • A deeper connection between Shawn and his father and the 'gang' chips in to restore Detective Lassiter's confidence

    The show opens when Shawn at a bar on a date with a girl on the rebound. After helping her reconnect and get engaged to her boyfriend, he finds a very drunk Lassiter who confides in him that he has lost his confidence. So, Shawn, Gus and Juliet team up and set out to restore Lassiter's confidence by solving the murder of an astronomer and making sure Lassiter gets the credit for it and also believes that he did genuinely solve the case.

    There is also a very awkward moment for Shawn when he visits his father and discovers that he is with a woman. He is unable to accept that his father is dating. The two become closer as Henry gives up a Friday night date to meet his son for a few drinks.

    The episode has it's usual excellent collection of jokes and one-liners, but what makes it special is that it shows that Shawn, Gus and Juliet do genuinely care for Lassiter and that Henry loves his son. It's nice to see such caring and support underneath the regular barbs.

    This is one of the episodes on the Season 1 DVD which comes with excellent and insightful audio commentary from James Roday, Dulé Hill, Creator Steve Franks and Executive Producer Kelly Kulchack.

    I also personally enjoyed the show becasue I grew up in Vancouver and the Science Center is the Vancouver Planetarium, where I have been!
  • Can astronomy kill you?

    When Shawn finds Detective Lassiter is a bar during his date drunk and saying things like he isnt a good cop any more because Shawn is solving all of his cases. Than Lassiter tells him about his new case aht he has and that the coronor says that its a natural death but he says that a healthy heart does not just stop. So SHawn get the idea of 'guiding' Lassiter in the right direction during the case by working in the astronomy museum. And discover the date June 21st. adn wiht that date help Lassiter solve the murder.
  • Shawn solves the murder of an astronomer while letting Lassiter think he's solving it on his own. Meanwhile, Shawn finds out, to his shock, that his dad has been dating again.

    This is a great episode. I like episodes that tell a little more about the character, but focus on the main plot at hand. Shawn finding out about his Dad's new girlfriend was a nice touch. It also tells us that he lost his mom 15 years ago, which would have made him a young child when it all happened. I also liked the fact that the writers did not have Shawn just spill his guts to Gus. He takes it as most men would probably take it - he holds back his feelings. With regards to the rest of the plot, I like how Lassiter is losing his mind in a way. It kind of makes one question what's going on in his mind.
  • Shawn has a soft side and he is stalking Gus! XD

    I like to see Shawn's soft side, when he is not goofy and devil-may-care and he shows that he really does care... even though he does it in a really strange way XP

    Is it just me or is Shawn stalking Gus? I mean, he tailed Gus to get the hang of it? But it's rather strange that he kept pushing Gus together with that girl forcefully, playing the matchmaker with such a fervor that he actually made it impossible for the girl to see Gus as "normal" and not some whacko :D And when he then actually crashed their date... that was hilarious!

    Gus being stealthy as a jackal... So inconspicuous :P I loved it that Shawn's Dad didn't want to hurt his feelings and bring his "girlfriend" to the bar on Friday, that he actually cancelled his date to meet his son. Usually, it's not so clear that Henry actually loves Shawn. Sometimes, it feels like Shawn is just a bother to him. But in this episode, there was a glimpse of this love there. I like that and I hope that they will show more of their relationship soon. Carlton Lassiter is dumb as a stump. 'nough said XP
  • Caught the end of it didnt seem to shabby.

    In this episode I missed the first half of it bu I saw the second half which was confusing mainly becasue of missing the first half, but it didn't seem to bad. Gus and Shawn were funny like alweays and he mystery to be solved looked new. He figured out how Hugo poisened the guy by putting poison in his coffee day after day which would slowly kill him. In my opinnion I liked last weeks episode better but I didnt see the whole episode this week. I did; however, like the angle with Shawn helping Lassir solve the case and make Lassir think he solved it and Gus say I solved it and the two go no you didnt and he said oh ya you did[to Lassir].
  • Interesting, Talent, Namesis

    This was a pretty interesting episode, as we see Lassiter begin to doubt his talent as a detective. Or at least feels his talent is waning. Shawn comes in and helps Lassiter out on the sly ... helping him to solve a crime in order to boost Lassiters ego again. The strange thing about this is that Shawn is pretty much Lassie's nemesis. Lassiter doesn't really like Shawn at all, and thinks virtually everything Shawn does is abhorrant ... However, Shawn seems to have taken a liking to Lassiter. In anycase, it was an interesting and fun episode ... This show just keeps getting better and better.