Season 1 Episode 10

From the Earth to Starbucks

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 26, 2007 on USA

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  • Psych does it again. Another perfect episode!

    I liked this new apsect of Shawn and Henry's relationship. Shawn was uncomfortable with his father having a love life. It was a nice change to see him looking genuinely uneasy about something. And when he met Henry at the bar at the end of the episode, that was sweet. Henry gave up his date to meet with Shawn. I liked Lassiter drunk. It was funny and he just kept spilling his guts, sharing his feelings. Shawn didn't really want to help him at first, but he ended up feeling sorry for him. The case was interesting as well. When Gus and Shawn suspected Jessica of murder, I felt bad for Gus because he obviously liked her a lot. It seems like the couple of women he's liked were suspects. (Shawn and Gus are always attracted to potential suspects). When it became clear that she wasn't the murderer, the look on Gus' face was funny. But why did Shawn spoil it for him by telling her that he and Gus suspected her? I don't get that part. He tried to hook them up and then her ruined it. I liked the scene in the observatory, when Shawn takes over the planetarium show. It was absolutely hilarious. "I am your host, Aurora Borealis". LOL It was so funny when Shawn described the constellations and then gave them stupid names like 'monkey with rash'. The guy who worked in the planetarium and was stealing from people was very funny too. It was funny when he stood at the podium with Shawn, right in Shawn's face! Later, when Gus and Jessica got back, it was too funny seeing all the people falling down and looking dizzy as they left the planetarium. Shawn walked off nonchalantly, adding to the humor of this scene. I think it's so sweet how Shawn, Gus and Juliet helped Lassiter solve the case, without him knowing. That was great. I love that they do sweet things for each other sometimes.
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