Season 1 Episode 10

From the Earth to Starbucks

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 26, 2007 on USA

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  • Shawn is at a bar fixing another persons life with his observations when he runs into Lassiter who is having a bad night. Unable to leave Lassiter to his pain Shawn decides to help Lassiter prove to himself he is a good detective with Gus and Jules help.

    This is what Psych is all about at its best. I think every character shined in a good light in this episode. Shawn for not always doing things for himself. Juliet for caring about her partner. Gus for finally feeling like he really is getting good at working with Gus. Shawn's dad who seems to be finally moving forward with his life. Finally Lassiter who had stopped believing in himself.

    There was a lot of really humorous moments in this episode. Gus trying to be stealthy and elude Shawn only to be found every time. Vernon the janitor played by Ryan Robbins was very funny and did a great job as being a little mysterious but harmless in the end. Shawn dumping the plant on his father porch when he finds out his dad is dating.

    Another love interest bites the dust for the boys. This time Gus had his eye on Jessica played by Nicole Lyn who then spurned him when she found out he was investigating her. At least this time she wasn't the killer. That has happened a little too often. If there was any miss-step in the episode it was the fact that his partner the other astronomer killed the victim. There is a lot of fame in doing this job and it's rather tedious, but to kill someone over a discovery they would have both got credit for seems a little far fetched. Of course people have killed for less. Richard Kind who played the killer is a great character actor and I have always enjoyed his work.

    This was a very enjoyable and entertaining episode and one of the best if not the best of the season so far. Thanks for reading...
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