Season 1 Episode 13

Game Set… Muuurder?

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2007 on USA

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  • Wow, this show continues to amaze. This episode was great.

    I liked this episode a lot. It seemed different than the other episodes somehow, but I'm not sure if that's just me or it really was different. I don't think I've seen Shawn work this hard on a case, except maybe the Pilot episode. Anyways, I really liked this episode. Interim chief Vick was back. I like her character. She readily agreed to let Shawn work the case. I'm not sure if she completely believes he's a psychic or she just believes in him. I liked the "secret" meeting between Shawn and Juliet. She is also quite willing to turn to him for help. Their meeting was funny and even a little flirtatious. :) How about Henry and Lassiter bonding? I didn't think it was too weird since Lassiter's a cop and Henry's a retired cop. I couldn't tell if Shawn was jealous of their bonding or uncomfortable because his father could possibly let it slip that he's not actually a psychic... But I can't imagine Henry revealing Shawn's secret to anyone. After seeing the episode a few more times, I'm sure that Shawn was just jealous. Ha ha ha I liked that Henry is a hard a$$ even when dealing with Lassiter. Lassiter actually understands, somewhat, what Shawn went through with his father. I think it's great that Lassiter got some insight into Shawn's character. A really funny part of the episode was Gus "playing dead" on the floor of the crime scene. He got very uncomfortable when Shawn mentioned chopping his body to bits! The look on the landlord's face when Shawn told him that he'd seen too much was too much for me! LOL There were a lot of great parts...Shawn's Tommy Lee Jones impression, Gus skipping across the tennis court, Shawn's "vision", which led him to walk throughout the precinct. A freaking awesome episode!
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