Season 1 Episode 13

Game Set… Muuurder?

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2007 on USA

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  • Shawn is bored. Gus is out of town at a retreat and Shawn has no case to work on so he gets himself invited into a case involving a missing tennis pro. It seems she was suppose to go to Tokyo to play but she disappeared right before the trip.

    An enjoyable episode that gives you a few more insights into Shawn's behavior and why he is the way he is. For example has anyone thought of playing Battleship without deploying your boats? Eventually you would get caught cheating as one of the precepts of the game is to track where the boats can't be as well as where they are. Also there are major control issues as well as a number of other unrelated items.

    As far as the episode goes, the tennis player is missing. There was a case of an assault before she went missing and then later they find her after she was assaulted again. The layouts of the two crimes where obviously not the work of the same person but the police where happy with the person of interest they were going to charge with attempted murder. Shawn through his deductive reasoning must solve the crime before the innocent man goes to jail. What's with the inane excuses they are giving for Gus to miss his retreat? Gus must work for a real idiot in general. Of course we get to meet him and he is sort of an idiot so I guess that explains the reason why he is buying the excuses! They really were reaching with the person who did the assault at the end. It was somewhat clever but really lame at the same time. The police forensics cameraman? Yes, this guy had a real eye for detail didn't he. Leaving the clocks moved back three hours as well as shooting the pictures at a totally different time of day. As a professional cameraman the first thing you consider is the shadows at the time you are shooting and how they effect the shot. The guy must have been a real amateur cameraman that wanted to do forensics and so just picked up a camera without really studying. The only thing that really would have given him away was the photo if he had covered his tracks which with Shawn might have been enough to catch him.

    I really enjoyed the bit where Gus was mad because he never got to say the cool lines like Shawn's line about the mystery lover or Juliet's line about attempted murder. Everything he said trying to be clever stuck out like a sore thumb.

    Also the fishing with Shawn's Dad and Lassiter was cute. It was interesting when Lassiter admitted at the end that Shawn's father was a little off and how he understood a little better why Shawn was the way he is.

    So they caught the bad guy, Gus got the big pharmaceutical account, and Shawn got to really act stranger than normal. So much for having at least a little restraint. Not up to the usual episodes but still very enjoyable especially the Gus scenes and the scenes with Shawn's Dad. Thanks for reading...