Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2008 on USA
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Gus' supervisor, Frankjim Ogletree, demands that he quit moonlighting at Psych, lest he face termination. The vice-president of Gus' pharmaceutical company, however, decides to hire the duo as his wife believes that their home is haunted.

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  • Ghosts

    Season three starts up right where season two left off - with Shawn welcoming his mother to Santa Barbara. His mother arrives, leaving Shawn to wonder at his dad's behavior for only a little while, as Gus' job is in jeopardy. Shawn takes it upon himself to help out his best friend, undeniably quashing any doubts about the pair's loyalty to each other. The episode is fun and surprising, but a little on the dramatic side for "Psych." Hopefully, this will even out as the season continues, like the drama in season one did.

    The Good:

    -Shawn's mother has an eidetic tonal memory.

    -Shawn finds Shrinky Dinks and a Furby when he is cleaning his bedroom.

    -Lassiter makes a short appearance as a rookie cop in the introductory flashback.

    The Bad:

    -Alice Bundy reference - is it still too soon for inside jokes?moreless
  • Gus must quit Pysch or face termination.

    I decided to give Pysch a try after enjoying USA's other drama series Burn Notice. Wow, the difference in quality between the two is noticeable. Pysch reaches for humor in the most pathetic ways, including awful back-and-forths and prop gags. The main character Shawn Spencer portrayed by James Roday is a diluted "cool guy" and fails to take control of the screen. His straight man counterpart Gus played by Dule Hill is an annoying, horribly-written version of an awkward executive. The level of intelligence this show possesses might make the viewer think they are watching a Nickelodeon program. I can applaud the usage of veteran actor Corbin Bernsen who plays his role perfectly. While his acting skills have diminished since his LA Law days, he is still very believable in his role. Christopher McDonald's appearance on the show was unexpected, and produced some solid laughs. Unfortunately the comedically-gifted actor was not enough to save this show.moreless
  • Gus is forced to quit the Psych business. Meanwhile, Shawn's mother returns.

    This was a very strange episode to start out the new season. I'll admit that the return of Shawn's mother was unexpected - I had always thought she had died. It was hilarious how Shawn's dad was trying to impress her. It was also funny how she was counseling Detective Lassiter. At first, Carlton wasn't going to tell her anything. He kept ignoring her and challenging her, but then he started talking. He ended up telling her secrets he never thought he had (XD) The look on his face when she told him she was Shawn's mother was hilarious! (XD) I couldn't stop laughing. Meanwhile, Gus is forced to quit one of his jobs. He chooses to quit Psych, since he gets paid more at his first job. But then his boss hires him and Shawn to investigate his house for ghosts. I couldn't believe that Shawn did all those things himself! I would have never guessed...(XD) In the end, Gus is allowed to keep both of his jobs.moreless
  • A great season opener!

    I'm late to the party with Psych. I watched Season 1 a long time ago and since Psych is not available in Canada. I recently rented Season 2 from the library and am now on to Season 3. I wanted to watch them in order for exactly this reason: developing back story lines.

    Bringing in Sean's mom is a wonderful addition to the story; I hope that they will keep her around and develop some stories lines around her. It think it could be great fodder for the writers, who do a great job all the time.

    I was a bit disappointed in the case's outcome and the premise around it, but the closing scene was wonderful. Imagine after 15 years finding out that one of the foundational beliefs of your life is wrong. Wow.

    If anyone is interested in the DVDs, they're well worth renting because they are chock full of extras. Pretty much every episode has deleted scenes and most come with audio commentary.

    It's also nice to see a review form my little sis, Teresa. :):)moreless
  • This was not the best episode.

    I love Psych but this was probably the worst episode. Although there were some funny moments, the ending was awful. One of the best things about this series is the end where they piece everything together and find out what the answer is. Finding out that Shawn just planed everything was a huge let down. You expect the first episode of the season to be great and make you excited for all the episodes that follow but after watching this, I felt no pressing desire to watch the next episode. Nothing happened in this episode and was completely pointless to watch. I hope the rest of the season is better.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof:In this episode it is mentioned a number of times that the latest crime solved by Shawn and Gus (from "Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead") made the front page of the newspaper, but yet at the end of the last episode Lassiter comments that "his" big solve only made page 2, as the scandal with Saulter's affair made the front page

    • Goof: When Mr. Haversham says he knew Shawn was faking his psychic ability, he says he hears something at the end of the call (that came from inside his house), a voice that says "Gus." Shawn makes a big show of hanging up said phone when Gus catches him in the attic before anyone, either he or Gus, says a word.

    • Goof: Shawn finds a Furby on his bed. Furbys came out in 1998, and Shawn had already left home by 1995.

    • Psych-Out: Shawn and Gus sing "Ebony and Ivory".

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Gus: (forcibly removing Shawn from his office) Don't you dare go boneless on me, Shawn!

    • Lassiter: First question, Where's the bug?
      Madeleine: The what?
      Lassiter: The bug. (Lassiter feels under the coffee table) Nothing new in this area. It must be concealed on your person.
      Madeleine: I honestly don't have anything on me.
      Lassiter: Then you wouldn't be opposed to me patting you down …
      Madeleine: Actually, I'm very opposed to that.
      Lassiter: Would you be willing to submit to a polygraph?

    • Shawn: (after Haversham's dog jumps on the window) That dog is kind of an A-hole.
      Gus: I think he sees something.
      Shawn Yeah, urine stains on my pants!

    • Shawn: (to Haversham) I'm a psychic. I can't lie.

    • Shawn: The aftershave. The pumiced scalp. The suit.
      Henry: I can wear a suit.
      Shawn: Which one of the Three tenors did you borrow [the suit] from? Not the dead one, I hope.

    • Haversham: Wait, what's this? Are you leaving?
      Shawn: Mr. Haversham, it is my belief that we have done all there is to do here tonight.
      (Lamps next to Shawn flicker rapidly on and off.)
      Shawn: Tomorrow we will look into the history of the house. See if there's anything there that can help us.
      (Lights in the hall behind them flicker.)
      Shawn: Just don't have any leads at this point.
      (Lights on the mantle flicker.)
      Shawn: So, I think we should pat each other on the backs for a job well done so far, and reconvene in the morning for a nice farmer's breakfast.
      (All of the lights in the entire house begin to flicker on and off rapidly.)
      Shawn: I have dinner plans with my mother.

    • Shawn: (Sniffing, then looks at the cup in Haversham's hands.) Is that hot chocolate?
      Haversham: It's Dutch cocoa. Hadewych makes a pot for me each night before she leaves.
      Shawn: I see. Mr. Haversham, in order to fully understand the connection that you have with this ghost, I will need to see what you see. Wear what you wear. Drink what you drink.
      Haversham: You're saying you'd like some hot chocolate?
      Shawn: (pleased) Yes, with marshmallows, please.

    • Juliet: (walking next to Lassiter) So, how did it go?
      Lassiter: (grinning) I'm winning.
      Juliet: How are you winning?
      Lassiter: I answered every question in character as Tom Gunny Highway.
      Juliet: Who is Tom Gunny Highway?
      Lassiter: Clint Eastwood's character? In Heartbreak Ridge?

    • Shawn: Who needs 48 thousand dollars to live?
      Gus: I need 32. The other 16 generally goes to you.
      Shawn: Don't be ridiculous.
      Gus: I claimed you on my taxes, Shawn!

    • Shawn: (pained expression) Oh my god. This isn't a joke. You're really quitting Psych?!
      Gus: I am so sorry Shawn.
      Shawn: In a text message, no less?
      Gus: I couldn't think of any other way to tell you. I knew you would just convince me to stay. Listen, maybe we could still do it on the weekends.
      Shawn: Get ready to hear some good news. I've worked out a compromise that will solve all of this.
      (Gus looks hopeful)
      Shawn: Yes. You quit this job. This job you quit!

    • Gus: (dragging Shawn away from his co-workers) Shawn? What the heck are you doing here?
      Shawn: I should ask you the same question.
      Gus: I work here!
      Shawn: (nods) I should ask you a different question.

    • Gus: (to Ogletree) This... is... something I do on the side. A hobby, really. Like collecting thimbles... or raising carrier pigeons.

    • Shawn: (Talking on the phone to Gus. Shawn reaches under his pillow and pulls out a white Furbie.) Oh my god.
      Furbie: (In a shaky voice that reveals the battery is dying due to a lack of longtime use.) Furbie...
      Shawn: Dude, did you know I have a Furbie?

    • Shawn: (talking to Gus on the phone about his mother) Back in the country? Try back in the city. Try downstairs in my dad's kitchen!
      Gus: Where are you?

    • Henry: That's it, somebody book him! (points to an officer at the counter) You! Beanpole! Get over here. Fingerprint him now.
      Young Lassiter: (looks around, uncertain) Oh, I'm sorry. Me?
      (Shawn chuckles)
      Henry: Never mind, rookie. I'll do it myself.

    • (1995: At the Santa Barbara Police Station, Henry is seen forcefully escorting Shawn inside. Shawn is handcuffed.)
      Shawn: I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for that "World's Greatest Dad" mug back.

    • (Henry opens the door to a car and finds a teenage Shawn inside with a girl)
      Shawn: (calmly) Whoops.
      Henry: Whoops?
      Girl: It's my neighbor's car. We were gonna put it back. It was just a dare.
      Shawn: Is there a problem here officer?
      Henry: You wanted my attention, Shawn. You got it, buddy.
      Girl: (confused and suspicious) Wait, you guys know each other?
      Shawn: Yeah, he's sorta my dad.

    • Chief Vick: It has come to my attention, Detective, that you've discharged your weapons in the last four cases you've worked.
      Lassiter: Thank you.
      Chief Vick: That wasn't a compliment.
      Lassiter: I'm just trying to keep the streets safe, Chief.
      Chief Vick: The last incident was at a cat show...
      Lassiter: Well, let me just go on record as saying that I would never shoot a cat.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Gus: The call is coming from inside the house.
      This is a reference to Fred Walton's 1979 psychological thriller When a Stranger Calls starring Carol Kane

    • Shawn: (sitting on bed talking to Gus over the phone) Holy Dude. (Shawn reaches over to the bedside table to grab a magazine) I just found a pristine issue of Dynamite magazine. Square Pegs on the cover. Hold on, let me read Bummers.

      Dynamite magazine (1974 – 1992) was published monthly by Scholastic Press. The magazine featured profiles of television shows, movies and music stars; it also included puzzles and games. Bummers references the "Don't you hate it when…" section written by kids' submissions. Shawn is holding Issue 105, Volume 6, Number 8 dated February 1983.

    • Shawn: I'm a psychic – and with great power comes great responsibility.

      Referencing the Marvel Comics supehero Spider-Man, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The line, "With great power comes great responsibility.", is a paraphrase of a narrative caption in Amazing Fantasy #15.