Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2008 on USA

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  • Ghosts

    Season three starts up right where season two left off - with Shawn welcoming his mother to Santa Barbara. His mother arrives, leaving Shawn to wonder at his dad's behavior for only a little while, as Gus' job is in jeopardy. Shawn takes it upon himself to help out his best friend, undeniably quashing any doubts about the pair's loyalty to each other. The episode is fun and surprising, but a little on the dramatic side for "Psych." Hopefully, this will even out as the season continues, like the drama in season one did.

    The Good:

    -Shawn's mother has an eidetic tonal memory.

    -Shawn finds Shrinky Dinks and a Furby when he is cleaning his bedroom.

    -Lassiter makes a short appearance as a rookie cop in the introductory flashback.

    The Bad:

    -Alice Bundy reference - is it still too soon for inside jokes?
  • Gus must quit Pysch or face termination.

    I decided to give Pysch a try after enjoying USA's other drama series Burn Notice. Wow, the difference in quality between the two is noticeable. Pysch reaches for humor in the most pathetic ways, including awful back-and-forths and prop gags. The main character Shawn Spencer portrayed by James Roday is a diluted "cool guy" and fails to take control of the screen. His straight man counterpart Gus played by Dule Hill is an annoying, horribly-written version of an awkward executive. The level of intelligence this show possesses might make the viewer think they are watching a Nickelodeon program. I can applaud the usage of veteran actor Corbin Bernsen who plays his role perfectly. While his acting skills have diminished since his LA Law days, he is still very believable in his role. Christopher McDonald's appearance on the show was unexpected, and produced some solid laughs. Unfortunately the comedically-gifted actor was not enough to save this show.
  • Gus is forced to quit the Psych business. Meanwhile, Shawn's mother returns.

    This was a very strange episode to start out the new season. I'll admit that the return of Shawn's mother was unexpected - I had always thought she had died. It was hilarious how Shawn's dad was trying to impress her. It was also funny how she was counseling Detective Lassiter. At first, Carlton wasn't going to tell her anything. He kept ignoring her and challenging her, but then he started talking. He ended up telling her secrets he never thought he had (XD) The look on his face when she told him she was Shawn's mother was hilarious! (XD) I couldn't stop laughing. Meanwhile, Gus is forced to quit one of his jobs. He chooses to quit Psych, since he gets paid more at his first job. But then his boss hires him and Shawn to investigate his house for ghosts. I couldn't believe that Shawn did all those things himself! I would have never guessed...(XD) In the end, Gus is allowed to keep both of his jobs.
  • A great season opener!

    I'm late to the party with Psych. I watched Season 1 a long time ago and since Psych is not available in Canada. I recently rented Season 2 from the library and am now on to Season 3. I wanted to watch them in order for exactly this reason: developing back story lines.

    Bringing in Sean's mom is a wonderful addition to the story; I hope that they will keep her around and develop some stories lines around her. It think it could be great fodder for the writers, who do a great job all the time.

    I was a bit disappointed in the case's outcome and the premise around it, but the closing scene was wonderful. Imagine after 15 years finding out that one of the foundational beliefs of your life is wrong. Wow.

    If anyone is interested in the DVDs, they're well worth renting because they are chock full of extras. Pretty much every episode has deleted scenes and most come with audio commentary.

    It's also nice to see a review form my little sis, Teresa. :):)
  • This was not the best episode.

    I love Psych but this was probably the worst episode. Although there were some funny moments, the ending was awful. One of the best things about this series is the end where they piece everything together and find out what the answer is. Finding out that Shawn just planed everything was a huge let down. You expect the first episode of the season to be great and make you excited for all the episodes that follow but after watching this, I felt no pressing desire to watch the next episode. Nothing happened in this episode and was completely pointless to watch. I hope the rest of the season is better.
  • alright.

    this episode was the season premiere of the third season. this episode was a let down. i thought it would have been better b/c it was the starting episode for the season, but alas. the plot of the episode was really not that entertaining (the plot being Shawn and Gus having to investigate Gus's boss's house, that is supposedly haunted, so Gus can keep working at Psych). it really was a lame episode. the only thing that really happened was Shawn's mother coming back, and Shawn discovering that his father wasn't the one who left his mother. it was the other way around. you can feel that Shawn starts thinking a little better of Henry after this, which is nice to see.
  • Just another reason why I love this show. Gus and Shaw are killer together. I was just sitting their wondering how they were going to pull this one off. And on top of everything keep Gus in the Detective agency.

    Usually you get to see all of the same stuff that Shaw picks up on. So as an amateur detective I enjoy trying to figure the crime out myself / Up until they showed Shaw doing the haunting I had no idea it was him.
    So kudos gentlemen for another jaw dropping episode.
    Oh and I can't let the fact that Cybil Shepard plays Shawn's mother go without saying that she fit right end. If I hadn't seen the other Season's I would have thought that she was actually in all of the other Season's to. The only thing that I was disappointed about was not Lassiter.
    That guy kills me.
  • good episode...

    The story in this episode was not that interesting to me. Basically, Gus had to find a ghost in his boss's house with Shawn's help. In the end, Shawn had fabricated the ghost and was able to secure Gus's job. That story wasn't that interesting to me. I did like, however, Shawn's mom coming into town. She revealed that Shawn's father had actually been the one who was left and not the other way around. Shawn was thinking wrong the whole time. Overall, the story was lacking, but the character developments and the back stories were great and interesting. . .
  • An unusually spooky episode made even better by "Ebony and Ivory" commercials.

    This special episode makes us not only giggle, but also jump. It was a great (and unexpected) mix of comedy and spookiness, with perfect writing that allows the naturally funny actors to shine through physical comedy bits and shaking knees. It was refreshing to have Shawn be the ghost so that he could save Gus's job, plus the guard dog at the boss's house was great. Speaking of which, it was a great choice for a guest star!
    Cheers to USA for the "Ebony and Ivory" commercials, the funniest commercial that I have seen in a long time. USA used to show nice 'characters welcome' commercials, and it was nice to have characters back during the breaks keeping the mood light and fun so people don't have to get cranky during the fifteen minutes of commercials that we sit through. It's like USA read my bored-with-commericals mind. Psych!
  • Was it just me or was the ep really rather dark/sad/serious?

    We finally found out what happened between Shawn, his father and his mother. And the last scene in which Shawn learned the truth broke my heart. The look on his face...

    Also, another sad thing was that Gus decided to leave the Psych agency and let Shawn know via a text message? And Shawn blackmailed Gus' boss into letting Gus play PI! I wouldn't have thought that Shawn would let a crime like that simply slide or lower himself to blackmail. I mean, it shows how much Gus means to him but still. That rather surprised me!

    I think that Cybill Shepherd did an amazing job. I wasn't sure about her playing Shawn's mother but boy, was she good. When she talked to Shawn in the office, when she realized that her not coming out and telling the truth about her divorce from Shawn's father totally twisted and broke the relationship between he and Henry... Wow, the way she was suddenly all teary-eyed. Great!

    Darker, yes, but definitely better than last season's premiere!
  • Funny but interesting and perhaps dangerous.

    This episode was extremely funny. I loved watching Guss not only squeal but jump when Shawn frightens him. Also Shawn saying wow that dog is really an a hole was pretty funny. But there was something strange. At least with the ending. The fact that Shawn actually blackmails someone to save Gus's job was a frightening prospect. But I guess it makes the series more realistic. Lassie and the shrink was pretty funny. It was better then the season two premiere (American Duos). Shawn spooking up a job was pretty good. But also frightening to see how low he might stoop to earn money. Even though it was probably meant to help the "good guys". It came off to me as low move.
  • Even thou I was thrilled with some parts of the episode, lack of humour and sudden seriousness totally destroyed episode that could be so much better.

    I consider myself a big fan of Psych and as everyone I was looking for seeing next season. But unfortunately, I was little bit disappointed. It showed amazing development of the characters and had certain bittersweet parts but somehow it wasn't what I expected. It was simply too seriously for episode of Psych, especially if that is the first episode of new season. The most comic part was Lassie's face when he discovered who Madeline was. And it was little unbelievable that painfully guarded Lassie would so easily tell his secrets to somebody he doesn't even know too good. But if we count pluses and minuses, the episode wasn't the best but in the end it showed character development.
  • We see Shawn's relationship with his mom and we get to view a very attentive Henry. It was bittersweet.

    Rarely am I so eager to see a show premiere. Psych is back!! Yay!!! The episode wasn't what I was expecting. I liked it a lot but I had a couple of issues with it. Overall, however, I think it was a really, really good episode.

    As usual, we start with a flashback. I knew immediately that Henry would be busting Shawn. I remember from the pilot episode that Shawn mentioned his father had arrested him once. I had to laugh upon seeing Shawn. He looked ridiculously funny. It was also funny to see Lassiter as a rookie. I don't know who looked worse, him or Shawn.

    I was extremely disappointed by Cybill Shepherd's performance as Madeline Spencer (?) I truly felt that she didn't match up with Shawn or Henry. There didn't seem to be much chemistry there. I couldn't imagine her as a match for Henry and I can't imagine her as Shawn's mom. She just doesn't match what I'd expect from someone who had dealt with those two. And, by the way, I don't think the nickname "Goose", which his mother calls him, really suits him.

    The last scene between Shawn and his mother was bittersweet and very well acted by James Roday. I couldn't help but feel bad for him. He'd spent years being angry at his father for something that Henry never even did. I'm glad his mother came clean and I hope we get to see Henry and Shawn make up.

    I think it's kind of ironic that Shawn's mom does "psych evaluations" and his agency is called Psych. I thought it was cute how Lassiter felt great after talking to her, but then looked dismayed when he realized she was Shawn's mother. I would have liked to see a little more of Juliet, but I understand that characters face time will be limited in some episodes. It just seems like this is the first time she had such a small role in an episode.

    I was really intrigued by the case at first. Everything that was happening was so creepy. It was well played. When I discovered that Shawn was behind the "haunting", I wasn't disappointed that there was no ghost, but I was disappointed that Shawn had set up all of this stuff out of the blue. Shawn creating the haunting was completely out of the blue. I know he's surprised Gus, and us, with some of his antics in the past, but this was so elaborate and we hadn't glimpsed any of it. For example, I don't like how Shawn conveniently met a woman to play the ghost. I was very mad at Shawn when Gus' boss discovered the truth about the ghost but I'm so happy that Shawn fixed everything. I won't ramble on any further. Here are some favorite quotes.

    Shawn-"With great power, comes great responsibility." LOL

    Gus-"I claimed you on my taxes, Shawn!"

    Shawn-"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for that world's greatest dad mug back."

    Gus-"Don't you dare go boneless on me, Shawn."

    Shawn-"Fearless Guster's a bad ass."

    Shawn-"I even visited Alice Bundy in prison, just to get a few pointers." (For those who may not know or who may not remember, Alice Bundy was the season one finale suspect).
  • Good season opener left room for improvement

    This season picks up where last season left off. Sean answers the door and his mom is on the porch. Gus gets in trouble for helping to solve the mummy case from last season and must choose between his pharmaceutical job or his job at psych.

    The episode had a lot of funny moments. Sean seemed as cool as ever and Gus pretending to be brave was funny. The flow of the show seemed off though. The two storylines, Sean's mom and the ghost didn't see, to mesh well. Also the was no big reveal at the end, which was kinda disappointing because that's one of my favorite parts of the show.

    Overall not a bad start. Hopefully the rest of the season will build on this and be the best season ever.