Season 3 Episode 8

Gus Walks into a Bank

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 12, 2008 on USA

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  • Name of the bank woman?

    What is the name of the woman in the bank? The woman Gus wants? :D
  • Shawn's a d-bag

    Yep. So Gus walks into a bank, gets taken hostage by an armed robber. Shawn, at first, is understandably concerned. But then he first throws a hissy fit when he discovers the SWAT negotiator is Juliet's new boyfriend. Then he decides that he, and he alone, is the only person who can fix this situation, and gets himself taken hostage. Once inside, he finds out that the robber is, in fact, being forced to do this against his will by his wife's kidnapper, Shawn spins this to his advantage, taking control inside the bank. He takes over the phone just to bitch at Juliet more about the new boyfriend, then leaves the bank on his own, again because he believes only he can fix the situation. In the meantime, he orders the robber not to communicate with the police. Then he manipulates the cops into doing what he wants, and makes Juliet go with him so he can bitch at her some more, again because he's acting like a petulant teen.

    Okay, look, I get it, he's the hero, he has near-magic powers, and he's always right and the situation always works out for him. But watching the TV show my first run-through, I'm getting angrier and more pissed-off at Shawn with each episode of the third season. The guy's acting like a selfish ass.

    And he insists, INSISTS on taking control of everything, claiming that he KNOWS what's best. Even when he leaves the bank, he forces the robber not to answer, because he can't trust people to do anything unless he's not there. And when people start applauding, he can't help but preen, soak it in, and hit on the girls. In reality, behavior like that is typical of crazy narcissists with controlling personalities - actually, behavior you often see among criminals.

    Again, it's just a show, and it turns out Shawn thinks he knows what's best because in this world, he ALWAYS knows what's best. But it's more than a little irritating. A hero is admirable when they struggle against the odds, deserving when they triumph, but when it turns out that they're always right and they never lose, and god do they rub it in your face - he's just insufferable.

    If you're ever in a hostage situation in real life, I implore you - don't listen to a person like Shawn. He will get you killed. Let him get himself killed first. Or, better for everyone, knock him the fuck out the first chance you get and let more cool-headed people take care of it. The robber is the most irrational person in the room - you don't need someone like Shawn challenging him for the title.
  • When Gus walks in a bank to make a deposit, he gets caught in a bank robbery. Meanwhile, Shawn schemes to get involved in the robbery.

    This episode was hilarious! XD When Gus gets caught in a bank robbery, Shawn is on the outside with the police trying to find a way to get in too. A fight with the SWAT leader is just the ticket. Because of this fight, Shawn is forced to take pizza to the robber and hostages in the bank. To get inside, he starts a fight with the SWAT leader again; causing him to send SWAT guys to go after him. This prompts the robber to reach outside and grab Shawn and drag him in. After speaking with the robber, Shawn discovers the robber was set up to rob that bank because his wife was kidnapped. After making some deals, Shawn leaves the bank and finds the robbers wife. Thus, the case is solved. I was really shocked when Juliet admitted a relation with the SWAT leader. It was really funny how Shawn schemed to ruin their date that night; causing Juliet to visit with Shawn and spend time with him XD
  • They ruined an awesome case episode with a rushed, chopped off ending.

    I mean, the whole episode was so interesting, the bank robbery, the hostages, Shawn investigating and then they totally muddled the hostage retrieval, we didn't get to see what happened with the fake bank robber, zip. At least some hint would have been nice. But the case was interesting, at least.

    I loved how Shawn felt so guilty about Gus having been taken a hostage. And Henry rushing over to warn Shawn - but the fact that the hostage rescue was simply not shown, cut off made Henry's arrival pointless, it turned it just into a scene to show that yes, Corbin Bernsen was still on the show *sigh*

    Gary Cole was funny though!

    And Shawn and Juliet... I really like this pairing but it seems like the writers are just too heavy handed in handling their romance. It's either too "in the face" or not there at all. And it's too bad because they are such a nice couple :(
  • Shawn resolves a hostage situation.

    This season finale was very well written and executed one from the cast & crew of Psych. May I say, this was the best one in the entire 3rd season.

    Plotted along the lines of a bank robbery and an accompanying hostage situation, this episode did create both a racy storyline and gut-popping comedy track. Its definitely not easy to introduce some wise-ass jokes in between a serious situation and still make it look funny. But this finale episode did manage to do that, and successfully as well. As another interesting development, the writers have also put an end to the "Shawn-Jules: Will-they-Won't-they romantic tension", that has been lingering around since the "Bounty Hunters" episode.

    A very recognizable trend which I've observed in the past few episodes, is that the writers are trying to focus on a non-critical character in each episode. In this perspective, the season finale definitely belonged to Lassitor. Overall, a good end to a seemingly average season. And definitely a lot to look for in the next.
  • Gus walks into a bank, because he feels that part of running a business has important role such as making a deposit face to face.

    We first see Gus fully in control and taking some pleasure in his adult life responsibility, only to quickly revert to his alter "scaredy cat" persona.

    This persona that Gus & Shawn have created troughout the series, of always being calm and cool yet terrified when panic hits is absolutely funny if not adorable from our two hero's. Upon hearing that Gus is in trouble Shawn quickly attempts - by any means necessary to get himself into the bank to give his best friend support. Which is halted by Commander Cameron Luntz (played by Gary Cole) who's head of the SWAT team and hostage negotiator.

    This episode truly shows just how loyal Shawn is to his friends by risking life and limb to save his long time best friend "The Guster".

    However, on the same note Shawn finally realizes that waiting or taking things for granted such as friendships / courtship shouldn't be taken lightly. For he finally see's just how much he care's for O'Hara (played by Maggie Lawson), when he finds out that she is currently dating Luntz. As a frequent viewer - since the beginning of the series, i've continued to rally for both Shawn & O'Hara's relationship to build and hope with next season we might be greated with such a feat. :)
  • Another amazing episode from Psych!

    This episode is the last new episode for awhile (til this winter), and the summer finale left me hungry for more. Summary: Gus goes into a bank to deposit money and the bank is held up. the police and SWAT get involved including Gary Cole as head of the SWAT team and Juliet's new boyfriend. Shawn manages to figure out this isn't a typical bank robbery. This episode was another one that showed Shawn's growing feelings for Jules. It was so adorable seeing him get jealous over her new romance. This ep also was a great one for Lassiter as he actually helps Shawn instead of complaining about him. All in all, it was nice addition to Psych and i can't wait til the new episodes.
  • At least they are moving in the right direction even if it's taking forever for them to actually get there.

    I'm a tiny bit mad at Jules right now even though I thought it might happen, I kind of got lucky and guessed who are special guest star would be connected to and all I can say is come on Juliet! What was she thinking? I mean nothing personel against this guy but Shawn is so trying really hard to get her to understand and see that he is way into her, how cute was it when he was telling her to go out with him if she thought it would make her happy. Good for Shawn for being selfless and I think that's what got Juliet to thinking that maybe a certain someone else could make her happy. And thankgoodness for that! Even if she is still seeing that loser good for Jules for recognizing it, their last scene was super cute especially when he pulled out the pulley system. I'm also glad to know they aren't abandoning Shules like they did last season even if they aren't jumping right in as long as they're getting there, however slow I can wait. I just hope they don't put Jules and Shawn with anyone else in the mean time, I think it's fair to say we won't see Juliet's swat guy again even if she has another date with him I'm pretty sure he's out and Shawn's making his way in just by her physical movements in that last scene, if you saw you'll know what I mean (and no it's not dirty). Yay Shawn!
  • Season finale.

    Psych concluded its third season tonight with a fine example of an episode. Sure it wasn't as stimulating, exciting or funny as previous installments, but it was a good way to end the year. There were some awkward moments and they did not handle the hostage situation as well as Flashpoint does on a weekly basis, but this was still a decent showing.

    Before I offer constructive criticism for this episode I would like to apologize for a statement I made in a previous review for Psych. I stated that supporting actress Maggie Lawson was "awful" and "not needed". This could not be further from the truth as the young actress excelled in this episode playing perfectly off her counterpart James Roday. Obviously Lawson is fairly pretty, but her acting and humor might be even more noticeable as seen in the season finale. Roday was his great usual self, although this showing could have benefited from more of his unique jocularity. Gary Cole did a fine job in the episode, but his performance was not as stirring as in previous roles such as Desperate Housewives and Talladega Nights. Corbin Bernsen did an excellent job as well. The veteran actor really takes control of the screen and hasn't loss a dramatic step since his LA Law days.

    The plot did have some noticeable holes but I'm not the kind of cynic that criticizes things like that. I already stated that the shortage of comedy was an issue, but I also feel as if Timothy Omundson's character was underutilized. His character development has been something special this season so to see him play such an unimportant role here was mind-boggling. Overall this was a fine showing for Psych and its return will be near the top of my most anticipated programming list next year.
  • A great episode, back-to-roots episode of Psych, and everyone acting like they should! Great season finale, and leaves the viewers wanting more. Though a huge shocker in the Shules department.

    A great episode, full of the wit and hilarity of Psych, as well as having the references to past episodes that we love. Alan Ruck was great, and the Shawn-Lassie interaction was fantastic. However, we also learn that Juliet is dating Gary Coleman's character, a major flaw throughout the episode. It's hard to fathom her dating a man who, as Shawn so eloquently puts it, "She'll be giving spongebaths to in 3 years". It is a rediculously big setback to Shules lovers, and leaves us hanging with the "will they, won't they" idea that the previous seasons have. However, it is time for Jules to do something to get Shawn's attention, by all right's he's done too much, and should be done. If she wants anything it all, Jules needs to suck it up and be up front with Shawn.
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