Season 3 Episode 8

Gus Walks into a Bank

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 12, 2008 on USA

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  • Shawn's a d-bag

    Yep. So Gus walks into a bank, gets taken hostage by an armed robber. Shawn, at first, is understandably concerned. But then he first throws a hissy fit when he discovers the SWAT negotiator is Juliet's new boyfriend. Then he decides that he, and he alone, is the only person who can fix this situation, and gets himself taken hostage. Once inside, he finds out that the robber is, in fact, being forced to do this against his will by his wife's kidnapper, Shawn spins this to his advantage, taking control inside the bank. He takes over the phone just to bitch at Juliet more about the new boyfriend, then leaves the bank on his own, again because he believes only he can fix the situation. In the meantime, he orders the robber not to communicate with the police. Then he manipulates the cops into doing what he wants, and makes Juliet go with him so he can bitch at her some more, again because he's acting like a petulant teen.

    Okay, look, I get it, he's the hero, he has near-magic powers, and he's always right and the situation always works out for him. But watching the TV show my first run-through, I'm getting angrier and more pissed-off at Shawn with each episode of the third season. The guy's acting like a selfish ass.

    And he insists, INSISTS on taking control of everything, claiming that he KNOWS what's best. Even when he leaves the bank, he forces the robber not to answer, because he can't trust people to do anything unless he's not there. And when people start applauding, he can't help but preen, soak it in, and hit on the girls. In reality, behavior like that is typical of crazy narcissists with controlling personalities - actually, behavior you often see among criminals.

    Again, it's just a show, and it turns out Shawn thinks he knows what's best because in this world, he ALWAYS knows what's best. But it's more than a little irritating. A hero is admirable when they struggle against the odds, deserving when they triumph, but when it turns out that they're always right and they never lose, and god do they rub it in your face - he's just insufferable.

    If you're ever in a hostage situation in real life, I implore you - don't listen to a person like Shawn. He will get you killed. Let him get himself killed first. Or, better for everyone, knock him the fuck out the first chance you get and let more cool-headed people take care of it. The robber is the most irrational person in the room - you don't need someone like Shawn challenging him for the title.
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