Season 1 Episode 11

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 02, 2007 on USA

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  • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead

    The Good:

    -Lassiter gets to play a prank on Shawn and Gus, for a change.

    -Marvin's Irish accent. Shawn asks him if he will please say, "Magically delicious," but Marvin refuses.

    -"...There's no way to be sure," in response to Gus's pharmaceutical drug recitation.

    -Shawn's baffled reaction to Gus's and his father's knowledge of the "Queer Eye" cast.

    -Shawn and Juliet are a 100% match on a personality survey taken when they go speed-dating as a cover to weed out the criminals.

    -One of the victims collects cuckoo clocks. They all chime at precisely the same moment.
  • Shawn and Gus investage a speed date event.

    This episode was hilarious, the looks on Shawn and Gus's faces when they talked to the first man was priceless. I liked the scenes between Juliet and Shawn, when they where on the speed date, and got matched up, Shawn kept pressing her to ask him questions, but my favorite scene was when he runs into her while bowling and gets jealous after meeting her date, and the last scene of the episode, where she tells him she doesn't believe in the whole matching profiles thing, but I think its pretty clear that Shawn and Juliet like each other. Another great episode of Psych.
  • The team dives head first into speed-dating... and guess who Shawn's perfect match is?

    This one has to be a classic... a fat, traumatized man is found in the middle of a field with no memories of how he got there... or why he's naked. The obvious explanation is of course aliens. When a second man is found under identical circumstances, Shawn and Gus head to a tanning salon, where they find out a thing or two we didn't know about Henry Spencer. The story wouldn't be complete without a dead body, which leads the guys into the weird and desperate world of speed-dating, led by an overly-enthusiastic brunette with buggy eyes and a creepy little man in a leprechaun costume. This is where it gets good; the whole team (Lassie included)
    enter the event on department payroll to investigate. And guess who Shawn's perfect match is?
    This one's got it all: murder, alien abductions, romance and a few awkward father-son moments over the topic of bubble baths. Definitely one of my favorites so far!
  • Shawn and speed dating! What isn't funny about that?

    This was undoubtedly one of the funniest and best Psychs ever. I loved it. I thought that this episode was really funny, considering that Lasiter wanted to give Shawn the case. Also, Shawn and Gus got to do interrogations. Granted the guys were naked, but hey, an interrogation is an interrogation right.

    I really loved the part at the speed dating where Shawn and Jules were together. That was funny. And then Lasiter and Jules, that was hilarious. I'm laughing just thinking about it. Pretty much everything with Lasiter at the speed dating service was funny. The way he was interrogating that one lady. That was awesome!!
  • Shawn gets his "real" case and in involves a nake man, lepercaun, speed-dating, and an "alien-swapped" father.

    I have to feel sorry for Gus. He meets a girl but doesn't get to know her better because Shawn convinces him that she might had murdered a man. Gus is a real true best friend! Henry was great. Henry is a big difference from Corbin's character on GH. The sence between the naked man, Shawn, and Gus was great. I laughed so hard. The speed dating between Jules and Shawn was really cute. I don't know if I really want Shawn and Jules to get together. I think Shawn's perfect partner is Gus. Haven't seen the best Guy-Guy relationship since Sonny and Jason on GH. Finding out that it was a scheme between the guy with the lepercaun outfit and his wife was picking out victims for them to rob was a little interesting. I have to watch the the episode again to see how Shawn figured it out. I figured out the Lepercaun, but him being married....didn't see that part.
  • Do you believe in aliens?

    Shawn and Gus are given a case by Lassiter to find out about a man who found himself in the morning naked and in a cornfield. Together Shawn and Gus go to interview him and see him actually naked infront of them... but soon this case turns into repetions. 2 guys are now naked in a corn field in which Lassiter believes is a copycat but now whit the 3rd guy who happens to be dead he is not so sure. Shawn and Gus find out from Lassiter that the guys have been drug by the same drug which in the 3rd guy who had a heart condition could be fatal. so they soon discover the resturant ahtat host speed dating during the night and find their killer.
  • Speed Dating, Abducted people...Henry at a tanning salon equals one word. HILARIOuS

    This episode was one of my favourites...and before I say anything else let me say Shawn definitely likes Juliet :)

    Anyways seeing Lassiter on a date even if it was 6 minutes was absolutely pricelss...the guys who thought they were abducted. FUNNY. Learning about Henry's somewhat feminine side (if you want to call it that) was also great. overall this episode was wonderful, you just have to watch it for yourself to understand what I'm talking about. I think that there were some really nice moments in this episode.

    This mystery was pretty good also. I sort of figured it out but never did and when I actually found out what happened I can tell you that parts of it I didn't see coming.
  • A really great episode of Psych, one of the best!

    I liked the first scene with Henry and Shawn. Henry is becoming less abrasive. He's still tough on Shawn, but its nice to see him be a little more "sympathetic". The little boy who plays young Shawn is just adorable and very funny. I loved the scene in the interrogation room. Shawn and Gus looked beyond uncomfortable. They were absolutely repulsed by the naked fat man. Gus looked like he thought the guy would attack him or something. The reaction when the guy got up and ran away from the table was priceless! Shrieks of horror. Hilarious horror. Even Lassiter got freaked out as he stood at the window watching them. Another scene that made me laugh a lot was the tanning salon. Shawn couldn't believe that his father was actually getting a tan in the salon. Henry's and Gus' knowledge of the queer eye guys" was funny too. The speed dating scenes were too much. Lassiter deciding to show some chest hair...that was a great moment. Shawn and Juliet on a "date" was great too. I thought they might actually hook up after that. was wishful thinking.

    I liked when one of the dates asked Gus if he had a foot fetish. LOL It was funny that another date got upset with Lassiter for asking her about her car. I think Lassiter actually had a chance with her. I think it's too bad that we didn't get to see Juliet on any of her dates, only the one she had with Shawn. I'm betting that her dates would have been funny.

    I loved the scene where Gus and his date are in Henry's house. She kept rubbing his head; it was so cute and funny. The scene between Henry and Shawn was equally funny. Their debate about baths was hilarious. This show is one of the funniest I've had the pleasure of watching. This is another supreme episode.
  • This is such a good episode, for so many reasons!

    Even if you are not a fan of the current Shawn/Juliet relationship, you cannot deny that they were adorable together in this speed-dating episode. I will have to admit though, that part of me loved the awkward Lassiter and Juliet six minutes "date" almost as much as Shawn and Juliet's perfect one. But this episode was not just awesome for reasons revolving around Juliet. Gus was very funny pretending to own Henry's house and dating the crazy girl, and Henry himself had a great dynamic with his son while watching Gus' date from outside the window. On top of all of the hilarious character plots, though, was the main case at hand, involving possible aliens, leprechauns, and nudity. So while the speed dating plotline was original and entertaining, the main mystery was engaging and very funny. Overall, it was an excellent episode which I have seen several times, and will continue to watch again and again.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of psych lasiter hands a case off but it turns out to be more then what it appears to be . shawn and gus do more investigating and find out that it has to do with a speeding dating sevice. and naked men in the felid and one murder. thing was after more investgating they find out 2 people are not single they are married and are only tring to get people identys. so they can take peoples money. and they figure out that the husban was leaving them out in the field. naked. this was a good ep . and had some funny parts in the ep.
  • Lassiter gives the boys a case as a joke but it turns out to be a serious multiple abduction and murder case. Shawn and Gus go from a tanning salon, to a speed dating get together with Lassiter and Juliet, to a bowling alley in search of the culprits.

    Funny episode with Shawn and Gus having to deal with some naked guys who are left in a farm field where they have been drugged. The final victim has a heart problem and the drug used by the perpetrators ends up killing him upping the seriousness of the situation.

    The speed dating was fun. Lassiter especially. He did take off his tie but I am sure he was packing for the dates. Gus ends up on a date with a really needy lady who slobbers all over him when she realizes he really isn't interested in him. Shawn manages to get his dad involved learning some things he didn't want to know. Meeting him in the tanning salon and then using his place for Gus' date he accuses his father of being a metro sexual.

    In the end the speed dating service ends up allowing Shawn to catch the culprits using his powers of observation.

    You wonder if Shawn and Juliet were really a perfect match. They seem somewhat compatible so far and of course Shawn is an habitual liar so who knows if he was telling the truth about the profiles. Shawn really can't bowl so if he wants a chance with Juliet he better start practicing.

    Another fun episode of Psych. Very entertaining and enjoyable. Thanks for reading...
  • Shawn participates in a speed-dating service to solve a bizarre crime.

    This episode wasn't that great. It didn't have the spunk that most other episodes have had. Worst of all, the mystery he had to solve was probably the most boring yet. I think they spent too much time on other things and not enough time on the actual mystery plot. One part I was expecting to be funnier was when Shawn sees "Jules" at the bowling alley. It seems like he'd usually use that opportunity to make more fun of someone like her date. I do love this show though and I hope it lasts a long time like Monk.