Season 6 Episode 7

In for a Penny…

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2011 on USA

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  • Really boring.

    A trope. Love interest's estranged father (a big-name guest star), complicated relationship, but in the end, all father-daughter hugs. Not poorly executed, but it's a stock plot, with very formulaic development. Even the script - the monologue where Shatner reveals he's always been there in secret but it just hurt too much and blah blah blah - that's from how many soap operas and bad dramas? Not a direction any TV show should aspire to. Unfortunately, Psych has been falling more and more into tropes and formulas and "special theme episode" and completely ignoring the fact that while referencing a trope can be played up for comedy, actually basing your plot on it is just boring and uninspired.

    More than anything, Psych has lost direction. There's no focus, no central idea behind it. They don't really know what to do and the writing reflects it. The writers are just churning out theme shows - "vampire episode", "superhero episode", "baseball episode", "insane asylum episode", "episode where villain has diplomatic immunity", "Hangover ripoff episode" - no character arcs, no story development, pretty much absolutely no point or soul - the episodes are increasingly bland and predictable. Try to shake things up, Psych, not just run your wheels through territory everyone else has done.

    Is it because of Shawn and Juliet getting together? Maybe. Though more than anything, I think it's that the writers can't think of anything else. And so they're drawing up boring, easy ideas instead of trying to do anything new because that's hard. Shawn and Juliet getting together itself isn't the problem - it just marks the moment when the well ran dry.
  • Bleh...

    It's bad enough that the writers have been coming up with less and less flashbacks with Shawn and Henry (which we need more of), now they wasted one on Juliet and her "issues" with her father. Honestly this episode needed some more work. Standards really dropped in this episode alone.

    I'm not seeing the dynamic duo of Psych solving crimes anymore since Shules happened. This was what I was afraid of from the start - the writers are slowly beginning to centre Shawn and Juliet's relationship into the show.

    Oh and by the way, I distinctly recall Juliet's parents happily married for 30 years according to Shawn's accurate assumption in Spellingg Bee. Whoops.
  • Shawn as a father-daughter-relation-fixer. How can that NOT be funny and interesting especially when the father is William Shatner!


    Juliette's father has never been mentioned in this show before and we learn that the relation-as most tv- father daughter relations is not as good and she doesn't want anything to do with him.

    He comes to LA and it is her birthday so he sent her a card and Shawn wants to do a family reunion. He tracks him down and goes to meet him a golf club and learns he is super-rich!

    Telling Juliette he learns he is a Con too! Using his expertise he hires him to be close to Juliette and....Spolier....

    He uses the information he gets to rub the loot.

    William Shatner does a great job, especially when he comes to the police-stake truck and confronts Juliette and explains everything to her about why he was scarce.

    This is a funny episode and I noticed Shawn lost weight! (which is one of the things I hated about him recently)

  • 607 Psych

    This may not have been an instant classic, but it was definitely one of the better installments this season. Again, not one of William Shatner's best performances, but his monologue about being there despite Juliet not knowing it was a rare emotional moment for the show, and there were some laughs along the way, which made up for a rather flimsy crime mystery as a whole.

    7/10, good episode, but it did not live up to my expectations.
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