Season 7 Episode 3

Lassie Jerky

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2013 on USA

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  • It's meant to be absurd.

    Guys, what's going on with you? Why do you even start to make sense of this episode? It's a parody! The serbs being the culprits: absurd! Like someone in the comments below said, "always the serbs" is excactly what you should think, to show the ridiculousness of such a development as well as the eagle, snatching the camera: utterly unbelievable, but hilarious. You keep complaining about these crazy events, I am celebrating them, because they show me the weaknesses of other more serious (but still faulty) shows of the same genre.

    And that plus the significant Psych-charm makes a great episode
  • Lassie Jerky

    You would think Shawn would believe in something like Sasquatch, but I guess not.

    The episode was just too ridiculous to take seriously. From The Big Show leaving in seclusion, to mobsters trying to kill everyone, it just did not feel like an episode of Psych.

  • Meet the Serbs

    Meet the Serbs and make a judgment..

    I have been watching psych for so many years.. I was really disappointed, after this episode..

    Why are Serbs ...
  • Why are Shawn and Gus always the pussies

    I liked most of this episode. It was a different take on like blair witch and rambo. Wasn't particularly impressed that Juliet was the man of the episode. I want to see more of Shawn saving the day and less childish crap. The Big Shows appearance was great. Overall it was a 5 for me. If Shawn did some shooting i'd make it 7.5
  • Why are Serbs bad in every other show?

    I have been watching psych for so many years,one of my fave shoes actually,yet I was really disappointed, after this episode, I am debating weather I should keep watching the show or not. This reference to the SERBS WAS HORRIBLE, IN EVERY OTHER TV SHOW I SEE THE SAME THING, criminal minds, with out a trace,psych, flash point, law and order? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, I AM I SERBIAN WHO GREW UP IN AMERICA, AND I AM VARY ASHAMED OF IT RIGHT NOW, AMERICA IS NOT WHAT IT USE TO BE, PUTTING DOWN OTHER CULTURES, AND PEOPLE FOR WHAT REASON?? ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY, BECAUSE YOU DON'T SEE SERBIANS PUTTING DOWN AFRICAN AMERICANS OR MEXICANS OR AMERICANS OR ANY OTHER CULTURE IN THEIR MOVIES AND TV SHOWS. that's just rude and ***ed, vary ashamed of the way the grate USA, let things get out of hand, very low blow for the country. AND ONE MORE THING, SINCE YOU PEOPLE ARE GONNA BE IDIOTS AND PUT DOWN SERBIANS AND MAKE THEM THE ENEMY IN EVERY SHOW, FOR GOD SAKE AT LEAST HIRE SOME SERBIAN ACTORS WHO CAN SPEAK SERBIAN, NOT SOME IDIOT WHO CANT EVEN PRONOUNCE A SINGLE SAD COUNTRY!