Season 4 Episode 16

Mr. Yin Presents...

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2010 on USA
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Mary returns with more clues to a death, only this time a Mr. Yin is the culprit and Mr. Yang may be Shawn's only hope to save someone—or two—that he loves as Yin makes everyone tap into their inner Hitchcock in order to prevent tragedy. Unfortunately, this plot twist will be just as unexpected as the great filmmaker's.moreless

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  • Probably the best Psych episode yet.

    Just when I think I've seen the best this show has to offer, they throw out an absolute stunner like last night's episode. Following up on the Yang storyline from last season, Psych builds on the plot - and tension - surrounding this show's best villain ever. This time it's Yang's previously unknown counterpart, Yin, that leads our favorite psychic and his amigos on a not-so-merry chase. The episode builds to an awesome climax, forcing Shawn to make an impossible choice: save either Abigail or Jules. I love the emotion, the true fright this episode pulls out of everyone. Some awesome scenes between Gus and Jules, Shawn and Abigail and - possibly my favorite - the last scene between Jules and Lassie. Amazing performances. But most of all, I love the fact that even with their "dramatic" episode, Psych creators manage to keep the humor that acts as this show's trademark. I'll be counting down the days until this show's return, but this ep will keep me company for awhile!moreless
  • WOW..

    That episode was intense. I love the hitchcock refernces and the writing was awesome. I loved the cinematography, the episode was presented really well. Of course the acting was brillant too.

    That tv set bit was weird though and other than getting jules im not sure it really worked well, maybe add more to it? It wasn't as funny but i don't think it really needed it, it would have just made it that bit more balanced.

    Also im just curious about whats going on between jules and lassie? not sure how i feel about that one.

    Simply it was amazing though. It's great to see they havnt run out of ideas. Can't wait til season 5.moreless
  • even people who don't usually like psych can like this.

    this was probably my favorite episode in the yin yang trilogy, mostly because it is the only psych episode ever where they dont' catch the killer at the end. i also loved the many red herrings throughout the episode ( for a while i thought mary was yin) and how they distracted from the actual killer. I also liked how this show was more serious than the rest of the series. it proved that psych is not always goofy fun and games. I think people who don't like psych for the goofy humor would still like this episode because it is much more scary and suspenseful. the only complaint i have is that when shawn had to choose abigail or juliet to save, it seemed to easy for him to save them both. i think he should have chose juliet (does anyone agree with me that abigail lytar sucks!!!!) Oh, and on that note, this is truly the best episode because abigail breaks up with him! oh yeah!!!anyway, this is a great psych episode for everyone. nuff' said.moreless
  • Okay, so here's my take on the episode. It was fantastic, they had it, and then they lost it.

    Okay, so here's my take on the episode: Decent-still Psych though

    I liked how they developed it throughout a lot. The build up and the body of the episode was great. Roday's acting was great as well as everyone else. Special shout out to Buzz, seriously, he needs a bigger part after this. He did a good job of just seeming off throughout the episode, from the crossword puzzle to the Ms. Lytar. Also, liked the Henry-Shawn relationship, although I'm somewhat annoyed that Henry is taking the job. I think it's a step backwards, since he is agreeing to watch over his son like this. I thought him turning the job down did a great job of portraying his new trust in his son. I still thought this episode was by far the most intense episode yet. I was really kept on my toes, and they nailed the drama.

    Now, the stuff I didn't like: The entire end of the episode. Truly, I thought they pretty much tore it apart. Starting with not finding out who Yin was, it was just annoying. I understand they want to reuse it, but really, after en entire intense episode not to give us who Yin was! Next: Abigail. I personally have always been against Shabigail, and here I think they twisted it completely out of proportion. If you watch how Shawn has reacted around Abigail in the past, you pretty much get no sign of him actually being in love with her. At all. When he firsts meets her again at the reunion after the kiss he looks at Juliet with longing. Bollywood Homicide, he lies to her about Juliet. Also, I'm pretty sure that Shawn doesn't really talk to her about any of the deeper parts of his life. She's a girlfriend, but not more. It's a step for him since they lasted that long, but still just a girlfriend. Also, in the episode for where she leaves for Uganda, he really didn't seem that torn. Then he moves on and it sounds like they broke up. Finally Shules comes back, and he almost tells Juliet he's in love with her. Shules, I, personally, find to be a much deeper relationship. It's not easy, like dating Abigail was, but it's a lot deeper. He's been pining over her for years and years, and she even makes him nervous. For the first time you see Shawn speechless around a girl, when he tries to tell Juliet he loves her. Abigail never made him speechless. Meanwhile, in the end of the episode Shawn goes for Abigail, and all of a sudden, after realizing his love for Juliet and being too scared to follow through, decides to go for Abigail again! It's just like, really? After this huge realization of love, he'd be willing to go back to the lesser relationship. That really pissed me off. I know they still showed him being more worried about Juliet, and him choosing her at first, but still, I think they left it too unresolved. They kept the relationship at arms distance. In the end, Shawn's alone, and when Juliet needs someone there for her, it's Lassiter instead of Shawn, once again, which kind of annoyed me as well. I was just really hoping for a Shules moment finally, and once again, they failed to deliver.

  • Mr. Yin does present

    This episode is a great companion episode to " An evening with mr. yang". This episode lived up to the hype and my expectations. i cant wait to see how they sum up the yin yang killers. I am glade to have also seen abigail leave. she was a very dry character. I think that putting up abigail versus Jules showed that they killer was someone who knows Shawn or is a great profiler. if he knows shawn we are gonna see that in the follow up episode that someone else who is very close to shawn is going to take part in Mr. Yin's game.moreless
Ally Sheedy

Ally Sheedy

Mr. Yang

Guest Star

Jimmi Simpson

Jimmi Simpson

Mary Lightly

Guest Star

Christopher Turner

Christopher Turner


Guest Star

Rachael Leigh Cook

Rachael Leigh Cook

Abigail Lytar

Recurring Role

Liam James

Liam James

Young Shawn

Recurring Role

Sage Brocklebank

Sage Brocklebank

Buzz McNab

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Lassiter almost gets hit by a toy airplane)
      Lassiter (to Juliet): Arrest that fat kid.

    • Yang: You're interrupting my exercise time, Shawn. I only get 45 minutes a week. Aside from shock treatments, this is all I have to look forward to.
      Gus: That, and hell.
      Yang (rolls the ball toward the wall): Roll it back Reginald!
      Gus: Who the hell is she talking to?

    • (Gus, Shawn, and Mary must wear white jump suits while visiting Yang.)
      Gus: Why are we wearing these?
      Nurse: It's a preventive measure. She gets overly simulated by color.
      Gus: What about my face!?

    • (Mary digs through a pie to find a clue.)
      Lassiter: What is that?
      Mary: A crossword puzzle.
      Lassiter: It's from yesterday's paper. There's two clues highlighted. Twelve down and six across. "A good man is hard to blank," and "Blank, myself, and I."
      McNab: I got it. 'A good man is hard to find,' and 'Me, myself, and I." The answer is 'find me'.
      Mary: I think that bailiff from Night Court is spot-on.

    • (Mary is telling them about the next clue.)
      Lassiter: We're all ears, Lightly.
      Mary: You really are all ears, Carlton. It's spectacular.

    • Shawn: We're here to ask you one simple question.
      Yang: The answer is yes, Shawn, they do allow conjugal visits, but I think we'd have to get married first.
      Mary: I'm a fully ordained minister.
      Gus: That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard.

    • Mr. Yang: You're just amazing, my most admirable foe. It's why I chose you. We're gonna be working together again. Shawn, I knew you'd come.

    • Shawn: You didn't give racquetball a fair shake, did you?
      Mary: I will not wear short pants, Shawn.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Silence of the Lambs
      When Shawn and Gus visit Mr. Yang, it was like Clarice Starling (played by Jody Foster) visiting Dr. Hannibal Lecter (played by Anthony Hopkins) in the movie thriller The Silence of the Lambs.

    • Seinfeld

      In response to considering Mary as a subject Shawn says that they do nothing, to which Lassiter responds, "How Seinfeldian." This is an homage to Seinfeld which was described as "a show about nothing."

    • Hitchcock Homage:
      Cameo by Hitchcock impersonator right before the waitress brings Gus his pie.

    • Hitchcock reference:

      The faceless Mr. Yin seems to be a reference to the faceless proprietor in Spellbound.

    • Hitchcock Movie References:

      Psycho (many times, namely at the beginning, Shawn's dream, and Mary's death)
      Vertigo (many times, namely Shawn's dream, the bar set)
      Frenzy (first death)
      39 Steps (the stairs)
      North by Northwest (the bus and Lassie diving from the toy plane)
      Torn Curtain (very briefly, by name)
      Notorious (by allusion. Mary mentioned he dropped his shoe. A famous scene in Notorious involved dropping a fake bottle of wine.)
      Rear Window (Shawn's clue)
      The Birds (Lassie's clue)
      Marnie (Henry's clue)
      Lifeboat (Gus' clue)
      The Man Who Knew too Much (on the rear projection of the car).
      Rope (by allusion. Shawn tells Henry that Abigail is only bound with rope)