Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2008 on USA

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  • Murder?...Anyone?...Anyone?...Bueller?

    The Good:

    -"Oh wait, I get it - you guys are dating."

    -Shawn does a weird, 80's dance to woo Abigail.

    -The episode is chock-full of 80's movie references, which Shawn uses to help solve the case.

    -Shawn makes a heartfelt speech on behalf of his best friend, Gus.

    -A love triangle surfaces that is worthy of John Hughes himself - Shawn, Abigail, Juliet.

    The Bad:

    -Shawn doesn't ask Abigail out, which seems a little silly considering how torn he is about what happened in high school.
  • Shawn and Gus solve a murder mystery at their high school reunion!

    I'm glad they got back to the humor. There was a lot that I liked about this episode. BUT it just doesn't feel the same, for some reason. I think the show is not as lighthearted as it once was. I love The Breakfast Club; it's a classic, in my opinion. I liked most of the movie references, although I wasn't impressed with Shawn's dancing. I thought that the scene between Shawn and Henry in the car in the auto shop was very touching, although I would have liked to see Shawn apologize to Henry for how he treated him in the last episode. I also thought the kiss between Shawn and Abigail was romantic. It was just strange to see Henry being self conscious and so unsure of himself. I was really intrigued by the case. It was great seeing how Shawn was going to prove an actual crime had been committed. "No body, no crime". I liked the scene in the girls' locker room, from the moment Shawn and Gus got in, till the moment they found the dead body and Gus wanted to scream. I thought it was cute when Shawn criticized Juliet's "prom" dress. The scene with him and the geeks was cute, also. I also thought it was great when Lassiter tried to cover for Gus, Shawn and Juliet when Vick found them. I have to say, now more than ever, I am convinced that Shawn is in love with Jules. It seemed as if he was ready to start a relationship with Abigail, but one look at Jules, and he looked so serious, it was almost sad.

    Favorite quotes:
    "On a date? With a person?" Gus to Lassiter, when Lassiter tells him he's on a date.

    "Mindy, it's official. You've won bit*hiest banana" Shawn

    "I'm having fun. It's the best date I've been on in a long time" Lassiter

    "Seriously, Jules? That has to be on a poster somewhere" Shawn

    "Three arrests in one night? Not bad." Lassiter

    "The games were on Friday. That would mean missing Step By Step" Shawn

    "Are you kidding? He was voted 'most likely to succeed'. He'd date me?" Shawn
  • AWESOME!!!!!!! Rachel Leigh Cook, nearly naked!!!

    Well you can see her face and arms and that is enough for a 9.00, oh and to anyone with a funny bone born of the 80s it was genuinely up there with the teen comedy genius of the episodes namesake pun. That's about it really, great fun, in jokes, lots of briliant sight gags and a witty script...psych rules and if it doent recieve higher marks it will go the way of all great comedy shows that are misunderstood or to cultist/elite which sometimes is wonderfully the case with all the nods to popular culture of past decades. oh but there was this aweful bit not really just had to write over 100 words ho ho.
  • ok episode...

    Gus and Shawn go to a family reunion where Shawn believes he saw a body fall from the sky and believes there is a murder. In the end, it turned out that a man that took the blame for a DUI was killed because he wanted to let the truth out. Overall, I didn't like the story in this episode. It was obvious who the killer was. I thought the high school reunion could have been better and really could have developed the characters so much more than it did. The part I did like in this episode was Shawn's mom and dad. They have a great back-story and great character dynamics. Overall, ok episode with a bad story, but some great character development.
  • best season 3 episode yet!

    (there are some mild spoilers) this was my favorite of the 3rd season episodes. i loved all the jokes from The Breakfast Club. the part when Shawn said to Howie "when are you gonna find time to tape Larry Lesters buns together" and he didn't know what Shawn was talking about, was classic. some of the best humor was definitely from this installment. Another nice thing about this one was Shawn having to second guess himself on a choice he made about a girl he had liked back in high school. It was so cute at the end when he kisses the girl and realizes the kiss was just closure for the two of them b/c he sees Juliet and knows that she is the one he really likes. a must see episode!
  • This episode is a parody on 80s movies. It alludes to Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club and others.

    I really liked the moment where Shawn made ammends with the girl he stood up at the carnival. His recounting each and every detail was so i dunno what the word is but it was great......then their kiss was awesome!!! ......BUT Shawn looked over and saw Maggie then said to the girl he kissed that it was good THAT moment was strong. It shows he really loves Maggie!!! God I hope they end up together!! The build up is hot!! but the girl he kissed was hot too. That was a hard choice!! He asked her where they go from there and she said she didnt know so I guess the writer of the show wanted to show that it was an opportunity for Shawn to stick with Maggie......then it ended and didnt show him talking to Maggie at the end. It just showed the montage which is a parody of Breakfast Club. This is such a great series for people who grew up in the 80s!!!! so that would be age maybe 25-40
  • Amusing for those of us who grew up in the 80's!

    This was incredibly entertaining. And I didn't even catch ALL the references (I missed a few John Hughes films apparently). I had to search out some of them online later (

    Though I think there was one more not listed above.
    The flashback with the mechanic sitting in the car, drinking beer & getting upset ---reminds me of Cameron in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" when he's in his dad's car. The actor even looks likes him!

    Anyway, I've always thought this show had amusing dialogue & I like the characters of Gus & Shawn. However, I never thought the show itself was very clever or well plotted in general. This one certainly rose above the rest and I hope the writers can maintain this level of amusement!
  • And now we can all flash-back to the teen movies of the 80s.

    If highschool reunions aren't funny enough, add in Shawn doling out the pop-culture references from classic 80s flicks! The wanna-be class loser gets murdered at Shawn and Gus' highschool reunion, and while Shawn tries to reset history with the girl who-could-have-been, he has to figure out why someone would want to murder the class nobody. Shawn's Breakfast Club references culminate in a drink-spittingly hilarious dance on the roof. My God, I'd forgotten some of those things from that movie! More cliche's abound - the geeks standing outside, the preps, the former prom king and queen...and even Lassiter gets to get-in on some of the fun. (Although he'd have been better off shooting his date). A touching scene with Shawn and Abigale, as they reminice over what could have been, finally get their long-awaited kiss - but to Shawn, its only "almost perfect" Of course, at that exact moment, Juliet walked into view, and we are left to wonder if she is, in fact, the "perfect" Shawn is waiting for. (Personally I very much HOPE SO, because I do love Shawn and Julz together) We also get some more parental help with Shawn's parents, although I have to feel for Shawn's dad - its painfully obvious he wants his wife back. Perhaps he'll get the chance!

    Great episode, hilarious movie references and even a few touching scenes mixed in.
  • Step by Step, Rachel Leigh, Ferris Bueller, Dear Lord we're back in the Nineties and we love it.

    Absolutely loved it, loved the references, I can't go out either without a dose of Step by Step and of course it's always great to see Rachel Leigh Cook no matter where, her simply being there makes this one of my favorite episodes of Psych (So Far). No body, No crime! I think that actually should be printed on T-shirts across the world, I know I'd wear one. I also like the fact that Shawn couldn't remember anything about high school that was hilarious. We didn't see a lot of Jules in this episode but that last look from Shawn really said a lot; hope to see that relationship move forward a little bit in this season.
  • Awsome episode we need more like this one. Love Shawn when he dances the Breakfast Club dance lol

    LOL I have to start with my absolute favorite part of this episode and that was when Shawn was dancing the Breakfast Club dance and Abigail ask if he is ok lamo so funny and that music perfect match what song is that anyway?

    And I loved Gus like always I so loved the voice over he did on the end and Lessie and his "psycho" date lol awsome thats Lassiter and his mock shuts ? and Juliet in her prom dress just beautifule and how Shawn looked at her after he kissed Abigail was very intressting

    And I loved how Henry acted on the phone when he called Madeline hehe

    And our chef short appearence but nice comment

    all in all one of the best episodes ever
  • Shawn and Gus solve the murder of poor, unfortunate Ducky at their 13-year high school reunion.

    This is my favorite episode ever. Maybe that's because I, too, have seen Pretty in Pink 75 times.

    As usual, Gus takes something that is not all that serious (the boys' high school reunion) very seriously, and Shawn doesn't take it seriously at all. As a matter of fact, Shawn remembers nothing (or is he just pretending) about their high school experience. When Shawn sees a body drop from the sky, no one takes it seriously, and he is forced to solve the murder himself.

    The episode is appropriately peppered with references to '80s teen movies. Since I am about the same age as Shawn, I find reasons to relate John Hughes' movies to my life. I liked the final homage to The Breakfast Club in the last scene. My favorite, however, was when Shawn asked to borrow his underwear for ten minutes. Sixteen Candles is a classic.

    I really like how this episode demonstrated how Shawn can't turn his brain off, even when he wants to. He noticed clues in the middle of an almost-kiss with his high school crush. I also loved how, instead of getting upset that someone is stealing his thunder, Shawn used his big reveal to acknowledge Gus. He totally deserves it.
  • A real case!

    I can't believe that they really went there with the whole "OMG! You two are dating! That explains a lot." Shawn was totally unfazed while Gus bristled like a porcupine, of course :D

    Other funny bits: - Shawn deciding for Juliet in the end. Aww... - Shawn's parents embarrassing him!
    - Shawn admitting that Gus is his best friend and the "actual" hero!
    - Shawn and Gus dragging the mascot with them!
    - Lassiter having the best date ever! XD
    - Lassiter saving Juliet's butt! Wow, that was a first!

    I quite like Cybill Shepherd in this role. Loving but a little bit cold and distant at the same time...
  • Dude we're in the wrong John Hughes movie!

    So last week was the season premiere of Psych, good stuff. But this week, the second episode of season 3 was the one I loooved! Not only was it of course a funny episode, James Roday dancing around on the roof was hysterical with a capital H but all his John Hughes references were a trip then again I never expect anything but hilarity from him especially on Psych. But the ending! That's what I looooooved! I'm not afraid to say I was screeching and jumping around my room like an absolute freak. I couldn't help it! So all through out the episode it seems like Shawn is chasing after his high school crush Abigail which is sweet but I couldn't help but scoff all throughout the episode, in a minute you'll see why. So they talk, they kiss and then BOOM turns out things with Abigail are almost perfect but just almost. And who would things be perfect with, JULIET!!!!! I was totally not expecting that, at all and that's what made it so great...and made me jump around like a mad woman. I have been waiting for this forever. I mean they hinted in season 1, they actually brought it up in season 2 more then once and now it looks like they are finally having Shawn admit to himself that he likes Jules. I so hope they do something with this, if they don't I'm going to be super pissed. They'd just be so cute. They are together in real life they shoudl be together on screen. It would bring so much to the show plus it will present some funny situations. And I just really hope they do something with it, which seems to be the direction they are slowly going in, otherwise I don't see the point in getting our hopes up.

    Another thing I'm liking this season is that they're not afraid to give Shawn some real problems, real feelings and serious moments. They've done it before but for the most part if was small things that were few and far between, now they're actually doing it more often. I like that. Psych is of course a comedy but I think it's at it's best when the whole thing isn't just some giant joke, there can be laughs a plenty but some episodes just feel like maybe they weren't taken seriously. Laughs are good but there's no need for things to get stupid.
  • High school reunion with a killer politician and Gus as a cheer leader.

    This episode like the one before it seems to be much more in your face. Although it did have funny moments most of it seemed to be centered around Shawn and the blond girl. They are definitely hitting you over the head with the dads interest in the mother. Also with Shawn and Jules. Lassie always seems to find the craziest woman. I thought Gus and his cheer leading was pretty funny. Shawn's movie references were good. This season the second season is filled with episodes where Gus and Shawn only partly get away from the station. And Lassie does seem to be warming to Shawn and Gus.
  • Psych Begins Changing "Dramatically" From the past 2 Seasons.

    From the first 2 episodes we can tell a few things:

    - There will be lots of character development in Season 3.

    - Season 3 will be more dramatic then the past 2 Seasons. - Psych may start introducing story arc's such as "Shawn's Mother Arc." - Season 3 will have both great and average episodes.

    - We may stop looking into Shawn and Gus's Pass. Or we may look into other places besides there child hood. All of this seems like alright changes for the show. Seeing as it is continuously growing in popularity. The show keeps getting better and better.

    Unfortunately this average episode is difficult to review. Its alright but felt a bit short and strange. But it had an interesting sense of realism pulled in with the humor.

    Also Shawn's speech about Gus was great.
  • Gus and Shawn attend a high-school reunion.

    After last week's abomination of an episode the Psych crew put together a strong, well-written episode. The witty, refreshing comedy was hitting on all cylinders tonight as within the first few minutes the viewer found themselves laughing and hooked into the rakish, suspenseful plotline.

    James Roday and Dule Hill both gave remarkable performances in this installment. Corbin Bernsen was also funny and despite the weak storyline with his estranged wife, managed to entertain the audience. Timothy Omundson's character seems really forced and unfortunately we have to suffer from his irksome behavior and jokes on a weekly basis. I wasn't the world's biggest fan of the group of losers that Shawn was hanging out with either. Their jokes seemed very generic. The conversation about the box between Shawn and Henry was not only funny but it spoke to me personally as that's the kind of argument I'd have with my mother over misplaced goods. Shawn dancing was funny, but seemed really bizarre and out of the blue. This was a good step-up from the train wreck season premiere last week.