Season 6 Episode 9

Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 14, 2011 on USA

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  • Okay...

    I've been a little dissappointed since after mid-season 5 as Psych seemed to begin to lose the elements that made it a brilliant show in the first place. I think the only part worthwhile was the scene of Gus, Lassie and Henry hanging out.

    Overall I still enjoy some of the comedy and I like the idea that Shawn is willing to commit (even if it IS with Juliet...ugh) but Psych is just not the same anymore...

    C'mon Psych team! Raise those standards!
  • boring product-placement dropping episode

    Too many stereotypes, too many repeated jokes (Shawn using Gus' credit card), no humor.

    And what was with the endless product placement? Credit cards, stores, etc. Very tacky.

    Not even the "big reveal" at the end was very interesting.
  • Decent

    After the first three episodes of this season were really good, last few episodes were really starting to be really bad, but this one was ok. One of my favorite parts of the show were the Shawn funny introductions of Gus but this season I think we barely had one, maybe two. The show is starting to change its format and I kinda don't like it. I want to see more Shawn and Juliet interactions and develop their relationship, but not at the cost of changing the show.

    Shawn and Gus get hired on a case (or not), investigate on their own, Lassiter has the wrong suspect, Gus gets a funny new name, runs away when he sees a dead body or blood, get into some trouble and then Shawn solves the crime and reveals it in a fun way.

    Cant wait for the next episode when Pierre Despereaux returns. He's my favorite recurring character. Hope that episode will bring the show to it's former level.
  • Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat

    Shawn's really growing up... And, a ring in a nintendo? perfect disguise!
  • 12/14


    The season finale of Psych definitely had its moments. Guys night out with Henry, Gus and Carlton was amusing, and Shawn and Juliet on vacation made me chuckle too, but then they rushed the murder and the corresponding killer, with no real explanation for any of it.

    It was funnier than a lot of the recent shows, but still a little bit disappointing as a whole. Worth checking out though and glad the hiatus is not too long.

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