Season 7 Episode 14

No Trout About It

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 29, 2013 on USA

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  • average episode

    Not a great finale, but an average episode.
  • Very Solid

    While a bit anti-climatic for a season finale this episode included the usual Psych qualities that characterize most episodes. We also get the introduction of a new villain, Mr. Trout, who like most characters in Psych has some funny quirks as well. His belief in hiring and firing people based on his own standards of morality rather than their police work makes him an easy person to hate, but Psych includes enough comic relief that the plot never becomes too serious. While the situation is ominous, the episode does not leave the viewer feeling that way. Although viewers will not be at the edge of their seats waiting for the next season, this episode will certainly give people a reason to tune in for season 8.
  • No Trout About It

    It's a little late in the game for a new Chief of Police, isn't it? I mean, the show is likely ending after Season 8.

    For a season finale this was incredibly disappointing. Very few good jokes, and a really bad case too that was as predictable as it was uninteresting.

    I expect so much from this show than this.
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