Season 5 Episode 3

Not Even Close… Encounters

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 28, 2010 on USA

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    Freddie Prinze Jr. was once a top actor in movies and now he is making TV guest appearances as a nerd. We luck out though as he was enjoyable here on Psych, but this episode overall was fairly forgettable, in fact even as of this writing I am not quite sure how it ended.

    Okay, that's not true, but outside of a few Shawn lines (don't I write that every week) tonight's Psych was pretty boring. Henry has lost all his appeal in his new role working for the man, and Carlton's antics are so played out at this point.

    I fear Psych may be on the decline, but even if it is, it's still worth watching this summer.
  • The cast from She's All That has reunited...well not really, it's just Dule Hill and Freddie Prinze Jr.

    I must admit, when I first saw that Freddie Prinze is going to be in this immediate thoughts were "what the hell??" I just thought it was really random and seriously wonder what role he could play in psych. However, I must say...I really enjoyed his role in psych. In Freddie Prinze movies, he always plays the cool guy so it was really interesting and entertaining to watch him play a nerdy childhood friend of Shawn and Gus. I didn't pay much attention to Dennis during the flashback scene at the beginning but then when Shawn (or was it Gus) suggested to consult someone that knows about aliens, that's when I knew that Freddie Prinze Jr. will be playing Dennis.

    But ya, back to the episode...I really enjoyed this episode and love the character chemistry between Shawn, Gus, and Dennis. The whole "flick a ear when the other starts to think aliens did it" added a lot of humor to the episode. Unlike last week's plot, I like this week's plot for sure. Sure I could kinda guess that the newbie-lawyer who got "abducted" probably had something to do with but then I didn't know why. The whole "get people to question the lawyer's credibility (so he can't pursue the lawsuit about the international chemical spill) by making it seem like he saw aliens" was a pretty decent plot. And also, you gotta love it when Dennis comes into the room with nunchucks but then whacks himself and when his wife admits that she's also a gigantic nerd (although I could kinda see this coming as well but it was still funny.)

    The only things I didn't like about this episode was the same exact thing from last week's episode...which is Henry in a suit and tie working for SBPD again. I really want to see him in funny shirts again sitting at home and telling Shawn that he's overlooking opposed to telling to not get involved in a case. But for the time being though, I do like the chemistry between Lassie and Henry since Lassie doesn't like him personally but respects him professionally. Also gotta love the line "I am glad Shawn put peanut butter on your phone" when Lassie left Henry in the car. Another thing I didn't really like was Juliet not contributing much to the episode and Chief Vick wasn't in the episode.

    But ya, definitely enjoyed this episode. Looking forward to next week!
  • Saying it's the best episode of the season thus far isn't saying much since there have only been three, however it was so good it blinded me with SCIENCE!

    I wasn't a big fan of the first episode of the season, and the second one was a little better but I broke out in laughter way more than a couple of times which is impressive since it isn't just a comedy but also a mystery where there is a serious case going on. My favorite line of the episode as seen inthe summary was when Shawn said the only thing they (He and Gus) were blinded by was science. I really like Henry back in the mix where he is working with Lassiter. The scene between them when Lassie brought up his crap list was another favorite of mine. One thing I would like to see is more of Jules. She has been rather quiet so far; understandably in the first episode but last week as well as this week I felt like she was just going along for the ride. When she was in the mix and with Shawn in last week's episode she was more irritating to me, while usually she is comical, especially around Shawn. It was a very well written episode however and proved why this is still my favorite USA Network Show, although it is followed closely by Burn Notice and Royal Pains.
  • This season is finding it's footing

    I am enjoying this season more and more. I would like to see more of the original formula with Henry retired, but at least this week he wasn't SO horrible to deal with. loved the alien abduction plot line. So funny. I didn't exactly see the end coming. I realized that Toby was invovled. It was a little like that old film Gas light when he pretended no tot feel the disturbance in the beginning. To be hoest I have completely forgotten that Freddie PRinze Jr was to be on the show. His character was funny. I thought the end was cute. All in all it seems like the sahow is finding a groove with the new changes & I really liked Shawn listening to his dad a little. Can't wait for next week.
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