Season 5 Episode 9

One, Maybe Two, Ways Out

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2010 on USA
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When a spy is framed for a crime she didn't commit, she decides to use Shawn and Gus to prove her innocence.

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  • Finally. Spoiler.

    First of all THANK YOU writers, for eventually bring these two together. This could have happened 2 seasons ago, but ok anyway, now it's official. There is a Shules future. But sorry, let's not exculde the story of this episode: A lot of spy stuff. Franka Potente as Nadja. - And btw, I am so ashamed I couldn't identify her at first even though I am from germany - Nadja isn't really a german name.... sorry I am straggling again.

    So: A lot of action sequences, somehow unfamiliar but anyway entertaining. Like somebody below mentioned, there were no clues that led to the real criminal, who was revealed in the end. So the whole spy plot was nice, but not that convincing. But those cons can't spoil this episode for me! Why? Because I am nostalgic, romantic fangirl, who couldn't wait for IT to finally happen. Finally!moreless
  • This episode is mainly an international espionage that headed its unlikely way to the zany psych detectives. While they get to do this "freelance" job, Shawn is forced to ask for Declyn's help.moreless

    I liked the idea that a sexy woman in leather/cat woman suite was running around in Santa Babara, causing public havoc and danger. Most of all i love that she specifically chose the goofiest of all detectives in the world to help her clear her reputation as the most dangerous international spy.

    I am so glad they didn't have too many cliches hanging around this woman. For a second i thought that she was going to be Juliet's brother's girlfriend, but thankfully that was never brought up. This female character was very empowering!

    The episode wasn't as hilarious, but that's not because they were trying hard to be funny. The seriousness came from Shawn's jaded soul as he continuously struggled with Juliet blooming relationship with Declyn, and the fact that he refused to canoodle with the sexy leather lady was a sweet heartbreaking proof of his devotion to Juliet.

    The highlight of the episode, of course, was the long anticipated kiss between Shawn and Juliet. Some say it may have been a cliche, but I didn't think so. The somewhat unspoken attraction developed nicely over the last four and half years and this kiss was not exactly expected, in my eyes at least.

    Shawn's serious moments in the show is what makes this TV series so priceless.moreless
  • Here is my take on this was fantastic.

    I have no idea why this episode has such a low score, it was superb. It really nailed the serious but not too serious feel. It was funny AND intense. It also delivered some very much needed closure that will leave viewers satisfied until the show resumes to finish the season. It managed to address tensions without getting rid of the tension. Amazingly done. I even went as far as checking up some official reviews of the show to see if I was the only one who felt this way, and I am not. All the reviews I could find were rave. This episode deserves over a 9 at least! If you haven't watched it yet and you are a fan of Psych, WATCH IT! ;)

  • This was a good one.

    The case of the week was ok. The only complain I got is that lately Psych isn't trying to give clues to the audience so we try to figure it out, but it's ok.

    A couple of weeks ago I whished for Chi McBride to stay, so he can change a bit the comedy that it's getting kinda old and kinda hit or miss, but he's in another show, good for him, bad for Psych. But then there's Nestor Carbonell. The comedy side of his adition is kinda "meh", but he's spicing things up, and that's good.

    Best Shawn-Jules moment ever? I'm not a 15 years old woman, but that moment made this episode great. The bad thing is that the writters decided to leave it in a so cliche moment. Still, I can't wait til next episode.

    BTW: we all know that the low scores on Psych are because some dude is lowering them on purpose. I don't mind, but...get a life.moreless
  • 509

    Psych scores again with another strong episode. In good news it looks like Nestor Carbonell will return for at least one more show (unless they have him and Juliet break up off camera.)

    This episode was not as funny as it usually is, it was more action-based like Burn Notice or Covert Affairs, but that is not always a bad thing. If you watch this show purely for laughs, some episodes will severely disappoint you and I have a feeling that is the reason for some of these low scores. But if you like the action and the comedy mixed together, Psych's summer season finale was right yp your alley.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Strabinsky is having flashbacks about the operation in Bolivia, we see a plaque that reads "Embajada de Bolivia." An embassy is supposed to represent a country outside of its territory. Therefore, there is no need for an embassy of Bolivia in Bolivia.

    • Featured Music:
      "Wild Horses" by The Sundays

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Nadia: Remember, we have T-minus six minutes before a team of black ops close in and torture to kill.
      Shawn: Torture to kill? Is that pretty cut and dry, or is there some wiggle room there?

    • Gus: We didn't find Fong, Driggs did.
      Shawn: It's all semantics, Gus.
      Gus: It's not semantics at all.
      Shawn: Note to self: look up the word semantics.

    • Shawn: (to Juliet) Take lots of pictures, not of sights; don't take pictures of buildings. Take pictures of moments, cause that's what matters, capture them here (points to his head) and hold onto them here (points to his heart) at least that's what I would do.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Shawn: Well, I can find that spy in 19 hours
      Driggs: This is not a negotiation, and you went up.
      Shawn: Fine, I can find that spy in 13 hours.
      Driggs: If you shut up and let me do my job, I'll find that spy in eight hours.
      Shawn: OK, find that spy.
      This exchange is a takeoff on the old game show Name That Tune, where contestants bid on naming a tune that had been described by the host in the least amount of notes.

      "I can name that tune in five notes."
      "I can name that tune in four notes."
      "I can name that tune in three notes."
      "OK, name that tune."

    • Shawn: Let's Bourne it up.

      In the 2002 film The Bourne Identity Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is an agent on the run from the authorities. He was aided by a woman named Marie Kreutz (Franka Potente) who also played Nadia in this episdode