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Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 07, 2006 on USA

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  • Great stuff. A good way to kick off the show.

    This was a great way to start of the show. The show definitely had potential based on this episode alone. The jokes were there, and the best part was that all the jokes weren't in the previews.

    It was the top rated show on cable for a reason. USA plugged it to death, but it still managed to impress. I had high hopes and was not disappointed.

    I was a bit sad that Anne Dudek's character was not well recieved. I thought she had good chemistry with Shawn and Lassiter.

    Corbin Bernsen plays an excellent over bearing father. He was an interesting character. I absolutely loved the scene with him and Shawn in the restaraunt. Shaun showed him up and he was angry.

    James Roday plays an excellent slacker. I love that he's had so many jobs. It really did perfect him for a job as a fake Psychic.

    Dule Hill is awesome as the quirky sidekick. Shawn uses him. He was also so great when he saw the bodies and ran out screaming at a high pitch screech.

    Omundson is awesome. He plays a good antagonist. I realy hope they keep him against Shawn and not switching to be a Shawn supporter. I mean he doesn't have to be so completely against him, but I dont' want him to be his friend.

    This was a great episode for a great Show. I hope it stays that way.
  • Pilot

    It is certainly refreshing to see a cop dramedy, but "Psych" doesn't seem to marry drama and comedy well in this first episode. Some of the line delivery is shaky - lurking somewhere between fast banter and thoughtful conversation. Shawn is featured heavily, but there are plenty of side characters that could provide room for expansion. What is most likeable is the fact that Shawn's observational skills are astounding, but believable.

    The Good:

    -"I'm never gonna grow up, Ma'am." What a great way to set up the main character!

    -The rivalry between Shawn and his father does not border on over-dramatic or too easy. There is definite tension between them, but the ability to work things through presents itself in a realistic manner.

    -"Oh, you been [to jail]?" "Once. In Monopoly."

    The Bad:

    -The rhythm is off; when Shawn communicates with other characters, they don't seem to play off of each other well. As the show continues, this will ideally work itself out.

    -The drama and comedy do not mix properly here. It is unclear whether this show means to have comedic leanings with moments of drama, or dramatic leanings with funny moments.
  • Great

    This is a great show about a fake psychic detective.

    Psych pilot happens to be one of my favourite episodes (and not just because O'Hara wasn't in it :P). Hooked me in immediately, especially with the humour. It's just so witty and entertaining, and real laugh out loud material. Not to mention the main character is so charismatic and charming. All the characters are all likeable, but Shawn is one of the best damn characters ever created on a TV show.

    For those who have yet to join this fandom - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET INTO IT ALREADY! Spread the Psych love, people!
  • This show is a laugh riot.

    This show is so refreshing and fun. I am absolutely enchanted with this show. I think it's marvelously witty and convivial. The characters of Shawn and Gus play off eachother swimmingly. The humor is spot on and the characters are well written and complex. Shawn's wild antics make Gus completely barmy and it's so much fun to watch the two of them when they argue like an old married couple. Shawns psychic 'episodes' are extremely humorous as well. I think the show is going to be a huge success and I hope many people tune in. The writers did an excellent job at hooking us into this new entertaining show. I enjoyed!!
  • Shawn Spencer is a funny guy who had lots of jobs since high school, but also has incredible observation skills and while using them to solve a crime showed on tv, he calls the police and gives them some tips.

    The police department believes that such a good tip could only come from 'inside people' and tell Shawn to go to the police station. When he gets there, they try to arrest him and that's when the fun begins: he tells them he is a psychic.
    Then he use his abilities to prove them that he is telling the truth, even though he is not. Chief Vick says that if they discover that he is lying, he would go to the jail and asks him to help detective Lassiter and his female partner on a case. Shawn and his relutant best friend Gus go investigate. Lassiter obviously hates them and tries to prove that he is not a psychic, even after Shawn and Gus solve the crime.
    It's always fun to watch the discussions between Shawn and Gus, Shawn and Lassiter and Shawn and his father, Henry. They are always fighting, we kinda expect that on every single episode. Other funny thing is the way Shawn pretends to sense things on the crime scene or in the end of the episode. It is some sort of parody about real psychics, I guess. It's a really nice show to watch. Not as complicated as C.S.I. (that I love) and not as silly as... other silly shows.
    It's a relaxing show and I watch it for a long time, not just because James Roday is so funny, handsome and awesome, but cause the show is also awesome. Watch it! It's great!
  • I was immediately hooked on this show after watching this episode.

    The Pilot of Psych is one of the best pilots I've ever seen for a show. It was well written and just plain funny. I loved the chemistry between Shawn and Gus. They are very believable as friends and each of their scenes is great. Shawn is amazingly funny and always silly. I just love his character. He became my favorite character on TV after seeing the pilot.

    I didn't think much of the supporting cast. I was too focused on Shawn and Gus. After rewatching the pilot, I decided that I liked everyone, with the exception of Lassiter's partnet. She seems very melancholy, not nearly happy enough for the show. Thank goodness they got rid of her and brought in Juliet. I liked the Pilot so much that I created a Yahoo group for the show the very next day. Psych is an amazing show and I hope it lasts for many more seasons.
  • One great pilot.

    Not very many TV shows offer a great television pilot, but Psych does. This episode really sets the tone of both the television series, and all the characters are quickly introduced. This episode also had some really funny moments, and had the zany formula that most of the recent episodes have been lacking. The mystery was clever, and the revelation of the killer was both surprising and believeable. However, as with most pilots, looking back on it, the change in scenery, especially the police station is both distracting and a little annoying, but that really isn't a reason to hate this episode. Just sit back, relax and enjoy.
  • this was a good pilot

    in this pilot of psych the show starts off explaining things and introdcing you to the show and how it started. but then goes back to regular times and he startes to help the police since he called in tips but they think he is a suspect. but they want him to use his abilty on the case there on . it a really good shwo because all he really does is pay attention to really good deatail such a good show. and a good pilot. he solves the case and at the end they set up there own agency called psych .
  • Shawn Spencer grew up with a unique gift to have a photographic memory and remember details he has seen immediately. He has been solving crimes and getting the reward money in Santa Barbara. With his friend Burton he is about to take it a step further.

    Another hit from the USA network. Great premise for a very successful cable program. So many people have recommended this series to me I picked up seasons one and two this past week on DVD. In this first Domestic Pilot episode Shawn has been calling in tips for crimes he sees on the TV news. He then goes and gets the reward money related to the case. The police are starting to get suspicious.

    Shawn's father Henry Spence played by the great actor Corbin Bernsen is a retired cop with a great reputation. Luckily that helps keep Shawn played by James Roday out of more trouble than he would be in otherwise. Shawn seems to go from one job to another and generally wants to have fun period. Shawn's best friend since childhood is Burton Guster played by Dule Hill. Burton is in the pharmaceuticals business and seems to have a cursory knowledge of that field. Shawn decides to take his gifts one step further and claim that he is a psychic. Dragging Burton into the deal they form Psych, a psychic private detective firm. Mostly so Shawn can continue to keep his income from police cases rolling in.

    Basically Shawn is solving the same cases the police could if they used more skilled investigators and paid attention to the details of their cases. There is nothing psychic about Shawn and the one really disturbing thing about his actions is his seemingly need for the limelight as well as his need to solve the crimes.

    There is also an interesting dynamic with Shawn and his father. His father is obviously disappointed in Shawn and Shawn thinks his father was a little rough on him when he was growing up. In the end though you get the feeling that they are both proud of each other under the surface of things. Shawn's father tips the scales in his favor by vouching for him "one last time" and Shawn and Burton's new careers are ready to take off.

    Very entertaining program. I am stoked to watch many more episodes. So far it seems very family friendly as well. This is a show I definitely would recommend. Thanks for reading...
  • funny...

    I've never been big on comedies, but this one is pretty funny. This is the first episode and it did a great job of setting up the characters and the situation. I liked how it started with Shawn not having his business and not pretending to be psychic because we got to see how he started. I like the dynamics between him and Gus. I also like the character dynamics between Shawn and his father. Anyways, the story has been done before. All it was was a kidnapping...but I liked the psych and comedy twist. Overall, good start to the show.
  • I love this episode and this show!

    Shawn gets accused of being an accomplice in a crime because he is too observant of the clues around him. He convinces police that he is a psychic, and he and Gus solve a kidnapping case involving a local textile magnate's son. This episode isn't one of the best in the series but it's the pilot so you can understand. This show is super amazing and totally funny! Even though it is on USA Network and on at 10pm, it is a great, funny, awesome show! If more ahows were like this one tv would be so much better, like you could not believe!
  • Funny and smart.

    Although I can't say the acting of the main characters are that realistic, they are extremely funny. I love crime shows and I love humor so this show is general is great. The main crime did get a little bit confusing because there were so many names that I kept confusing or just because I wasn't paying the closest attention the crime. I specifically thought that anytime the actors would react extremely unrealistically or overally dramatic was hilarious... altough you pretty much get most of that from the main character. Overall, I am feeling a "Guilty Pleasure" in the making. I even got the people who hate the shows that I love to watch along.
  • That's how you make a pilot episode.

    I fell in love with this show by this great pilot. It was everything a pilot should be: funny, exciting and much more. This pilot episode got me intrigued from the beginning till the end. The characters are all amazing, especially Shaw and Gus, I just love the relationship between the two. The relationship between Shawn and his father may not be very good, but it's defiantly fun to watch. The actors are amazing and I just love them all. This pilot was pretty long, but if you ask me it could have been even longer. The case was well plotted and I couldn't wait to see who did it and if/ how Shawn and Gus were going to solve it. After watching this pilot I can't wait for the next episodes. I hope they will be just as good as this one was.
  • Funny and entertaining

    I think that the character of Shawn Spencer is hilarious. I also think that people are gullible in believing what he says. To call your agency psych as in gotcha although genius is kinda mean but he is great and he does solve cases so who really cares. Let the man continue with his outbursts of psychicness it definatley makes me laugh.
  • Shawn is special since his childwood. He has a extremely developped sight and notice everything, every detail. That's whyhe tries to help the police by pretending to be a psych.

    i loved this episode.
    I like the character, Shawn, and it made me laught.
    I hope this won't turn into one of the thousand police series we watch everyday on television.
    I loved the humor, the crazy things he do when he pretends having a psyquic episode... it's hilarious.
    But one thing i think is bad about this episode are the othe characters. Except his friend, the other people that appears on the show are weirdly unknown. I didn't like any one on the police department but the boss.
    I don't like the way they act, and i don't like how they are "put" in the show and in the trama.
    I know the one that is important is Shawn..but a show can't have corners.
  • I love this show!

    I'll re-state it: I love this show! For a pilot ( or any episode for that matter) it is fantastic. I love the way the writers set up how he claims he's a psychic and the dynamic between him and Lassiter is amazing. This episode explains all of the characters personalities and their little quirks. If you've never seen the show, you need to watch it right now! The way Shawn(sp?) solves a case by using his "psychic" powers is amazing and hilarious. The show explains everything to you about his "gift". Just watch this episode and the entire season. You will not regret it!
  • I love this show... "What better way to tell people that you fake than post on the window (Psych.

    Shawn Spencer a guy whose father, a retired best of the best police officer, has taught him to look for the biggest details. but not just any details but detail that are hidden among the things that they belong with. Shawn calls in many anonymous tips to the police and the police begins to think that he is a crime lord so they trace his phone number and they arrest him. They ask him how he knew about the many crimes that were on tv and how he figured who was kiddnapper, murderer, etc.. he tells them that he is a psychic. so they give him a case to test it out. He has to find a missing person. Shawn calls his bestfriend Gus and together they solve the case which turns into a homicide.
  • Finally a show that gives props to people who are much smarter than they will EVER get credit for!

    I downloaded the pilot on iTunes and fell in love with this show. Casting was pivotal and although the lead reminds oddly of that guy from Tom Gun...I mean Top Gun- it was pure kismet. The pilot gives us just enough to care about the Yogi Bear-detective and affable sidekick and enough to despise the meddling overzealous cop. It gives us enough to care about the case, the plot and does without being over-procedural. Most of all, it says, sometimes people are much more than we credit them with...or then again, psych.
  • I was glad to give this silly comedy a chance by word of mouth from my family. This show actually provides tons of laughs and isn't the same old show as many of those crime dramas out there.

    The pilot episode provided a really good, if not unknown to me, cast of young actors. There is some really good chemistry from the beginning. I really like how different the two lead actors are and how their personalities constantly "bump" with each other without going too far. This episode shows how Shawn Spencer uses his photographic memory to solve cases with seeing things other people just miss. This premise seems really hokey but it definately works. USA network has done a great job picking up shows that just may not work on any other network. This pilot definately provides some great frame work for a good series.
  • This show has a lot of potential, although some rough edges. If they can manage to keep intelligent storylines with clever ways that Shawn is able to solve the crime, then this could be a very good series.

    Shawn has been raised as a child to be very observant person. However, even though he's a very smart person who could be running IBM (his response "why would I want to?"), he's had difficulties in holding jobs because they can't keep his interest. He then finds he has a talent to solve crimes and enlists his longtime friend Gus to open a private agency under the premise that he is a psychic. It's an interesting concept that someone who is very observant can pass off as being psychic.

    The humor in this series is a big part of its appeal. Shawn and Gus are likable people. However, it takes more than that for a series to be a success. The audience has to be treated intelligently, which means the storylines also have to be interesting. Always coming up with clever twists is easier said than done.
  • When Shawn is accused of being a robber for having inside information, he and his friend Gus work together to clear his name by leading the officers to believe that Shawn is a psychic.

    This is like the best episode ever. I mean, I don't know when I have seen anything better! I watched the commercials for this and thought that it was kinda cheesy, but it came on right after Monk, so I said "what the Hey?" Man was that the best decision of my life. I loved this show like anything. It is like my favorite show, along with House and Monk. Come on people you have to agree with me here! Oh, and if you liked this episode, you can get it on iTunes for free. You can also get the theme music from the Friendly Indians Web Page
  • A great start to a promising show!

    The new series PSYCH shows a lot of potential with the pilot episode. It is a refreshing crime show with its own little quirks. The lead character, played hillariously by James Roday, is very entertaining as slacker Shawn Spencer. Since Shawn was a child, his father (perfectly cast Corbin Bernsen) worked with him to perfect his observation skills to the point of remembering even the seemingly unimportant details of his surroundings. He bails himself out of a sticky situation with the police by leading them to believe he is a psychic. He then, along with his pal Gus (Dule Hill), sets off to help the police by solving their cases in an utterly unique and enjoyable fashion!
  • Great way to kick off a show!

    This is a great way to kick off a show
    As Shawn is framed for a crime and in order
    To clear his name, he thinks that he is a physch and calls on his good friend and partner Burton, the straight man in the duo, to help the police.
    The police are cynical but reluctantly let Shawn do his "thing!"
  • Nice idea...

    A good premise for a genre that has been more CSI lately. The main character while a little wild is still likable. The fact that most people see him as an idiot makes his keen eye all the more entertaining.
    I'm glad that Dule has found a role so quickly after West Wing ended. He was one of my favorite characters in that show and has brought his awesome skills to this show as well proving that he can do more than just intrduce side characters to the President.
    Also the detective that goes up against our guy cracks me up.
  • This was an excellant start to the series!

    I'm amazed! I didn't expect this show to amount to much, but I was definately wrong. This episode was hilarious and truly a great begining to the series. I cannot wait to see next weeks episode hopefully it will live up to my new high expectations for the show. There was nothing about this episode that I disliked. It was phenomenal. I thought that the idea of someone that should be a cop and pretending to be a psychic to help out the police was an original idea and made this show and episode great. USA seems to be the only channel creating comedic police related shows and they are definately doing a good job.
  • We are introduced to the main character Shawn, and his friend Gus. Shawn is unable to convince police that he figured out a crime by his powers of observation, so he tells them that he is a psychic. They not only believe him, they hire him.

    WOW, this is quite a show. It mixes an interesting mystery, with comedy. I'd say that this show has a very good shot of really going the distance. Shawn is hilarious, and his friend Burton makes a great sidekick...always concerned by the fact that Shawn seems to be getting them in way over their heads.

    I also like the dynamic between Shawn and his father. They clearly have issues...but there is a level of respect there, even if neither of them want to admit it.

    It is also very interesting watching how Shawn's mind works. When he notices things, the camera zooms in on them...and there is an interesting lighting effect that helps draw the viewer's attention. My only complaint is at times they overdo to physical comedy when it comes to his fake psychic visions. Of course, comedies have a tendency to go overboard at times, so this isn't really a huge deal.
  • Shawn and his father are in a diner and when Shawn asks for the cake, his father tells him to shut his eyes. He then asks Shawn different questions that no one should to be a psychic. Shawn and Gus drive off to work on a case involving dragsters. <

    the story is gr8 n keep's u interested most of the time . Shawn Spencer is hired by the police as he is supposed to be a he's a psychic . Shawn goes to the Police Department and finally gets a Detective to help him. He finds out that Ourso was seen around the cabin before the murder by the same man. He goes back to the family house and accuses the father of Camden of murder. He says that a ransom drop happened and then he drives away and he recognizes the car and figures out that they are at the cabin. Shawn says that he didn't mean to kill him, but he accidently pushed Camden to the floor and he smashes his head on the oak table. He then sees the pistol on the table and kills Malcolm. He then covers his tracks to make it look like a suicide. At they end shawn and gus drive off.
  • A great episode and a must watch (Series). Very funny and well thought out.

    The episode started off well with the introduction of the main characters, with the exception of Gus. He was just thrust in mid scene and I was wondering how the hell this guy was connected to Shaun.

    But gradually - throughout the episode - their relationship is revealed as freinds from when they were kids. Shaun is a non-commiting person. Not staying in one job for more than six months or so, not having a steady girlfriend etc.

    He's sort of a drifter, except that he drifts around the area he lives in!!!

    Gus on the other hand is settled. At a good job, a place to live and a car - although I don't think they mentioned what he worked as!!! He's the opposite of Shaun. We get to see that he's interested in some detective works but he never says it outright that he is "interested in becoming a...", whatever it was. Hopefully these will get clearer in the following episode.

    This episode is all about how the son of a big company gets kidnapped and how Shaun and Gus are helping the cops to solve the kidnapping - as Psychics.

    Shaun never liked the fact that his father made him rehearse his "abilities", but he's using them to get some money off the police by tipping them off on a crimes that need solving. The main source of this, is the news channel (8 and sometimes 5 to be precise).

    He's done so many of these tip-offs that the police get suspicious of him. When he is threatened to be put in jail he suddenly convinces the police that he is a Psychic.

    As psychics Shaun and Gus help solve the case and at the end of the episode they set up themselves as private investigators.

    An overall good episode. I am looking forward to the next ones eagerly. :)
  • Shawn Spencer ...a clever ultra-observant young man who dupes police into believing he's a psychic...drama and hilarity ensues.

    I took a chance and watched the pilot of this show because of Corbin Bersen and I am very glad I did. The show was funny and entertaining and a nice break from all the psychic-type shows out there, don't get me wrong I love The Dead's sorta Monk without the OCD but with a smart quirky young male with issues about real work(he ain't gonna do it if it isn't fun). I liked the end of this episode where he named the agency psych (as in ya..we are full of crap..but then again are we?) It goes to show that observation skills can be honed so as to see what the average person ignores,I understand this being a registered nurse..observation skills are really important and can give you alot of information about a person or in this case a crime/ it's not far-fetched at all. Well done first episode're getting better all the have 2 of my never miss shows..The 4400..The Dead Zone and for now Psych.Kudos.
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