Season 1 Episode 14

Poker? I Barely Know Her

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 23, 2007 on USA

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  • Poker? I Barely Know Her

    The Good:

    -"Gus, don't be a gooey chocolate chip cookie."

    -"You have a Dad crush on me."

    -Lassiter's surprise party is a great way to further his and Juliet's partnership.

    -Lassiter's mother. It's easy to see where the Detective got his personality, but she's loveable in her sassy demeanor.

    The Bad:

    -Kris Lemche. He's not very convincing as a young Poker stud, nor does his heart seem to be in his work.
  • Wonderful!

    This is one of my favorite episodes.I really like the twist in the story line.Especially at the end, when Shawn played at the poker game. I did not see that Burger was cheating through the dealer. It was entertaining and yet very funny at the same time.From the dad crush to the pteradactals, this was one of the best episodes.The best part to me had to be...well...ummm.. had to be, the part where shawn and gus were watching the tape of brandon stealing his fathers money. "Something's bothering me dude, I'm never wrong." "your always wrong, what are you talking about?" Yea, that had to be my favorite part.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show psyche shawn and gus are asked to help a friend of shawns dad and not involve the police .and in this ep lasiters partner is trying to pull off a surprise party. shawn gost to invesgate were he used to live at appartment and then soons find out that he tried to break in to get something from his storage. they find a card that has rand ls and they go to a flower shop and they find hiddden in the back a maze and they realize on the back wad directions to a hidden poker party. they then go on guses accont on poker and trick his son into going to meet some where he falls for it and tell him to come clean and they realize that he tricked them to get money from his dads safe. and they go to a casino and find him there and shawn figugres it out at the end of the tourment that the guy was cheating by the help of one of the dealers this was a good ep
  • Henry shows up at the boys office and grudgingly admits that he recommended them to a friend. Mr. Peterson says his son has disappeared and wants Shawn and Gus to find him. It seems he forged a 30K check from his fathers checking account.

    If you couldn't tell from the title this episode had a lot to do with the game of poker. It seems Shawn who would be very good playing the game was caught and told not to gamble as a young boy. For once it seems he listened to his father.

    Brandon Peterson who's father owns Peterson Motors is missing. His father is a long time friend of Henry, Shawn's dad. So when he approached Henry about his problem Henry suggested he go to the police. When he balked at that Henry said why don't you speak with my son.

    Shawn and Gus take the case and discover an underground poker club that uses brute force to ensure the gamblers pay their loses. In general you get the feeling there is something fishy going on.

    After Brandon literally robs his father of about fifty thousand, Shawn and Gus insist on his father giving Brandon one more chance. Shawn, Gus, Henry, and Brandon's father catch Brandon at a casino entered in a Poker Tour Event. Shawn takes over for Brandon on Henry's recommendation. He makes it all the way until the end against J.P. Berger the bad guy. Shawn notices he is cheating and that the dealer is in cahoots. He proves it and they are arrested and Shawn wins. Ina secondary storyline which could have been fantastic but sort of got thrown away, Juliet wants to celebrate Lassiter's birthday but no one seems to know anything about him. In a really bad case of detective work she finds a book with peoples names in it. She calls everyone with stars and invites them to his house for his party. It turns out those with stars in his book are repeat offenders he has sent to jail multiple times. He's not happy!

    Shawn and Gus make a big payday on this case and of course Shawn blows the money on a stupid roulette bet. Unfortunately that is typical. Sort of sad really.

    Overall a good episode that was enjoyable except for some over the top acting by James Roday which is to be expected. Sometimes it can get to be a little too much. You see Roday almost smirking like it's an inside joke. Clever storyline and good writing hurt just a little by that over the top acting. Thanks for reading...
  • This episode was very funny!!

    Another great episode. I was laughing like an idiot. I loved the scene of Shawn as a child, playing poker with his father's police buddies. Shawn really is brilliant when you think about it. He beat the crap out of those cops in poker. LOL I also liked the next scene with Shawn and Gus playing paper basketball. :-) Shawn made his shot and Gus asked him how he did it. He said something about "It's the sweetness" and he even had a swagger. I loved the look on his face, silly and adorable. Shawn was a little obnoxious towards the poker players at the casino. He never should have "admitted" that he was a psychic. But his admission didn't hurt the case. If I had to play with a person acting as obnoxious as that, I'd probably refuse to play. LOL Shawn is too funny. I can't believe Henry finally checked out the Psych office. I liked how he asked to be invited in and Shawn questioned Gus, asking "Don't vampires need to be invited in?" The little argument with Gus was funny. Gus must really like The Lost Boys! Henry vouched for Shawn. He "referred" Shawn to his friend after his friend refused to get the cops involved. Then, at the casino, he vouched for Shawn again, admitting that Shawn would win. Juliet's surprise party for Lassiter really backfired. I feel kind of bad for her, since she went to so much trouble to plan it. I liked the case, but Shawn's "premonitions" seemed a bit forced this time. Maybe he was performing a little more since his father was there? I didn't like how Shawn and Gus took Brandon at his word when he said he'd talk to his father. They didn't even wait around to see if he went into the dealership. That's really not like them. Some great lines from the ep:
    Shawn to Henry: "You have a dad crush on me"
    Shawn to Gus: "Gus don't be a gooey chocolate chip cookie"
  • Do you gamble?

    When a big time car dealer owner comes to ask for Shawn's and Gus's help to find his son... who has stolen 30,000 dollors. Shawn's father tells him to tell the owner to go to the poilce department. Shawn and Gus follow the leads and these leads lead them to a secret and underground poker gaming. But when they find him it turns oiut taht Brandon the misisng son has quite the debt. When they find him they take him back only to find out in the morning that Brandon has robbed his father again. Shawn and Gus find out agian where he is... at a poker convention.
  • One of the funniest episodes yet.

    After watching this episode, I couldn't stop laughing. Every Friday night when I watch this show, I always laugh long after it's over and this episode is no exception. The main plot is that Shawn and Gus are hired to find the son of one of his dad's friends who went missing. Its nice to see that the duo take on cases that don't the police aren't involve in. Anyways, Henry wants Shawn to have his friend go to the police, but of course, Shawn wouldn't bite. He decides to take on the case. One of my favorite parts was when Shawn was talking to the son online and he was pretending to be a girl, while Gus was trying to make him stop. Another funny part is when Shawn solves the case, he chooses to grab everyone's attention with this humorous line "The chips demand we stop the game." and "The chips say that you're a cheater cheater, pumpkin eater!"

    But by far the best parts of this episode was the subplot. Its Lassiter's birthday and Juliet is trying to throw him a birthday party, but his coworkers are no help because of how private Lassiter is. What follows is a hilarious scene where Juliet decides to call Lassiter's paranoid mother for information which ends with Juliet accidentally revealing that Lassiter is separated from his wife to his mother, which surprises her. But the best scene was at the end where Juliet is throwing a surprise party with Shawn, Gus, Chief Vick and people she invited from Lassiter's blackbook. Of course, when Lassiter pulls up to his driveway, everyone finds out that the names on his blackbook were people he arrested and he keeps there personal information to check up on them, which is kinda sad and funny. A much watch for Psych fans!
  • Hilarious!

    Oh, this episode is my favorite. There were so many funny moments (especially when Shawn figures out how the poker players have been cheating... "The chips say you're a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!"). I absolutely love the scene when Shawn is impersonating a woman on Gus's online-poker account; it's just so funny when they act like a bunch of children. I'd have to say this is definately one of the best episodes of the series. It is very well written and the actors did a great job. It's not every day you see something good on television. Did I mention I love this episode? I'm sad to see that next week is the season finale; this season has only lasted a month. Oh well, we'll be seeing it again a few months from now.
  • One of the bests so far.

    I just can't decide which was the most hilareous scene. If it was Shawn treating his father as if he was some kind of vampire, if it was the whole O'Hara - Mrs. Lassiter telephone conversation or if was the final scene with Lassiter's surprise party full of criminals that he arrested.

    James Roday was simply great in all his scenes carrying Shawn's psychic gestures to a point of hiting himself with a dvd just to angry Henry.

    I just think that Dulé Hill didn't have much lines on this episode, making Gus disappear sometimes even when he was on the scene and that for a person with Shawn's skills not to have noted that Brandon was lying was an error. But all in all this was a great episode, if not the best of the season so far.

    Let's stay tuned happy and sad at the same time for our precocious season finale!
  • Great Episode!!!

    This was definitly one of the better episodes of Psych I have seen. This one saw a well known actor I can't thionk of his name nbbut he was from the wonder yearswho enlists in Shawn's help to find heis son who ran away after he lost 30,000$ of his Dad's after losing in Poker to a guy who he should have beet. We find out in this episode how good shawn's "Psychic" talent is as he can read eyes. He figures out what the bad guy did to win and he won the money back and saved the day. Very funny along the way especially with the Lassiter party where they invite all the people he put in jail. Then the quote Poker... I barely know her which is also the episodes title. Overall the second best episode of the season I think.
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