Season 8 Episode 3

Remake A.K.A. Cloudy...With a Chance of Improvement

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2014 on USA
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During Sandra Panitch's trial, Gus and Shawn investigate the murder she allegedly committed.

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  • que??


    I am a huge psych fan but some of these last episodes and Sea:7:1 are just horrible. Its not better than the original, its filler crap. The remake was a nice idea but none of there previous episodes needed it. i hope the rest pick up.
  • Why? Why? Why?

    Why? That is the only question I have.
  • Second Time Around

    I'm probably going to be part of a small minority on this but I think this episode is a bit underrated and is probably to me one of it's last home runs. I'll admit this idea was a pretty risky but at the same time very interesting idea; there have been remakes and reboots of movies, TV shows, and video games but never really TV episodes much. And on a side note I'm not normally keen on remakes, to me their a hit or miss operation (hopefully the "Robocop" remake won't suck but like I said hopefully), however on occasion there have been some remakes that have blown me away because they stand on their own while staying true to the spirit of the source, one prime example is one of my favorate films of all time "The Thing" (John Carpenter version). This episode I'll admit actually did blow me away because it really did stand on it's own.

    I'll admit I did like the original episode but that episode wasn't perfect, it did have a pacing issue and I honestly thought it could of been funnier. This episode to me really did improve over the orginal and most importantly added a lot of original things so that it would stand on it's own and not come off as a cheap imitation.

    I really like how the episode did a bit more with certain background characters like the Judge, Defendant gave them a good line or two. Probably also the fact that actors we know Ray Wise and Ralph Machio playing them made it even better so that they didn't seem like just the typical characters we would see but forget the next day. And on a side note liked the fact Janet Varney was in the episode playing a tv host, I point that out since I watch the animated series "Legend of Korra" and she plays the voice of Korra.

    The pacing is better, there's a little more energy, the mystery has a little more intrigue and depth, the comidy is funnier and I feel has more moments that were memorable. Like that note passing joke which was one of my favorate jokes in the original, it's funnier because they actually did more with it. But another scene that stood out was when Gus was making courtroom history by speaking out a lot of famous quotes from dozens of courtroom drama films like "A Few Good Men", "The Verdict", as a desperate stalling tactic for Shawn to get to the courtroom on time. It was just hillarous how Gus just delivers it, he really wasn't bad.

    It's also fun and funny just spoting how many differences there are from this episode to the original, kinda like with those "Where's Waldo" books searching for specific details over details.

    Sometimes things can be better a second time around.moreless
  • what is happening...

    is it just me or is PSYCH running out of ideas... I have loved this show since the first season... and so far this season has been a bust for me... starting with the musical special... my only hope is that they go out with a bang and not a wimper...
  • Remake

    An original concept for this show, remaking their own, as opposed to just copying stories from movies like they have for the last three years, but it was just not funny enough or interesting enough to keep me entertained. They couldn't ignore the fact that everything about the storyline was predictable and expected.
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