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  • It Psychs Me Out

    I really love this show. Its a pick me up type of show for me. The jokes always make me laugh and smile no matter the occasion. I really enjoy the care free attitudes.
  • Not funny, not interesting... waht is it?!

    This looks like they tried to join a lousy comedy with a dull procedural.

    The cases are not for a moment interesting, the jokes are the lamest I've evere heard, the acting is incredibly poor.

    I can't believe this has been going on for 8 seasons with good reviews.

    I watch many TV shows like House , Grey's Anatomy , Up , The Big Bang Theory and many more but this show... oooh i don't want it to finish DON'T FINISH ! ! !
  • New alltime favorite show!

    I ate up the first seven seasons of this show in a few weeks, thats how much I loved it! I was hooked from the first episode, intrigued by the characters, story and energy. I could write an entire essay about what I like about Psych and actually just have one critic.

    One of the things, which is so amazing about this show, is that after 7 seasons, I'm still excited about the next episode, plus I can watch an episode, more than once and still catch myself laughing.

    With more than a 100 episodes written, the writers has managed to still keep is variable, interesting and worth watching, something which can be really difficult and several other shows fails at it - but not Psych! I like to think that this is not just because Steve Franks is very talented, but also because there's several people writing the episodes. Among these is James Roday, who plays Shawn Spencer, he's even directed a few of the episodes too. This helps the show not becoming too onesided and boring. Another thing I love about Psych is their takes on other movies and series. Among these in their take on 'Clue' and 'Twin Peaks', with the original cast joining Psych in a new take on the story. Other horror classics like 'The Shining' and 'Friday the 13th' are psyched up at some point and brings a little humor to all the horror, while still tributing the original story. Shawn and Gus are not only dealing with day-to-day obvious murder cases, but also touches cases, which seems supernatural, to the naked eye, cases of ghosts, demons, vampires and even werewolves, and then there's the question whether they're real or not... ;)

    You quickly fall in love with the characters and the unique bromance between Shawn and Gus. From the moment you see Juliet and Shawn, together, in the cafe, for the first time, you know they're gonna end up together and you're turning to mush everytime a little sign of affection is shown between them. The chemistry between the characters evident, from the good chemitry between the actors.

    Wellplayed and belivable characters means everything in a story, and I gotta admit that Psych exels in this. I absolutely love this show! If I had to give one critic, it would be (SPOILER) the way Shawn and Juliet gets back together after a break up. the break up is a big deal, so I kinda expected and hoped they got back together in a grand way, but it was rather subtle and kinda dissapointing, (SPOILER END) but other than that, I have no critisme. An unique thing about the show, is the titlesong, written and song by Steve Franks and his band, Friendly Indians. The song is not just a titlesong, but tends to variate and match the theme of the episode. Ever wondered how an english titlesong sounded in Hindi? So, with everything, I give a big, BIG 10 out of 10 to Psych!! :D
  • Psycho Psych Fan

    Psych is my life. I love it! Anybody who doesn't is crazy! Every episode is fabulous and they just keep getting better! I love psych with all my heart!
  • Second Best Show Ever!

    This show is a hilarious detective show that does not follow the status quo. James Roday plays "Psychic Detective" Shawn Spencer. On my chart it is the second best show ever to hit a . screen, In front of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but behind Leverage.
  • Best detective show on tv

    Psych is an amazing detective show with great mysteries and hilarious characters. Not to mention that James Roday improvises most of his lines. Psych will continue to be one of my favorite shows and has something for everyone.
  • Best Show on Television

    Someone finally came up with a Murder Mystery TV Series that does not take itself too seriously. While I will continue to watch every episode, the writers need to do us all a favor and stick with the original formula. Season 7 dropped off a little. Also what's up with Dule Hill's mustache?
  • The One and Only Funny Detective Show

    I love this show and I will cry my eyes out if it gets cancel!!! It's One of the Best Shows Everrrr!!!
  • Great show!!!

    I love this show but i think that the episode 3 in 7 season isn't ok because I'm serbian and that is insulting our country. And after that i watch this show because is really u for consider my comment because like everyone else I like my state..

  • Great show, bad settings

    I like the show and so do some of the people I know. But are from the real Santa Barbara, Ca and well I honestly have to admit the set designers do a bad job portraying Santa Barbara. Since I grew up in the real Santa Barbara, and still live in Santa Barbara, the set designers need to update their portrayal of Santa Barbara to be honest, it's not really popular show here. We like the storylines, most people here criticize the set designs. The rest is great!
  • Amazing Show!!!!!!!!

    I cant stop watching psych. I watch certain episodes over again. Even though I love the show, Shawn's character shows me that selfishness is what has destroyed relationships and trust. Shawn's character is not based on stupidity, but his character is based on selfishness. Most of his selfishness came from his teen years. I wish his character with Juliet was more mature and less selfish. Oh, and one thing bitterauldqueen, I am not surprised about Shawn's character. I know a lot of friends that are teenagers just like him. I wish his character was more mature because his selfishness broke the relationship with Juliet in the deez nups episode. I hope and recommend that Shawn and Juliet get back together. Yes the show is the best show ever, and we all are so tied into the show, but we need to recognize the message that the show is giving us, which is this: If we don't grow up sooner or later, our lives could be ruined, and we might not be able to change it. One more thing. Hey turth_teller from March 25, 2013, it is a " tv show" meaning "its not real". Its acting! That is the purpose of this blog which is to show our opinions and facts on the show. I know my blog is factual because I actually pay attention to the message of the show. I love the entertainment, but I try to pay attention to the deepness of not just the show, but the character of each actor.
  • best show ever..

    Soooo funny...
  • Oh Sean

    This is a good show, I just don't like the Spencer charcter. He is too stupid acting. I want to reach out and slap him. I watch the show because I like everything else about it and there is so little to watch on today's media but Sean often leaves me so annoyed.
  • Great episode

    This week's eposide is awesome as ever but I do wish Tim Curry could come back in a new eposide for he did a great job in American Duos.

    I love this weeks episode.
  • Can wait to watch since Shawn & Juliet broke up

    We use to make a night out of since Shawn & Juliet broke up, it just seems to be lacking. It's still a good show, but def NOT the same. We just now sat down to watch last weeks before we would be sitting, waiting for the episode on the night it came out. Not the same at all. Seems so "fake now that she knows and they are split up. Disappointed fan
  • Wowww!

    One of the few shows I'm pretty sure has actually gotten better and better as it goes on. These past few episodes were absolutely fantastic!
  • Right Turn or Left For Dead

    I love Psych! I am upset about Shawn & Juliette breaking up though. They make such a great pair. Juliette had to find out someday but Shawn needs to tell her he has a photographic memory and didn't know how to explain his gift. Please let them get back together! And for the guy that says James Roday shouldn't write on the helps write all the shows!!!!
  • change in effecs

    season 7 came with new cool effect in thefirst episode hope it goes on but not too much good show it never gets boring
  • Psyc is disappointing this season


    Recently I have noticed that "Pshyc " has made a turn for the worse. My family watches that show every Wednesday night together. Now it has been ruined by sexual connotations. It is so unnecessary to add this to the show. I will not continue watching it if this doesn't change. This is a great show without the sex and sexual innuendos. They need to reconsider where they are taking this and let us have one show that brings our family joy and laughter in a wholesome way.

    Thank you!

  • ep7.5 and neno1ela

    First of all, this has to be one of the funniest episodes ever. And i mean not only in the psych frenchise, but in all currently running shows. I can honestly say that i follow almost every show out there since seinfeld, and it takes a lot to keep me laughing, but psych always does, and this ep even more than most.


    Neno. You are clearly not from europe. The problems we have with gang related problems from serbia are unreal. They are good people, my ex is from there. I am still in touch with the whole family. But even they are ashamed of the bad apples the last generation has yes, I am saying there is such a thing as a serbian mob. Big time. And sad but true, they cast a big, dark shadow over the "good community".
  • @neno1Ela - its always funny until its personal

    there was a psych episode were the bad guys were chinese triads, and another episode with the russian mob. you were not offended by those. suddenly you are offended and are calling people hypocrites? you are obviously the only hypocrite here, when its about other races psych is a good show, as soon as its about your race you suddenly are an activist trying to make the world a better place by ending the unjust portrayal of serbian people on tv
  • Big Foot episode Psycks!!

    Big foot episode was absolute miss. I realy liked that show but, after throwing in some masked mobster-Serbs, at the end, it was complete turn off. I never heard of Serb mafia. BS. Most of Serbs are with university degrees, working people, and it is realy miserable try - to portray that nation as mobsters that "mean business" to generaly half-educated population who actualy takes clues about people throught those kind of sugesstive material and then stereotypes them and their kids. And 'thruth teller" -u r right- if someone can't say something nice he should shut up - but it is same other way around, including TV industry, or we are pure hypocrits (which actualy doesn't bother us, does it?)
  • The truth teller speaks

    Psych is a great show even though some seasons are better than others! I think they are doing a great job! I think some people are just to addicted to the show and just have to tell everyone how they know who you are! Ever heard the expression if you can't say anything nice then keep your mouth shut! How would you like it if you were an actor or celebrity and everyone was judging your every move? No one is perfect! You may think you are but that makes you worse then the rest!
  • Jumping the Shark

    This past week's episode -- looking for Big Foot in the woods -- was the absolute worst of an already-disappointing season. Unless I missed it, there was not one instance in this episode of Shawn using his "psychic" ability by noticing some detail that others hadn't. The ending was just a mess. I saw that it was written by James Roday -- he should obviously just stick to "acting," if that's what we can call it. This show has definitely jumped the shark.
  • Awesome!

    I love this show! I'm a new viewer, just about starting the third season, and I can't wait for all the seasons ahead of me.

    Shawn and Gus have such great chemistry, and really all the actors were perfectly cast for their characters. And I love all the characters for different reasons.

    Glad to hear it's got another season coming!
  • Counting Down

    Love this show and cant not wait till the new season
  • Great show!

    Love this show, have seen every episode. Can't wait for the new season to start!
  • Love the new season!


    I just love the new season.
    I couldn't stop laughing when I was watching the 2. episode.
    Didn't know anymore how funny the series was.
    Now I remember :D
    The plot is really entertaining.
    Cannot wait for more epiosdes.
    What do u think?
    Enjoying the new season as much as I do?

  • A great premise that has staled

    Watching through some of the previous seasons, somewhere around Season 4 and 5 the show just fell apart. Season 5 is just so uneven and Shawn Spencer just gets dumber each season and more and more annoying. The show just never seems to grow in terms of learning from previous episodes. You want to see some growth in the characters but it's just not there.
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