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  • Best show gone stupid

    I have been watching Psych every season but have noticed the freshness of the series has recently been off. I watched (painfully) season 6 and I have gone from concerned to off my list to watch. The character Shawn was an anomaly in his off-beat stupidness (was cute at one time) but now that character streak has infected the entire cast. There is no one to balance Shawn's quirkiness and the story lines are weak. That is what you get when James Roday and Dule Hill start directing and producing the show. Totally disapointed. The sooner they kill the series the better off we will be.
  • The best show on TV

    Great show lets hope season 8 is a full season and not 8 episodes as stated in the press relese

  • Super Show!!

    EXCELLENT SHOW!!!!! The best!!

    So funny and extremely clever with a lot of wordplay & great play on words. Love the brilliance of the nuanced language and fabulous story lines.

    Such cute characters in Shawn & Gus; their relationship is priceless! So adorable!! Absolutely Love them!!

    Wish it were on prime time, but I suppose it's way too clever & smart, and lacks the ubiquitous smut factor necessary for today's viewing, excluding me and my friends.

    Love it!!!
  • Brilliant show!

    A great show that has a fantastic balance of very silly humour and clever storylines. The relationship between the main characters, Shawn and Gus, is both endearing and very, very funny and is where much of the shows charm is to be found. The rest of the cast are great and all have something to add; Shawn's prickly relationship with his father, Lassiter always seemingly on the edge of seeing through Shawn's 'psychic' abilities as well as recurring roles such as Despereaux and Yang.

    Can't wait for the new series!

  • Bring Psych back to Canada

    Bring Psych back to Canada. I love this show, so funny!
  • Best show on TV

    I love this show and all the cast. I hear rumors that Corbin won't be back next season. He is an integral part of the relationship with Shawn and where he comes from. He has to come back.
  • Laugh Out Loud Funny!

    This has to be one of my favorite shows on tv. The entire cast is wonderful, witty, hilarious. I record all of them on my dvr so I can also catch up on the older episodes, and there has not been even one where I didn't laugh out loud. The way Shawn introduces Gus with ridiculous names is hysterical. Thank you, writers,cast and crew, for entertaining me so well.
  • With love from Russia

    I've just watched 1st season and found it awesome. Love the humor, characters and firstly James Roday is perfect both as a man and an actor. And Dule Hill. OH MY! I think he does great things with his face (lol). The only one I don't like is Juliet. She's kinda annoying.

    Anyway I think it's one of the best detective shows ever.
  • Love This Show

    I just started watching this show, it is so funny. I love James Roday's charactor and he is so so fine. The interact w/him and gus is great. They both do a wonderful job. This is a great. They should be award for they humor and those who write the show. It is so great. Love it Darlene Cambridge Ma
  • How can you hate it!?

    This show has some awesome comedy, good old respect to the movies, good mysteries, a good story and a good cast. It's an amazing show. James Roday and Dule Hill act in such an excellent way that i can't think anyone else taking their place. The shows pays homage to many movies and that's something i love about it. Besides that, it made me love pineapples!
  • My Favorite Show!! I feel like they are my family...LOL

    My husband laughs at me because immediately my eyes light up and a big smile comes over my face when the commercial comes on saying, "M.C. clap your hands!" We love watching Psych...while others are out going to the clubs/partying on Saturday nights, we are at home on the couch or in bed watching our favorite show in the whole world and wouldn't have it any other way!! It's our happy place!! I hope they never stop making new's brilliant and the actors/actresses play their parts so well. Hands down, it's the best and the only show I give my time to. This is the perfect example that you can still have a great show without all the unecessary cussing, preverted talk and just garbage you see a lot on television. It's such good, clean fun and we absolutely love it!! We love all the characters of this show as well...they are a perfect fit!! Thanks for such a great show!! Keep em' coming!! (:
  • I don't get the hype

    Psych is one of the least funny shows on television. The humor is supposed to be clever and witty but the only humor I see is dull and dumb. The show is unrealistic and boring.
  • The smug is fogging the show.

    Psych was a great show in its early days, but the smug is just fogging the decent storyline. In the current season (4), it is nearly impossible to watch Shawn Spencer (main character). I watched an episode recently to see if anything had changed, but I was dead wrong, the smug has actually become unbearable. To all the future viewers, all I can say is just watch the first two seasons, anything after that will annoy you. In conclusion, Shawn Spencer has went from being watchable to unbearable. It is sad that rest of the characters do such an amazing show, and one person has destroyed the show.
  • i LOVE IT

    im in love with this show!!!! its hilarious and awesome =]

    ugh i have to say, no one EXCEPT one friend watches this show as well, so we talk about it all the time, my teacher says he knows Dule Hill and Psych, but doesn't watch the show, so me and my friend are currently plotting a way to kidnap him and force him to watch Psych, i love saturdays because they always have a marathon of psych on ion tv! Also since i'm mexican i was flabbergasted that james roday is half mexican!!! Gasp!! i love these guys and i wish i could meet them
  • Error in's description

    Correction to the erroneous description on They write "Shawn Spencer has developed a keen eye for detail after being instructed by his police officer father to note even the most minute details of his surroundings."

    WRONG. Sean Spencer is a genius gifted with hyper-perception and an aptitude for deductive reasoning. His dad merely coached him.

    The show is brilliant. Intelligent, funny and involving great chemistry between the leads. If there's one criticism it's that there's sometimes insufficient closure in an episode and it ends abruptly.
  • I love Shawn and Gus

    I love this show when I first seen it, it was just because there was nothing else on TV now when its on I don't care what else is on TV.....I love this show I have purchased all the seasons available...btw why can't I find season 5?
  • You just can't Un-Love it, Humor+Police investigation= Perfect


    Psych is a show about Shawn Spencer and his best friend Burton Guster, his dad Henry Spencer is an Ex-cup who always dreamed about Shawn being a cup and taught him how to observe and dig into details.

    Shawn took this ability to a whole new level and started helping the Police under the name of Psychic. But he can't work alone, so he dragged Gus into it and now they have an office called "Psych".

    His rival in the police department is Det.Lassiter, he doesn't believe in him and is always against him, the relation is funny and interesting. On the other hand, the other detective, Juliette O'hara, he falls in Love with.

    In Season 5, his father works with the SBPD and there rises a new challenge on how his dad will hire him for cases.

    Psych, is a great show, funny and clever. I hope it lasts as long as i live.

  • Can't get into it.

    I skimmed this show a couple times, but I just can't get myself to like this show. It's not bad, but there isn't anything that really sets it apart from other shows, nor does it make itself a unique show by my standards. I do have to say that the acting for the most part is decent and some of the comedy angles are good, but I often feel bored watching the show in general. Overall, this is an okay show, but not one that I will be making sure I watch any time soon. Hope it gets better. Thank you.
  • This show is wonderful!


    Once I got into this show I just couldn't stop watching it. I was late to it so had lots of catching up to do. It's a very fun and silly show, with constant laugh out loud moments and flawed but amusing and likable characters.

    Shawn Spencer is a fake psychic detective for the SBPD who pretended to be psychic after becoming a suspect when he used his keen observational skills to identify a suspect. To get out of it he faked being a psychic and now works for the department as a consultant with his best friend Burton "Gus" Guster. Gus is the more uptight one of the two and together they make a highly amusing detective team.

    Along with Henry Spencer, Shawn's father a retired policeman, who has always wanted Shawn to follow in his footsteps and was always constantly trying to make sure of it, with little success. With Chief Karen Vick the SBPD Chief who reluctantly hires them, Carlton 'Lassie' Lassiter head detective who doesn't believe or like Shawn but has no proof he's not a psychic and Juliet "Jules" O'Hara junior detective, Lassiter's partner on the force, and the more friendly of the two. Together they make up an odd group who work together on the unusual and not so unusual cases, with a lot of humour along the way.

    The start of an episode is usually a flashback to Henry teaching Shawn some sort of lesson or survival skill as a kid. Which will come in handy for him during the episode.

    Episodes are more stand alone with the occasional small running story or recurring plot point. It's a funny and enjoyable show with a good cast. All I can say is if you don't get into this show at first, definitely give it another shot. You won't regret it.

  • Awesome show!


    This is one of my favorite shows I like all the characters i like the idea of shawn spencer pretending to be psychic when hes just very observant i think the show is clever and i like the humor in it also which sometimes it can get annoying but yeah overall great show!

  • BEst show ever.


    This is the best TV show ever. It has something for everyone: comedy, mystery, drama, and a little romance. I love every single one of the characters (except Abagail Lytar, she sucks) and I think the actors did such a good job. I know a lot of people say that detective shows are predictable, but I think this one keeps you on your toes with a lot of plot twists and so the person you suspect at the beginning might not be at all the person who turns out to have done it. If you know what's good for you, watch this show-RIGHT NOW!!! have fun!

  • It's like Monk....

    I like this show, but not love it. It's funny how he's a fake psychic and is a detective. And there's some funny bits in the episodes, but it's not hilarious.

    The thing about this show is, is that it's sorta like the show that I love, Monk. You know he's an OCD detective. I know they have like different problems and skills, but it's like the same. They're both detectives who solve a lot of crimes by being ver very observative.

    I like the show, but it's sorta copying Monk. I love Monk, because it's hilarious and original. But this show isn't that original.
  • A mixed bag of a comdey series. Why mixed? Because good and bad are very close together and change places quite often. While funny at times it also goes over the top too much in certain situations.

    I am not going to review plot and scope of the series, but issues that arise when watching it.
    Let's start with the main actor. While at times hillariously funny and witty - the moment he switches into his "psychic" costume his acting becomes so bad, that you'd like to smack him.
    His routine of getting his "visions" is pretty much, what you would expect a very bad laymans actor to do. Completely over the top and - whereas that might be excused in a comedy - it is annoying and makes everyone surrounding him look like idiots, buying it.
    If you ask me - this is the most unfunny part of the series and the one I like the least.
    Another point is the sidekick. He does not seem to actually have a purpose or to benefit the plots. He being there or not would not make any difference. Though a good actor on his own - for this series he just seems to be out of place and out of tune with the gist of the stories.
    So if there will no changes to be made - that the two start exchanging banters and play off of each others - he might as well be written out - for the character in his current state does not contribute or engage...

    So what's the verdict? Not an entirely convincing show at this stage. It has the potential for much more fun - maybe the authors should take a look at scrubs.
    Ironing out some edges would help the show to be more convincing.
    So for now it is a mixed bag - the show makes you laugh and wince.
  • An obvious mix of Monk and Scrubs

    I just finished watching Psych for the first time and was unimpressed... I felt like watching Monk and Scrubs at the same time (which I wouldn't recommend).

    The show itself isn't bad and neither are the actors. The storyline of a regular guy using his observation skills to find clues and pass them as "visions" is interesting, but I could do without the silly acting and jumping around.

    The main characters of the show are pretty much like J.D. and Turk from Scrubs but I don't really mind... As for the rest of the cast, they didn't impress me one bit.

    I'm going to watch the show again, I'm sure, but I won't be losing any sleep if I miss a show.
  • I love the premise of Psych: guy helps to solve crimes by sheer attention to detail. GREAT attention to detail. That's a concept original enough for me to like this show. Unfortunately, the actors ruin it.

    If only that Shawn character could lose the overacting whenever he fakes one of "visions". It was funny the first time, but it gets soooo tiring. Someone with an eye and mind as sharp as his shouldn't behave like a freaking clown all of the time. And why does his sidekick have to be the stereotypical nerdy guy with a funny face, bulging eyeballs and all? Aside from the fact that he can't act either, these two just don't have any chemistry.

    Only highlight on this show is Corbin Bensen as Shawn's father Henry. Great on-screen presence, great skill. If only the other cast could measure up to that.

    If they would lose all this fake psychic stuff and concentrate on a very bright young guy with an incredibly sharp eye and mind, it would be a fantastic show (they'd probably have to change the title, too...).
  • A "non too smart" funny, modern version of a classic novel.

    When I was watching this modern version of Sherlock Holmes, I thought of a few things. First, Do we really become such people that consider cunning con artist with a mind to details, and a lesser but similar charms of Tom Cruise and his half gay side kick heroes in our age? I mean where is the strenght ,honor and at least some dignity? The head detective is a classic portrait of a stupid cop, and young female detective, who suppose to be good and naive is just too... politically correct. The show itself had some decent things, but I really don't see it becoming anything more than a season flavour.
  • The premis for this show was wasted by the writers and everyone else who allowed the writers to turn the main characters into inept loosers who could only appeal to mentally challenged teenagers. The characters need to grow up.

    I watched the first episode of this show and had high hopes. The idea behind the main character is GOOD !! Unfortunately, the writers decided to try to appeal to mentally deficient teenagers. I'm surprised that any sponsor would allow this inane show to continue; it would seem to degrade the sponsor and product. I really do not expect to see this show listed for much longer unless there are major changes to the apparent mental age of the main characters. Real people do not act that stupid or childish. Since I tape or DVR all shows that my wife and I watch, I will continue to take an occasional peek at this show, but I have yet to watch a complete show since the first episode; lately, it has been enough to just watch the previews to see that the characters are still acting like retarded teenagers.
  • If they were only as good as they think they are...

    Maybe if the writers and stars of "Psych" spent as much time trying to entertain as they did congratulating themselves on how "cool" they are, they might have a decent TV series. After all, the gimmick of a fake psychic solving crimes while trying to stay one step ahead of the cops is a good idea. Unfortunately, the show is a giggle-fest where all of the laughing occurs on camera.

    The problem with "Psych" is that the actors seem to believe their own hype and every episode is a smug saunter through the motions. I was impressed by the pilot, but three episodes in I gave up. It seems like Shawn Spencer is his own biggest fan. Recently, I checked out a Season 2 episode online and saw that the annoying qualities of the show have only been increased.

    Maybe if "Psych" wasn't so self-congratulatory, it could be a halfway decent show. As it is, there's no reason to stay tuned to USA after "Monk" ends on Friday nights.
  • DAMN!

    This show is Legendary. I think its the only thing thats good that comes on USA. I usually watch on Hulu or On-Demand. This show is very good. It has everything, action, comedy, little romance and not too much, and everything else mixed together to create this show. Its also very creative, thats the part that gets me, and I love the jokes. So the show is about Shawn and Gus, who are lifelong freinds and now do their business as some detectives. Gus works in pharmaceuticals, but he is Shawn's partner. Shawn is a psychic(Not really, but he has photographic memory and great observational skills). And they have all sorts of adventures.
  • I love this show

    James Roday and Dule' Hill, oh yeah and let's not forget about Timothy Omundson. When these 3 are together, it's laughter after laughter. What a great show. I absolutely love this show. It's funny, it's action, it's corny. That combination works for this particular show. Most shows can't even come close to getting away with that combo of ingredients, but Psych can. My favorite episode is the one where sean tried sliding across the car like the Dukes of Hazzard. I laughed so hard when he tried it. Just the look on Henry's (Corbin Bernsen)face was just priceless. But I only hope in the next season that it keeps making me laugh. Here's to you James, Dule' and cast.
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