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  • Psych centers around Shawn Spencer- a man with an eye for detail and a photographic memory. His best friend Gus his is 'side-kick' and his disapproving father Henry tends to help as well. The show is rounded out by SBPD detectives Lassiter and O'Hara.

    I admit that I came onto this show late and got the 1st season DVD to catch up, but it's worth it. There are very few fresh and consistently good TV shows on anymore, and this is one of them. And it definitely isn't one of the run-of-the-mill buddy cop shows either.

    This show has an abundance of wit, humor, and cleverness to counteract the moments of angst and drama. Each character is flesh-out and well-written, different enough to stand on their own. One line delivered by one character would sound strange coming from anyone else. It's a fun show to watch and one that I make sure I don't miss.
  • Here comes another version of "Monk"

    I can't say this show has original idea but this show still entertaining. I don't want to compare but you could see the similarity… After Sharona on Monk bailed out from the show I barely watch it anymore until the 'waiting time' happened and I had nothing to watch anymore….but even that I still can't take interest on Monk… I guess it's past its prime…thank goodness this show happened… The idea f photographic memory is very intriguing….Shawn Spencer is no Adrian Monk… he use his ability and fool everyone by saying he is a psychic, he is more fun more open and more of risk-taker… Gus as his best friend adds humor on this series, his face is so funny… the case in this series sometimes so silly but that's comedy…. Henry and Juliet are the real detectives and they have different opinion about Shawn which makes the plot interesting…..I love this series… I hope Psych keep it Psych!!!
  • This show is absolutely hilarious. I can't watch one episode without laughing so hard my eyes start to water.

    The main reason I love this show so much is because the characters are so amazing.

    Shawn has to be one of my favorite television show characters of all time. The thing about him is that he's actually one of those characters who is funny and doesn't even have to try to be. There are those who crack jokes constantly, trying with all their might to be hilarious all the time. Shawn doesn't need to do that; it's his own natural personality and charisma that give him his charm. Some of the things he says are just so random that they make me giggle, and his "psychic vibe" demonstrations for people are always funny. He has so many memorable quotes that I can't help but blurt them out constantly, annoying my family and friends. Basically, Shawn is just a naturally lovable character. Now, as much as I love Shawn on his own, he'd be nothing without Gus. Gus is the sort of friend who's always trying to keep the crazy one out of trouble and then they both end up getting into things way over their heads. The chemistry between Shawn and Gus is always great to see, and they totally complement each other. They're the perfect dynamic duo.

    It's not just the characters that I love on this show, either. The premise of the show is very unique: a guy with an amazing photographic memory who poses as a psychic so he can help solve crimes with his partner and best friend. Not exactly a storyline you see every day. I also love the plots of each episode -- they're all interesting and keep me wondering what will happen next.

    Overall, it's an amazing show. It's definitely one of my favorites.
  • Describing my favorite all time tv show.

    Psych is an unbelievable show. Its quick witty remarks and jokes makes this show a classic. Every Friday night during the season I make sure I am parked in front of the tv for the hour of the show. Whether I am home or not, I still make sure to watch my favorite show. It is clever and the cases are actually hard to predict, which adds much excitement to the comedy slash cop show. I like the repetitive things in the show too. For example the pineapples and when Shawn's phone rings in the worst situation, it always gives me a laugh. But my favorite part of the show is the fist bang once Shawn and Gus solve the cases. James Roday is a terrific actor who improvises many of his lines and, in my opinion, improves the show. There is not one actor/actress that they can change or cut out of the show. Everyone in the show improves the show and rounds out the show. I lok forward to seeing what new problems Shawn and Gus get themselves into every week. If it wasn't for this show I don't know how I would make it through the week.
  • fake psychic

    I really love the idea base for this show. I think it was executed very well in the pilot with the almost arrest tuening into fake psychicness. I love how lassiter know in his mind that shawn isn't psychic but he just can't find any proof. Even if he isn't psychic i love the way his dad taught him to notice things, it's really cool and makes shawn good at faking his hilarious psychicness.i like how gus doesn't really do much except be a great nerd. he's funny to watch and adds a lot to the show. overall, i think this show is brilliant
  • A good show, I don't know if I'd take the effort to watch it if it wasn't after Monk.

    It's a good show, flip to it if it's every coming when you're watching. I'm a little off set by it because it came after Monk, which is overall a better show. It's similar to Monk, comedy with a mystery. Psych is more of a straightforward comedy while Monk has aspects of a thriller, a drama, a mystery, and a comedy mixed into one. Don't get me wrong, Psych is good, just not as good as Monk. It's about a guy, Shawn, with a knack for noticing and remembering things, partially forced on him by his dad, who starts a business as a psychic. Though he doesn't actually have any psychic powers at all, he and his friend Gus have become successful in solving crimes before their "friends" at the Santa Barbara Police Department.
  • Psych

    Don't take this review accountable. I only watched a couple episodes from the first season, and that' what I'm basing this review on. I stopped watching for one reason or another, it's kind of hard to get in to, but that will be my only complaint.

    When I watched the pilot episode of the series, I was mostly depressed. Sure a psychic detective isn't really original as of 2010, but this show definitely set things in motion for other "psychic" detective shows. That's why Lie to Me and The Mentalist are so popular nowadays.

    A very influential show, that will just bring you an entertaining watch, with doses of humor sprinkled throughout. Don't miss the opportunity to watch the rest of the series like I did.
  • Shawn's nicknames for Gus is one of the funniest things on TV

    Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster aka Ghee Buttersnaps aka Clementine Woolysocks aka Lavender Gooms are the best detective duo on television. Each of the characters are funny in their own way (Shawn's snarky comments, Gus's unusual knowledge of weird things) and when combined together they riff off each other and bring the show to a whole new level. Pair this with Shawn's romantic interests (Juliet, Abigail and random women at crime scenes) gives the show enough content to keep it on for a long time. I thuink that this is such an underrated show and that the way it is funny is unique to almost anything on TV. If you are a fan of sarcasm, witty comments, and funny nicknames give this show a whirl, it won't dissapoint.
  • this is one of usas best show and i think they made hit on this. it makes you laugh alot .

    in this show psych it involes two guys a guy that pretends to be psyiket and a man that is his asstaint and they help the police solve cases it is a good show that nothing like we really seen since monk and is that good like monk. i really enjoy this show some of things that he does makes you laugh. its a good show and has had alot of good stories and had some celbs on the show. this is a really good show and i think it really did deserve a 8.5 and has a hit on its hand that is a good show that replaced monk after it was over.
  • A guy with well-honed observation skills passes himself off as a psychic to help local police solve crimes and has lots of hilarious fun along the way, with his sceptical partner by his side for "just this one time" time and time again.

    Terrible, terrible show. I can't believe you all watched and reviewed the same show as me!! (This is why I'm writing my first review on
    It started well; it 's a good idea for a show and I liked the explanation of his talent and could well believe that he could pass it off as a psychic abilty. But as the episode draaaaggggged on (maybe it was partly because the pilot was an extended over-long episode) it got less funny and the main character became pretty annoying. It was just silly. It was like: Let's give him a straight-man partner/sidekick and then we can get away with him being "really Outrageous". As you may guess, I'm not a big fan of this kind of humour, it's a bit too juvenile. Basil Fawlty (and sometimes Jim Carrey) could pull it off, put this guy can't. IMHO. But if you like that sort of thing and don't like your TV too deep or thought-provoking then maybe this is a show for you. I doubt if I'll give it a second look, unless there's nothing else on and for some weird reason I can't do anything else instead.
  • i love this show. it is a great comedy. the cast cemestry is FUN

    it is a great way to spend a friday night SORT of. well tv wise it is. i like to sit down and watch it. it a great show. humm, other reasons why i like this show is the cast cemestry which makes the comedy even better about the show, plus the show. i also think the show needs more of the police officers from the station. not only that i think it needs more of Liam James. my other opion is that the show needs more of a CSIish ring to it not alot. just anther 1 percent of it. maybe that would spice the show up.
  • Another show that has everything that good crime comedy drama would need.

    This series is absolutely fabulous. It has it all a good crime comedy drama would need. First of all - it is smart! It actualy has a plot,humour is great, yet sometimes dark. Also the main characters - Shawn and Gus - are colorful and funny, it is really nice to see their friendship which looks really authentic and listen to their dialogues. Corbin Bernsen who plays Shawns Dad is trully amazing in his performance. Actually, all the characters fit perfectly into the show and most of the cases are cleverly set up, even if sometimes they can be predictable. Actors are extremaly well casted. Absolutely great instalement. Too bad Psych has only 16 episodes per season!
  • Very underrated show!

    I love Psych. It's funny, its humor is for the most part is clean, and there is action and romance thrown into the mix. Everything a show needs! James Roday and Dule Hill are amazing at acting as best friends with Shawn and Gus and I always laugh so hard every episode with their conversations. Who doesn't love the 80's references in every episode? It's hard to understand some of them, but when I do understand them (Kenny Loggins, "Could you say he's in the Danger Zone? Ha ha) it's pretty hilarious. They have great guest stars (Gary Cole, George Takei, John Cena) and its always fun to look for the pineapple in every episode. I can watch any episode and it never gets old. It is in its own genre on TV. If I have a rough day and I need a pick-me-up, I pop in a season of Psych and after I watch some episodes I feel brand new.
  • Provides me with many a laugh!

    A good light hearted show that isn't full of swearing and complete sexual themes is hard to come by.

    I can always watch this knowing I will be chuckling at at least something. And it's not always Shawn that has me in giggles but Lassiter! I can't help but like the stern detective that pretends to dislike Shawn but ends up being a friend. I can take or leave Juliet. I also like Chief Vick and Henry. And Gus too.

    The plots are always fresh and exciting and the jokes are new. What other show has 'pineapple' as a main theme?

    But a very fun show that doesn't make much brain power is very useful. Yes you need your more involved shows at time; but then you need your happy go lucky show that is there for one thing:to entertain!

    So thanks for reading and I'm off to watch another epp! Up to season 4 now!
  • Psych is the best comedy on television in the last ten years. This is the first television series that I have ever purchased every episode for. I recently bought a Roku player and purchased every episode on Amazon VOD even the ones I already owned on DVD.

    I really think that this show is amazing and has to be the most under-rated show ever. The writers are amazing, the attention to detail is absolutely brilliant at times, like the theme music changing to match episodes and the flash-back scenes of the three main characters explaining how they became the characters they are today. This show should be on the top of the charts and its sad to see that it is not given more credit than it recieves. Also the shows are so funny and lite that you can watch them over and over and still get a kick out of them. Most shows I can't stand to watch a second time let alone just randomly throw one on out of the collection and still be happy with whatever episode comes on.
  • Shawn has a photographic memory, and remembers every little detail with only a glance. Posing as a psychic consultant for the SBPD, he and his best friend Gus help solve crimes. They also have their own Psychic Detective Agency, ironically called Psych.

    Ever since he was a kid, Shawn Spencer was trained by his father Henry, a retired police officer, to notice every little detail with only just a glance. He has a photographic memory, which is how he remembers everything.

    Shawn and Henry's relationship, or lack thereof, is practically nonexistent. I believe their relationship improves, if only just marginally, after the first episode of the third season.

    Shawn's best friend is Burton "Gus" Guster. To say that they have been best friends since childhood is truly an understatement of the relationship between these two. Even close than brothers, Shawn and Gus's friendship is similar to that of J.D. and Turk from Scrubs. They are inseparable.

    Shawn can solve crimes just by watching the news, and has been calling in tips to the SBPD for reward money.
    Basically, Shawn is falsely accused of being the bad guy's partner, and as much as he protests, he cannot prove his innocence. About to be booked, he claims to be a psychic so as to explain the reason for how he came upon the source of information.

    Now an official psychic consultant for the SBPD, Shawn rents out space for his own Psychic agency, which is ironically called Psych, where he and his partner Gus solve crimes.

    Shawn's way of relaying his information about a case is by having "visions" that the "spirits" are telling him.

    Chief Karen Vick, previously Interim Chief, is the head of the Santa Barbara Police Department. Karen used to be partners with Henry before he retired, and learned a lot from him. She may be strict, but she is also respected. She is not afraid to show who's in charge.
    If she doesn't believe Shawn's claims as a psychic, she's not doing anything about it. He is an asset to the department -- even if they have been solving crimes before without his help.

    Head Detective Carlton Lassiter is a by the book, no nonsense, Irish cop. He doesn't believe Spencer is Psychic. Though he won't ever admit it (while sober), Shawn astounds him.
    Lassiter knows that Shawn is good at what he does. Shawn sees things that aren't obvious to other people. In the fourth season, Lassiter asks Shawn and Gus for help on a case that is out of his jurisdiction.

    His partner Juliet O'Hara is sweet, and basically just the opposite of her partner. However, they compliment each other, and make a great pair.
    It's not certain whether she believes if Shawn is really Psychic, or if she wants to believe, but she is usually the one to "play along" when Shawn has a vision.
  • I love Psych! It's just so awesome!

    This show is about Shawn Spencer who the police believe is a psychic but he isn't it's just with his amazing powers of observation he can get away with it. His best friend since childhood Gus helps him and in the first episode they open their detective agency. I think that a big part of the comedy of the show comes from Shawn's "Psychic" visions which usually involve him dancing around or doing something that funny like in on episode he was pretending that a ghost was attacking him. The rest of the cast does a great job because the show wouldn't be the same if we didn't have Lassie or Shawn's father and we also can't forget the Chief with her amazing chair or Juliet who is just awesome.
    So I suggest after you've finished reading this review that you sit back and eat a pineapple whilst watching Psych.
  • great show that keeps getting greater/better :-)

    I absolutely love this show. James Roday portrays Shawn Spencer so wonderfully I wonder why he never was nominated for an Emmy (or did he? hmmmm....). The same goes for his pal, Dule Hill, who portrays his funny and level-headed pal, Burton "Gus" Guster. Also, the hilarity of the duo as they solve crime after crime is memorable. The other characters complement Shawn and Gus well. Favorites episodes include... well, actually I don't have a favorite since every single episode rocks!!! Except... just kidding. Every episode is very well-written. I just wish we owned the DVDs. Of well, Christmas is coming up or I could get a job. Hahaha. Not until the summer! :)
  • Psych is a great show that truely captures your imagination!

    Psych is a show about a fake psychic and his best friend. gus and spencer team up to solve crimes the old fashioned way(but with a crazy twist!!)see even though he only looks at detailes to know things he pretends to be a psychic! using his psychic visions to help the police he and gus embark on crazy adventures to take down the bad guys and save the day. However everything doesnt allways go according to plan!! filled with suspence, humour and mind boggling twists, psych captures you into an awsome adventure every episode that you will never ever forget!!
  • Shawn Spencer was brought up by a father who made him very aware of everything around him He is using that skill today with his best friend Burton Guster as a Psychic investigation team helping the police and private customers with varying cases.

    Entertaining show on USA Network usually playing on Friday nights paired with the big hit Monk. This show has been a successful scripted show entering its fourth season on USA.

    Shawn played by James Roday and Burton Guster (Gus) played by Dule Hill are the main characters. Shawn and Gus grew up together. Gus almost lived with Shawn and his father from the age of eight. Shawn's father Henry Spencer played by Corbin Bernsen is a retired Santa Barbara Police Detective. When Shawn was growing up his father spent a great deal of time working with Shawn and his powers of observation. He basically taught him you can learn almost everything by observation and Shawn had exceptional skills in this area.

    As an adult Shawn has gone from job to job until the day he discovered he could pretend to be a psychic and basically detect the information he needed by being observant of situations put in front of him.

    Gus on the other hand has become a pharmaceutical salesmen and is doing alright in the profession.

    Shawn opens a psychic investigation firm and basically pulls Gus along for the ride whether he wants to or not.

    The stories in the show surround Shawn and Gus' work with the SBPD and certain detectives on the force. Carlton Lassiter played by Timothy Omundson is the Lead Detective on the force. He along with his partner Juliet O'Hara played by Maggie Lawson work with the guys and against them on many cases. Running the department is Captain Karen Vick played by Timothy Omundson.

    The show is a lot of fun but sometimes can be a little annoying. Shawn seems to have very little boundaries and sometimes gets a little out there and takes advantage of his situations. He does some strange things when he pretends to get a psychic vision.

    His father is on to him, but is so proud of the work he is finally doing he goes along with him with warnings from time to time.

    I definitely would recommend the show and the fourth season is coming up starting in August. Thanks for reading...
  • I absolutely love Psych!!!

    I absolutely love Psych!!! Shawn and Gus are hilarious together! I love all of the characters and the story lines. My favorite parts are when Shawn and Gus argue! I laugh so much at Shawn's humor and Gus's reactions. Poor Or when Shawn isn't quite sure of how to say a word and he questions it and then looks to Gus for help...that's great :) I just finished watching all of season 2 again and can't wait for season 3. I would like to see Jules and Shawn get together. I hope this show stays on the air for years to come! Lov'in it!!!!
  • absolutely brilliant

    this has to be the most randomly funny show I have ever watched. the relationship between the main two characters (Shawn and Gus) is incredibly well done. Supporting roles are also strong and have good character depth.

    Equally interesting is the relationship between Shawn and his father which gives a good insight into what has led to Shawn doing what he does best - solving crimes.

    Its important to point out that the comedy is not for everyone, at times it can be rather obscure and dry, which for me is perfect as I'm that way myself, however may seem strange to others.

    All in all, a truly excellent show that has me re-watching episodes over and over again.
  • Very well written show!!!

    I was very reluctant in writing a review for Psych, because since I don't speak english very well, I can't explain in words how much I love and appreciate this show, which I hope it last for a really long time with the same characters. But I'll give it a shot, because it deserves so.

    I didn't like Psych much in the beginning. But since I started taking a closer look at it, I'm hooked. It has all the ingredients that makes a show a good and notable one: a lot of action, drama, mystery, suspense, romance, comedy, it's very exciting and it's my favorite show (along with Scrubs). The dynamic between its characters, their personal lives and their cases it's really great. And the dialogues are priceless. Also, the actors tend to be very expressive in their character's emotions, it's awesome.

    The way that Shawn was trained by Henry since he was a little kid, he can be a fake psychic forever and not be discovered. The hard love between father (Henry) and son (Shawn) is very much appreciated by me and it's my favorite part of the show. I love the dynamic between the two of them. Not to mention Shawn and Gus, they crack me up. And of course, Shawn and Juliet, they belong together, but they have a whole life to live together so, for now, let's enjoy their sexual tension and its funny, romantic and, sometimes, sad, implications.

    To me, it's a MUST SEE show! Definitely.
  • My Sunday night, TV on, brain off, show

    This is my Sunday night viewing with my 12 year old daughter - it's not too scary or disturbing for her and we both get the humour. Sunday nights for me is my last opportunity on the weekend to veg out on the soft in front of the TV, and Psych is great entertainment. You don't have to think too hard with Psych - Shawn wil clear everything up by the end of the episode. The camera zoom-ins allow you to have the same keen sense of observation as Shawn - something definitely missing for me on a Sunday night.

    Great entertainment, long may it continue.
  • A surprizingly funny show

    Psych was one of those shows that i went in expecting nothing and complety and utterly devoid of any good use of psy power. However, much to my enjoyment i was proven wrong. Psych is actually a grossly entertaining show with more social references then you can shake a stick at. What makes this show great is that it doesnt try to be funny. Oh no it uses carefully placed wit and a very good cast to create a very real feeling scenario to create it. The only minor problem that i have is that sometimes it feels a little rushed, that they kinda skipp over what could have been pretty entertaining stuff to reach the end. But overall it is a very interesting show with a refreshing new style and wont disapoint if you chose to watch.
  • Everything you could ever want in a Psych episode!

    This was the most amazing episode ever! I loved how it started out completely normally like any other Psych, but then took such a drastic turn. I knew something would be different about this episode right away when Chief Vick was so upset and distraught. That is so unlike her, so I knew that this was something special. This was the most thrilling, climatic, and overall best episode of any show I've seen in a long time. I was especially glad to see Rachel Leigh Cook back as Abigail. I love the whole love triangle between her Shawn and Jules. I couldn't believe that Jules finally expresses her feelings for Shawn, and as Shawn said, such a horrible time. I felt really bad for Jules because it took a lot for her to finally come clean about her feelings and Shawn knew that. You could tell that he was really struggling internally whether to say yes to Jules, but break Abigail's heart, or to say no to Jules and break her heart. I liked the way it ended though, because it really did set it up for their love to be rekindled. Also, I think that the fact that James Roday co-wrote the episode had a lot to do with its magnificence. Overall, best Psych episode ever!
  • Psych is a light hearted detective comedy that is fast paced and very funny. Anticipate the gags being set up ready for the punchline to be delivered and then "BAM!" They take you in a different direction, with carefully crafted characters. :)

    Psych is a light hearted detective comedy that is fast paced and very funny. You anticipate the gags being set up, ready for the punch line to be delivered and then "BAM!" They take you in a different direction.
    This show never takes itself too seriously and is always prepared to poke fun at itself and other mainstream TV.
    (Series 3 episode 5 - Starsky and Hutch)
    Fast played humor (sometimes too fast) often leaves you thinking "Huh?" closely followed by deep "Guffaws".
    Shawn Spencer (James Roday) & Burton'Gus'Guster (Dulé Hill) play brilliantly off each other emphasising the duos adolescent ineptitude. Only when you meet Shawns' overbearing father do you understand where his observation skills and reluctance to grow up originated from.
    A cleverly crafted series.
  • Amazing, what a show, absolutely fantastic funny, original with great acting had me hooked from the first episode.

    As a new comer to the show i have to say that the show is absolutely fantastic the premise of a man who can pick out the smallest details and put them together so quickly it seems so impossible that he needs to use a out off this world excuse to explain how he is able to solve crimes so quickly. especially when so my "psychics" claim they can solve crimes. this show. show how people are more willing to belive the unbelievable over the simplest explanation. which is what make this show so fantastic and the humor is great giving me belly laugh all the way through. defiantly one to watch
  • Shawn who has phenomenal observational skills drummed into him by his dad (a former cop) assists the cops pretending those observtational skills are actually derived from his psychic abilities.

    This is absolutely a phenomenal show. I wish more people watched and appreciated it.

    I mean I watched this show from the very first time it was aired and I was hooked. It kind of bothers me though that a show like the Mentalist which took the premise off of this show gets such a bigger audience. Anybody checkout the shoutout Shawn made to wanting to see the Mentalist this season. God this show is good.

    It all works. The 80's references are so funny. Even when they sneak a fake commercial into it about wanting Dunkin Donuts it's like that's what those characters almost do anyway. The characters are phenomenal. Shawn and Gus are the perfect team. Even when they needle each other you can feel the friendship and they are always hilarious. And unlike in other shows Gus who would be considered a sidekick doesn't feel like a sidekick in this show. He really does feel like a partner who actually contributes a lot. Not, just in solving the case either but he is so funny.

    There are so many good things about this show. I will definitely forget something. But Shawn's father played by Corbin Bernsenn is phenomenal. He really does give you so much with so little screen time. As angry as he always seems with Shawn you know he really does love him. He is one of those dad's who will never admit he's proud of you or he loves you until his last day on earth. And Shawn will always have that monkey on his back about having to prove himself when his dad was proud of him all along.

    I love how Shawn literally just waves it in the face each week at the skeptical cops after notching one closed case after another. And lastly I love the future potential relationship between Shawn and Juliet. A lot of people think them coming together might end the series. But there is one other hook. She doesn't know he's not a real psychic yet. That's a hook that can keep reeling us in every week too.

    If I were to point out any flaw in this show it would be one though. The adventures of little Shawn and Gus cartoon really did suck. And I'm glad I think they ended them. But it isn't fair to criticize a perfect show off of a DVD extra. This show is the gold standard. I only have one more complaint. There are never enough episodes ever. This show rules!
  • Doesn't take itself too seriously...and that's a good thing.

    First off, I won't mention any names but to the person who made a comment about "mentally challenged teenagers" I can only assume you knew that was offensive and wrote it anyway so pat yourself on the back for showing just how insensitive you can be. Report me all you want.

    I laugh out loud at this show and love the 80s references and silliness between Shawn and Gus. You always know they will figure it out in the end but watching all the goofy antics they do to get there is entertaining. Watching Monk and this on friday nights with the family sometimes beats renting what passes as "blockbusters" these days.
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