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  • Doesn't take itself too seriously...and that's a good thing.

    First off, I won't mention any names but to the person who made a comment about "mentally challenged teenagers" I can only assume you knew that was offensive and wrote it anyway so pat yourself on the back for showing just how insensitive you can be. Report me all you want.

    I laugh out loud at this show and love the 80s references and silliness between Shawn and Gus. You always know they will figure it out in the end but watching all the goofy antics they do to get there is entertaining. Watching Monk and this on friday nights with the family sometimes beats renting what passes as "blockbusters" these days.
  • James Roday stars as Shawn Spencer in "Psych".

    Psych, what can I say about Psych? This is the BEST show in the history of Television. I have never seen a show that had such Chemistry with the actors and the Characters. I love Shawn Spencer, he's witty, Charming, and hilarious. James Roday really brings out everything for this Character. When this show comes on, I completly zone out and there is nothing else there except Psych. The Catch phrases on the show are so funny, and I use them daily. I totally can't wait for more episodes. My entire family loves this show, when I am not feeling all that well, I watch Psych, and feel better.
  • An incorrigibly charming James Roday leads a tight cast through hilarious story lines in an effort to dispense justice. Inspired purely by entertainment, a young man spends his time solving crimes and frustrating those around him with his genius.

    There is something delicious about the way that Roday parades around the screen, smirking and yet fabulous, Shawn's arrogance never once offends, but seems to endear more aggressively as the episodes develop. I have a habit of getting drawn, addicted and rather incapacitated by new series that I discover everyday, and I tried to avoid Psych for that reson. Finally, alone one Thursday night I made the DVD run and Psych sat screaming at me from the TV section. Knowing I would be sacrificing my much needed beauty sleep I hired the entire first season.
    Needless to say Two days later, after working fulltime and watching fulltime, I crawled back to the video store shattered and yet sublimely satisfied. I would love to be ashamed by this, but seriously, I love the concept. A young boy is forced to observe, to respond, to know his surroundings and consequently is endowed with fairly intensified skills. It just kinda makes you feel like you could be special doesn't? This is definitely one of the series that send me into my chameleonic frenzy. James Roday has a fabulous sense of timing and I find myself in hysterics most of the way through every episode. I just want to see more!!!
  • Incredibly hilarious: it will have you gasping for breath and hurrying to the bathroom so you don't pee your pants.

    Psych is always good for a laugh. Turn on any episode and you can find funny little moments to keep you chuckling all day long. The mysteries keep you guessing and you can always expect a twist or surprise in the end. It's the perfect detective show to watch if you enjoy silliness and not too much seriousness while solving crimes- and it never gets old.

    Gus and Shawn are two of the funniest tv characters ever, with their distinctively different personalties that somehow mesh together to make an awesome comedic duo. Their dialogue is witty and they never fail to make you smile with lines that are delivered perfectly.
  • Light-hearted, character-driven farcical take on the crime/mystery genre.

    Psych is the story of a thirty-ish slacker, Sean, whose uber-serious dad, who is a cop, taught him to be hyper-observant as a kid. He has now parlayed this talent into a fake psychic schtick, and a real talent for solving mysteries. His sidekick, Gus, is his childhood friend. Gus has a real day job selling drugs, and as played by Dule Hill, serves as a straight man foil to Sean's more flamboyant "psychic" antics. Sean is also in constant tension with his sometime employer, chief of police of the Santa Barbara police.

    Some serious undercurrents are also present in the relationship between Sean and his now-retired dad, as they gradually come to accept and respect each other. Also interesting is the ongoing flirtation between Sean and a cute-but-smart police detective.

    This is not a show that you will still be thinking about an hour after you see it, but it is a show you will laugh at while you watch it, with smart scripting and solid comedic acting.
  • This is a truly original concept for a show and brilliantly executed.

    This show is now in it's third season and just keeps getting better all the time.

    The show centres on Shawn Spencer a lifelong underachiver and class clown who has developed a keen eye for detail thanks to years of training by his police officer father. When Shawn tells the police that nhe has solved a crime just by watching the case develop on TV they assume he is involved. To avoid incarceration he convinces them that he is in fact a psychic. Then together with his best friend Gs he starts the one and only psychic detective agency... Psych!

    This show is a fabulous mix of fantasticly oriuginal characters and hillarious comedy. Plus it just gets better and better. It is one of the few shows where each season is better than the last.
  • This is a truly original concept for a show and brilliantly executed.

    This show is now in it's third season and just keeps getting better all the time.

    The show centres on Shawn Spencer a lifelong underachiver and class clown who has developed a keen eye for detail thanks to years of training by his police officer father. When Shawn tells the police that nhe has solved a crime just by watching the case develop on TV they assume he is involved. To avoid incarceration he convinces them that he is in fact a psychic. Then together with his best friend Gs he starts the one and only psychic detective agency... Psych!

    This show is a fabulous mix of fantasticly oriuginal characters and hillarious comedy. Plus it just gets better and better. It is one of the few shows where each season is better than the last.
  • Jasmes Roday+Dule Hill=Fun! Fun! Fun!

    This show its so funny i cant watch it its bad to my health James Roday & DUle Hill are an excelent combination for a "fun-team" this show its so funny for the first time i think that "The Mentalist" was a copy of this TV show but without fun but then i figure it out its totally different Psych its a Tv show about "fake pchychs but real detectives" really fun show that you cant miss it excepet off course the doctor did not recommended to you Totally funny well done tv show rerally good keep it up like this
  • Unique idea that is already being copied. But the copycats will never compare to the original! Psych is great!

    Psych is an EXCELLENT show. All members of my family (all ages) LOVE IT!!! It is so funny. Although we also like Monk - Monk has become one running joke. Psych is always new, interesting, and extremely funny. With humor at every turn - it is a laugh a minute! Sean and Gus are best friends and they make us feel like we are their best friends too. Every episode has a new twist and never leaves us wanting for laughs. We often need to watch it more than once to hear all the jokes because we had been laughing so hard from previous jokes that there are things we missed the first time around.
    Everyone should watch PSYCH!!!!!
  • Very funny and entertaining!!

    If you can watch this show and not laugh then it is to late for you you're already dead or in a coma. This show is one of a kind linking scientific deduction and witty humor to solve cases for a police department. Shawn and Burton (Gus) Guster give the roles just the right amount of push it needs to keep it funny but (seriously not). Hope for this show in the future are high but USA network will only keep it if it gets the ratings it deserves. So everyone tune in next season and buy it on DVD, Itunes, ETC... Thanks for reading
  • Psychic detectives, what more to say?

    A great show about two childhood friends who help solve difficult crimes for the police . . . one of them is a Psychic, by Psychic I mean ridiculous genus crime stopper. With that quirky premise the show chugs right along with a slew of very weird cases. Psych is a comedy and a surprisingly witty and smart comedy. The cases are fun, but the show is really watched for the characters who are over the top and some how make their wacky world work. Good dialog and some fun slap stick humor make this show both refreshing and worth taking the time to watch.
  • The show is about a "psychic" detective (Shaun) and his sidekick (Gus). Except Shaun is only pretending to be a psychic. He is really just a smart guy with amazing observation and perception skills. It's purely a HILARIOUS comedy.

    Well what can I say... Amazing show. I look forward to this show every week quite keenly even though there's never really any twist ending, or mystery, etc.. It is instead because of how funny it is. I don't think any show has made laugh as much since Friends (not comparing the two) just in terms of laughter for me, this is AMAZING. If you just want a show that doesn't require much energy watching (like Lost, Prison Break, etc..) then this is the one for you. You can watch this every week knowing it will be entertaining and it will definitely make you laugh.
  • This show is just so funny, it's awesome!

    Headline: 14-year-old girl finds new dramatic comedy on USA, besides 'House'. I really do love this show! It's about two detective best friends who go around solving crimes, but have a knack to screw things up and cause a scene through the process. And get this: one of them is a Pyshic! :P But really, this show is unique because how many comedy dramas can you find on TV these days? I don't really like dramas, but 'Pysch' has given me a new perpesctive on them. I could get used to something like this. Oh, my mom thinks they act like a couple of immature kids, but that's what keeps it funny! This is one of my personal favorites, for sure.
  • This show is so great!

    PSYCH is a GREAT show, it\'s funny, a good cast, and it\'s like a new Monk, (Which Monk isn\'t funny anymore) but they did a fantastic job on this show, and if after or during the show, cancel it I will be SO mad, because pretty much all my favorite shows are now cancelled! shows like: Surface, Invasion (which was getting a little dumb), Four Kings, Teachers, and so many more. but hopefuly they won\'t cancel PSYCH, because so many ppl watch it and love it so much they keep watching it, and buy the dvds. this is a great show.
  • A great show!!

    I am starting to go into a phase of starting to watch shows that I've never seen before. The first part of the phase was trying out this show Psych, the second show I tried was the action show, Prison Break, then I just recently saw the first three episodes of the BBC america show, Primeval. If I had to choose between which one out of these three series to watch, I would definently choose Psych. It's a great show! It's got humor, some excitement, and cool mysteries. It's great as a drama, detective show, and an outrageous comedy. If you're looking for a great detective comedy show, either choose Monk or Psych. They're both great comedy-dramas!
  • One word.. AWESOME

    One of the best shows i ever seen ..

    Psych tell us about a fake psych Shawn and is partner/best friend Gus.. Together they will solve various crimes and other things. The best thing thing about this shown is Shawn and Gus because if you watch this show you will always left with those two.The humor is always amazing... sometimes subtle, sometimes a little dramatic.. Every episode have a start and a beginning which why this show is amazing..If you don't have any more shows to watch thing twice before not watch Psych..So start watching Psych and you will thank me..
  • After a fluke gets Shawn Spencer a role as a detective for the SBPD, he finds his buddy Gus and himself wrapped up in the career "they've always wanted". Using his brilliant powers of observation, he masquerades as a "Psychic" who solves crimes.

    Absolutely the best show on TV. The characters are witty, funny, and the show is chock-full of pop-culture references from the 70s, 80s, etc, that everyone will enjoy. Whether it be poking fun at Ferris Beullers Day Off or The Breakfast Club, the unforgettable antics of Shawn and Gus rival any show on the USA network. The chemistry between Shawn and the beautiful detective Juliet O'Hara (played by James Roday and Maggie Lawson, respectively) is fantastic, and it a real treat. As the seasons have continued we now see an addition the the depths of the characters, but at the same time, they retain the same hilarity that we have enjoyed the previous seasons.
  • I'm in love =]

    I love this show way too much... it's my new obsession. I really love the way that you don't really get the whole "ongoing plot" from this show, where there's a major issue that will be solved at the end of the season or series. You get that one plot per episode thing, which I find very awesome. It almost reminds me of a cartoon with the whole pot thing. Plus the characters have that personality thing set very cleanly... like if you had to describe each character in just a few words, you could. I've also grown to love the over-acting of Shawn, which really makes the show a bunch of fun. The humor is amazing as well... sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic. And while the main crimes can sometimes be very predictable (especially because they light the clues up for us) the delivery of the crimes makes up for it all.
  • Uncle Jack henry's younger brother has a treasure map of some treasure 3 teams including shaun and gus who are apparently jack's partners try and find the treasure

    the best so far from psych shaun at his very best a must watch shaun had great presence of mind and also good help from gus julliet and also henry Jack's character was well justified also his patners have a done a good job. All in all this is the best psych episode in all three seasons and it is a must watch.No more info about the episode but definetly hope for better episodes and something like this in the future. these kind of episodes will help psych a big show for the years to come. A great episode in short
  • It's very, very...

    Hilarious! It really is. Psych is about a guy who is "Psychic". Totally funny. I don't know a better word to describe this show. Its amazing. It is simply amazing!! I think this is a great mystery show to next to Monk, of course. But still USA network did it again! It featured another good show. I mean It is a good show, it is not terrible. If its not bad its good! But you know sometimes, it doesn't hold my interest. I don't why but still! For Psych to hold my interest, at least sometimes, is amazing! Not a lot of things can hold my interest. But always remember, its my opinion. But remember even if you disagree, it really is a good show.
  • It's a definite MUST see! Clear your calenders and get ready to laugh till you cry!

    I love this show! It was awesome from the start and has only become better with time! There's only one bad part of the show, and that's that they changed the theme video clips... The first seasons clips were much funnier. But I love the multi-language format show they did with the spanish soap opera, and I liked the chrismas episode a lot. Sean and Gus are hilarious! And Sean's father, Henry, is getting a better character! Although Sean needs to hook up with that hot detective O'Hara, or even Vick! Lassiter is starting to show his more human side for a change, which is nice!
  • this show about a fake psychic detective is wonderful. watch on USA at 10 every friday. please? haha just kidding but watch! great show

    im in love with this show. the first time i saw it. the first season is witty fun and crazy funny! the second season couldve been better.. but i mean come on! you still have to love shawn gus jules oh and his dad. and lassie. ;) i think psych is great. its very clever. i think that once it gets into the third season it will make progress. and oh how many lovely quotes you can get from this show! shawn is a wonderful character and the writers are great. gus is a great one too. my magic head :D haha its wonderful how they are best friends and the realtionship and playful banters are a great assett(or however you spell it) to the show. it a must see :D
  • I wish the July 18 episode had been funnier.

    I'm confused. Mom says she left when Shawn was a senior. I had the impression she'd been gone a long time, because of flashbacks of Shawn and his father. Could somebody explain this?

    This series is one of the most entertaining I've seen. I hope future episodes will challenge viewers with more detective work and humor. Less drama, please. Too many serious notes detract from the creative and original story lines that I enjoyed in previous episodes. Funny Shawn is far more likeable than brooding Shawn. And Shawn is most likeable when he and his father are getting along. Psych has assembled a great cast!
  • Shawn and his best friend Gus run their own fake-psychic detective agency, Psych. They work cases both freelance, and for the Santa Barbara Police Dept. under Chief Vick, often with (or despite) Detective Carlton Lassiter and his partner Juliet O'Hara.

    I would like to say I found this little gem the day it premiered, but as an avid fan of The 4400, I found it difficult to believe the same people who brought me that amazing Sci-Fi mystery could provide me with an equally satisfying comedy/mystery series. After the demise of Veronica Mars I found myself with nothing to watch on a Saturday and confronted with a Psych marathon. A critic had once favorably compared the two, and so I gave it shot. Boy am I glad I did! Psych is easily the funniest show on television. The buddy rhetoric of Gus and Shawn really makes you feel included, not excluded, as if the three of you are in on some really funny, really old, inside joke. His relationship with his dad is both funny and touching, sometimes both in moments within only seconds of each other. The humor goes fast, so much so that the laughs never really stop until the hour is up, and I know when that happens I'll feel two things:

    A sudden sadness and eagerness for next Friday's episode


    A strange desire for pineapple. Check it out! You won't be sorry!
  • Psych is hilarious, it's my little sun ray. If you're in a bad mood, just watch psych and everything will be just fine. :D

    Psych is an American comedy-drama television series created by Steve Franks and broadcast on USA Network. The show stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer, a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara, California Police Department (SBPD) whose "heightened observational skills"[1] and impressive detective instincts allow him to convince people that he is psychic. The program also stars Dulé Hill as Shawn's best friend, straight man and reluctant partner Burton "Gus" Guster, as well as Corbin Bernsen as Shawn's captious father, Henry.

    The series airs in the US on Friday nights at 10PM ET/PT on the USA Network. Reruns of the show started airing along with Monk, another USA Network show Sundays on NBC at 8:00 PM, starting April 6, 2008. In the 2008 season, an animated segment was added to the series titled "The Big Adventures Of Little Shawn And Gus". Psych debuted July 7, 2006, immediately following the fifth season premiere of Monk. The show was the highest-rated U.S. basic cable television premiere of 2006.
  • Just Pure Fun. I have never seen an episode that doesn't give me a huge grin or make me laugh till my sides hurt. The funniest show on television.

    Every episode is very funny. Its a very intelligent and underrated show. Its just great!

    There are a couple of annoying moments but mostly the show is really good. There are 2 or 3 episodes I don't like that much but they still have very funny moments.

    The show keeps improving every season and I am "Psyched" for the new season. This is a good show to watch if you want to have some fun or if you want good laughs. You don't have to watch it in any kind of order. Just pick a random episodes and enjoy some great entertainment!
  • Psych is about an overly laid back detective genius, Shawn Spencer, and his best friend Burton Guster. Under pressure, Shawn has to come up with an excuse for how he figures out all the tips he sends in. Shawn comes up with one thing, he is psychic.

    Psych is the overall best detective show I have ever seen. It incorporates old fashioned police work, along with a largely humorous nature. Shawn Spencer goes through some of the funniest adventures I have ever seen, and still comes out on top. Though, like everything, there are things to be criticized. One thing I noticed, is a lack of episode to episode development. If something big happens in one episode, the conclusion rarely caries over to the next episode. Example, at the end of the episode "Bounty Hunters!", Shawn kissed Juliet. Now, you would suspect that there would be tension, or at least a hint of it in the next episode, but no. Nothing. Nada, zip, zilch. Personally, it was very disappointing. Though, even after the above partially-major flaw, Psych is still a hilarious show that never ceases to entertain, and make me laugh.
  • A very original and funny show.

    I have always thought that USA's original programing has been well made. Psych is no exception. It seems ridiculous at some points that a person (Shawn Spencer) who has a photographic memory can pretend to be psychic. There isa certain intelligence to this show that remains hidden under its comedic nature. Shawn who is just a regular person uses his photographic memory to outwit criminals and solve what seem to be unsolvable. While doing this he creates a perception that he has psychic abilities. However that being untrue there are only a few people who know Shawn is a fraud. His best friend Gus who assists him and his father who Shawn desperately seeks approval. The funny part of the show is Shawn trying to keep the idea going that he is psychic. The spider sense like moments within the show are one of the more innovative parts to the show. It gives the viewers a look into Shawn's mind.
  • A "psychic" detective and his best friend help the police solve crimes, whether the police want help or not!

    This show is just plain FUN! It doesn't take itself too seriously, which is refreshing. The storylines don't always make sense at the big reveal, and clues aren't always shown, but in the end it really doesn't matter. It doesn't detract from the entertainment value of this show. It's one of the few shows that my husband and I can watch with our boys (ages 16 & 12). The chemistry between Dule Hill and James Roday is amazing. They work so well together. Poor Gus! Shawn is always trying his patience. The supporting cast is really great too. Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer is believeable as a retired cop. Timothy Omundson is a riot as Det. Lassiter (aka Lassie). This poor guy is a "by-the-book" cop and Shawn doesn't take him seriously. His partner Maggie Lawson as Det. O'Hara is adorable! There's enough chemistry between Det. O'Hara and Shawn to make it interesting but not so much that it's distracting. I highly recommend this show for the whole family!
  • From the writers of Monk with more comedy comes Psych. Mr. Adrian Monk and Shawn Spencer both have exellent memory and great at solving crimes but unlike Monk Shawn Spencer has a mate who helps him with useless knowlage to help the fake psychic detective.

    If you like Monk you with LOVE Psych. More comedy and a new adventure everytime you will enjoy and get hooked on. This is the best 'fake' detective show by far and the non famous but always appearing pineapple. For this show to make more sense and be funnier you have to watch all the shows in order and not to mention to try and keep track of the names Shawn makes up for his partner in crime Burton 'Gus' Guster
    Following their adventures through spelling bees, American Duos and haunted houses are just some things that will get you hooked and involved in this hillarious show that you can not resist.
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