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  • I wish the July 18 episode had been funnier.

    I'm confused. Mom says she left when Shawn was a senior. I had the impression she'd been gone a long time, because of flashbacks of Shawn and his father. Could somebody explain this?

    This series is one of the most entertaining I've seen. I hope future episodes will challenge viewers with more detective work and humor. Less drama, please. Too many serious notes detract from the creative and original story lines that I enjoyed in previous episodes. Funny Shawn is far more likeable than brooding Shawn. And Shawn is most likeable when he and his father are getting along. Psych has assembled a great cast!
  • Shawn and his best friend Gus run their own fake-psychic detective agency, Psych. They work cases both freelance, and for the Santa Barbara Police Dept. under Chief Vick, often with (or despite) Detective Carlton Lassiter and his partner Juliet O'Hara.

    I would like to say I found this little gem the day it premiered, but as an avid fan of The 4400, I found it difficult to believe the same people who brought me that amazing Sci-Fi mystery could provide me with an equally satisfying comedy/mystery series. After the demise of Veronica Mars I found myself with nothing to watch on a Saturday and confronted with a Psych marathon. A critic had once favorably compared the two, and so I gave it shot. Boy am I glad I did! Psych is easily the funniest show on television. The buddy rhetoric of Gus and Shawn really makes you feel included, not excluded, as if the three of you are in on some really funny, really old, inside joke. His relationship with his dad is both funny and touching, sometimes both in moments within only seconds of each other. The humor goes fast, so much so that the laughs never really stop until the hour is up, and I know when that happens I'll feel two things:

    A sudden sadness and eagerness for next Friday's episode


    A strange desire for pineapple. Check it out! You won't be sorry!
  • Psych is hilarious, it's my little sun ray. If you're in a bad mood, just watch psych and everything will be just fine. :D

    Psych is an American comedy-drama television series created by Steve Franks and broadcast on USA Network. The show stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer, a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara, California Police Department (SBPD) whose "heightened observational skills"[1] and impressive detective instincts allow him to convince people that he is psychic. The program also stars Dulé Hill as Shawn's best friend, straight man and reluctant partner Burton "Gus" Guster, as well as Corbin Bernsen as Shawn's captious father, Henry.

    The series airs in the US on Friday nights at 10PM ET/PT on the USA Network. Reruns of the show started airing along with Monk, another USA Network show Sundays on NBC at 8:00 PM, starting April 6, 2008. In the 2008 season, an animated segment was added to the series titled "The Big Adventures Of Little Shawn And Gus". Psych debuted July 7, 2006, immediately following the fifth season premiere of Monk. The show was the highest-rated U.S. basic cable television premiere of 2006.
  • Just Pure Fun. I have never seen an episode that doesn't give me a huge grin or make me laugh till my sides hurt. The funniest show on television.

    Every episode is very funny. Its a very intelligent and underrated show. Its just great!

    There are a couple of annoying moments but mostly the show is really good. There are 2 or 3 episodes I don't like that much but they still have very funny moments.

    The show keeps improving every season and I am "Psyched" for the new season. This is a good show to watch if you want to have some fun or if you want good laughs. You don't have to watch it in any kind of order. Just pick a random episodes and enjoy some great entertainment!
  • Psych is about an overly laid back detective genius, Shawn Spencer, and his best friend Burton Guster. Under pressure, Shawn has to come up with an excuse for how he figures out all the tips he sends in. Shawn comes up with one thing, he is psychic.

    Psych is the overall best detective show I have ever seen. It incorporates old fashioned police work, along with a largely humorous nature. Shawn Spencer goes through some of the funniest adventures I have ever seen, and still comes out on top. Though, like everything, there are things to be criticized. One thing I noticed, is a lack of episode to episode development. If something big happens in one episode, the conclusion rarely caries over to the next episode. Example, at the end of the episode "Bounty Hunters!", Shawn kissed Juliet. Now, you would suspect that there would be tension, or at least a hint of it in the next episode, but no. Nothing. Nada, zip, zilch. Personally, it was very disappointing. Though, even after the above partially-major flaw, Psych is still a hilarious show that never ceases to entertain, and make me laugh.
  • A very original and funny show.

    I have always thought that USA's original programing has been well made. Psych is no exception. It seems ridiculous at some points that a person (Shawn Spencer) who has a photographic memory can pretend to be psychic. There isa certain intelligence to this show that remains hidden under its comedic nature. Shawn who is just a regular person uses his photographic memory to outwit criminals and solve what seem to be unsolvable. While doing this he creates a perception that he has psychic abilities. However that being untrue there are only a few people who know Shawn is a fraud. His best friend Gus who assists him and his father who Shawn desperately seeks approval. The funny part of the show is Shawn trying to keep the idea going that he is psychic. The spider sense like moments within the show are one of the more innovative parts to the show. It gives the viewers a look into Shawn's mind.
  • A "psychic" detective and his best friend help the police solve crimes, whether the police want help or not!

    This show is just plain FUN! It doesn't take itself too seriously, which is refreshing. The storylines don't always make sense at the big reveal, and clues aren't always shown, but in the end it really doesn't matter. It doesn't detract from the entertainment value of this show. It's one of the few shows that my husband and I can watch with our boys (ages 16 & 12). The chemistry between Dule Hill and James Roday is amazing. They work so well together. Poor Gus! Shawn is always trying his patience. The supporting cast is really great too. Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer is believeable as a retired cop. Timothy Omundson is a riot as Det. Lassiter (aka Lassie). This poor guy is a "by-the-book" cop and Shawn doesn't take him seriously. His partner Maggie Lawson as Det. O'Hara is adorable! There's enough chemistry between Det. O'Hara and Shawn to make it interesting but not so much that it's distracting. I highly recommend this show for the whole family!
  • From the writers of Monk with more comedy comes Psych. Mr. Adrian Monk and Shawn Spencer both have exellent memory and great at solving crimes but unlike Monk Shawn Spencer has a mate who helps him with useless knowlage to help the fake psychic detective.

    If you like Monk you with LOVE Psych. More comedy and a new adventure everytime you will enjoy and get hooked on. This is the best 'fake' detective show by far and the non famous but always appearing pineapple. For this show to make more sense and be funnier you have to watch all the shows in order and not to mention to try and keep track of the names Shawn makes up for his partner in crime Burton 'Gus' Guster
    Following their adventures through spelling bees, American Duos and haunted houses are just some things that will get you hooked and involved in this hillarious show that you can not resist.
  • Shawn Spencer= funny, "smart", and uhhh... FAKE PSYCHIC!!!

    This show is amazing. FAKE PSYCHIC, who thought of that? IT was brilliant! Shawn SPencer is a fake psychic working with real detectives. The detectives only fall for it because of his amazing "sight". He can see and notice the littlest thing, that no one would pick up on. I love all of the episodes! Shawn and Gus together is a PERFECT team. I really love it when the "mini"- fight. IT is so funny. I especially love all of the nicknames that Shawn gives Gus. Also the episode, I dont remember what it was called (something like American Idol) when Shawn and Gus are on stage singing, and their all dressed up! I LOVE it. BEST SHOW EVER! (one of them)
  • Shawn Spencer is a fake detective who solves cases for the cops.

    Sometimes Psych creeps me out a little bit but overall I like it. Its funny, it is always a mystery, but I hate their use of dead bodies because they always look so real! It kind of freaks me out sometimes. I think the best part is the comedy exspecailly coming from Shawn. He always has something funny to say or to do because... well... he's Shawn. He was always a funny random idiot, but I mean that in a good way. I like to watch funny random idiots on TV. They make a lot of people laugh. Anyways, PSYCH ROCKS!
  • Psych, often times, makes my day.

    I really, really like this show. The chemistry between all the actors is awesome. I didn't watch the pilot until recently and I must say I'm very glad that Maggie Lawson had to replace Anne Dudek who, in my opinion, wasn't very compelling. I especially love the relationship between Shawn and Henry. I have a new love for Corbin Benson. I think that more than a few people will agree that more than anything the Shawn/Gus friendship is the cutest thing. I love the way they help and sabotage each other interchangeably. 'Shawn and Gus of the Dead' is one of my favorite episodes mostly because of the back and forth between these two.

    I definitely look forward to more seasons of this show.
  • What a horrible show! Bad acting pus bad premise plus horrendous writing equals a trainwreck of a program on prime time. Who gets paid to put this garbage on the screen?

    What a horrible show! Bad acting pus bad premise plus horrendous writing equals a trainwreck of a program on prime time. Who gets paid to put this garbage on the screen? I could go on and on about how rediculous all aspects of the show are but this review will never see the light of day. This may be the first show ever with no redeeming characters at all. How is that possible. Who is the audience supposed to not loathe and root for? The arrogant and stupid protagonist? Are you kidding?

    Please fire the writers, the directors and the individuals in charge of giving this drivel air time.
  • Fake Psychic. Real detective. Ultimate buddy show!

    With Psych, USA does what it does best -- you get a great comedy and amazing characters without the overdone elements of a procedural crime show. Enter Shawn Spencer. Bart Simpson's rightful predecessor for those of us (like Shawn) that were in junior high when Bart SImpson hit the non-plasm/non-LCD/non-flat TV screen as the ultimate under achiever. The perfect evolution of the concept for the 30 somethings. A guy who thrives on his self involved irresponsible life style. The show exceeds at bringing great characters and great writing to the screen. Like it's 80s pop culture references, any similarity to the average sitcom is tongue and cheek. But, the best part about this show is the chemistry between the actors particularly James Roday (Shawn Spencer) and Dule Hill (Burton "Gus" Guster). Great comedic performances!

    If nothing else, this show is highly quotable.
  • This show is Great!!

    Psych has proven to be a phenomenal show in my opinion. The first ten minutes of the pilot will leave you in stitches and the show never fails from then on.The interactions between the duo and the cops is both hilarious and heartwarming at the same time.

    It is a brilliant show in both terms of acting as well as the story lines. Shawn is a riot and his quirky antics as well as his relationship with best friend, and fellow Psych partner Gus, is heartwarming and hilarious at the same time. It's a battle between brains and sex appeal and the dynamics between them is a delight to watch. Psych is an original and refreshing take on crime/cop based shows and the originality can be felt from the get go. I highly recommend Psych to anyone who wants a good laugh or who wants a new take on crime/cop shows as you wont be disappointed.
  • Psyche is about a guy Shawn whose father trained him since he was a boy to become a police dective. Shawn doesn't want to be a dective. So he dreams up this fake psychic gimic and recrutes is best friend Gus into opening a fake psychic dective agency.

    This show in a nut shell is crazy. Shawn and Gus are hysterical. These two best friends get into much trouble to help out the police. This is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time. The hyginx the two get into is one of the best I have seen on tv for a long time or even ever.

    This show is totally original I don't ever remember a show that has come out that has been this original in a long time espically lately. This is a show you are either going to love or hate.
  • You got to watch this!

    Psych is the best show besides NCIS! Shawn and Gus are so funny in this show and they work great together. It also helps when Lassie is there to ruin their fun. You got to watch this show if you haven't watched it yet; I know as a fact that u will like it. Shawn doesn't even let his father get in the way of him figuring out the case. I mean his father raises him to notice everything and now that he's older and is doing a good job doing what he was raised to do his father gets upset. I mean get over it dad. Watch this show its great!!!!
  • I'm seeing something... It's all clear now!

    I love this show.
    I heard of it before, but never thought I'd really like it, so I decided to not even start watching, but a few weeks ago, I decided to give it a shot. Now it's one of my favorite shows. (It isn't the top favorite because I have this addiction to another show, but this one's not far behind)
    I just love this huge lie that Shawn started that actually doesn't get all that bad, since he's right most of the time. And his "episodes" are so funny.
    It's a great show, very funny and pretty original. And the relationships between the characters get us into some silly yet funny scenes too.
    A must watch if you like comedies, in my opinion.
  • Shawn Spencer is a funny guy who had lots of jobs since high school, but also has incredible observation skills and while using them to solve a crime showed on tv, he calls the police and gives them some tips.

    The police department believes that such a good tip could only come from 'inside people' and tell Shawn to go to the police station. When he gets there, they try to arrest him and that's when the fun begins: he tells them he is a psychic.
    Then he use his abilities to prove them that he is telling the truth, even though he is not. Chief Vick says that if they discover that he is lying, he would go to the jail and asks him to help detective Lassiter and his female partner on a case. Shawn and his relutant best friend Gus go investigate. Lassiter obviously hates them and tries to prove that he is not a psychic, even after Shawn and Gus solve the crime.
    It's always fun to watch the discussions between Shawn and Gus, Shawn and Lassiter and Shawn and his father, Henry. They are always fighting, we kinda expect that on every single episode. Other funny thing is the way Shawn pretends to sense things on the crime scene or in the end of the episode. It is some sort of parody about real psychics, I guess. It's a really nice show to watch. Not as complicated as C.S.I. (that I love) and not as silly as... other silly shows.
    It's a relaxing show and I watch it for a long time, not just because James Roday is so funny, handsome and awesome, but cause the show is also awesome. Watch it! It's great!
  • So funny!! So Great!!

    I am so glad that I watched Psych when it started. I just think it is so funny but I also like that its a cop show. It is original and just fun to watch after a long day, kinda helps you unwind. It is a break from all the other detective shows where its all about the crime and the blood and gore, but in Psych its all about how he outsmarts the detectives and bad guys and catches their killer. I think that the best thing about this show is that when it does go into personal information it isn't dramatic life or death situation like in some cop shows, but the show stays very focused on the main plot and it is really funny.
  • Like no other!

    Normally you see just regular old detectives doing thier thing with no life or humor in what they do. Psych is a diffrent story. He is so funny and goofy but yet very smart. He has like super vision. At the beginning of the series Gus was very sophistigated and thought the whole psychic gag was stupid. Toward I think season two he started to get more comfortable with the whole thing and actually started to play a role in the act. Shawn's dad is hillarious. He thinks faking being a psychic is sort of a waste of time but he still supports his son even if he don't want to. Psych is something you can watch on a bad day to make it a happy day. :)
  • A buddy crime show with a bit of a twist. Shawn and Gus are partners in crime solving but a bit unconventional. With Shawn faking being a psychic and his friend Gus along for the ride, they find themselves solving mysteries for the police department.

    This is a personal favorite of mine. I remember watching the pilot episode and just thinking, "Wow, this is certainly different than a lot of those other crime mystery shows." It's just so much fun to watch! Gus and Shawn are hilarious. The humor they produce from their scenes together are so funny and yet very original. Then of course there is Lassiter. I love his character to death. He tries to be so serious and commanding but with Shawn not being one to run along with what people tell him, it just turns out to being an awkward situation for him. Anyways, I would recommend this show to everyone. It's definitely in my top 5 shows.
  • lol funny

    Psych combines those two worlds. Murder with a laugh. Shawn is the main detective of the show. Working as a "psychic" for the police. He's as good as any of the main detectives out there with a difference, he wants to make his work fun being as goofy as he wants. With the help of his best friend Gus they solve many many casese This show is very clever and witty. The writing dealing with the plot is good and the dialogue banter between every character is quick and amazing. Psych has amazing characters and great actors to portray them. I can't see anyone else filling in those spots Overall, it's an amazing show. It's definitely one of my favorites.
  • Lighthearted

    While my family watches soap operas and reality shows there's nothing like a good detective shows. I like from the spine chilling, technicals, and other serious types, but once in a while we all need a good laugh. Psych combines those two worlds. Murder with a laugh. Shawn is the main detective of the show. Working as a "psychic" for the police. He's as good as any of the main detectives out there with a difference, he wants to make his work fun being as goofy as he wants. With the help of his best friend Gus and his serious dad, Shawn is out to give you a good laugh for each case.
  • Take one psychic, one reluctant best friend, one not too impressed nor happy detective, one fresh and young detective, and one father who thinks psychics disgrace the name of real heroes = a recipe of a perfect comedy/drama detective show.

    Psych is about a "psychic" Shawn Spencer and his best friend Burton Guster (Gus). Shawn pretends to be psychic while solving cases with Gus fro the Santa Barbara police department. Gus reluctantly helps along with each case and watching those two work it out is half the fun. Other characters include Henry (Shawn's father), Lassiter, and Juliet. Henry, who used to be a former police officer, is not too thrilled with his son's act. Lassiter, well let's just say psychics and Shawn aren't too high on his list. Juliet is a new transfer to the department, who is more of a believer in Shawn's psychicness then her partner Lassiter. She proves that even though she is young, she deserves to be working along Santa Barbara's finest policemen and "psychic".

    This show is very clever and witty. The writing dealing with the plot is good and the dialogue banter between every character is quick and amazing. Psych has amazing characters and great actors to portray them. I can't see anyone else filling in those spots. Their chemistry with each other, whether it be love or hate is perfect. A special mention for James Roday and Dule Hill, because their chemistry as best friends is very believable and terrific. They have easily become one of my top favorite crime fighting partners in television history.

    This show has to be one of my most favorite shows on television today. It is a show well worth the time. I suggest that everyone should give it a try.
  • Hey People! Where's the love?

    I cannot understand why this show is so poorly rated on the episodes. Everyone of them are funny, clever and well plotted. Honestly, Psych better than most comedies I have seen over the years. The hilarious antics of Shawn and Gus trying to solve crimes with their "psychic" abilities is something of a combination of the relationship between J.D and Turk from scrubs and the genius intellect of monk with a big dose of CSI. Okay, so it may not be completely original but it delivers a great overall effect in every episode. I personally would rate this my number one show if Lost didn't exist but unfortunately...or fortunately does. So if you enjoy some quirky humor, stellar acting and psychic abilities...psych is definitely the show for you
  • This should would get the "most improved" star at kindergarten graduation

    There are several shows I watch simply because they're on and I've always watched them. "Psych" used to be like that for me. I watch all of the other USA series, so I watched this too, even though I didn't think it was very good.

    However, "Psych" has really found itself over the past couple seasons. Each character has finally found his or her own place in the show, and the cast has built a great chemistry. Of course, sometimes the psychic element is shoe-horned in a bit, like it's just tacked on when they remembered the premise of the show. And though I LOVE Corbin Bernsen, his appearances should be limited to scenes that actually make sense to the plot.

    Overall though, this is a really fun show. And with little else showing new episodes because of the writer's strike, it's worth checking out.
  • This show is just hilarious.

    First of all the idea of a fake psychic is just brilliant. I always have to laugh very hard when he gets some sort of vision. I also love the expressions on Gus face when he does that. The dynamics between all the characters is just awesome. I especially love the dynamics between Shawn and Gus. You can really tell that they know each other almost their whole lives, they also have two totally different personalities so it's always fun to see them together. I also think that Shawn and Juliet should get together soon, they would make a great couple.

    They cases they have to solve are great and always bring a lot of humor in the show. It sucks that the episodes aren't aired here in the Netherlands, but because I love this show I always make sure that somehow I can watch the new episodes.
  • psych is a good show but i like monk better

    psych does not copy monk by any means . however shawn is like monk in a way seeing that he's a bit special and gus resembles monk's assistant natalie / sharona . when i gave it a chance i liked it but monk will win in plot and comedy . even though this show is good , i dont think it can beat monk at all in my opinion . it's still a good show though . so , you rock go both psych and monk ! the best shows in usa ( the channel ) no doubt about it :D !
  • Pretty good show to watch. Funny too.

    It's about a guy named Shawn who has great observance skills. He claims that he's "psychic", even if he's not. But he does seem psychic. He has a friend, GUS, who is sarcastic! :D They solve crimes of course! Awsome show. I thought I woundn't like it at first! But I did! HAHA! You always have a laugh now and then. Well, I have to make the minimum of 100 words.. HAHA! :lol: Lasador and Co. are funny too. Okay, I'm being repetetive with "funny". Haha. And "Haha". OUT OF TOPIC. :D Anyways, my 100 words is up.. Yay, whoohoo!
  • Shawn and Gust BS their way to investigate a case of "foul" play at a spelling bee competition.

    For those Aussies who just saw the premier the pilot may not have been a big smash like many shows but showed potential. The theme of a con of a psychic investigator is a great concept but lacks the fantasy of supernatural powers. Since Shawn does not actually psychic power his cunning attention to detail and investigative technique create the bases of a typical crime investigation show. But the show has a comedy twist in between the serious investigation of crimes which makes things more interesting. One of the shows main assets are the vibrant characters in the show. Shawn and Gus seem more like a bunch of high school idiot stumbling over evidence. James Roday does a stupidly hilarious slapstick act when revealing his findings which mock rather than portray psychic powers.

    I have to say the show is not an instant classic but show potential to grow into a primetime favourite.
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