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  • I absolutely love this show. It is my new favourite thing!! I have watched it since it first aired, but the season fanale sold me on it! That episode was the best!!

    This show is soo funny, the character dynamics are great! I love the fact that it is Shawn's ability to notice every little detail. The relationship between him and his father is great, they cant stand each other but that is just a cover. The way Gus interacts with Shawn when Shawn is doing his "vision" thing. The way that Shawn and Lassiter play off each other, that's funny. The end where they sometimes show the bloopers, or the cast doing a song parady. When Shawn first met Jewels, and that he figured out she was a cop, she looked so nervous but it was great. This is a show I laugh out loud to, I even have my whole family watching it!
  • Shawn Spencer has developed a keen eye for detail and uses his talent disguised as psychic powers to help the police solve crimes.

    When I first started to see the commericals for Psych on the USA network, I was skeptical about the show. It didn't look like it was going to be anything that was worth watching. I didn't really go out of my way to watch the new episodes when they were on, but because I am a fan of Monk, I was able to catch the first couple of minutes of every episode of Psych. After occasionally watching the show, I realized that I wasn't giving it a fair chance. The show is hilarious and I can't believe that I almost did not want to watch this show. It has just the right amount of seriousness to balance out the humor that is in every episode. By the time the season finale came on, I was a fan. I will definitely be watching next season!
  • very good show

    its good its h@lla funny but something about the story line is off like its missing something but its still a good show cool how thay made some of the parts and thares perfect charicters in the cast [ overall its a damn good show lol ]
    very worth the time
  • Psych has proven to be a phenomenal show in my opinion. The first ten minutes of the pilot will leave you in stitches and the show never fails from then on.The interactions between the duo and the cops is both hilarious and heartwarming at the same time.

    It is a brilliant show in both terms of acting as well as the story lines. Shawn is a riot and his quirky antics as well as his relationship with best friend, and fellow Psych partner Gus, is heartwarming and hilarious at the same time. It's a battle between brains and sex appeal and the dynamics between them is a delight to watch. Psych is an original and refreshing take on crime/cop based shows and the originality can be felt from the get go. I highly recommend Psych to anyone who wants a good laugh or who wants a new take on crime/cop shows as you wont be disappointed. I can guarantee it!
  • Seriously comedic....

    Psych is one of the greatest "whodunit" shows on TV in my opinion. I has the classic formula for a great mystery and a detective. Sean can be put in the same category as Columbo, Poirot, and presently Monk. Each show explores the observation skills of Sean Spencer and his straightlaced friend, Gus. These two guys are almost polar opposites, but their relationship works in favor of each other as well as the show. I would recommend this show to anyone that wants a serious yet light-hearted approach to detective work. Overall this show is a must see weekly tune in.
  • Completely hilarious!!! I absolutely love it!

    This show is great, it is just as good as what i expected it to be. It is hilarious and i think the main characters Shaun(sp?) and Gus have a lot of character. Both are hilarious this show is definately on the top of my list of favorite shows. There is not much drama but I just completely how I could be in a terrible mood and then by just watching this i become as kind as a saint! Dang this show is good. ... I like the episode of the civil war "gus some lietenent crunch is here to see you " " its captain captain crunch , i have been promoted " Hahahaha! i just love it!! I also like the episode about this guy that murders his friend so he can get credit for finding a new planet. In this show Gus sneaks off to the space museum (something like that) and Shaun tells him he notices this. So when Shaun interigates him Gus tells him that he would be uncatchable like a "jackel" he will be "stealth". So later in that episode Gus sneaks off to the museam and he is going through all this work not to be seen. And then he goes in the museum confortable and turns to this guy in info center and it ends up being Shaun. Then Shaun says something like "wow I didn't recognize you with all that stealth" and he anounces on the loud speaker, "the jackel has entered the building"... anyway it is so hilarious.. If you haven't watched it, you better or you are missing out. :D
  • This show rocks !! Super hilarious :) !!!

    This show is great . The guy is hilrious , who thought of this ? ...i don't know but its like my other fav . show monk . but funnier . i always watch this show .. i like the episode of the civil war "gus some lietenent crunch is here to see you " " its captain captain crunch , i have been promoted ":P great part .. hehe . wow doesn't usa the channel love cops shows , first its law and oder s.v.u. then the other law and order then monk and now this one . But do u notice there all great and there all hits :) !!!!
  • Fabulous, Impeccable, Delightful

    A crime drama with a twist of psychic!!! I think this show is absolutely fabulous. The writing is wonderful and the comedic timing is impeccable. The cast is well picked. James Roday does a spectacular job as Shawn Spencer, he's peculiar and kooky and just so much fun to watch. This is a particular favorite of mine, when watching this show one feels like they're completely transported to a whole new and strangely delightful world. Shawns more serious counterpart, Gus is triumphant in his role as the steady businesslike sidekick. Gus tends to get swept up in Shawn's drama and then helps him play on it. Lassiter's blantent disregard for Shawn's 'ability' is so steadily amusing, and Lassiter nearly always comes out with mud in his eye because of it. Another creative twist in the show is the animosity between Shawn and his father, it'll be interesting to see where that branches off to. It's a truly amazing concept and I am looking forward to forging into our second season!!!
  • James Roday stars in the new hit show PSYCH

    James Roday plays Shawn Spencer, who has fooled the police department into thinking he's a real psychic, but in reality he just has a photographic memory, the only detective that does not buy it is Carlton Lassiter. The show also stars Corbin Bernsen as his father.

    The show normally starts with shawn as a kid with his dad, and normally what happens pertains to something that happens in the episode.

    After convincing the police that he is psychic him and his best friend Gus open a detective agency called PSYCH, and they start doing investgations for the police department.

    A great new show, that has a great cast, and is chalk full of humor, action and a little bit of drama.
  • Its not bad, but it doesn't always hold my interest

    When I first started seeing commercials for this, I was really excited. I always like crime, mystery shows, and I thought this was a really neat twist. The Fake Psychic Detective.
    Well... it is good, but not nearly as good as I hoped from the commercials. I don't know why, but it doesn't really hold my interest. I don't know if it is the slightly juvienille Shawn. Or the way no one seems to trust him (give him a break, he has been right all along, sooner or later, someone should trust him at least once), or something else entirely.
    I still watch it, but, I think it could get better, because it is a really interesting idea, and I am not ready to give up on it... yet.
  • This is my new favorite show! I totally love this show. It's the best thing on TV these days!

    This show is fresh, innovative, and the cutest comedy on TV these days. I love every character on this show, and everyone is just sooo funny! Timothy Omundson is absolutely wonderful as Detective Carlton Lassiter, and anyone who doesn't think that James Rodey as Shawn Spencer is absolutely genius, is insane. Every episode cracks me up. For the first time in ages, I'm laughing out loud at things I'm seeing on the TV. How often does that happen these days? On top of which, the Psych Outs at the end of new episodes?! OMG! The best things EVER! Plus, the producers actually wrote and sung the theme song. How inventive is that?! And the song is cute too! I can't wait for January to watch new episodes. I've been dying since August. This is going to be great! I hope it continues to be popular and they keep making new episodes. It would be an absolute tragedy if this show got canceled.
  • Love this show!!

    Can\\\'t wait for the new season! This series is a home run! USA delivered a new concept - unusual in this day of re-hashed ideas on TV! It looks like it has paid off in the ratings! See people do appreciate a clever plot device! Great writing! Great cast! James Roday makes Shawn come to life with a combinaton of whimsy, clever turns of \\\"psychic\\\" power and Daddy Dearest angnst. Good to see/hear Corbin Bernsen and Dulé Hill again. That about covers it! Be sure and add new episodes to I-Tunes, so I can download and enjoy the show on the road...
  • it's a show that mixes csi, with a bit of humor, starting out when the main character is accused of a crime, so to get out of it, he begins to solve cases for the police convincing them he is psychic, he is happy about his work, but his father disagrees.

    the show, brings in an idea, that is not completely original, yet it adds a new twist to it which is interesting. overall the plots are good, et at times can be somewhat predictable, yet it is a good show to watch the first time, i personally would not say it's a show you watch over many times, such as friends, or family guy, but it does have it's moments. this show will give you some laughs, but i do not think it will become one of those shows with an almost cult like following. all in all it is a good show, even if it is not the best
  • Story of a "psychic" named Shawn Spencer who uses his special abilities to solve crimes.

    This is a fairly decent show. I mainly love it because it's sooooo funny. Shawn Spencer is sooo dramatic when he fakes a vision and it is funny to see him make a fool of himself. My favorite characters are: Shawn and Gus. There isn't a single episode I don't like. I can't wait until the new season comes on. I don't really know what else to say, but I still have several words to go until I reach the minimum amount so: I love psych! I love psych! I love psych! I love psych! I love psych! I love psych!
  • The New Monk!

    I saw the pilot for this show when iTunes offered it as one of their free downloads and I have not looked back since.

    I have seen all the episodes as of date and love it! There are way too many detective and crime solving shows on TV today. This is one of the few that stand out. The Character Shawn Spencer is superb. He is \"a fake psychic, real detective.\" His attention to detail allows him to solve crimes. On the occasion, he goes to his father, a former cop for help.

    This show is USA Networks new Monk if I say so myself!
  • PSYCHed out about this show!

    It's a roller, this one!
    More often than not I find myself rolling on the floor, laughing like mad. Along with its USA-made peer, Monk - Psych is one of the most promising detective shows on TV nowadays. With very funny and light scripts, it is a very good sigh at the end of a day - just a show to get home to after a long distressing day at the office. I think most of the magic of the show is a result of exceptional casting of the two main characters -
    James Roday as Detective-wannabe Shawn Spencer, who couldn't get a detective job in police line despite his irregular gift of perception, so he pretends to have "psychic" abilities, while trying to charm any woman around (except the Chief of police - whom he fails to impress with his manly charms) and while "sticking it" to Carlton Lassiter (Tim Omundson) who plays the "real" detective, who despises Spencer.
    Spencer, along with Burton "Guss" Guster - his sidekick/portable conscience - encounters many mysterious cases and solves them while mostly sneaking around and behind the backs of "real" police investigators (while pretending to be aided from above).

    This show is a must for the lovers of a good laugh!!!
  • Was not expecting it to be this good.

    I was watching some horrible show on TV with my dad last summer, and on commercial we were about to change the channel, but then this commercial came on and I was laughing out of my chair. It was a preview for the show 'Psych'. I doubted the show would be that great, but I watched the pilot just because of the commercial. To my surprise it was Actually, it was better. I watched every episode after that on summer vacation, and when I got back to school I heard people talking about it. About how bad it was. Well, I have to disagree. This is quite possibly one of the best shows on television today.
  • Not a lot brain power behind this one but entertaining. Another cop/buddy show with focus on the solving of a mystery than on bullets flying all over the place.

    Refreshing change and plenty of humor. Biggest challenge for the survival of this show is for the writers to keep coming up with the good stuff so the idea behind the show doesn't go stale and how far they can stretch the series before we have our first flashback episode. Question is can the show go the distance?
  • one of my favorites shows! =D!

    this show it's totally awesome xD!

    everytime i whatch it i laugh!

    shawn is totally awesome! he is like a funny shameless modern Sherlock Holmes!

    burton is great too xD! not as funny or interesting as Shawn but still awesome, they complement each other, shawn is the crazy one, burton is the rational one.

    the cases are great and interesting too, because even if the characters were funny, if the stories are not then the show is not that good, but this is definitely not the case, because both characters and stories are really intersting!

    this tv show will make you laugh for sure =D! highly recommended! =D!
  • Psych is about Shaun, a man who has great obseration skills. They get him in trouble with the police when he first uses them to try to tip them off to acrime. So he convinces the police force that he is a psychic and begins solving crimes for these guys.

    This show rocks. I have seen quite a few of the episodes and I have laughed every time. The actors are great and some of the moments are just hilarious. I love some of the awkward moments between Psych and Gus, especially that episode where they say that they are, "partners" and the guy who they are talking to misunderstands. The acting is great, the idea is original, and the show has a lot of potential. I will be tuning in next season.
  • a man and his photographic memory on a misson to help do justice

    Shawn Spencer happens to possess some uncanny powers of observation; his police officer father, Henry, taught his son to remember even the smallest details of his surroundings. So when Shawn is accused of committing a crime that he actually solved, he convinces the cops that he's a psychic -- and with the reluctant help of best friend Gus, Shawn starts solving cases for a skeptical but increasingly impressed police force.

    BRIEF HISTORY:Steve Franks ("Big Daddy"), Kelly Kulchack and Chris Henze are the executive producers.
    STARS: * James Roday as Shawn Spencer * Dule Hill as Gus * Corbin Bernsen as Henry Spencer
  • You've been Psyched lol

    This is a quality show and it makes me laugh out loud with the verbal and visual comedy that it delivers with such finnesse, The two main characters are a combination that goes together like ice cream and jelly and is great anytime,The story lines are well thought out and always have a few twists in to keep you guessing,
    I also like the little flash back segments that fill you in on Shawns past showing you the leasons his father has taught him showing you how Shawn became the man he is now and how he is able to pull of all of his busts
  • in my reveiw,you will see how when i first seen the show i fell in love with it and it influenced me to wanna become a PRivate detective and have a firm like his and a goofy freind.but we dont pretend to be physcic

    Physch is one of my fav shows and i love it.since the first episode i fell in love with it and might wanna be a detective like him cause he's funny and adorible and that is the best show first i thought it was gonna be a boring show but then i got into it and loved it simply loved it nad i can't wait till it comes back on in january!.
  • ... but that doesn't mean it isn't good!!

    Psych is a very interesting premise. However, it clearly resembles Monk. Also, the main character, Shawn Spencer, is funny but can get a teeny bit annoying after a while.

    I'd like to see the writers explore the relationships, not just romantic, between the characters a little more in the future.

    That being said, the script is so funny my friends and I quote it for weeks. The premise is relatively original, it sort of just combines other shows' plots (we have shows about psychics, we have shows about private investigators...) but, and I could be wrong about this, no one else has done so yet. The individual episodes have interesting plots.

    The show also has tremendous potential. We've already begun to explore the characters' backstories and they all have such colorful personalities. Even with just the premise, there are practically endless potential storylines to explore. Shawn's relationship with his father also opens many doors for character development.

    Overall, this is a good show with the potential to be great. Keep up the good work!!
  • This is a show about Shawn Spencer and Gus who pretend to be phsycics to solve crimes for the Santa Barbara Police Department.

    This is a good show. The different levels of this show make it more interesting. It isn't just a detective show, it is a comedy.

    All the episodes I have seen have been different from anyother show I have seen. It is an interesting show because of the mystery in it. They always solve a crime, and crack some jokes while they are doing it. Shawn is the funniest detective ever, because he always discovers something and thinks up a funny way to "see" it for the Police. This makes the show full of unexpected laughs that sneak up on you. It is very difficult to watch this show, for me, and not to laugh. I love this show. It solves crimes, but its more than just solving murders, it is trying not to get caught. Why would Gus and Shawn get caught? Because Shawn isn't really a phsycic. He pretends to be because he notices every detail about things. That is how his dad raised him. He notices everything, which he can then "reveal" to the Police in a "vision".

    This show is funny, and I am sad it isn't on, new, again until January.
  • The funniest show on TV right now!

    What can you say about "Psych": it's funny, original, entertaining, and awesome!
    It is one of the best new shows. It makes me laugh everytime. The actor's chemistry is great. You really feel there is a history to their friendship. They always come up with smart storylines.
    I think one of the best things is that unlike most cop shows, it doesn't take itself too seriously. It does have a formula to it, but also has a sort of "Monk" feel to it. This is what makes shows on USA original. They could be like any other shows we see on TV, but they're not.
    Psych is a great new show on USA and anyone who isn't watching it is missing lots of fun time!
  • What do you do when you're dragged into a police station because you're way too observant?

    Pretend to be a psychic, of course! Why would you want to tell authorities that your father has molded you into a brilliant detective since you were a kid when you can pretend to have mystic powers?

    I can understand pretending to be a psychic with those observation skills. Really. I can. But starting up a psychic detective agency on just that is just a tad ridiculous. Of course, it also fits straight into Shawn's character. Which just makes it awesome as opposed to ridiculous.

    Shawn has worked with the cops every episode of the first season, even when he has a client that isn't the PD. We have the sceptical lead detective, the gorgeous, straight out of the academy rookie who knows the rules, and the- deputy chief?- who makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

    All in all, it's a wonderful show with great characters. Very enjoyable. I look forward to the next season, and if it's half as good as the first, I think I'll enjoy it.
  • Smart, Funny, and Unique New Show

    A funny CSI? The return of Moonlighting? PSYCH has great fun combining crime show and buddy picture. James Roday and Dule Hill are well-cast as best friends and hesitant investigation partners, and it is fun to see Corbin Bernsen in the role of gruff and demanding father - in stark contrast to his early "pretty-boy" work on L.A. Law. Very well written, with a fast-pace through the story and humor throughout, it is smart enough to keep you thinking and accessible (and appropriate) enough for younger family members. PSYCH has become our new "must-TiVo" show because it draws the entire family - middle school, high school, and parents - to the TV.
  • This was one of those shows I hesitated to give a chance. Well it won me over 10 minutes into the pilot episode.

    Psych has quickly moved into one of my favorite shows on tv. This show uses so much humor even going such lengths as making fun of itself to get a laugh. There is indeed so much chemistry between the characters of Shawn (James Roday) and Burton (Dule Hill) you can believe they have been friends for many years. Corbin Berson plays Shawn's overbearing father to perfection. This show has proved that solving a crime at a spellingbee contest can actually be interesting. If you are looking for something different that is set apart from anything else on tv this show is for you.
  • A pretend psychic and his friend along for the ride. Very Funny!!

    I already watch "Monk", another very funny show, when I saw this show being advertised. I made sure to set the dvr hoping it would be as funny as the previews were and I wasn't disappointed.
    I think "Psych" is a nice change from the regular detective shows out there such as all those CSI shows. I don't mind CSI, but I enjoy watching shows that make me laugh and this show does. What makes the show even better is his 'sidekick' who really doesn't want to have anything to do with his fake psychic abilities, but is dragged along against his will most of the time.
    I hope this show continues to last instead of falling behind like so many other great shows have done in the past.
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