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  • If you don't watch this...

    there is something wrong with you. Great show one of my favorites.
  • Sesame Street Has Better Acting.

    So this show showed up on ION TV Networks lineup about a week ago. Aside from playing the same episodes of True Blood over and over and over, I thought this could be something worth while to watch. From the very first episode I watched, I immediately felt my IQ start slipping into a downward spiral. Three minutes into it, I regretted even starting to watch. First off, it's a stupid concept for a show. Brainless writing, bubble headed has - been actors and shallow dialog. These has-been actors try their best at being humorous to the point of desperation and fail at it spectacularly. I don't know why I bother to tune in to ION TV channel, all they ever do is play the same episodes again and again. I should just delete the channel from my lineup it is so bad. Needless to say, I didn't last very long with watching my first episode of Pysch. I was disappointed at this show but it seems these shows nowadays all suck anyways. My grand daughter came into the room and wanted to watch Sesame Street, to which I eagerly changed the channel. Not surprising, Sesame Street had better actor's and was more humorous than that pile of garbage Pysch, I was wasting my time. So whenever I see this show start, I immediately change it to something with substance. My rating of 1 is too high for this show.
  • Bad show

    I cant think of a cheesier show than this! I hate
  • Marquita

    I really love this show. When I come home from work, I walk right in and turn the television to channel 55.1. The whole cast is awesome. My little cousin even loves this show. The show did not needed to be improved. The only two questions I have is, 1. What's with the singing. This show is awesome with out the musical.

    2. Shawn Spencer, are you single lol..

    Great job to the entire staff.
  • C, mon son

    I might have only found this show because of Netflix, and I may have avoided watching it because I thought it was going to be a boring detective show, but then I started to watch it and I was just absorbed into this rich evolving show and the friendships of Shawn and Gus and just generally the whole crew. With running gags and some very funny physical comedy in some odd situations, it felt like I was part of the show so to speak , so when it ended there was just a psych shaped hole in my heart that no other show could fill as they didn't have the crazy antics of Shawn and Gus at every turn to comfort me through a rough day and made me just laugh at the smart yet stupid things they did. I love this show and always will it's a part of my life now. Also last night gus is my favorite episode
  • Great Show To Watch!

    Honestley I must say I really dont know why they finished up the show.... there was so mutch more that they could have explored in the characters !! But all in all this is one of the BEST shows I have watched ! Once you get into it you are hooked !

    Job well done to all of the Cast & Crew !!
  • psych it up!

    James Roday is not only drop dead gorgeous, but a brilliant actor! I have loved every episode!

    I love all the other characters, acting is fantastic. I've laughed, cried and swooned over James! His wife and co actor? is great and very lucky! Corbin Bersen must have an angel who keeps him young because he is still so hot! Can't fault it,LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!
  • The way it should have ended AND CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me personally I thought it was good but i thought they could have ended it off better. Like they could have made it where Shawn , Gus , and Juliet could have gone after the person that stole the ring and that leads to a big case about a theft ring or something. Then at the end of the episode Shawn re-proposes to Juliet . For the rest of the season Shawn, Gus, and Juliet solve crimes and plan their wedding. In the middle of the season Gus's old girlfriend comes back and they ( Shawn, Gus, Juliet, and ) have one big wedding and at the end of the episode they all get on a plain for their honeymoon then the screen reads ( in big letters ) the end.
  • psych

    Take us to Frisco with you. Let's see Shaun and Jewels get married and the next location of the Psych office open up. I will miss this show!!!!
  • Best show everr

    This show is really awesome. I love Shawn and Gus and I think it's a great show
  • Why you hatin' on a brother?

    v Suck it
  • Worst show ever

    Psych hate it. I'm so glad they canceled it.
  • Why not spin-off Psych???

    Why take Psych off? Don't understand. If certain people want to leave the show, why not change it? I would like to see Dule Hill and others still do the show with new co-stars like Ralph Macchio reviving his role or... TV shows don't have to end. It is really frustrating to fans. If James Roday and Maggie have left, so... Come on, it can be changed and spun-off. Right? We like the idea of Ralph Macchio, Corbin Bernsen and Timothy doing a spin off cop style and comedic!!!
  • Goodbye to the greatest show on television.

    I've been a fan since the very beginning. I know this was just a show but I am DEVASTATED that psych reruns is all I have left. I didn't know Psych wasn't renewed for a ninth season so when I found out this morning (when I watched the final episode)... I lost it :( When I lived out in Vancouver I always saw signs for where they were taping the scenes and always wished that I had gotten to met Shawn and Gus. I AM SO UPSET :( great ending though. I just wish that the second last episode wasnt so crappy. rip psych
  • Come back

    Ok then take us to Frisco with you
  • Good bye

    I also believe that being the last season we should have had a whole season at least and been notified of it cancelling earlier so maybe the millions of fans could ban together and try and save it. Either way, even though i am horrible with change, i am proud to have been a part of Psych since day 1 and I never missed an episode even when it was on Friday nights i would turn down dates with girls that were out of my league so i could stay home and watch it. Anyway i'll miss everyone of you and not just the lead roles, but all of the supporting cast as well. all of you guys and gals made one hell of a team and you all will be hard to beat because Psych is still #1 in my top 10 list of best shows ever. Good bye and thank you for all the laughs and all the other good memories over the past 8 years I just wish y'all would have made it to at least 10 years. I guess i'll go start dating again speaking of, Maggie Lawson if you like a southern accent I am from South Alabama so send me a message if you are interested if you even read this. Thanks again all of you. Kirk out
  • Where did the humor go??

    This last season is such a disappointment. It's not funny. Did the writers quit? The characters don't even seem interested in finishing it. How can we, the viewers believe in Shawn and Juliet when there has been no mention of her?
  • It's time for it to end...

    When Psych started of eight years ago, I liked it a lot. It was funny, witty und great to watch. But now it just feels like they are running out of stories to tell. They have hardly solved a case during this season. Sean and Gus just ran around the police station with nothing to do. Now that Juliet moved away, a big factor is missing. Also Sean doesn't seem to miss her too much. He never even mentioned her. I hope she'll return for next weeks finale.

    In general the episodes keep getting more and more pointless and boring. The writing feels forced, the stories just uninspired. . last weeks zombie theme. What was the point in that? It was supposed to show Gus's reliance on Sean, but it did so in the most ridiculous way. I hope that it was just a boring built up for a great final episode.

    I'll always like this show, but it's really time to go. They've definitely made the right decision on ending it here.
  • I've Had a Blast watching Psych for the last 8 years! I really wish it wasn't ending!

    Very creative episodes and the characters were cast perfectly! I love all the characters equally! Scary Sherry episode is my favorite one! I think seasons 1-7 can't be topped, but this last season is a bit disappointing. My family hasn't missed an episode since the show started! In fact we go to bed every night watching a Psych DVD. This show was our ALL TIME favorite! We will truly miss Gus, Sean, Lassie, Juliet, Henry, Woody, and Buzz!!!! :(
  • I love the show, but it's becoming too much about Shawn and Juliet

    I REALLY REALLY love this show, it's my favorite show that has been on TV since the late 1990s, but I think the show has taken a downturn in Season 7. I felt that this season was too much about Shawn & Juliet and less about the cases. Season 3 was my favorite season so far.

    I think in the beginning, the series centered on the cases and invited the viewers the chance to figure out the mystery, like "Murder She Wrote" by giving subtle clues throughout the show. I think the show has avoided allowing viewers the chance to figure out the mystery on their own by basically only letting us discover who the culprits are as the characters do. There's no mystery for viewers to solve anymore, as it's often impossible to solve it before the characters find pivotal evidence at the end.

    I've always believed the show would have been better had they made Shawn bisexual. I think that would fit his character perfectly. I do not find his relationship with Juliet believable. I think Shawn is too immature and socially inept to be in a serious relationship, and I wish they had made him a promiscuous character. The show would have been much funnier.

    I haven't cared much for the final season. I feel the humor has been dumbed down too much like it's for children. I wonder if maybe the show's core audience has grown out of the show so they are trying to appeal to kids now????
  • It is getting really stupid

    I used to really love this show, but now they are going to far. I feel like I am being sent back to kindergarten.

    Some of the action is supposed to be funny, but it makes you feel terrible for watching it.

    There used to be a nice story to it and actually some things that made sense.

    Even for a comedy it is unrealistic. Its gone from my DVR.
  • Disappointed Psycho

    I own all of the DVD's, but it will be hard to buy this season. The season premiere has been the only episode up to Psych standards. Juliet is phoning it in. It's not about Shawn or their agency anymore. The writing is cheesy and predictable. What the heck happened Steve Franks!?! Was Roday too involved in his movie to care?? Anthony Michael Hall's character was a huge mistake. I watch every Wednesday hoping, praying that I will laugh. They should have ended the series with the musical instead of leaving their fans on such a sour note.
  • Very sad

    As we all know this is the last season of Psych, we're all sad to see this great show leave but this season is based purely on crude, poorly written comedy. At the end of season 7 Jules finds out that Shawn has been faking it but eventually agrees to start over with him, take it slow. And now at the start of season 8 it's like it never even happened. They're back together and more dirty than ever. I still watch it but this show isn't what it used to be and it pains me to know my favourite comedy will go out rotted and shriveled.
  • It's over and done

    Sadly but true but the viewers could see this coming. I will miss seeing the two 'twerps' though. I watch the episodes over and over again at the library and on ION television.
  • I heard this will be final Psych season...

    that would be fine... but only if they all go the movies or something! This show has some great characters who have gone past chemistry and created their own little world, they should be in some awesome comedy movies after this. for real.
  • Over the top... fast becoming unwatchable

    I have loved the growth of this show and truly loved the way the characters had heart mixed in with some of the over the top comedic personalities. But this season the heart has been lost and the characters have been made the sole focus of this show. I just dont see the smart writing and great comedic styling that I have come to expect from this show. I hope to see some improvement soon, but I have seen too many shows go down hill after a numbers of seasons to have high hopes
  • season 9 or 10

    really like this show, they need to come up with a ninth or tenth season. this show is really intresting and funny at the same time. sometimes i get nervous on whats gonna happen next and sometimes it makes me laugh. its a real cool sow it would be a disapointment if they dont make a 9 or 10th season!
  • Reboot: We're BACK BABY!

    I loved the Reboot episode. It seemed to me they were acknowledging they'd lost there way and this episode went back to what once made Psych great. I would totally love it if they just kept going with the reboot and continued on as if it was 2006 all over again.

    Or, maybe they could just come back to the present but have the characters go back to their roots, as Reboot did.
  • Season 8 Disappoints

    First 3 episodes unwatchable. Shawn over the top obnoxious,Gus reduced to good show that has stayed on air a year or two too long.
  • Homage to Apple

    Not sure who on the show is crushing on Apple but season premier includes Ronnie Ives as the British villain who's never worked for Apple, I mean Interpol.

    Well done guys!