Season 5 Episode 1

Romeo and Juliet and Juliet

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 14, 2010 on USA

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  • I love PSYCH, and all episodes, but for the season 5 premier, i truthfully was slightly disappointed.

    I adore PSYCH. It is absolutly my FAVORITE TV show on currently on. I look forward to Wednesdays, and when they're is a break between episodes, it practically kills me. So i guess i got my hopes far, FAR to freaking high for the 5th premier. I mean, i loved it and all, and i was so SO happy that it finally aired, cause that was one of the longest breaks (or at least it felt like it!). But, like i said, my hopes where to high, and i was disappointed. Shawn seemed a tad annoying! And to tell you the truth, i was unsettled by it! I LOVE shawn, he's the best character in my book! And i couldn't believe how i felt! I was mad at myself, but later on in the season 5 i felt better, but i still couldn't believe i felt ANNOYED by Shawn! >:(
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    It is good to have Psych back, but let's be honest this season premiere was "kind of eh" as Eminem would say.

    It started off fine enough, with a premise that seemed like it was pulled straight out of the Rush Hour series, but it quickly turned into a really awkward take on kung-fu movies with a bizarre final action scene that saw Shawn avoiding a karate master.

    There were some good lines though, I have to admit that the banter between Gus and Shawn is as strong as ever, but between the laughs was a really dismal storyline for the episode.

    Psych should make the dog days of summer a little bit better, but this was a pretty average episode overall.
  • I am so glad it's back, but this episode would not pull in new viewers.

    I have missed Shawn & Gus. So I was super jazzed for the new season to start. Especially after the great season finally. I love the banter, awesome as always, but I really started to hate his father. I get he's a stand up guy & doesn't want to have to lie for Shawn. But how is Shawn supposed to Earn back trust for the mistakes made in the past, if he doesn't let him work a case? I did like that they showed Juliet taking some time to get back to work after her encounter with Mr. Yin. I wonder who he is & hope we find out before the season is over. I am excited to see more episodes, but the story line on this one was thin, Shawn's dad is being a bigger stick in the mud than usual & limited Juliet/Shawn interaction made this one I can skip when it repeats.
  • The daughter of a Triad leader is kidnapped.

    This was easily my favorite episode of Psych so far. It was everything I loved so much about the entire series in one very nice episode. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a TV show.

    They cut it a little close to the whole "offensive" thing with their assumptions about Ken, but I don't really care at all. It was hilariously written and oddly believable at the same time. I had so many moments I just adored, Gus' lawyer speech at the front desk, Shawn's attempted scaling of the wall, Becky's punching the brother (though I was kinda hoping she would full out beat him to the ground), and so many more. I can't say enough about how I enjoyed every moment of this episode. I fell in love with the show all over again.
  • An effective season opener...

    The Season 5 premier did not disappoint. It brought back the same comedic, suspenseful and captivating moments as it did in previous seasons, even though the mystery seemed average.

    The whole "Triad" storyline provided as an interesting back-story. However it did confuse me around the middle, as I wasn't sure which characters were parts of which side of the Triads. Nevertheless, this episode had Shawn and Gus doing their silly banter I enjoy, and the comedic duo certainly balanced out an otherwise normal mystery.

    It was interesting to see Henry and Juliet take on different roles in the episode. I'm neutral about Henry getting a job, perhaps being a way to include him in the plot more. I enjoyed Juliet's temporary leave to recover from the traumatic Yin incident, even though at the climax I knew she would end up saving Shawn and therefore coming back to the police station. Speaking of Mr. Yin, I was a bit miffed that we didn't get any follow up to the cliffhanger at the end of season four. I assume we'll have to wait until mid-season or the season five finale to find out the relationship between Mr. (Ms.) Yang and Shawn.

    All in all, this episode delivered, but I expect just a little more from PSYCH, which usually provides a mystery filled with red herrings and more "psychic visions." Anyway, I'm still tuning in for the next episode!
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