Season 1 Episode 15

Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2007 on USA

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  • Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast

    The Good:

    -Bianca actually dies, which is unexpected in a show with so many comedic elements.

    -Lassiter meets his match in a rookie named Goochburg. She is so hilariously crazy that Lassiter struggles to keep up with her antics.

    -Juliet gets a little too far into character when she goes undercover as a sorority sister.

    -Lassiter wants to be part of the group - Shawn, Gus, Juliet. Shawn is nice enough to offer Lassiter a fortune cookie when the three friends are eating lunch.
  • It just doesn't get any better than this!

    This is, by far, my favorite episode of this show. There were so many parts throughout the show that I just laughed out loud. When Shawn and Gus went screaming from the sorority house, I laughed so hard I cried. No joke. Then there was their interaction in the haunted mental facility at the end. All of Gus's rules that Shawn had to meet before Gus would enter the haunted house were also hilarious. This episode was just pure comic genius through and through. Even the second time around, it was just as funny as the first. Watch it and love it!
  • A sorority pledge is killed, exactly how Shawn and Gus witnessed a suicide 20 years ago.

    I liked this episode a lot. I really liked all the flashbacks. I loved the opening scene. When the guy jumped onto Shawn's dad's car, and first started talking, I thought he was saying something like my wife is going into labor. I never expected he was going to say a woman is trying to jump out of her window at the insane asylum. The one thing I didn't get was in the opening scene, when Shawn opens his eyes, he sees the woman falling, but when his dad explains what really happened that night at dinner, he said an off-duty officer pulled her back. If the off-duty officer pulled her back, then she couldn't have been falling, like how Shawn saw her. One other kind of loose end was in the opening scene, it's Halloween night, and when the camera spans out to the sign about Wispy Sunny Pines, and we see it age over the years, it says "exactly 20 years later", but no where in the rest of the episode do they say anything about it being Halloween. If it was "exactly 20 years later" wouldn't the time frame of the episode be around Halloween? I really enjoyed Maggie Lawson (Jules) portrayal of a sorority girl, and you could see when watching her she enjoyed doing that part. The only other loose end in the episode I feel was never really tied up was the rings. Doreen and Alice had those rings with all the Celtic knots on them (which were really nice by the way), and the show made a big deal about them. When Shawn first meets Alice, the rings are one of the first things he notices about her. And when he's in her house, the only "clue" he finds is pictures of Alice and Doreen in a photo album, where the rings are highlighted. I just though it was weird that they would go to so much trouble making the rings a big thing, and then just completely forget about them. Other then those three loose ends, I loved this episode.
  • A fabulous, funny and scary episode!

    This episode is definitely one of my favorites. I have to watch it again and again just to see Shawn and Gus screaming at the car. LOL

    Note: The episode was directed by John Landis. He's a really good director (for the most part) and he does have a taste for "spooky" stuff. No wonder Shawn and Gus had to deal with "Scary Sherry". It was so cool!

    I liked when Shawn and Gus had dinner with Henry. Henry usually ends up helping them with a case. I like to see when Shawn attempts to "bond" with his father. And it is so funny that Shawn and Gus started the urban legend of Scary Sherry (which has spooked them since childhood). They are responsible for their own silly fear of the abandoned hospital. Juliet really got caught up in her "sorority sister" persona. It was funny to see her twirling her hair and talking like a spoiled little female. (No offense to anyone who was in a sorority). It was even funnier to me that Shawn, of all people, had to give her a reality check.

    I liked how all of the sorority sisters thought that Gus played Bud on The Cosby Show. I'd never thought about it before, but Gus does look like Bud. It was cute when Gus said, suavely "What you wanna ask me, girls?" and said he puts his pants on one leg at a time. LOL

    Another great scene was when Gus was "crying" over his missing cat, and then said that she came back. It was so funny when Shawn snuck around the house and then couldn't silence his cell phone.

    I like that Lassiter learned a lesson after being partnered with the crazy woman. She was just annoying. I liked when she jumped behind the counter at the store. It was funny in the hospital when she asked Lassiter "Did we get him?"

    I liked the scene where Juliet fought Alice. I was happy to see the guys run to her rescue but I'm extremely glad that we got to see her take care of herself. Poor Gus was stuck out in the hall. "Work the laces!" LOL That was great.

    The ending scene was fantastic, Juliet, Gus and Shawn sitting downe eating together. I loved it. I loved that Shawn threw a fortune cookie to Lassiter, letting him know that he was a friend too, not just a co-worker. It was a great finish to the first season. Just wonderful.
  • A college girl commits suicide in the same way as a supposed patient did twenty years before from the same room in a closed sanitarium. The police suspect foul play and put Juliet undercover. She gets the guys involved to back her up.

    Pretty entertaining episode. I think one of the biggest things we learn from this episode is perception is reality. The patient never committed suicide, but Shawn and Gus managed to start a long standing story that was still around twenty years later. Of course we find out they never saw her jump and just assumed she did because by the time they looked again she was gone. Very interesting how people perceive things differently.

    Juliet is pretending to be an older graduated sorority sister to infiltrate the sorority to see what happened with the latest girl. Of course it turns out it was an accident and at worst an involuntary manslaughter. Not that that matters to her "best friend" Alice.

    Alice has built a vendetta and is bound and determined to make the sorority girls pay. She murders one of the girls by dropping a toaster in her bath water while she's still in the tub. Actually sort of funny.

    I saw that some people thought this episode was scary. Actually it was pretty funny in general. There were no real scares and as a Halloween story was a little tame.

    I do have to admit that they did everything they could to make you not think it was Alice until the very end. Unfortunately they never give you any other suspects. Not even a wisp of a suspect actually. So it had to be Alice.

    The secondary story was a little annoying. Mercedes Ruehl was exceptionally good as the annoying Detective Gooch. It was very funny that the Captain thought Lassiter would work well with her because they were so much alike. That was maybe the funniest thing that happened in this episode actually.

    Overall not bad, Shawn doesn't get too strange and he and Gus do a really good job in solving the case in the end. So ends season one of Psych. Thanks for reading...
  • Nothing too shocking, but funny as always.

    This is the first episode of Psych that actually scared me. I mean, that silhouette of the girl in the window was pretty creepy. This episode did seem to feel more dramatic than the previous episodes, but it was still as funny as ever. Shawn's interactions with the culprit girl were great, and I loved Juliet getting more screen time. Some standout scary moments, hwoever, were Bianca's murder and all those candles at the house- I was on the edge of my seat during the final moments. Since it was the season finale, I wasn't sure if every main character would make it out alive- but they did, thankfully.
  • Hilarious.

    "Dude, we started an urban legend!"

    I loved this episode so much that I have it on tape. I even modeled my signature off of this episode. It was scary, especially at the very beginning, but not too scary. I thought it was really funny how everyone kept asking Gus if he played Bud on The Cosby Show and how Shawn came over the intercom at the end. That lady who worked with Lassiter (her name escapes me, I regret) was funny and a perfect match to Lassiter's seriousness. However, I kind of missed the singing in the Psych Out during the credits. Another excellent episode which fully lived up to the hype.

    The pinapple tradition continues.
  • Ever witness a jumper?

    Shawn and Gus as children think that they witnessed a suicide at Wispy Sunny Pines a mental institution. And they begin to believe and start a legend that the place is haunted. Now in the present they are asked to go back to the place of their nightmares to solve another death. The death of a sorority rushie. And O'hara has gone undercover, Lassiter has a new rookie partner. Shawn and Gus must forget and live past their fears of ghosts and haunting to keep the sorority girls alive after the murder and the murder of another sorority girl Bianca.

    This is exactly why I watch Psych!!! Everyone is so funny and the writters are ammazing. Great story line too. Loved Jules as a sorortiy girl, that was jsut so classic with the pink binder! And The whole Lassiter/Goochber thing s just made me fall out of my chair laughing!!! The only bad thing about this episode was that it was the season finale and that menas no more Psych until july!!!!!! Why oh why oh why must USA torture us so??? Missed Sean's dad though, there deffinately could have been so more scenes with him in them.... But nothing and I mean nothing can top Sean and Gus running to the car like screaming girls!
  • A really funny episode. The best one out of the season.

    This was a really great episode. I enjoyed how Juliet went under cover and in the beginning how they saw her in the police department and thought that it was a hot girl. That was really funny. I loved her pink binder. The flash back in this episode was intersting how Shawn's father has to X- ray his halloween candy before he can eat it. Poor Shawn. I loved when one of the girls from the sorority was telling Shawn about how her kitty clock was "spooky" but she wasn't very smart and didn't know that it just broke. Another good part was when Shawn and Gus run out of the house screaming and later when Gus says you were running to the car as well Shawn says no I was not, I was trying to get you back inside. I think the best part was when Shawn's father, Henry, tells them that the girl in the begining never did jump and a off duty police officer, which was Henry, pulled her back inside. Then Gus tells Shawn that you started a urban legend. "Dope!" So this episode was really good and was the best one out of the entire season.
  • crazy funny!!

    i was laughing the whole time. mostly when they got to the house and they was saying gus was bud off of the cosby show when he looked nothing like them and the part when shawn was trying to guess jules last name and he couldn't get it or the part when the lights kept on going off and on and everyone was screamin and when the lights came on the last time gus and shawn was runin and sreamin like girls and when jules came and calm shawn down gus was still gone i was dying!!!!!
  • Wall to wall laughs. Favorite episode so far...

    This episode was much more face paced then previous episodes with constant laughs. Detective Lassies has a new half-blind, deaf in one ear, pacemaker wearing partner. She was halarious I hope they keep her in other episodes ("I'm deaf in my left ear I took a crowbar to it at a party"; "Did we get him chief?" lassie->"He was the victim?").

    Juliets undercover at a sorority and can't shake her new found blondness.

    Gus and Shawn are afraid of a ghost. Classic when they ran out of the sorority house screaming.

    Overall this was my favorite episode of the season right behind the starbucks episode.
  • A sorority is being haunted. Shawn and Gus team up with O'Hara to solve a possible murder that looks like a suicide.

    The episode starts out on Halloween night when Shawn and Gus are children. Shawn's dad is on his way to x-ray the candy to make sure there are no razor blades when he has to go to a mental hospital where a girl is going to jump from a window. Shawn and Gus are ordered to close their eyes and not to open them until Henry (Shawn's dad) gets back. Shawn being Shawn opens his eyes and sees a girl letting go of the building. Gus covers Shawn's eyes and when they open their eyes the girl has fallen.

    Then the show flashes forward to the present and a girl is being haunted in the old mental hospital. In her attempt to run away from this masked person she falls out of the same window scary Sherry jumped out of.

    Jules O'Hara comes to Psych for their help because the sorority is being haunted. And Lassiter has a temporary partner that is a new detective despite her being older than Lassiter.

    Shawn, Gus, and Jules are at the sorority house and one of the sisters Bianca is telling a story about a haunting which sounds more like a case of an old clock malfunctioning. After than the girls ask Gus if he played Bud on the Cosby show. Apparently Shawn led the girls to believe that. Then the lights turn on and off and then a deep voice says some creepy stuff and a few things fall over. The masked face that killed one of the sisters reappears in the window. Gus freaks out and drives away.

    Shawn discovers that Bianca is next to be killed. But before Gus, Shawn, and Jules can get there in time she dies from a toaster in the bath tub.

    Jules is invited to a candle light vigil at the hospital. And Shawn's dad tells Shawn and Gus that Scary Sherry never jumped. She was pulled to safety just in time and is now rehabilitated and living a normal life. And Shawn discovers that Alice a friend of the dead sorority sister (who's death is now understood to be an accident caused by Bianca) is responsible for Bianca's murder and is about to kill Jules during the vigil.

    Shawn and Lassiter save the day and Alice is taken away.
  • Good story, but felt as if something was missing.

    Another good episode from a show that only delivered this kind of episodes so far, but truly felt as if something more was missing or was in need.

    This is no season finale. It's just one more episode like any other and since it has so few of Shawn's mumble-jumbles, I start to think if it wouldn't have been better if last week's episode was aired like season finale instead of this one.

    I expected more from Shawn-O'Hara relationship also, which might have influenced my overall opinion, but the case is that a lot of things were awkward.

    For example, I have never seen so many edition mistakes in one single episode of this show. And Henry's only scene was very weird. The mere fact that he insisted to Shawn to appear and dine with him is weird enough already.

    But there is a lot of funny scenes also. All Lassiter's scenes with his new partner for example. His nickname, "Scarecrow", per se is already funny, but that new detective almost seemed a mental institution fugitive.

    And if someone needs some kind of enclosure of development a season finale normally has, the end scene where Lassiter almost try to be friendly with Shawn, Gus and O'Hara is a beginning.

    Let's stay tuned, though, in other shows until the summer, when our beloved "Psych" returns.
  • Never expected this!!!

    I was not expecting this episode at all. I thought it was weird at first becasue it was halloween and Exactly 20 years later would make it Halloween but it wasn't. So the episode, well it was a mental patient who supposedly commited suicide bu later we find out by Shawn's father that she was pulled back in a she was back in a mental institute. The thing is I think I missed something becasue if she lived why did her best friend think she was dead and try to murder Juliet. That was a confusing paert to me. The show had it's funny parts especially with Lassiter and that lady and when Gus was always afraid. Excellent episode. Out of the ordinary too. Geat installment with the horror. It's good once in a while.
  • Season 1 finale

    Season 1 of Pysch goes out with a bang, Juliet goes undercover at a college sorority to solve a murder and brings Shawn in to use his Psychic powers to try and discover why the girls are scared.

    This Pysch episode was awesome, I loved the part where Shawn and Gus run out of the room screaming like girls, that cracked me up.

    I liked Lassiter's partner in this episode she always had an excuse as to why she couldn't do anything, and the fact that the chief that they would make a good pair was priceless.

    A great way to end the first season.
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