Season 1 Episode 15

Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2007 on USA

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  • A college girl commits suicide in the same way as a supposed patient did twenty years before from the same room in a closed sanitarium. The police suspect foul play and put Juliet undercover. She gets the guys involved to back her up.

    Pretty entertaining episode. I think one of the biggest things we learn from this episode is perception is reality. The patient never committed suicide, but Shawn and Gus managed to start a long standing story that was still around twenty years later. Of course we find out they never saw her jump and just assumed she did because by the time they looked again she was gone. Very interesting how people perceive things differently.

    Juliet is pretending to be an older graduated sorority sister to infiltrate the sorority to see what happened with the latest girl. Of course it turns out it was an accident and at worst an involuntary manslaughter. Not that that matters to her "best friend" Alice.

    Alice has built a vendetta and is bound and determined to make the sorority girls pay. She murders one of the girls by dropping a toaster in her bath water while she's still in the tub. Actually sort of funny.

    I saw that some people thought this episode was scary. Actually it was pretty funny in general. There were no real scares and as a Halloween story was a little tame.

    I do have to admit that they did everything they could to make you not think it was Alice until the very end. Unfortunately they never give you any other suspects. Not even a wisp of a suspect actually. So it had to be Alice.

    The secondary story was a little annoying. Mercedes Ruehl was exceptionally good as the annoying Detective Gooch. It was very funny that the Captain thought Lassiter would work well with her because they were so much alike. That was maybe the funniest thing that happened in this episode actually.

    Overall not bad, Shawn doesn't get too strange and he and Gus do a really good job in solving the case in the end. So ends season one of Psych. Thanks for reading...