Season 5 Episode 8

Shawn 2.0

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 01, 2010 on USA

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    Remember when I said that this show was done a few weeks back? Well, I was wrong. They had a great episode with Chi McBride last week and they had another great one here with Nestor Carbonell of Lost fame. This was a different role than the one he played on that ABC series, but he did a great job doing it. He should definitely recurr on this show if he cannot get anymore work.

    There were so many quoteworthy lines and moments, and James Roday has consistently been the funniest man on television this summer. Great episode of Psych tonight.
  • Shawn goes against Declan Rand a "criminal profiler" who seems to be better than him. Shawn's particularly upset that Declan asks Juliet on a date before he can. *spoilers*

    I think that this episdoe was pretty good- definately not perfect, but better than its been for a few weeks. The theme song version was OK, but a little weird. I sort of felt bad for the woman who killed those people. I was kind of hoping that Declan would be the bad guy. He really deserved it. I hated how Juliet forgave him when he told her the truth- he should've been arrested! Poor Shawn. And they were so close. My theory is that Declan psycologically studied Juliet and knew that what he said would make her ironically choose him over Shawn. And the women kissing Shawn at the end- very weird.