Season 4 Episode 5

Shawn Has the Yips

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 11, 2009 on USA

Episode Recap

Flashback - 1989: Henry teaches Shawn the finer details of baseball by having him throw balls at a standing target. Present Day The members of the Santa Barbara Police Department are celebrating a softball win and Buzz's birthday at a bar. The others complain that Shawn almost cost them the game with his bad playing. Shawn claims to have the yips and decides he needs the help of a sports psychologist, whom he's trying to hire on the police department's dime. Then he notices a person with a gun lingering at the entrance and tries to warn Lassiter, who doesn't take Shawn seriously. Not until the suspicious stranger pulls out his gun and aims directly at the gathered SBPD softball team does Lassiter take action. He brings out both his pistols and starts shooting, but it's too late. The stranger flees. Shawn suspects that one of their own was the intended target, and informs Chief Vick, but she's not entirely convinced. Lassiter and Juliet go to follow up on a clue dropped by the suspect: a motel room key. But the clue turns out to be a dead end. After getting chastised by his dad by not calling to tell him that he's alright (which Gus already did for his parents), Shawn takes Gus and goes back to the crime scene. He attempts to restage the incident, and figures out that the shooter was specifically standing in the surveillance camera's blind spot. And Shawn could determine, from where the shooter was, that Lassiter was the target. Shawn calls Lassiter to warn him, and the phone call probably saves Lassiter's life. As he ducks to reach for his phone in the car, a bullet breaks the driver-side window and forces Lassiter's car off the road. Since Lassiter is a target, he's taken off the case, and this frustrates him. He's placed under 24 hour guard and forced to stay at the police station, but when he interferes once too often with the investigation, Shawn and Gus decide to move their research to the Psych office. Juliet pops in and they examine the newest office toy: an elliptical machine. Narrowing down the list of suspects who might have something against Lassiter is difficult, but Shawn finds a promising lead. A drug lord named Petrovich, who was recently released from prison. There were other names on the police report as well: McNab and Shawn and Gus themselves, even though Gus doesn't remember working on the case. Shawn just got their names on the file so that they could get paid as consultants. Juliet checks on McNab, but just as she's about to leave, he opens his mailbox and is thrown backwards by a large explosion. He turns out to be fine, apart from a concussion, a burnt-off eyebrow and some missing toes. Gus heads to the Psych office to check on Shawn and finds him on the elliptical. Shawn looks worn out and shows off a note taped to a water bottle: "If your heart rate drops below 150 you DIE." He also points out a blinking light at the bottom of the exercise machine. But before things turn out for the worst, Juliet arrives and informs them that the note was a motivational way to keep up with her training regimen, and that her trainer does it for her. The blinking light turns out to be a phone, which Shawn was tossing around earlier. Shawn figures out that Petrovich might be in hiding and sends Lassiter and Juliet to an old hideout of Petrovich's gang. They discover a secret room hidden underneath the floorboards and find and kill Petrovich. With the case seemingly solved, Shawn watches news footage of the case on the TV, but he notices something strange. Petrovich had a scar on his right hand, which Shawn remembered the shooter at the bar didn't have. The real culprit was still at large. They figure out at that Petrovich had already died by the time they found him, forced to OD on the drugs he was pushing to kids. The killer must be someone who was affected by the drug lord and wanted to seek out revenge. Lassiter is out visiting some of the families who were victims of Petrovich's crimes, and when Shawn and Gus track him down, they find him held at gunpoint by a distraught father whose son had ODed. The father was upset that Petrovich was released from prison after only a couple of years and wanted everyone involved in the investigation dead. Shawn still has the cordless phone from earlier in his pocket, so he tries to throw it at the father's head. He misses, but this is enough of a distraction for Lassiter to take down the culprit. Shawn gets his time with the sports psychologist and finally thinks he's over the yips. But Gus points out that maybe he didn't get rid of the yips after all. Maybe they migrated somewhere else. Shawn doubts it, but when he discovers that his batting has grown worse, he tries to call the psychologist back.