Season 4 Episode 9

Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2009 on USA

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  • Had much higher expectations...

    When I discovered there was an episode of Shawn whumpage I was still watching season one. It was only until I reached season 3 that I could no longer contain my excitement, so I skipped several episodes to watch me some Psych drama! Needless to say, I had very high expectations.

    By the end of it, I would say it was an alright episode. The humour was really decent. BUT they could've done A LOT more than just constant jokes (when really it's supposed to be a dramatic episode), especially with the very disappointing end. *SPOILER ALERT* When there was the sudden cut from the Echo pulling closer to Shawn and Gus conversing about Juliet (bleh) - I would've much rather watched Shawn in the hospital.

    Also, when I watched the episode commentary three things that spoke out to me:

    1) The executive producer woman commenting on how she loves seeing characters hurt (mainly Shawn) AND that she sees Shawn like a "super" character with many skills. HUGE thanks to her as she was the one who suggested an episode like this in the first place.

    2) They decided to cut the actual bullet penetrating Shawn's shoulder with the addition of blood. BAD MISTAKE. They should've kept it. They thought the graphic would "upset" the audience. (Do they not remember what they did in the pilot? Now that was graphic).

    3) The phone conversation of Shawn with Juliet was originally supposed to be with Henry....

    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! We FINALLY get an excuse to take advantage of a father/son moment and they PULL THIS CRAP?!?! We don't need any more Shules infecting the show further. The only relationship I want to see explored is the the dynamic between Shawn and his father.

    And with that, I end my ranting...and this review.

  • That's it? Really?

    For fans this episode was suppose to be the big highlight of the 4th season. If, like I did, you have been following cast interview, you knew that there is suppose to be a emotional conversation between Shawn and Juliet. But first let's talk about the story.

    We meet Lassiter, Jules and Gus in the middle of nowhere and learn that Shawn has been kidnapped. He sends Gus some cryptic messages like (minor SPOILER) "binshot not lol" meaning that he's been shot and it is not fun. I don't know about others but this joke was not funny for me when it was coming and definitely wasn't funny when they explained it. Where were the writers aiming? 15 year olds? I'm a bit doubtful if just anyone finds that funny. Anyway the show takes us through some flashbacks and we get to see the investigation... which is not very funny as well. Shawn and Guses antics really grew old - how many times did I hear "You've got to be out of your damned mind" from Gus?

    The second half of the episode is the present time and the investigation. Henry gets involved to have some conversations with Lassiter, which, again, are mediocre. How funny is that Henry is in better shape than Lassiter? Also Lassiter gets a new car in the episode (looks like the old one), which doesn't factor in until very end of the episode and still is underused. These little subplots can be fun - rember how in Monk Julie got to trash the brand new Dodge Charger? In Psych nothing happens. Oh, Lassiter gets to say "I love these new brakes" after doing a hand brake stop. Comedy gold (sic!).

    Now Shawn and Jules. There is really awkward scene when she goes in Shawns apartment (yes, we get to see it) and finds Abigails toothbrush and some clothes. It makes me awkward as well - how much would you like to visit your ex-partner(or interest) and find traces of his/hers current love object? Not cool. And there is a "big" emotional scene. From what Lawson said in the interview I though she would put more heart into it. She doesn't really get emotional, she doesn't blush, she doesn't spill a single tear of joy, almost nothing. In all honesty the romance in season 2 and 3 was hundred times better. Oh, Shawns later comments on this "confession" like if it was nothing - so what, 3 years of buildup between him and Jules and suddenly he so tight with Abigail. I know the writers have it planned that it isn't so but it just doesn't make you care so much as it did before.

    One thing that shows about this episode is, like Roday or Steve Franks said, use of special effect. There is one pointless effect of a 3d bullet going into Shawn. What's the point? And they didn't even have enough funds to show the bullet go in. The point is - Psych doesn't need this. Unless that is only "fresh" idea that they can come up with. If so - then I would say that it is about time to end the show. At least it wouldn't stain the great memories that season 1-3 left us.
  • One word: Heartstopping!

    usually, Psych episodes are ratehr light with a little drama thrown in for good measure. this time they reversed the formula and I worked surprisingly well. it was nice to see Shawn as determined and proficient. now we know he can be mature. he just chooses not to most of the time. the little funny interludes kept the episode from feeling too un-Psych like. also, the swaping of the usual pairs worked very well too. seeing Henry and Carlton work together was really interesting since they are so much alike. and Gus and Juliet as the two people who care about Shawn the most while not related to him. I also enjoyed the little Sahwn/Juliet interlude. we know they have feelings for each otehr but it is handled in a rather subtle and believable way. I also liked the bad guy who was not so bad after all. and the car chase was fun in true Psych fashion. it was one of the most enjoyable episodes not only of the season but of the show.
  • The story revolves around Shawn, who gets in some trouble, and it's up to team to save him before it's too late.

    I've been watching the seasons on DVD, and I actually skipped 3 episodes tonight just so I could watch it, and I have to say, I was not disappointed! This episode is probably my favorite so far. I love the back-track of the story, showing us how Shawn got kidnapped. I loved seeing Henry work with Detective Lassiter, and I also enjoyed a more "serious" Shawn (if there ever was one). I also liked the fact that Lassiter showed how much he cared for Shawn. Yes he's a cop and finding people is his job, but finding Shawn was personal for him, even if they don't always get along.

    The episode was just so interesting, and it kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time. I am definitely going to have to watch this episode again!
  • Compelling Shawn, Maturing Shawn? - and how did they do that????

    To keep viewers interested in someone who could easily just become a royal annoyance with his "snarkiness" :-), this episode among other darker ones allows Shawn's character to show some depth and that makes him all the more interesting and compelling to watch. I had faith that he would be okay, but it was pretty terrifying and full of derring-do along the way. Also - how in the world do they shoot the vehicle chase scenes? I'd love to see a "behind the scenes" on this part although I think I've figured it out after several viewings.

    I know that Shawn will eventually have to outgrow his Peter Pan persona, but I hope the writers find a way to keep his buoyant spirit alive and well as he deepens in the inevitable "maturing" process (despite what the title song says). I just cannot figure out a "normal" occupation for his character and talents other than what he has carved out for himself. Could he become a psychologist like his mother?

    What would happen to Shawn if he took medication for his "ADD", or was that just a line he gave in this script. Was Shawn ever diagnosed as having ADD? I wonder.

    Thanks USA, Steve Franks, James Roday, Dule Hill, and all the people who make this show possible. What a treat for all of us!
  • I was very excited to watch the episode the first time around, and it was just as brilliant the second time!

    Heartfelt, hilarious, exciting? How could you not love this episode! The overall of idea of having Shawn kidnapped was an excellent plotline to explore, and I do not think it could have been written any better. Psych stays true to its element completely, which is especially seen when Gus and Lassiter fight over whose car Shawn should jump on. That entire scene was excellent, especially in the dialogue. It seemed perfectly in character that when fighting to escape a psychopath, Shawn has to respond to Lassiter's comment that he is "the same person" as his father but shouting "Am not!" through the windshield. I loved the Lassiter/Henry duo, which is especially important to establish considering how much they interact once Henry comes back to the SBPD. I also loved the Juliet/Gus dynamic because it is rare for them to be seen together alone. And on top of all of the important new relationship explorations, Abigal and Shawn remained evident. He used her name when calling Juliet as his 'goodbye call,' and her toothbrush was in his apartment to cause Juliet's brief jealousy. It's great that even though the actress is not present in the episode, her character is not forgotten.
  • Why do people keep rating this show so low?!?!

    So, in all honesty, Psych is amazing. It's original, engaging, funny and quite often very smart. But the one thing I don't understand is why so many people keep rating these episodes low and only the Season 1 episodes are scored high? This season may not be the best, but season 1 is not a great season...
    Anyway, this episode was good. It was a lot of fun, there were a lot of funny bits and some pop culture references that I definitely laughed at (As is often the case with Psych)
    The car chase at the end in particular I though was rather good for a TV show (Particularly one not on a main network) But Psych is no "24" (Not that I want it to be) but there are times where I wish the show would have a bit more tension. Yet this could just be me.
  • "An Evening With Mr. Yang" all over again, in a good way.

    This was definitely a great episode. No doubt about it. Everything was well scripted, and even James Roday got to show off some of his acting skills as a dramatic actor. It's easy to picture fans on the edge of their seats the whole time, biting their nails into their popcorn. I actually even felt sorry for the guy who was starting to be nice to Shawn, but was killed by his partner.
    However, the climactic car chase felt somewhat out of place. The whole episode was particularly dark, both in the scenery and metaphorically, but the climax involved daylight and even a bit of comedy. I suppose it was to level out the fact that most of the episode didn't have enough fresh air. Overall, a fantastic episode. Almost as great as "An Evening With Mr. Yang."
  • I loved the way this episode was done. It was different from the usual format and the end where he jumps from one car to the other was awesome. I've been waiting for it ever since I saw the new intro. Also it was the first time Shawn was ever shot.

    I loved the way this episode was done. It was different from the usual format and the end where he jumps from one car to the other was awesome. I've been waiting for it ever since I saw the new intro. Also it was the first time Shawn was ever shot. It was a decent end of the first half of the season. This season has been hit and miss for me so far. I hope the next half is better. Shawn escaping from the car and hiding in the woods was cool and I liked the guest actors this week. One of which will be joining the cast of LOST next year.
  • Interesting epidsode

    I actually really enjoyed this episode. I will admit it didn't give me the belly laughs that Psych usually gives me. But I found it interesting to see the characters in a different environment. I enjoyed seeing Shawn having to deal with reality of the dangers of police work, up until now he has never truly had to face it. (except for maybe the serial killer episode) I enjoyed seeing James Roday flex his dramatic muscles and I thought he did a pretty good job. I enjoyed Lassiter and Henry teaming up to find Shawn, I loved the bickering between them. That part was fun. The only thing I felt the failed on was Juliet, only for the fact that Shawn is missing, and they know he's wounded and all she can go on about in his house is the fact that Abigail has stuff at Shawn's house. I was like "Priorities, Woman! Find Shawn, then worry about the girlfriend" I also loved seeing Henry worried for his son, we know these two are never going to be flowers, rainbows, and bunnies but it is nice to see that they do really love each other now then. So all in all, a good episode, maybe not as funny as the regular episodes, but I like things shaken up from time to time, so I enjoyed it.
  • Fun, entertaining and engaging.

    Fun, entertaining and enganging the mid-season finale of Psych provided a nice change of pace from the show's often formulaic plotlines to deliver something we did not expect to see: Shawn as a victim, and not the detective helping out.

    The writing was strong and although the motive for the kidnapping was a bit lame and the final payoff action scene was not exactly something directed by Michael Bay, you would be hard pressed to find too many people that did not like the episode. Corbin Bernsen got more time, Shawn's 80's references were absent, it looks like Psych is reading my reviews and finally listening to reason.

    Good way to go out for a few months.
  • Best episode of the season!

    Too bad it was the fall finale--no new episodes until January?--because this was my favorite episode of the season, and one of the best of the series so far. It was a more serious "Psych" than usual, as Sean is alone in maybe his most dangerous situation yet. The real strength of the episode lies in its character development. We get to see Sean's apartment, learn more about the Juliet/Sean/Abigail triangle, and--most delightfully--see characters who don't normally interact paired up. The young Sean/Henry flashbacks, too, work very well here, as we see all throughout the episode how invaluable Henry's training has been to Shawn (and speaking of the father-son relationship, dig the "Spencer" jokes from Lassie). And it was nice to see James Roday flex his dramatic muscle a bit; I thought he was better here than in the similarly serious episode "Mr. Yang."
    Finally, don't miss the jab at "The Mentalist"--the third one this season, actually. But c'mon, there's no contest as to which is the better show. :)
  • This was a great episode! I thought that it was a wonderful episode and probably 1 of the best of the series. I have 2 say ignore all the bad reviews because it was awesome Loved all the character interactions

    This was a great episode!!!!! I thought that it was a wonderful episode and probably one of the best of the series. I to say ignore all the bad reviews because I thought that it was great. Loved all the character interactions and since i don't want to give anything thing away i wont and will just say you have to watch this episode!!!! Because i assure u this is a wonderful episode and it did get bad reviews they were wrong because this episode rocked my socks off and i loved the lassi line at the end with shawn. Loved it!!
  • Best episode ever! Shawn gets shot, Gus and Henry get worried, Juliet gets jealous, and best of all, Lassiter calls Shawn detective -- without being sarcastic! Oh yeah, and Lassiter has a new car! We also get to see where Shawn lives.

    I cannot even begin to understand why the episode score for Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark isn't a nine, let alone a ten.

    I'm very disappointed with the people who review this show.
    They obviously don't know a good episode if it hit them in the face. If you are not a dedicated fan of Psych, you shouldn't be reviewing any of the episodes.

    This is the best episode I have ever seen! It is officially my favorite. Do not be fooled by the low reviews! Humor is definitely not lacking, that's for sure. And we finally get to see where Shawn lives!

    I have been waiting for an episode where Shawn gets shot; I've read it in fanfiction, and now it has finally happened! Shawn getting shot is officially canon!

    The best part of this whole episode is what Lassiter says in the end. I literally squealed like the fangirl I am when I heard this:

    Lassiter: "Good shot, detective."
    Shawn: "Did you just call me detective?"
    Lassiter: "No."

    You see! I always knew Lassiter liked Shawn. Yes, Lassiter thinks Shawn is a pain in the ass, but he doesn't hate Shawn -- and he definitely doesn't want Shawn to get hurt. So now we have proof that Lassiter considers Shawn as one of his own. He just likes to pretend otherwise for appearances sake. *grin*

    I never was a fan of Shawn and Juliet as a couple, and I can only hope that it never happens. It's not that I don't like Juliet, that is definitely not the case. I just like them as friends. Especially now that Abigail is in the picture. And I like that Shawn and Abigail are together even more.

    Shawn loves Abigail -- he said so himself, albeit not directly to her, but he meant it -- and I can only hope that this relationship will last this whole season, if not longer.

    I feel bad for Juliet, I really do. It's obvious that she is jealous of Abigail, and she loves Shawn, but it took Shawn's mom getting kidnapped for her to do something about it.

    Shawn isn't the guy he used to be when he was younger. He doesn't do one night stands anymore. Shawn is in a relationship with Abigail now and he wants to be with her. I just really hope this works out.
  • Mid season finale..

    In an attempt to recreate the nail biting tension Psych tried to do in the Yin Yang episode, the whole package ended up looking stupid.

    Things get personal after Shawn tries to stick his nose in a case. He is shot and taken hostage by a ex-US Army sniper turned rogue. I did like the first three-quarters of the episode, but the ending scene was just too cheesy and couldn't draw a line between comedy and action. I think for most part, the comedic lifeline is provided by Shawn's mannerisms and cool demeanor while solving cases, and not the bad guy looking like a total goofball. I mean for a guy who plans to rob an armored truck and use fake identities, putting Shawn in the back of a pickup truck and tying him up like a zoo monkey while making his escape was top notch ridiculous. And what's up with the 'don't jump on my car' gag? This is exactly the place, where you can't draw the line; in the end making it look like a Seth Rogen movie.

    Psych continues to disappoint. sigh....
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