Season 4 Episode 9

Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2009 on USA

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  • That's it? Really?

    For fans this episode was suppose to be the big highlight of the 4th season. If, like I did, you have been following cast interview, you knew that there is suppose to be a emotional conversation between Shawn and Juliet. But first let's talk about the story.

    We meet Lassiter, Jules and Gus in the middle of nowhere and learn that Shawn has been kidnapped. He sends Gus some cryptic messages like (minor SPOILER) "binshot not lol" meaning that he's been shot and it is not fun. I don't know about others but this joke was not funny for me when it was coming and definitely wasn't funny when they explained it. Where were the writers aiming? 15 year olds? I'm a bit doubtful if just anyone finds that funny. Anyway the show takes us through some flashbacks and we get to see the investigation... which is not very funny as well. Shawn and Guses antics really grew old - how many times did I hear "You've got to be out of your damned mind" from Gus?

    The second half of the episode is the present time and the investigation. Henry gets involved to have some conversations with Lassiter, which, again, are mediocre. How funny is that Henry is in better shape than Lassiter? Also Lassiter gets a new car in the episode (looks like the old one), which doesn't factor in until very end of the episode and still is underused. These little subplots can be fun - rember how in Monk Julie got to trash the brand new Dodge Charger? In Psych nothing happens. Oh, Lassiter gets to say "I love these new brakes" after doing a hand brake stop. Comedy gold (sic!).

    Now Shawn and Jules. There is really awkward scene when she goes in Shawns apartment (yes, we get to see it) and finds Abigails toothbrush and some clothes. It makes me awkward as well - how much would you like to visit your ex-partner(or interest) and find traces of his/hers current love object? Not cool. And there is a "big" emotional scene. From what Lawson said in the interview I though she would put more heart into it. She doesn't really get emotional, she doesn't blush, she doesn't spill a single tear of joy, almost nothing. In all honesty the romance in season 2 and 3 was hundred times better. Oh, Shawns later comments on this "confession" like if it was nothing - so what, 3 years of buildup between him and Jules and suddenly he so tight with Abigail. I know the writers have it planned that it isn't so but it just doesn't make you care so much as it did before.

    One thing that shows about this episode is, like Roday or Steve Franks said, use of special effect. There is one pointless effect of a 3d bullet going into Shawn. What's the point? And they didn't even have enough funds to show the bullet go in. The point is - Psych doesn't need this. Unless that is only "fresh" idea that they can come up with. If so - then I would say that it is about time to end the show. At least it wouldn't stain the great memories that season 1-3 left us.