Season 1 Episode 8

Shawn vs. The Red Phantom

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2006 on USA

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  • Gus and Shawn investigate a missing 18 year old which leads them to TriCon. TriCon is a big science fiction and comic book convention and Gus is very excited about going.

    This episode is great especially when Shawn goes up to the stage and tells the crowd that he is a real psychic. He also calls Gus his assistant called Magic Head which is really funny! Its kinda mean when Shawn tears up one of Gus' prized comics although he had to do it to solve the case.
    The part with the Chief and Lassiter is pretty funny. The scenes with them in the car when her water breaks is good. I also thought the bit and the end where Gus, Juliette, Lassiter and Shawn are at the hospital, looking at all the babies. The others try to convince the chief not to come into work until around January. The very end with the posters of Psych-Man and Magic Head is really funny!
  • Very funny episode.

    I'm a little sad that it's a season finale, but I thought it was a great episode none the less.
    I like the fact that the show ended like it did. I hate it when shows make their season finales two parters and I say that because by the time they show the second part, I've already forgotten what it was about.
    I'm not that much into comic books, but I do like Star Trek and other things Sci-fi.
    I thought it was funny how they pretended to be George Takei's assistants and actually got him believing it!
    It was kind of funny at the end when Shawn showed up with the Magic Head poster. I think it would be kind of cool to have a comic book character based on myself, but I'm not cool enough, unfortunately!
  • Absolutely hilarious!

    This episode of Psych was extremely funny. The entire situation with George Takei was ridiculously funny. Shawn and Gus convinced everyone, including Mr. Takei, that they were his assistants. It's so stupid because he should remember hiring them, as Shawn claimed. LOL I loved, loved, LOVED when Shawn went on stage to impress everyone at the convention with his psychic ability. It was so funny when he called Gus Magic Head. When he touched Gus' head, trying to use it to help him with his "ability" I laughed so hard that tears came to my eyes.

    Gus is such a cutie, such an adorable dweeb. His knowledge of history, spelling bees, comic books, etc are coming in very handy. I am impressed with Gus' many skills. Shawn is lucky to have him. They make great partners. I couldn't believe when Shawn destroyed Gus' comic book, even though he did it for an important reason. Shawn is lucky that Gus knew so much about the comic or they probably wouldn't have solved the case. I suspected the comic creator of being the suspect but I also suspected Thalia. Its funny that Shawn is always attracted to women that could be the suspect. He and Gus do like the bad girls. :)
  • Shawn and Gus go to Comic-Con.

    Wow, this episode was awesome. It is such a shame that it's the season finale. So anyways, Shawn and Gus go to a comic book convention to solve the disappearance of a teenager. Then at the convention they meet George Takei, who is a former member of the cast of Star Trek(I think?). Plus I especially like this episode because of the jokes. Like when Shawn was talking about about the kids mattress and was talking about using a glass of wine and a bowling ball(like in that commercial). Then at the convention where the show(mostly Shawn) is making fun of the Batman and Robin movie(the newest one) and how that was a down-fall for that comic. Lastley I liked how Shawn gave a date for season 2, by telling the chief to come back in January(since she just gave birth to her baby) So, yeah for some reason this episode really stood out for me. I don't know if it's because I'm a comic junky or if this is the season finale, the world may never know.
  • Comics... who would have thought would be an inspiration for murder?

    When the capitan and Lassiter go for a convention and on the way the capitan must give birth. O'hara hires Shawna dn Gus on a case to find a missing person. Their clues lead them to a comic book convention.There they begin working on for George Tekai under false pretenses. They find out that their missing person is not there when he was supposed to be. So they follow the clues and soon all other people begin to go missing at this comic book convention. During this time Shawn and Gus also tell the people of the convention that he is a psychic. They solve the case when they figure out that the kidnapper is following his own comic.
  • Enjoyable, but a little confusing.

    I couldn't really follow how the notes fit into the kidnappings until the end. Then, seeing that comic book and Shawn pulling the pages out of it, I was in shock. Not only did Shawn uncover the plot from the comic book, but he ripped it: a signed, first printing comic book that Gus spent months (or was it years) looking for. My favorite part was seeing Lassiter help give birth to Vick's baby girl. He seemed so sensitive when handling the baby.

    Favorite Quote (paraphrased since I don't remember the exact wording of this exchange):

    Vick: I'll be back in work tomorrow.
    Shawn: No! You spend time with your daugher. How about January?

    I had to laugh at that because Shawn stated the very month that Psych would be returning for new episodes. And, at the end when I saw Shawn come in, I could have sworn that he brought a new comic for Gus. Of course, those posters were kind of cool.
  • In this episode Shawn and Gus have to go to a Comic-Con to solve the abductions. Very funny episode, with lots of references to the Batman universe, and special participation of George Takei.

    A kid have disapeared and Shawn steps in to solve it. The leads take them to a Comics convention with all the typical (and not so typical) geeks. In order to entre the convention, Shawn lies that they are George Takei's assistants. Very funny scene when Shawn calls Takei Chekov and Scotty. Once inside, Shawn and Gus have to find the friends of the missing kid.
    To do that, Gus take the stage and make a number as a psych, impressing the easily impressable crownd. Very funny moment.
    After that, the story unravels, with lots of references to the Batman universe, on the names of the characters and the reference to a certain movie with nipples on the heroes costumes.
    George Takei special appearance is highlighted by its funny conversations with Shawn, as a very very annoying star with his somewhat exotic requests.
  • I didn't really care for this episode.

    I can't believe that this was a season finale! There was no cliff-hanger, no big conclusion there was absoulutely nothing. I have to admit that I am disapointed. When the ending came I was thinking Are you kidding me. The whole why don't you come back in January was a horrible ending. The storyline was average. I was just excited that I actually guess the criminal this time! I was taken by surprise though when Juliet was a comic book geek. Also, Lassiter's pep talking to the chief having her baby was really funny. I really should have rated this episode lower, but I guess since it's PSYCH I'll keep it up there.
  • Once again Gus is in his element when he and Shawn must investigate the disappearance of an 18 year old at the TriCon Comic and Science Fiction Convention. The Chief's water breaks and Lassiter must be their in the hospital when she has her baby.

    Don't you just love Shawn's dad's twisted sense of right and wrong as the feet held in stone cop. Everything to him is about absolute reality. The stories they tell of Shawn's upbringing are hilarious. No wonder Shawn is the crazed person he is as an adult. What a strange childhood.

    Shawn and Gus are really in their element at the TriCon as Psych-Man and MagicHead. The whole bit with George Takei was precious with the blueberries from the Carolina's and the fake assistants. The fact that there is actually a plot against the three people was truly funny. For once the girl that Shawn is scamming on is not the villain but one of the victims. Who else thought it was the comic book writer who's character was ruined by the movie studio right after meeting him? I'm amazed that Gus did not take Shawn's head off for tearing the cover of his first edition comic book up. I have lived and worked with true comic book collectors. I was in a fantasy football league with a whole group of them for seven years. If you ever did anything like that you would be dead.

    It was funny and appropriate that Lassiter was with the Chief when her water broke in his car and that he was there when she had her baby in the hospital. Talk about the least appropriate person. I'm glad she missed his small talk in the car about them hiring her to be the new Chief. It was a little embarrassing for him. Of course nothing new. Timothy Omundson is brilliant in that role.

    I think there is an evil child in there blocking my psychic powers. See you next time...
  • Episode involving a series of kidnappings related to a comic con.

    I just had to write something about this episode! I like the way Shawn usually talks people into believing things, but the way he convinces George Takei into believing they, he and Gus, work for him is hilarious!! (its around the 20th minute, watch it again!) George has never seen them before but because they react so quickly and convincingly to everything he says he has no choice but to agree with what they say. I loved the way they made up another assistant, trash her and say they fired her :P
    Great performance by George Takei by the way!

    GT: "I'm very confused"
  • Hysterical

    I never thought that a detective series could be any funnier than Monk, but there have been a few episodes here and there that were amusing, but this one takes the cake. Absolutely hysterical in my opinion. I don't think i stopped laughing. Since the beginning of the series, I thought they were onto something good but just haven't really found themselves yet, but this episode definitely proved that this show works. The case focuses on a missing persons, which leads into multiple missing persons, blahblahblah, basically it all leads to a Comic Convention. It does unravel well though.

    The case itself is somewhat predictable, but not entirely, as you are too busy cracking up to really focus on who is responsible for the missing persons. But it is the two main leads, Sean and Gus, that continue to impress me with some great interaction between the two. Sean's comments towards Gus are some of the best the entire season. I certainly Sean uses Gus' "Magic Head" in future episodes. There is a great balance of humor and development in this show, and I Certainly hope that ratings for the show are good enough for more than 1 season. I want to see more wacky "psychic" adventures of Sean and Gus.
  • An average Psych, a bit of a dissapointment for the season finale.

    This was an average episode. It was funny, but not nearly as funny as most of the other episodes. Although the whole thing with Psych-man and Magichead was hillarious. And Shawn pretending to be that guys assistant made me laugh. The mystery was alright, although an easy one to guess, which was dissapointning. There were a few moments between Shawn and Juliet, although not really great ones. I hope that the next season will get them together. I'm glad that the captain finally had her baby. It was funny watching Lassiter react to that, although I sort of missed the fighting between him and Shawn.

    One thing I have to complain about is why Gus is always really into the subject the show is focussing on? For the wedding one, he was into safes. For the spelling bee one, he loved spelling bees. The same is true for the Civil War and for how he believed in ghosts. And now all of a sudden he is big into comic books. Yet these likes are never mentioned before, and as of yet have not been mentioned since. To me it seems a little odd, but that's just my opinion.
  • Shawn vs. The Red Phantom

    The Good:

    -Lassiter and the Chief get some one-on-one time when the Chief goes into labor. At one point beforehand, the Chief is on the phone with her husband; she tells him, "I love you" and for one confused moment, Lassiter thinks the Chief is talking to him.

    -"Make it? I live here."

    -The storyline is really solid. Incorporating a critic that reviews movies based on comic books is a good plot point.

    -The drawings based on Shawn and Gus - nicknamed "Magic Head"

    The Bad:

    -Shawn's flirtation with Talia seems forced. Unlike in previous episodes, he does not seem genuinely interested in her, so their almost-date is not necessary.
  • this was a good ep i thought

    in this ep of the show psych shawn and gus are asked to due a case for the other dective its a missing persons case it turns out its more then that a kid who is a huge bloger at night was paid alot of money to say good things about a movie.and when they start to investage they realize that the people that were the behide the bashing of another superhero movie that is bad are being kidnapped and the guy behide it was the creater of one of guss favorite heroes it was a really good ep i thought .
  • ??? Season Finale ???

    This was an average episode, it was pretty good. I liked that I could figure it out, and the whole comic book crime reproduction thing, and Juliet was cool in this episode. But it wasn't like a season finale at all. I'll definently keep watching in January but I would've at least appreciated a little bit of a cliffhanger, something to try and keep my attention. Also I do agree with the reviewer who made a point about Shawn being really obnxious. He's being really annoying and mean to Gus, I like Gus a lot and sometimes I wonder why he puts up with Shawn. But I'll keep watching, because it's just too funny!
  • THis is what they pick as the finale? I was expecting more. DId they feel it necessary to end it with Monk?

    OK after seeing what the writers have pulled out in all of the previous episodes this one seems to blend in with them and it also seems to lack any sense of a finale. THis episode had no feeling of a finale and I felt a little cheated. ALthough the episode was written really well I was expecting a bigger bang. So in this episode we see SHawn and Gus helping O'hara with a missing persons report. Well actually not technically missing because of that ridiculous 48 hour nonsense. THat needs to change,like yesterday. Seems the over repressed O'hara likes to play when Lassiter is away. I am totally liking the O'hara they wrote for this episode. If it means less screen time for Lassiter, I am all for it. SHe totally likes SHawn and what he does for the precinct so she enlists to search for this missing teenager. THeres a funny part where he calls her and tells her what she is doing and she cant find him. It played out really well.

    ANyway they go to the kids house. THeres some business with pancakes, I wasnt paying attention because it made me hungry. THey search the room for clues. TUrns out this kid is packing dough. SHawn touches the lightbulb and I am shocked because he feels no pain. SUrely that light had to be hot. Long story short, Gus knows where the kid is. He went a Comic COnvention, or COmicCon. SHawn is , predictably, shocked and horrified that GUs does the comic thing. Ok whatever with that you repressed man. Seriously, his father has screwed him in the long run.

    At the convention, which looks extremely fun and I want to go, SHawn and Gus lie to get in. THey say they work for Takei. THeres a funny part with blueberries and again with the food. Apparently the writers couldnt get permission to use the names and costumes of actual superheroes, so we are left with these bargain basement rip-offs. GUs is huge comic fan and meets one of his idles. THe guy gives Gus his autograph and the word nipples is heard several times,lol.

    SHawn needs to find the kids so he goes onto the stage and eventually calls out the kids names. THey give him their room key and Shawn scares them off. In the room, they find it completely ruined with a foreboding note " one down two to go." ANd I question myself: " when did I switch the channel to some mystery movie?" Seriously the foreboding notes and missing teens, it all pointed to some weird mystery movie. Not really "Psych" style but whatever. Seems our missing teen moonlighted as a forum owner who rated comic movies. Shawn comes to the conclusion that he pissed off the wrong person.

    ANd at this point I wonder where the hell Lassiter is and then I remember the writers stuck him with an annoying subplot. He is driving the ever so wonderful Captain to somewhere, I forgot where they mentioned. Putting those two together is just wrong and stupid and pointless. BAck to the better plot, SHawn and Gus are trying to figure out what is going on. I thought they were going to go with "pretty lady is evil" thing again but thankfully the writers spared me... again. TUrns out the womans boss is also missing and is also replaced with a note. One more person is going to be kidnapped. THe plot thickens. I have to admit it the story unfolded very well. It had a nice pace.

    EVentually the woman gets kidnapped too. SHawn is puzzled and isnt sure what is going. THat is until he looks at Gus' comic and notices something. HE totally rips the comic in half and I find his lack of care for Gus and his hobbies a total slap in the face. He goes on stage once more and it all boils down to him knowing that GUs' idle is the kidnapper because he had a distinguished way of writing his "O"'s. OK that was a bit weird and anticlimatic. O'Hara goes understage to find the three kidnapped people and totally disregards all bomb training a cop has to know. THere could have been a trip wire or something to set the bomb off. Oh, THe Captain had a baby girl and I want to shoot the writers for making me feel sympathy for Lassiter. I actually smiled when he held the baby and said those things about his wife. WHy did the writers do this to me? SHe had a girl and the baby is beautiful. It looks nothing like her, I dont know what she is talking about. THe episode was very good but since this was supposed to be a finale I had to lower the score. THey should had that bomb go off or something to make this episode "pop" like writers normally do with a finale. ANd I then I think USA had the bird brain idea of just ending the show with this episode so that it ended with Monk, brilliant idea, NOT!

    THeres some crack about them not coming back until January. It is suppose to funny but I begin to feel empty as I realize that my new favorite friend wont be back for another 5 months. Oh please help!
  • Shawn and Gus go to a Comic Book convention to solve a crime. Good plot idea, badly written.

    I love this show, and I'm so excited to see where it's going. But I'm so disappointed with this episode. They've gone overboard with how much Shawn disrespects Gus. I think they'll lose viewers. They may lose me.

    We all expect Shawn to be out of line a bit. But he's getting further and further into the realm of "that friend no one actually continues to put up with". Doing so makes Gus look stupid, which his character isn't, and turns off viewers.

    It wasn't necessary for Shawn to trash Gus's valuable comic book. It wasn't necessary for him to bring Gus in as the Magic Head. What purpose did either of those two things serve except to make a fool of Gus or to be abusive to him? It wasn't funny at all, it just served to tick off the viewers and alienate them from Shawn. There's a difference between a side-kick and an abuse sponge.

    If the writers can't come up with something better than Star Of The Show having to be mean to everyone else to be funny, I'll be buying the "Complete Series Of Psych" in video stores by next summer.

    Sorry, but this one was a miss.