Season 1 Episode 8

Shawn vs. The Red Phantom

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2006 on USA

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  • THis is what they pick as the finale? I was expecting more. DId they feel it necessary to end it with Monk?

    OK after seeing what the writers have pulled out in all of the previous episodes this one seems to blend in with them and it also seems to lack any sense of a finale. THis episode had no feeling of a finale and I felt a little cheated. ALthough the episode was written really well I was expecting a bigger bang. So in this episode we see SHawn and Gus helping O'hara with a missing persons report. Well actually not technically missing because of that ridiculous 48 hour nonsense. THat needs to change,like yesterday. Seems the over repressed O'hara likes to play when Lassiter is away. I am totally liking the O'hara they wrote for this episode. If it means less screen time for Lassiter, I am all for it. SHe totally likes SHawn and what he does for the precinct so she enlists to search for this missing teenager. THeres a funny part where he calls her and tells her what she is doing and she cant find him. It played out really well.

    ANyway they go to the kids house. THeres some business with pancakes, I wasnt paying attention because it made me hungry. THey search the room for clues. TUrns out this kid is packing dough. SHawn touches the lightbulb and I am shocked because he feels no pain. SUrely that light had to be hot. Long story short, Gus knows where the kid is. He went a Comic COnvention, or COmicCon. SHawn is , predictably, shocked and horrified that GUs does the comic thing. Ok whatever with that you repressed man. Seriously, his father has screwed him in the long run.

    At the convention, which looks extremely fun and I want to go, SHawn and Gus lie to get in. THey say they work for Takei. THeres a funny part with blueberries and again with the food. Apparently the writers couldnt get permission to use the names and costumes of actual superheroes, so we are left with these bargain basement rip-offs. GUs is huge comic fan and meets one of his idles. THe guy gives Gus his autograph and the word nipples is heard several times,lol.

    SHawn needs to find the kids so he goes onto the stage and eventually calls out the kids names. THey give him their room key and Shawn scares them off. In the room, they find it completely ruined with a foreboding note " one down two to go." ANd I question myself: " when did I switch the channel to some mystery movie?" Seriously the foreboding notes and missing teens, it all pointed to some weird mystery movie. Not really "Psych" style but whatever. Seems our missing teen moonlighted as a forum owner who rated comic movies. Shawn comes to the conclusion that he pissed off the wrong person.

    ANd at this point I wonder where the hell Lassiter is and then I remember the writers stuck him with an annoying subplot. He is driving the ever so wonderful Captain to somewhere, I forgot where they mentioned. Putting those two together is just wrong and stupid and pointless. BAck to the better plot, SHawn and Gus are trying to figure out what is going on. I thought they were going to go with "pretty lady is evil" thing again but thankfully the writers spared me... again. TUrns out the womans boss is also missing and is also replaced with a note. One more person is going to be kidnapped. THe plot thickens. I have to admit it the story unfolded very well. It had a nice pace.

    EVentually the woman gets kidnapped too. SHawn is puzzled and isnt sure what is going. THat is until he looks at Gus' comic and notices something. HE totally rips the comic in half and I find his lack of care for Gus and his hobbies a total slap in the face. He goes on stage once more and it all boils down to him knowing that GUs' idle is the kidnapper because he had a distinguished way of writing his "O"'s. OK that was a bit weird and anticlimatic. O'Hara goes understage to find the three kidnapped people and totally disregards all bomb training a cop has to know. THere could have been a trip wire or something to set the bomb off. Oh, THe Captain had a baby girl and I want to shoot the writers for making me feel sympathy for Lassiter. I actually smiled when he held the baby and said those things about his wife. WHy did the writers do this to me? SHe had a girl and the baby is beautiful. It looks nothing like her, I dont know what she is talking about. THe episode was very good but since this was supposed to be a finale I had to lower the score. THey should had that bomb go off or something to make this episode "pop" like writers normally do with a finale. ANd I then I think USA had the bird brain idea of just ending the show with this episode so that it ended with Monk, brilliant idea, NOT!

    THeres some crack about them not coming back until January. It is suppose to funny but I begin to feel empty as I realize that my new favorite friend wont be back for another 5 months. Oh please help!