Season 2 Episode 2

Sixty Five Million Years Off

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2007 on USA
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The discovery of a washed-up body sparks a debate between Shawn and the police, who both disagree as to how the man died. While Shawn believes that the man was killed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the police believe the killer is a little less... extinct.

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  • Sixty Five Million Years Off

    The Good:

    -Gus's to-scale dinosaur head. It gets a lot of face time, all of it funny.

    -Shawn gets upstaged by Lassiter, much to his dismay.

    -Gus as the "lock whisperer."

    The Bad:

    -The side story involving Shawn's "intervention" doesn't make any sense. His Dad orchestrates the whole thing, even though the SBPD would be the group most chagrined by Shawn's behavior. Henry knows that Shawn is faking his abilities, so the intervention could be yet another way for him to antagonize his son, but he takes the whole thing so seriously that his motivation seems sincere. It's an unfounded behavior shift.moreless
  • Shawn begins to think that he is unwanted, until a murder case allows him to show off his unconventional thinking to perfection.

    I think this was one episode that really showed off Shawn's uncanny knack for unconventional thinking. At first everyone thought he was nuts, including, but unsurprisingly, Gus. Then he proves just how kick-ass he really is by solving a case that the cops never would've figured out without his help.

    Speaking of, I felt bad for him a couple of times during the episode, especially at the beginning, when Lassiter mocked him, thinking that the police didn't need him.

    Also, Shawn totally owned Gus here. I can't believe how easily Gus lets Shawn get the better of him. It makes for some killer moments and it also expands on the dynamic between them. If Gus had more self-confidence, he would never get owned so easily.

    Finally, what really clinched it for me was seeing that arrogant prick Lassiter get put in his place. If he wants to mock Shawn, that's his prerogative, but I'll tell you right now. When he copied the 'fist bump,' he crossed the line. You just don't do that. Shawn and Gus do that. Lassiter only did that to spite Shawn, and seeing his streak come to an end was karma. Although, I was surprised to see him accepting the hug from Juliet, but on the other hand it adds another layer to him.

    Lassiter was right about something. Shawn is better at thinking outside the box. 'Lassie' is too by-the-book for his own good. That's why Shawn is such a good detective.moreless
  • A very good, very well done episode of Psych. The dinosaur did it? Intriguing case. :P

    I simply loved this episode. We are seeing more and more facets of these characters and I'm loving it. Lassiter was brimming with confidence and it was so annoying, yet good to see. Lassiter was probably just like this before Shawn became "psychic".

    I felt so sorry for Shawn for most of this episode. Right at the beginning, you can see how badly he feels because Vick hasn't called for his help in a month. Lassiter had the spotlight and I think Shawn might have been a little jealous of that too. Shawn and Lassiter had a confrontation early on in the episode and Shawn didn't have a comeback. Shawn was VERY insecure. I knew Shawn was at a new low we had never seen when he said "I'm sensing a light switch". At one point in the episode, Juliet and Lassiter pounded fists (the way Shawn and Gus usually do) and Shawn looked dismayed by that.

    I like that Henry is worried about Shawn but Henry is such an expert, being a retired cop. I hope all his bad feelings aren't a sign that something bad will happen to Shawn or Gus. The intervention scene was funny. I'm surprised that Vick suggested an intervention. Was she worried about Shawn or did she forget about how much he'd helped her now that she didn't need him (during Lassiter's hot streak)? I'm trying to figure this out.

    One of my favorite scenes was when Shawn and Gus ran away screaming when they got shot at. Gus screams just like a girl, really. Shawn was screaming too and he told Gus something like "Run like the wind". I saw the episode twice and I have plenty of good lines. Another funny scene was when Gus picked the lock, making those weird noises the entire time.

    Great quotes:

    Gus: "How about you play six degrees of kiss my a$$." Shawn: "Gus, don't be a giant snapping turtle." Shawn: "I think you just gave me glaucoma." I can't remember the exact words, but there's a line that Shawn tells Juliet about him and her getting thrown out of the mattress show room. LOL He's always flirting with her. I think the hug between Lassie and Juliet was cute and the mention of "Holes" was cute too, considering that Dule has a part in the movie. That's enough from me but I could go on and on about the episode.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show phsych shawn and gus are called to the scene after shawn tells the police that he thinks the guy was killed from a dinosaure and he is tring to solve it because lassie is on a run of solving cases and shawn and guss are tring to solve it and they go and vist the land but end up getting shot at and they realize that the museum was going under and so the guy wanted to find a big dinosaure to bring it back from the dept but he was killed because the guy that he was sneeking on to to dig had body he did not want anyone to find this was a good epmoreless
  • killed by a dinosaur

    The things that I have witnessed on Psych and even I could not predict that in a future episode the killer would be a dinosaur. I have to admit from watching the virtually impossible coming from the man himself Shawn Spencer i started to believe as soon as he said a dinosaur that it could be the killer despite their extinction 65 million years ago. An all round funny episode with Lassiter on a lucky streak, that is until Shawn hears about it and ruins it. I think that this episode proved that no matter what the synopsis and how really ridiculous it sounds Shawn Spencer can make you laugh.moreless
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Tim Henry

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Barry W. Levy

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Gus is digging and Shawn is lying down, you can see James Roday flinch and tense up right before the shovel is dropped on him.

    • Nitpick: While parking in front of a gate of the Deacon Walker Farms, Gus isn't wearing a seatbelt, then he is, then he isn't again, then finally he is when he leaves the car.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (Shawn enters his dad's house and sees Gus sitting at the kitchen table.)
      Shawn: Okay, this is creepy, why is Gus here?
      Henry: Why do you think, Shawn?
      Shawn: He's a hostage.

    • Shawn: I can play Six Degrees of Dinosaur with you, right now.
      (Gus gives him a look)
      Shawn: You've never been in a movie with Kevin Bacon or a Dilophosaurus, have you?
      Gus: How about you play Six Degrees of Kiss My Ass?
      Shawn: First of all, that sounds like a totally disturbing game.

    • Peach Guy: You're back.
      Shawn: We couldn't stay away from your citrus.
      Gus: Peaches aren't citrus, Shawn. They're stone fruit.
      Shawn: What's the difference?
      Gus: Stone fruits have a pit. Plums, cherries, peaches, and apricots.

    • Henry: You still haven't answered the question of why he dug all those holes around the house.
      Shawn: Dad, that's the finale. That's why I don't invite you to these things.

    • Gus: You almost closed down our agency with that little act of yours Shawn.
      Shawn: Me? You're the one spending all your extra time at your little side project.
      Gus: You mean my real job? Soon to be my only job?

    • Chief Vick: Mr. Spencer, I'm surprised you didn't take the Segway.
      Shawn: She did know about that.
      Chief Vick: O'Hara just told me.
      Shawn: Traitor!

    • Shawn: Is there a problem?
      Juliet: With what?
      Shawn: With you, with me, with the chief. She hasn't called in a month. Is she still mad about me requisitioning the Segway?
      Juliet: You did that?
      Shawn: No.

    • Lassiter: Why Spencer you look so sad. Come on, we'll show you how real cops do it.
      Juliet: No comeback?
      (Shawn looks down and says nothing.)
      Shawn, that's slightly embarrassing.
      Shawn: (now alone) Where'd you get that to.. suit, the toilet store.

    • Lassiter: (walks over to Shawn and Juliet talking) Spencer. Long time no see, or is it, no need?

    • Juliet: Detective Lassiter is literally on fire.
      Shawn: What kind of fire are we talking about? Michael Jackson in the Pepsi commercial fire. Or misusing the word literally fire?
      Juliet: He solved 8 cases in a row fire.

    • Juliet: The short answer is, we just haven't really needed any outside help.
      Shawn: Well, what's the long answer. I mean, throw a but in there, and add something about a dream where you and I got thrown out of a mattress showroom.

    • (examining body)
      Shawn: Completely stumped, hmm.
      Chief: You getting something Mr. Spencer?
      Shawn: Yes. (takes pad and pen away from Lassiter) Yes I am.
      Lassiter: No no no no no hang on! I I've got it. The wound on the head was caused by the edge of a boat. When he fell in the water unconscious and the wounds in the back were caused by a large industrial crab trap. Or a whale, definitely could have been a whale. Lost from his pod, separated. Migrating north or south, sees our man already dead floating up on the surface, thinks it's a seal and then (makes claw) whale.

    • Shawn: (flashlight is shown in Shawn's face) Ahh, Gus, that thing is brighter than the sun. I think you just gave me glaucoma.
      Gus: You can't give someone glaucoma.

    • Karen: We just got a break in the case. We just found out the name of the dead man, you wanna tell them who he is detective?
      Lassiter: No.
      Karen: (pause) His name is Christopher Franzen. He was a paleontologist.
      (Shawn looks puzzled at Gus)
      Gus: A dinosaur hunter.
      Shawn: As expected.

    • Shawn: Just because I take Gus' giant dinosaur head down to a dead body, does not make me a nut job.
      Gus: What... you took my T-Rex? My mom gave it to you?

    • Shawn: You're mad.
      Gus: No I'm not mad. I'm happy. I'm thrilled. I love looking like an idiot.
      Shawn: Well that explains your shoes.

    • Shawn: Dude, look at the road when your driving!
      Gus: I'm staying down for safety.
      Shawn: He was shooting directly into the air, Gus.
      Gus: Bullets go up they have to come down.
      Shawn: Do you know what the trajectory would have to be for that to happen.
      Gus: Don't you dare argue physics with me! Not while were in the process of getting killed!

    • Shawn: Oh look at that. It's like that movie. The one with Sigourney Weaver.
      Gus: Aliens?
      Shawn: Noo.
      Gus: Alien?
      Shawn: No.
      Gus: Alien: Resurrection?
      Shawn: Gus, the one with holes and Shia LaBeouf.
      Gus: They had holes in Shia LaBeouf?
      Shawn: The holes are in the ground dude, like that(points at field)and Jon Voight was walking around all crazy.
      Gus: Oh, Anaconda!
      Shawn: Man never mind.
      Gus: Gorillas in the Midst? Death of the Maiden?
      Shawn: No!
      Gus: Half Moon Streak?
      Shawn: Just let it go.

    • Henry: Shawn, what are you doing?
      Gus: Yeah, what are we doing, Shawn?
      Shawn: I need to borrow some tools.
      Henry: What kind of tools?
      Shawn: Digging tools. Little excavation project we got going on.
      Henry: Are you still on the dinosaur thing?
      Gus: We're still on the dinosaur thing?
      Shawn: What, is there an echo in here? Yes, we're still on the dinosaur thing.

    • (After passing the warning sign)
      Gus: Didn't you see the Trespassers will be shot sign?
      Shawn: Look at that, it totally said that. My bad.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic – "Dinosauří případ" (Dinosaur Case)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Israel – January 21, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Finland – April 27, 2009 on MTV3
      Slovakia – June 20, 2010 on Markiza
      Australia – July 23, 2010 on TV1
      Czech Republic – November 20, 2010 on Prima


    • Shawn: What are you, the lock whisperer?
      Shawn references the 1998 Robert Redford film, The Horse Whisperer, a film about a man who can communicate with horses.

    • Shawn: This is not a boating accident!

      Richard Dreyfuss said the exact same thing in Jaws while checking over another dead body that was given up by the sea.

    • Shawn: Where'd you get that-- suit, the toilet store?

      Referencing Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004).

    • Shawn: It's like that movie; the one with Sigourney Weaver.
      Gus: Aliens?
      Shawn: No.
      Gus: Alien?
      Shawn: No.
      Gus: Alien: Resurrection?
      Shawn: Gus, the one with holes and Shia LaBoeuf.

      Shawn is referencing the 2003 Andrew Davis film, Holes, which starred Dulé Hill as Sam the Onion Man.

    • Shawn: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You've got Pinhead, Chatterbox, Surgeon and Stitch up there on a shelf?
      Gus: Shawn those are Cenobites.

      Cenobites are demons that appear in the works by Clive Barker. It includes the novella The Hellbound Heart and the Hellraiser films. The best known of the Cenobites is Pinhead.

    • Gus: I don't think we can rule out the possibility of an island somewhere in the Pacific where dinosaurs do exist.
      Shawn: And have an appetite for Jeff Goldblum.

      This is a reference to the trilogy Jurassic Park. Jeff Goldblum plays Dr. Ian Malcolm, who is nearly eaten by a T-Rex.