Season 1 Episode 3

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 2006 on USA

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  • Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece

    The Good:

    -Shawn flirts with Lacey - the two have excellent chemistry - while still emulating his little crush on Juliet when he reads Juliet's palm.

    -"Disappointed?" "Besotted."

    -Gus catches the bouquet.

    The Bad:

    -This is the third time there has been a different actor playing Young Shawn.

    -The wrap-up eats a lot of time toward the ending, killing some of the suspense.
  • this was another good ep

    in this ep there is supposed to be a wedding but the night befor a really expensive ring was stolen from a safe the police think shawn and his asstinant must figure it out but in the mean time he must find anwsers from investgating things. like having a party in the head dectives room charging 1200 dollars to his room. and then go to the girls batchler party. things are funny in this ep like having a vision during the wedding those were some really good moments and he must figure it out in time before its too late.
  • Shawn really wants to be involved in a high profile theft of a wedding ring from the Attorney General. He drags Burton along to what eventually becomes a murder investigation as well. Shawn basically is causing Lassiter problems and solving the case.

    Another fine episode of what is becoming one of the most well produced shows currently on television. Another gem from USA network.

    Shawn's little gyrations can be annoying or very funny based on when and who he is doing them for at the time. Sometimes you get the feeling he is performing and sometimes he does it just for the reaction. The bit when they find the body and then Lassiter is about to arrest him. That was extremely funny. Matter of fact every time Lassiter is around Shawn should do his shtick! You can tell how well an actor is performing his role based on how much you like or hate him. Timothy Omundson is brilliant as Detective Lassiter. He belittles his colleagues and tries to dump on Shawn and Burton all of the time. Fortunately it all seems to backfire on him.

    I loved it when the Chief Karen Vick played by Kristen Nelson is walking into the hotel and stops Shawn and Burton. You are waiting for her to blow up, but she turns to Shawn and says, "I didn't see you and we didn't talk. Call me if you know anything!"

    Shawn gets himself and Burton invited to the wedding by flirting with the family and then uses Lassiter's room at the hotel to hold the bachelor party and runs up a $1600 bill for the Detective. The perpetrator of the murder and theft was not really who you expected until the last 10-15 minutes. Very well done with a clever script. This show just keeps it coming in a good way. Thanks for reading...
  • Psych does it again! Find that missing ring!!

    I loved this episode. I love Shawn and Gus together. It was great when Gus nudged Shawn when Shawn was telling the chief about why he suspected the secretary. Gus saved Shawn big time. Shawn could have blown his cover. I loved how Shawn fooled the hotel clerk into thinking he was a part of Interpol. That was so funny. And sneaking into Lassiter's room and lounging in bed, and later throwing a bachelor party there...!!! Classic stuff. It was so funny when Shawn and Gus spoke to the groom and the groom passed out. I laughed until my stomach hurt when Gus came off the elevator with shaving cream (?) on his head, saying he'd gotten a lapdance from Patrick Swayze. LOL It was great when Shawn solved the case during the ceremony. I love the looks of exasperation the chief gets because of him.

    This was a great episode with lots of funny situations. I love this show!
  • Another great funny Psych episode!

    Shawn and Gus prove us once again that even when you're acting like a complete idiot, you can still solve a case. I found it really funny how Shawn managed to solve the crime, even though it seemed like all he did was flirting and having a good time. I really liked this episode, but I really do hope that in future episodes Gus gets less reluctant to help solve this cases. Cause I think that when Gus is really into the case they have to solve, that the episodes can get even funnier. And I hope to see more of Jules and Lassiter.
  • Here comes the bride

    Ever notice how the guilty always befriend the man who is there to solve the crime. It may sound weird but I knew that it was the bridesmaid from around 15 minutes in. Shawn proved to be wonderful yet again with another well timed psychic vision of who stole the ring.
  • Amazing they get themselves invited by flirting.

    WHats more weird? Shawn Spencer having one of his "visions? or the police not asking him to help ina high priority case about a missing diamond ring? I think that Shawn and Gus find the second choce more weird. This wpisode begins wiht Shawn sneaking around and finding out about a ghigh priority case which is about the wedding of a senator's son and their missing diamond ring. Shawn finds out aobut it makes a private visit to the questioning room to find the relatives of the bride and groom all crowded together too figure out wehre the ring has gone. Shawn and Gus get a load when they discover a murder and thief within the family of the Senator.
  • This episode was great!

    This episode had so many twists and turns I had no idea who was going to be the one arrested. Obviously it had to be someone in the room while the ring was being shown, but with the murder and everybody seeming innocent I had no idea what was going to happen! I don't think that this was the best comedic episode, but mysterically I think that it was the best so far. The only line in this episode that I found extremely funny was when the sister was running away and Shawn said, "What she's running those heels?" I still can't get over that line.
  • Another great, hilarious episode of Psych!

    This was definently a great episode. Ugh, except I really liked the girl who turned out to be a bad guy. I love how Shawn fakes his way into everything, especially the ring room. Also when they find the body! That was kind of creepy cool, but I still don't get who would kill over a ring... But I love how the chief tells them that she didn't see them there, and that she trusts them. I think she's really cool. And of course it's amazing when Shawn crashes the wedding, and Gus' lapdance by Patrick Swazye! Haha! I love this show!
  • By far the best episode so far, which is saying alot!

    This is the best episode of this series so far. It was so funny I was crying through most of it. Even now when I think back on it, it makes me laugh. I love how even though the police wouldn\'t let Shawn help out with this case, he did anyway. I love how stupid he makes Lassiter look, especially at the end when Lassiter thinks he has Shawn cornered into getting in trouble for using his room, and then the two workers, who Shawn had earlier tricked, step in and save him.

    I think that this is a great example of what this show will become in the near future, and I hope that more episodes like this will continue to appear.
  • Shawn and Gus investigate a missing wedding ring. The catch is, the police don't want them involved. Evidentially the case is a bit to high profile for the psychic. Shawn of course, doesn't let the lack of police support stop him from solving the case.

    Wow, It was quite an episode. This show keeps getting better and better. I loved the interplay between Shawn and O'Hara, particularly when he was 'reading her palm' when they were eating lunch. It is clear that some of the cops are intrigued by his abilities, even if they are rather skeptical. Of course Lassiter hates him, but ends up looking rather foolish most of the time.

    From what I have heard, it is doing rather well in the ratings as well...and the critics also seem to like it. I always feel much better when a show I love watching does I don't have to worry about it getting the axe prematurely. The actors are really seeming to fit into the roles much better. I still think that James Roday (Shawn) overdoes the strange flip outs that he does when he has a "psychic experience" but it doesn't seem quite as bad as comes across as funny, rather they way overdone like it did in the pilot, and to some degree the second episode. I still think it could be toned down a notch, but that is just me.

    Expect this show to go far over the next couple of months. I really think it has the chance to become a very strong show for USA. Speaking of which, while I'm not usually a big fan of commercials (hey, that is what TIVO is for) I do love the promos where they mix together the cast of the Dead Zone, Monk, and Psych. It is rather amusing watching their quirks when they are together on the same screen.
  • Better than last week

    This weeks episode was better than last weeks. The jokes were funnier and I had a few good giggles. There are some things that bother me about the show which I have stated in my previous reviews, one of them being they way he uses his "powers". Now the crazy thing about this episode is when he should of used it he didn't. At the end of the this episode he breaks down how the girl stole the ring. Funny thing is, is that when he saw the video he didn't notice something strange about the "oops I'm sorry I bumped in to you" sequence. You would figure with his power of perception he would of saw something but he didn't. With that and the other silly things that go on in this show (First you hire a private detective to question kids at a spelling be then you hire him to solve a school theft)it did ok this week.
  • You have magic hands . . . and I was hoping to know them more this Friday.

    Too bad the sister was a thief; cause Shawn would have had an awesome Friday night. Overall the episode was funny but the case itself was rather boring. Most of the cases that Shawn and Gus deal with on the show were quite boring. It’s the humor that Shawn portrays that makes the show even watchable. Shawn is going to have to figure out funnier ways or smoother ways to show his psychic spasms. Cause some times it’s a little too much. But Shawn is awesome and I’ll continue to watch the series. I like his sense of adventure and those cool converse shoes that he wears. He should actually get with some girls and rather have each girl he likes be the villain, cause then it’ll get too predictable.
  • Shawn, the psychic health inspector from Interpol, must solve the case of the missing ring.

    I usually sum up a show when I write a review. I'm trying something different this time. I took notes. Here are my notes, verbatim (well, minus the quotes I wrote down, except I'll put my favorite one in here).

    *They're totally hooking up Shawn and O'Hara.

    *I have a feeling that Shawn is going to have a hard time keeping up with his ruse. Someone else will probably find out that he's lying. My money's on O'Hara.

    *I loved the state inspector bit, where he was "listening" for Lyme disease. Also, laughing at Lassiter from the air vent - that was great.

    *Reading O'Hara's palm - such a shipper moment. Did you see it? They definitely had a moment.

    *Gus being guilted into going to check on his fake cat by the women in his office. Great stuff.

    *Making keys to sneak into people's rooms - that's classic Shawn. It was awesome, though just a little scary that he has the ability to do that.

    *A dead guy in a dumb waiter. Of course.

    *Favorite quote of the episode? GUS: We have less than twelve hours to solve this case and you're throwing a kegger in a police officer's room.

    *Oh, the maid of honor so did it. It's in the bouquet. That's why she wanted to "fix" her bouquet. She was flirting with Shawn to get him to open it, either so she could get the ring or so his prints would be on the cooler. And that's why she freaked out when she couldn't find it.

    *Isn't it "forever hold your peace" not "piece"? Must look that up.

    *Gus caught the bouquet! Awesome.

    I loved this episode. It thought it was excellent. And they even tried to steer you one direction, with the absent best man, but I figured out it was the maid of honor before Shawn did. Maybe that's the point.
  • very interesting........and funny.

    hmm....crazy. a wedding gone awry when the engagement ring has disappeared. not just any engagement ring, but a ring worth millions of dollars.

    while it may seem odd that he constantly has to cover his tracks when he comes across evidence or whatever, it is kind of funny. he has to find it first, and then pretend like it's some premonition and lead the police to it.

    this episode was alright. kinda predictable, but still very funny. this show obviously doesn't revolve much around fantastic storylines, but rather a fantastic and intriguing character, which makes the show what it is.

    the bits at the end, where james roday and dule hill are singing some crazy song or something, or bloopers or something, always make me crack up!

    i do love this show, this just wasn't the best episode, but it was still pretty good.
  • A few things starting to wear on me a bit...

    I'm going to make this quick. There's a scene in this episode where Shawn and Gus find a body in a dumbwaiter. I can buy a bit of bumbling in the police force, but this one is really stretching it.

    His scenes in the premiere, where he figures things out by making observations and expanding on those...that was making him out to be a good detective and a believable psychic.

    But more and more, he doesn't seem to use his skills to assemble his hunches anymore. Most of his "visions" now are him finding evidence and then just pointing the cops to where he's already been.

    It was more interesting when he was actually doing the detective work along with the police.
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