Season 1 Episode 2

Spellingg Bee

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 14, 2006 on USA
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Gus believes he's reached his personal nirvana when he and Shawn are asked to help investigate the disappearance of an inhaler at the Regional Spelling Bee, but things turn deadly with the murder of the bee's spellmaster and only Gus' encyclopedic knowledge of the event can help Shawn solve the case.moreless

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  • After that he must concocted his Psychic premonitions... Really Grammar?

    I am a huge fan of this show. It is actually my top favorite show of all time, who doesn't want a good cop dramedy? This show blends the murders perfectly with humor, because lets face it, murder isn't supposed to be funny. Someone is dead. This episode is pretty good for being one of the first in the series, they are still starting out and trying to find the right balance of humor factor mixed with the seriousness of murder, as well as the way they can show Shawn's 'gift'. I liked the first female detective but have to say, in the long run, having seen the rest of the episodes I do like Jules A LOT more. She is sweet and counters out Lassie's grumpiness very well, AND introduces an attainable love interest for our Favorite (fake) psychic. AND AS FOR the comment below from 'going downhill fast' all I can say is "WOW Grammar much?" Your spelling is HORRENDOUS, 'a tempt'? that's ATTEMPT thank you. 'gus is watching a spelling'? 'We are again show Shawn use his powers when we get a cut glowing seen'? 'in prints left in the rug by a tri pod' IMPRINTS!!!! I am sorry to sound like the grammar police but someone had to say it.moreless
  • Spellingg Bee

    The Good:

    -"DO we know each other?" "Yes. You are the girl that stole my seat."

    -"Kudos on the child rearing. Let me know how the therapy goes."

    -"If you want to nickname a body part, nickname your butt. Call it the Tight Bouncer..."

    -Switching Lucinda for Juliet. Juliet has a certain sweetness about her, while Lucinda was harder, more like a female version of her boyfriend, Lassiter. Juliet is apparently single, which opens up romantic possibilities for her when she is surrounded by the likes of Gus, Shawn, and Detective Lassiter.

    The Bad:

    -The suggestion that Gus "hooked up" with a girl after losing the Spelling Bee. In the flashback to the Spelling Bee, Shawn and Gus appear to be around 10 or 11, so this does not make sense.moreless
  • going down hill fast

    Ok the first of bad sign for a series is when they change a character. Only two episodes in and the main female character in the show has been changed. Now while the pilot was good the second left a bad taste in my mouth.

    First Shawn "powers" and I call them powers now because the annoying way he sees "Obvious things" I will explain later. So Gus is watching a spelling which is something not only he does every year he is a fanatic. Add that in his past he participated in one which ended on a sour note. Shawn walks in cracks a few weak jokes and notices that the kid who just gotten eliminated inhaler was not working well with the light up the clue cut scenes. No less then fifteen seconds later he is called in by the police and hired to interview the kids in regards to the inhaler incident.

    Since when do you call in private detective who is a psychic to question kids? Any how the speak to about two students before showing us who we all know "did it". During a break in the competition the head of the event seems to catch a heart attack and fall off the balcony.

    After a very unfunny sequence Shawn and Gus are allowed to look at the area where he was sitting. We are again show Shawn use his powers when we get a cut glowing seen of some numbers written down in on a side page in a book. Then again when he noticed in prints left in the rug by a tri pod. Now this cut scene flash sequence we must see every time he sees something is really over used. No matter what or how obvious the clue is we have to see it and I don't think it's necessary.

    Gus then smells the food and can smell the hint of a poison in which helps lead in to the part of the show I hated the most. Shawn needs to get his sample to a lab, so what does he do? Go to his dad for help. Now in the pilot we saw that if there was going to be any serious topics on the show it would be there relationship. So he goes to his dad for help and his father agrees to only if he builds a dog house. Shawn starts it and when he father gets back he tells him that it's not what he wanted. We are then witness the a really bad scene of Shawn riding his bike mad about this issue. "The flash back sequences shows this" He is pissed and then a van a temps to run him down. The next day he goes back to the house to finish the dog house and then we get a touching moment of his father helping him put it together. He then gives him the results of the lab test and the story moves on. After this Gus finds a clue of his own when while watching the spelling bee the camera shows a close up of the participants inhaler and you see the name of the doctor on the back. After checking on the contestant in the hospital Shawn assisted by the glowing ,flash cut scene see that kids inhaler and the name on the back and head back to the bee. They go back steal the new spellers jacket (which again we are given the flash/glowing cut scene of the name tag which is a foot in front of him) go to his room and put all the final clues together. After that he must concocted his Psychic premonitions which I didn't even smirk at and once again he solves the problem

    This show is based around comedy and there attempt to get serious is something I hope they don't due in the future, and there humor needs a shot of adrenalin because if it does not get better the viewers will turn some where else.

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of psych shawn and his assitan must figure out what happen in the spelling. a guy falling off the top and crashing in the audience and dieing they must figure out what happen before the contest is over . this was a good ep that had some hilrious moments him falling down thinking he is being attacked by a evil spirt such funny moments. it turns out it was a father and son that were trying to cheat so they could win the money . this was good ep and that is why i gave it a 8.5moreless
  • All I have to say is: BANANA

    This is a great episode! It has many hilarious moments, but would we expect less? And you can see the friendship of Shawn and Gus really shine in this episode. It has a great storyline and very well put together. The best part of this episode, at least in my opinion, is when Shawn makes the girl spell BANANA!!! That makes me laugh every time!!! It will never get old!!! =) Thank goodness this show is produced by incredible people and thank goodness that they have an incredible cast. They make this show what is it and without them it would be nothing!!! GO PSYCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
Richard Zeman

Richard Zeman

Miklos Prochazka

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Bud Collins

Bud Collins


Guest Star

Alex Bruhanski

Alex Bruhanski

Spellmaster Cavanaugh

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Kirsten Nelson

Kirsten Nelson

Karen Vick

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Shawn: You never helped me before, ever.
      Henry: You never asked.

    • Juliet: Okay, do we know each other?
      Shawn: Yes. You are the girl who stole my seat!

    • Lassiter: Why would we cancel?
      Juliet: Well, a body just tumbled into the crowd.
      Lassiter: It didn't land on anybody.

    • Shawn: Kudos on the childrearing. Let me know how the therapy goes.
      Spelling Bee Mom: ... huh?

    • Shawn: Uh, excuse me. You're in my seat.
      Juliet: Am I?
      Shawn: Actually, yes, you are.
      Juliet: You one of those weirdo compulsives who come to the same restaurant, sit in the same chair, and eat the same food every day?
      Shawn: Uh, no, no, no, I was sitting right there three minutes ago, and then I went outside to get myself a paper. I ordered a juice, and look, I made a crawling snake with the straw wrapper. You can finish it if you think you're up to the job.

    • Man: Is everything OK up there?
      Shawn: It's fine… Uh, Banana.
      Contestant 118: Can you repeat that?
      Shawn: Yes… Banana.
      (mutterings from the audience)
      Gus: (whispering) Banana, Shawn? It's the third round!
      Shawn: (whispering) You could have helped me!
      Gus: (whispering) This is a dead end, Shawn. We're walking. Let's go.
      (they start to pack up the tripod)
      Contestant 118: Definition, please.
      Shawn: (whispering) What… ? (into microphone) A yellow fruit. Also, a kind of pudding. A delicious pudding.
      (Gus and Shawn try to rush out the door)
      Contestant 118: Sentence, please.
      (Shawn gestures to the contestant, then returns to chair)
      Shawn: Anna Banana would like to hear 'Venus' by Bananarama… Banana.
      (laughter in audience)
      Contestant 118: B-A-N-A-N-A, banana.

    • Shawn: Ahh!
      Gus: Shhh!
      Shawn: I'm so sorry my agonizing pain is inconveniencing you.

    • Gus: See, the problem is butyraceous is clearly a round one word.
      Shawn: Oh, God! Stop talking. I'd like to pretend we still have things in common, Gus.

    • Shawn: Oh, come on, dude. You're not bored at all?
      Gus: Do you know how to spell any of these words?
      Shawn: Proudly, I have never heard of any of these words. I file these words under 'Things to say when I want to be ridiculed or kicked out of bed'.

    • Juliet: Okay, Shawn, I'm gonna need you to do me a favor.
      Shawn: Name it.
      Juliet: Duck. (pulls out her gun)

    • Shawn: (imitating Juliet) Oh, I like your jacket. I like it, I like it!
      Juliet: Okay, can I stop you there? First off, in your portrayal of me, I sound like I'm in the eighth grade.
      Shawn: Well, in my portrayal of you, you only have an eighth grade education. (Juliet laughs) All right, uh... smarten you up. Uh, college? Yeah? Top of your class? Graduated early? Got it.

    • Gus: This thing has been sold out for weeks.
      Shawn: I can see why. It moves so fast. It's like hockey with words.

    • (Shawn is having a "vision")
      Vick: Why can't he ever just tell us to arrest someone?
      Juliet: He does this a lot?
      Lassiter, Vick: Yes.

    • Gus: You don't smell that?
      Shawn: I don't smell anything.
      Gus: That's because you don't have the Super Smeller!
      Shawn: Okay, you have got to stop calling your nose the Super Smeller. If you want to name a body part man, name your butt. Call it the tight-bouncer or the hexagon.

    • Henry: (to Shawn) You got more wood out back, nails on the workbench, Home Depot is open till 9... don't cut any corners.

    • Lassiter: (about Shawn) Want me to cuff him?
      Vick: Why? Why would I want that?
      Lassiter: Just a suggestion.

    • Shawn: (to Lassiter) Dude, what is your glitch?

    • Shawn: (about his eighth grade doghouse) It's creepy that you kept this!

    • Gus: (about the spelling bee) I tried to get tickets, but you've got to know somebody.
      Shawn: Somebody lame.

    • Shawn: My visions enslave me. I'm like a slave to my visions.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates
      Germany – 06 November 2007 on RTL
      Australia – 11 December 2007 on TEN
      Czech Republic – 14 May 2008 on Prima
      Finland – 12 January 2009 on MTV3


    • Spellmaster: "Onion"? Even Dan Quayle could spell that!

      Vice President Dan Quayle misspelled the word potato as "potatoe," and forced a student to "fix" his correct spelling, while judging an elementary school spelling bee in Trenton, New Jersey, on June 15, 1992. He was relying on the answers provided to him by the school, but received a lot of bad press for his mistake.

    • Shawn:(looking at the Spellmaster) What is he, the Phantom of the Opera?
      The Phantom of the Opera is a fictional character in the French novel by Gaston Leroux as well as the main character in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical of the same title. The Phantom is a disfigured genius who hides in an opera house from below, and runs the Opera House via terrorizing those who occupy it.