Season 1 Episode 2

Spellingg Bee

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 14, 2006 on USA

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  • After that he must concocted his Psychic premonitions... Really Grammar?

    I am a huge fan of this show. It is actually my top favorite show of all time, who doesn't want a good cop dramedy? This show blends the murders perfectly with humor, because lets face it, murder isn't supposed to be funny. Someone is dead. This episode is pretty good for being one of the first in the series, they are still starting out and trying to find the right balance of humor factor mixed with the seriousness of murder, as well as the way they can show Shawn's 'gift'. I liked the first female detective but have to say, in the long run, having seen the rest of the episodes I do like Jules A LOT more. She is sweet and counters out Lassie's grumpiness very well, AND introduces an attainable love interest for our Favorite (fake) psychic. AND AS FOR the comment below from 'going downhill fast' all I can say is "WOW Grammar much?" Your spelling is HORRENDOUS, 'a tempt'? that's ATTEMPT thank you. 'gus is watching a spelling'? 'We are again show Shawn use his powers when we get a cut glowing seen'? 'in prints left in the rug by a tri pod' IMPRINTS!!!! I am sorry to sound like the grammar police but someone had to say it.
  • Spellingg Bee

    The Good:

    -"DO we know each other?" "Yes. You are the girl that stole my seat."

    -"Kudos on the child rearing. Let me know how the therapy goes."

    -"If you want to nickname a body part, nickname your butt. Call it the Tight Bouncer..."

    -Switching Lucinda for Juliet. Juliet has a certain sweetness about her, while Lucinda was harder, more like a female version of her boyfriend, Lassiter. Juliet is apparently single, which opens up romantic possibilities for her when she is surrounded by the likes of Gus, Shawn, and Detective Lassiter.

    The Bad:

    -The suggestion that Gus "hooked up" with a girl after losing the Spelling Bee. In the flashback to the Spelling Bee, Shawn and Gus appear to be around 10 or 11, so this does not make sense.
  • going down hill fast

    Ok the first of bad sign for a series is when they change a character. Only two episodes in and the main female character in the show has been changed. Now while the pilot was good the second left a bad taste in my mouth.

    First Shawn "powers" and I call them powers now because the annoying way he sees "Obvious things" I will explain later. So Gus is watching a spelling which is something not only he does every year he is a fanatic. Add that in his past he participated in one which ended on a sour note. Shawn walks in cracks a few weak jokes and notices that the kid who just gotten eliminated inhaler was not working well with the light up the clue cut scenes. No less then fifteen seconds later he is called in by the police and hired to interview the kids in regards to the inhaler incident.

    Since when do you call in private detective who is a psychic to question kids? Any how the speak to about two students before showing us who we all know "did it". During a break in the competition the head of the event seems to catch a heart attack and fall off the balcony.

    After a very unfunny sequence Shawn and Gus are allowed to look at the area where he was sitting. We are again show Shawn use his powers when we get a cut glowing seen of some numbers written down in on a side page in a book. Then again when he noticed in prints left in the rug by a tri pod. Now this cut scene flash sequence we must see every time he sees something is really over used. No matter what or how obvious the clue is we have to see it and I don't think it's necessary.

    Gus then smells the food and can smell the hint of a poison in which helps lead in to the part of the show I hated the most. Shawn needs to get his sample to a lab, so what does he do? Go to his dad for help. Now in the pilot we saw that if there was going to be any serious topics on the show it would be there relationship. So he goes to his dad for help and his father agrees to only if he builds a dog house. Shawn starts it and when he father gets back he tells him that it's not what he wanted. We are then witness the a really bad scene of Shawn riding his bike mad about this issue. "The flash back sequences shows this" He is pissed and then a van a temps to run him down. The next day he goes back to the house to finish the dog house and then we get a touching moment of his father helping him put it together. He then gives him the results of the lab test and the story moves on. After this Gus finds a clue of his own when while watching the spelling bee the camera shows a close up of the participants inhaler and you see the name of the doctor on the back. After checking on the contestant in the hospital Shawn assisted by the glowing ,flash cut scene see that kids inhaler and the name on the back and head back to the bee. They go back steal the new spellers jacket (which again we are given the flash/glowing cut scene of the name tag which is a foot in front of him) go to his room and put all the final clues together. After that he must concocted his Psychic premonitions which I didn't even smirk at and once again he solves the problem

    This show is based around comedy and there attempt to get serious is something I hope they don't due in the future, and there humor needs a shot of adrenalin because if it does not get better the viewers will turn some where else.

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of psych shawn and his assitan must figure out what happen in the spelling. a guy falling off the top and crashing in the audience and dieing they must figure out what happen before the contest is over . this was a good ep that had some hilrious moments him falling down thinking he is being attacked by a evil spirt such funny moments. it turns out it was a father and son that were trying to cheat so they could win the money . this was good ep and that is why i gave it a 8.5
  • All I have to say is: BANANA

    This is a great episode! It has many hilarious moments, but would we expect less? And you can see the friendship of Shawn and Gus really shine in this episode. It has a great storyline and very well put together. The best part of this episode, at least in my opinion, is when Shawn makes the girl spell BANANA!!! That makes me laugh every time!!! It will never get old!!! =) Thank goodness this show is produced by incredible people and thank goodness that they have an incredible cast. They make this show what is it and without them it would be nothing!!! GO PSYCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • When Burton was young he dreamed of winning the spelling bee. Now he and Shawn must investigate deadly goings on at the regionals for the National Spelling Bee finals. Shawn seems a little creeped out while Burton is in his element.

    A little history. Burton was in the regionals and actually had a chance to win, but he relied on his friend Shawn to help him and Shawn double crossed him so he would lose. He did it because he didn't want Burton to become some kind of outsider geek.

    It seems the police are willing to bring Psych into cases on a limited basis. Shawn and Burton are called in on a suspicious behavior situation and are asked to interview the contestants to see if they can come up with something. That's not good enough for Shawn as he wants to solve the whole case. When the Bee Master is murdered he jumps into action.

    Very entertaining and the show keeps a fast moving pace. Shawn almost gets run over on his motorcycle and we begin to see the danger these two men are getting themselves into by meddling in these kind of cases. People who murder once generally aren't afraid to do it again. At this point I think the adversaries are underestimating our two boys and I could see that coming to a halt sometime soon.

    Great chemistry between Shawn and Burton. Burton's knowledge of chemistry really comes in handy and you can see his demeanor will help Shawn in the long run maybe stay a little more grounded. Shawn can be a little obnoxious and tends to perform when he is doing his psychic bit. It is a little annoying and I would rate this episode more of an 8.8 than a nine based on that alone.

    Still the dynamics and the storylines are pretty good. They also introduced a new female detective in this episode, Juliet Harris played by Maggie Lawson that will be a perfect police confidant within the force for the boys. She's new but you get the feeling she's not naive and she's willing to do what she needs to close a case.

    Another entertaining episode I would definitely recommend for any age. Thanks for reading...
  • Gus and Shawn attend the Spelling Bee to solve a murder.

    This episode was so funny! Usually the first few episodes of the series aren't all that interesting and are sort of boring, but not the episodes in this series! This episode is by far one of the funniest. There's the beginning portion when Shawn meets Julie for the first time and then is surprised to find out he'll be working with her on future cases. The best part of the entire episode is when Shawn is reading off the words for the spellers in the spelling bee. He can't find the certified word list so he used the dead guy's grocery list (XD) As a joke, my family and I will say 'banana' to make each other laugh. It hasn't failed us yet! (XD) Another minor funny part was the ending where Gus is chasing Shawn around the yard and Shawn is having trouble because of the brace his leg is in (XD)
  • A spelling bee.

    This is probably one of the best episodes of the whole series, it has the perfect blend of ridiculousness and crime. When Shawn goes up and reads the list and has to make up words it is absolutely hilarious and him reading the grocery list is classic. I also love the flashbacks that show Shawn sabotaging Gus because he didn't want him to be loser which really shows the great aspects of their relationship. The actual crime was also good and showed off the actual investigating part of the show well and I like how Gus's pharmacy was incorporated into the episode.
  • Such a great and funny episode.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I was first excited to "meet" Juliet. The scene with her and Shawn, with him teasing and flirting with her, and "reading" her, was so cute and funny.

    I love that Gus is so knowledgeble about spelling bees. He is a lovable geek. It was hilarious when Shawn and Gus interviewed the spelling bee contestants, along with their parents. Shawn was making fun of them but they didn't realize it. :-) I liked how Juliet tried to bring a sensitive side to the police department, by offering counseling to people. She seemed kind whereas Lassiter came off as detached. I think that my favorite part of this episode is when Shawn and Gus are up in the booth and Shawn gives words from the grocery list. That is one of the funniest scenes I've had the pleasure to witness on television. There are so many great things about Psych episodes. I could go on and on. Great episode!
  • When I go to Albertson's, I need to buy some Mitchum Ice Blast... and bananas.

    Spellingg Bee is my favorite episode of Psych. During their second case, Shawn and Gus investigate the untimely death of a spelling bee spel master. In the process, we earn that Shawn derailed Gus's childhood dream of becoming a spelling bee champ. More about the comedy than the case, Spellingg Bee delivers some of the most quotable lines from Psych. The episode also introduces Det. Juliet O'Hara. Both foil and love interest, the chemistry and comedic timing between the the Shawn and Juliet characters is great.

    This episode was top writing for Psych, Roday and Hill give great comedic performances...and bananas.
  • From spelling bees to murder.

    This was another witty and fun episode. We see Shawn and Gus investigating the murder of the Spellmaster of the spelling bee. The fun just keeps on rolling with this one. As they're investigating Shawn is picking up on little things throughout the show. We find out in the end that one of the contestants father's was behind the attack on another contestant and the death of the Spellmaster, all to get his son to win the Spelling Bee. Shawns over the top psychic antics are his crowning glory. He really goes all out when he fakes out one of his 'episodes'. I am really enjoying the frivolity of this show. Another great one!
  • Yes another episode of Psyche.

    Someone murdered the spelling bee master and it's up to Shawn and Gus to find out who. To solve this murder they have to get in the world of spelling competitions. This causes for hilarious situations. One of my favorite parts of this episode is when Shawn becomes spelling master, but doesn't know the right words so he picks them of a grocery list. Because of this the children have to spell things like banana. That's just so funny! We find out that Gus almost one a spelling bee, but lost because of Shawn. But Gus is still a fan of spelling bee's while Shawn thinks that it's weird.
  • VErry funny episode

    This episode was hilarious. I love it when he gives the definition for banana. Its one of the most memorable quotes of Psych for me. I though that was very funny. I like how everything is always planned out. ANd I like how Gus is all into the Spelling Bee and is not ashamed of it. And when Gus finds out that Spencer made him lose the chance of winning the spelling bee contest. He gets mad and starts chasing him. While Spencer tries to give excuses on why he did it.
  • Shawn and Gus, try to find out who killed the Spellmaster

    *May Contain Spoilers*

    This is by far the funniest episode I have seen, up to date. I laughed when Shawn pretended to be possesed just so he could investigate.

    And Shawn pretending to be the spellmaster? I laughed so hard with his easy words. the word Banana was especially the funniest word Shawn had the spellers spell. Especially since Shawn got annoyed by the girl who kept asking questions before finally spelling it. The flashback in the beginning as well as the ending sequence played out nicely.

    I'd love to see more episodes like this one. Overall I give this episode a 9.9 out of 10
  • The duo are back

    Shawn and Gus return to solve the murder of a spelling master at a spelling bee contest. Shawn is the only one who thinks they are dealing with murder and as usual is right. I thought this episode was hilarious especially when Shawn was annoucing the words that the contestants had to spell. Banana. Funny.
  • Shawn and Gus are back... to solve the Spelling Bee Murder.

    Now who would have thought that there would a homicide or murder at a spelling bee? Shawn takes the case even though he was told not to mess araound wiht it. And Gus wiht his obsession with the spelling had no problem following Shawn in to the Spelling Bee event after they are called by the police to the scene. But the police believe that the spelling master had simply choked to death. But that is not what Shawn and Gus disvoer. They discover that the spelling master was murder with by an allergic reaction by one of the contestant's parent to keep their child from being disqualified for cheating.
  • The writers did it again this was yet another great episode!

    PSYCH had me hooked ever since I watched the pilot. I personally felt the pilot was better, but his episode was still fairly good. I thought that Gus being made a spelling nerd was great! I still can't believe that Shawn messed up Gus on purpose...and told him about it! This may have been an average episode, but it still had some great lines in it. My favorite was when Shawn said the spelling bee was like hockey with words. The line itself may not have been that funny, but it's just the way he said it. The producers of PSYCH have definately picked an excellant cast and I think we can all look foward to exceptionally great episodes in the future.
  • The Spell Master is murdered!

    When the Spell Master is murdered, Shawn and Gus must investigate.

    This is definently a hilarious episode. From Gus, always having wanted to be in a spelling bee, to the super smeller... Also I love all scenes between Shawn and his dad, but I thought the whole dog house thing was particularly great. Also the beginning scene with Juliet was funny, I think she's really cool, I like her. Plus who doesn't love Shawn's fake psychic episodes... Just amazing. This whole episode was hysterical, the verbal wordplay is amazing. The fast pace dialogue and everything, it really was a well written, great everything kind of episode.
  • Funniest Episode So Far

    This was the best episode I have seen yet. I made me laugh so hard. Favorite quote: "Banana: A yellow fruit. Also, and pudding. A Delicous pudding." The writers did very well writing this. We find that Gus has an uncanny ability to smell things out, and that he also was in a spelling bee. We learn that Shawn has an even worse reltionship with his father than we knew before. Shawn has a grat slap stcik like humor in this episode, which makes it all the more watch able. PSYCH has great potential to be a hit, and I can't wait for more episodes.
  • Shawn and Gus investigate the mysterious early elimination of a spelling bee contestant, but their cheating investigation turns into a murder investigation once they get there.

    A great episode. I loved the good natured ribbing between Shawn and Gus, and the spelling words that Shawn picked were great.

    Even better was the growth of the relationship between Shawn and his father. We start to understand the problems between them, and how they are helping to resolve them.

    Psych is much more than just a comedy. We get to see humor, but we also see the growth of real characters rather than simply the two dimensional ones that you have to deal with in most comedies.

    I look forward to the future episodes of this show...and hope that they are able to really keep things going.
  • Who knew that spelling could be so serious?

    Psych Detective Agency is called into action when a kid in the regional spelling bee collaspes on stage, and later claims that it was sabotage. Gus, who has been a spelling be fanatic since he was a child, insists that he and Shawn take the case immediatly. They arrive at the spelling bee competition just in time to watch the famous Spellmaster fall to his death from the balcony. The police say that it was an accident, but Shawn doesn't think so. And so, using his unique ability to pick up every detail of his surroundings, Shawn dives into the spelling bee to figure out why someone would want to kill the Spellmaster. And soon he realizes just how serious the spelling competition can become.

    I love how hilarious Psych can be, and for this episode the arguement between Gus (the spelling bee lover) and Shawn (who thinks the spelling bee is riddiculous) is laugh-out-loud funny. Shawn has to investigate the spelling bee while thinking that the entire thing is stupid, but as he learns more and more about the murder of the Spellmaster, he realizes that some people will do anything to win the Bee. I think that the best scene was when Shawn and Gus were in the Spellmaster's box while the Spelling Bee was running, and Shawn had to impersonate the substitute spellmaster. I was laughing so hard that I was left breathless. This is definitely a great episode for the new series, and I hope more like it will follow!
  • Shawn and Gus get called to investigate a spelling bee.

    This episode was alright. It may take a little more for me to really get into this series because it's off to a slow start. All in all it's alright. This episode was about Shawn & Gus going to the American Spelling Bee regionals to investigate because police believe that he was sabatoged. While there a man, the spellmaster, dies. They then have to investigate his murder as well. It ends up being one of the contestants and his father. They had rigged it so that the boy would win. The spellmaster found out and was going to turn them in but he was murdered before he could.
  • Shawn and Gus solve the mysterious case of the Spelling Bee Sabotage.

    The episode Spellingg Bee was clever as well as soda-coming-out-of-your-nose funny. It carefully melted character development with the back-lining plot of the Spelling Bee sabotage. It\'s hilarious nature gives way to many good shows to come and it is obvious that it will get fantastic ratings. Those who do not find this series absolutely uproarious don\'t know what witty humor really is. The way the humor is presented may also be a downside, as many people don\'t tend to catch on to it like others do, but the story has thus far been steady as well as developmental to what I believe they are trying to accomplish.
  • Shawn and Gus Investagate the death of the spellmaster at a spelling bee.

    Who ever Made this show must be like a gift from God! This show is so good and this episode is a fine example! This show is the funniest show on TV this summer!!
    This episode was very well done, It was very well plotted. I doubt many figured out who the killer was before Shawn and Gus did. When the Spellmaster at the regional Spelling bee just tips over and croaks everyone assumes it was because of his poor health, everyone except Shawn who smells something fishy. The clues ware right in front of you, you just had to look carefully it was very smartly done.
    They also replaced the detective chick from the pilot episode. I for one like this chick much better, she's hotter and she has good chemistry with Shawn.
    Very good episode, I look forward to watching this show grow into a Hit! Its better then Monk!
  • I won the second grade spelling bee. It was nothing like that.

    Here's what I loved about this episode... Shawn being "possessed" by the angry ghost of the dead Spellmaster. Gus's obsession with the bee, pretending he wasn't watching it at the beginning. Shawn and his dad building the doghouse. Gus chasing Shawn around at the end of the episode because Shawn purposely gave him the wrong word at the spelling bee when they were kids. Classic.

    Another well-written, funny episode. I liked Shawn calling high school kids b*st*rds, because that's so the truth. There were so many great lines tonight.

    I'm just confused about the new detective. If she's Juliet O'Hara (she introduced herself at the beginning, in the diner, but I don't remember what she introduced herself as), then who was the blonde in the pilot episode? They did mention that Lassiter's girlfriend got transferred, but I just want to know what her name was.

    One problem with this show is that you can figure out who the killer is like halfway through the episode. You just knew that whoever killed the Spellmaster was a disgruntled parent, and the only parent we ever really saw was the Czech guy, so you knew it was going to be him. And it was. The only real question about the murder is how and why. But it's figuring out the who that's the fun part of an investigation. That's my only complaint so far.

    Other than that, phenomal episode.