Season 3 Episode 7

Talk Derby to Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2008 on USA
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Juliet goes undercover as a skater to solve a number of robberies that are linked to a roller derby team.

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  • A decent episode

    Felt a little forced, like they were trying to push the Shawn-Juliet relationship. But overall, pretty good. And presumably, any fans of that relationship will love it. Still, to me it got almost a little obnoxious. Everyone else got minimal screentime - Gus, Chief, Lassiter, Henry, even the perps. The crime, which was actually pretty ingenious, didn't get much attention - instead, the climax was "Juliet's in danger" which ... I dunno, even if she wasn't as fully capable as she proved herself to be, they could hardly kill her right there on the track.

    I get it, Shawn and Juliet were to be far and away the focus of this episode, but it actually causes some plot inconsistencies. The major one being - Shawn actually kinda screws the pooch on this one and no one calls him out on it. Seriously. He solves the crime - he also makes things a lot worse.

    First, he hangs out with Juliet when she's undercover and doesn't leave her alone even when she and Gus warn him it's dangerous - this is what eventually compromises her and puts her in danger, when the other teammates see Shawn at a crime scene and realize Juliet must be working with the police.

    Second, when he finds Westwood's body, he doesn't just call the cops, he insists that Gus not call anyone just so that he can later claim psychic credit in front of a crowd. Which is, at the very least, unsanitary to leave a body around, and irresponsible, since anyone could've come and removed the body in the interim. Actually, I think it's an arrestable offense.

    And third, Westwood is only dead BECAUSE OF SHAWN. Because when Shawn and Gus are following her, he doesn't let Gus call Lassiter and report that Westwood may be carrying a dead body. Which, again, is a criminal act, but it also means that Westwood doesn't get arrested. In fact, Shawn doesn't tell the cops until the next day, again so he gets the psychic credit, and Westwood gets killed.

    Now Shawn's not directly responsible, but if he had simply been responsible and called in like Gus, the Chief, Lassiter, and Juliet told him explicitly to do, Westwood would've been in police custody, alive and well, and the cops could've stolen a march on the roller derby team, maybe nab them on their own.

    Shawn couldn't have known what would happen to Westwood, but that's besides the point. He was warned and told many times by many characters to just do the responsible thing, because there was reasonable expectation that something might go wrong and someone might be put in danger - specifically, his favorite girl who he actually does put in danger.

    Juliet could've easily been killed along with Westwood before Shawn got there - in fact, that would've made more sense. Why would they kill Westwood, stuff her body in a public lot in an unlocked trunk, and then leave her alone so they can go inside and, what, beat Juliet up a little?

    My point being - the story has a huge plot hole, of Shawn being incredibly irresponsible so he can claim to be psychic, leading to the death of one person and the potential death of another, that is never, ever addressed. Not even Gus seems to object. And I have this nagging feeling that it may be partially due to this emphasis on putting the spotlight on Shawn and Juliet.

    TLDR - in this episode, Shawn behaves like an a-hole.moreless
  • One of the best Shawn/Juliet episodes!

    the plot of this episode revolved around multiple thefts and the group investigating a roller derby team. the main focus for the episode, though, was the Shawn and Juliet relationship. and yes, i am a fan of that relationship and this episode takes it to a new level. it was cute that Shawn had made dinner for her and at the end when the two did a couples' skate. this episode was not only a good one for the relationship, but it also showed Juliet's kick ass side (who didn't love when she clothes-lined that one girl!?). there was also the funny ending with Shawn taking Gus's exam for him (poor Gus!!!). this was definately an amazing addition to Psych and i recommend this to any fan, especially Shawn and Jules fans.moreless
  • Juliet goes undercover as a roller derby player to help solve a burglary.

    I have to admit that I really liked this episode. And it wasn't just because of my adoration for the sport of roller derby. There's some lovely Shawn/Juliet chemistry in this episode. Some nice quotes too. Some Shawn messing around with Gus' head too. Wouldn't you love a friend like him? Lol.

    Juliet was amazingly convincing as a murderously ruthless looking Roller Derby-ette. And it was amusing to see Shawn's day (I can never remember his name) teaching Shawn and Gus the rules of the game. All in all this is one of my favourite episodes of Psych. It was full of cute funny moments and still had Shawn doing what he does best... what that is, I'm not so sure :Pmoreless
  • One of the best episodes of Psych. So funny, just great in my opinion.

    No pineapple in this episode!! I couldn't believe it.

    I really, really liked this episode. I have to say I loved this episode. I thought it was great. This is one of my favorites so far. The flashback was so cute, with Young Gus saying he was representing Shawn in the situation. It was good to see another flashback of Henry being a hard ass, teaching Shawn a "lesson". I was so excited about Juliet going undercover. Her ruthlessness was cool. I liked the scene when she was in the locker room. It was suspenseful. I was so sure she'd get caught then and there. I liked the initial roller derby scene in it's entirety. I liked seeing Henry so into the derby, saying "broads" over and over, and yelling at the players. I liked when Shawn and Gus decided to go investigate and stepped over the falling bodies as if they weren't there. I just wonder....where did Henry go after that? He wasn't mentioned again after they left him watching the derby.

    I thought it was so cute that Shawn set up a romantic dinner for himself and Juliet, complete with romantic music, flowers and candles. I hadn't expected that. It was funny that Julet thought she was interrupting him and someone else, when he'd gone to all that trouble for her. The scene near the end, Shawn and Juliet rollerskating together, was adorable. She said "no hands" when he tried to hold her hand, but ended up holding his hand anyway. It was also sweet of Shawn to cover for Juliet when she nearly got in trouble with Vick. I can't explain how excited I am to see a tiny bit of progress in the Shawn-Juliet relationship storyline. I think they are handling it well. It's not blatant and it wasn't the main focus of the episode.

    I couldn't believe it when Shawn took Gus' test for him. Is Shawn a genius or what? Is he really that smart, or did he memorize the entire book that Gus had been studying? Hmm... Gus' near meltdown was funny. Another funny Gus moment(s) was when Gus was dressed like the store mannequin. The comments about him stealing the clothes from the mannequin were hilarious! LOL Funny moments....Gus running away in a panic when the "body" floated to the top of the water, Shawn pretending to be a mannequin, everyone squished into the little room viewing the security video, Shawn calling Gus Longbranch Pennywhistle. I also liked the moment when Shawn blanked and couldn't think of a nickname for Gus. LOL And wasn't it cool when Shawn memorized all of the lists on Vick's desk? I loved so much about this episode. Here are some favorite quotes:

    "You broke someone's nose?" Vick

    "Oh yes, I did, thank you." Juliet "Don't be vexed. You're still number one on my Myspace page." Shawn

    "My process is not a tandem bike. It's a unicycle." Shawn

    "I can skate, Shawn. I got this." Gus

    "On the contrary, Shawn. Clearly somebody is stealing my look." Gus

    "Right now I'm putting my hand in my pocket, sans thumb, pointing at an imaginary seagull." Shawn

    "And that's why we brought you down here, Pop, to hear you say "broads" repeatedly." Shawn

    "I'll see you tonight. Bring the outfit. One of us might wear it." Shawn "I got some serious vibes in there. And possibly athlete's foot." Shawn That's enough from me. :-)moreless
  • good episode...

    Shawn works with the female detective in this episode to take down a group of roller derby thieves. I thought this episode had a lot of funny, and a lot of weird. Roller derby is odd... anyways, the story was pretty interesting, but didn't give much to mystery. It was obvious off the bat who was the culprit. The whole thing with Gus and his test was funny and annoying...mixed... and what was up with Shawn? He was like hitting on the detective lady...did I miss a love thing? Anyways, I wanted Shawn's father to be more in the episode, but when he was at the roller derby - that was funny. Overall, good story with a mix of funny and annoying.moreless
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Sydney Bennett

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Michael Jonsson

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Young Gus

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Gus uncovers a dead body in the truck.)
      Shawn: Oh, thank God!
      Gus: Thank God? It's a dead person.
      Shawn: Yeah, but it's not Juliet.
      Gus: It's still a human being, Shawn. It's Westwood. What's the matter with you?
      Shawn: You're saying you'd rather it be someone that we know and care about? Fine, next time I see Jules, I'll just tell her you wish she was dead.

    • Juliet: Elephant theft?
      Shawn: Oh, yeah.
      Juliet: People steal elephants?
      Shawn: Major problem. Pretty much out of control.

    • Gus: Dude, you are leering.
      Shawn: If by leering you mean staring oddly in a creepy way, yes.

    • Shawn: Jules, I'm getting some strong messages.
      Juliet: Ok, what are they?
      Shawn: The first one is from Keanu Reeves. He's living in a house I built on a lake two years in the past. How will I meet him?

    • Shawn: That is the code of the roller girl.
      Gus: I never thought I would hear you say that.
      Shawn: Even more than sinkhole sissy-feet flapjack go-go boots?

    • Lassiter: Spencer, what the hell are you doing up there?
      Shawn: Right now I'm putting my hand in my pocket, sans thumb, pointing at an imaginary seagull.

    • Henry: Shawn, thieves always lie. Remember that.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Shawn refers to Lassiter as "a demon on wheels." This is a direct line from the theme song of the 1960s cartoon Speed Racer.

    • Shawn: The first one is from Keanu Reeves. He's living in a house I built on a lake two years in the past. How will I meet him?

      This is a reference to the 2006 Alejandro Agresti film, The Lake House starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves as two residents of the same house who exchange love letters, but discover that they are two years apart from each other.

    • Episode Title: "Talk Derby to Me"

      Referencing Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me", a 1987 song from the album Look What the Cat Dragged In.