Season 4 Episode 4

The Devil's in the Details…and in the Upstairs Bedroom

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 28, 2009 on USA

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  • The worst season of Psych continues...

    In this weeks episode Shawn and Gus are called to a suicide in a catholic school. They meet their old friend - the priest that taught them in the sunday school. There is a nice flashback where the priest, Shawn, Gus and Henry discuss innacuracies in Bible's story of Noah's Ark. In the present the priest thinks it was a demonic possession, Lassiter thinks murder and Shawn says... suicide.

    There are plenty of situations for jokes like: Shawn and Gus talk to a possessed girl, Shawn make fun of Lassiter saying that if he disagrees than it further proves Shawn's theory and Gus is being over religious and accepting every supernatural explanation. I also liked how Shawn explained his title of "lead" investigator. Wait for the end and there is a confession scene which is also funny (although not overly)

    What this episode doesn't have is anyhting psychic. I wonder if the writers even rember that Shawn is psychic. Well, they claim they do - in one scene Shawn says that he has to maintain his cover as a psychic - but it doesn't stop him not to do anything that deals with visions and stuff. I don't know, maybe it is a set up for further development but it sure isn't funny right now. It is almost like Shawn is becoming Monk - he sniffs around, he say he got it and we are fed with the explanation in flashbacks. What's with all the word games, throwing himself around, touching everything? That was Psych

    The character interaction is pretty weak. Lassiter gets his normal part but Jules has almost nothing to say (anything longer than 4 word sentence). Fine, Shawn is with Abigail but she is not there. It seems that whole relationship thing took out 1/5 of the humor. But there is a new star introduced - Facebook. That's right, Shawn and Gus spend much time in going through facebook status updates and discussing about their info in there. The thing is that it isn't that funny, Facebook is ridiculous in many ways but the writers seem to only have discovered the main page. The other "fresh" thing is Henry getting hooked on playing xbox police game with a zapper gun. Really? Old guy discovers that he likes video games, how original is that?

    The mystery itself is mediocre, impossible to solve by the viewer (well it actually is, in the very end) and not very exciting either. There is too little suspects, if it is not obvous immediately. This episode has its moments but overall has the humor bar hanged much lover than any other episode from the first 3 seasons. Seems like if 4th season ever gets released on dvd there will be little point in buying it.