Season 3 Episode 4

The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2008 on USA

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  • The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable

    The Good:

    -"You keep a stun gun in the birdhouse? What's under the garden gnome, an M80?"

    -"Why do I have to be Sammy?"

    -"It's like that movie 'Idle Hands,' except with no nudity, which means I must be completely unwatchable right now!"

    -"Don't ever call me Home Skillet."

    -Shawn gives Juliet a note that says, "You smell nice."
  • One of the best season 3 episodes yet!

    This was a great episode. great work from the cast on this one. summary of the episode: Shawn always liked his treasure hunting uncle Jack. when Jack comes around talking about pirate treasure, Shawn and Gus agree to help find it much to Henry's dismay. As they look for it, they end up being chased by Jack's old partners and Shawn, Henry, and Gus are caught by the police. this episode was hilarious from both Shawn and Gus. a must see episode. (sorry i wrote the summary of the episode in this one b/c i wouldn't have enough words otherwise.) thanks for sticking with me.
  • Shawn and Gus on a funny and clever treasure hunt! Great episode!

    Its strange to me that there has, so far, been no Young Gus. I don't understand why they would get rid of Young Gus. I immediately liked the new format of going back in time to reveal what had happened. I think it's cool that they experimented and I think it worked well. I liked Steven Weber right away in the flashback, and even more in Henry's house. He fit right in with Shawn, Gus and Henry. I loved when he gave Shawn and Gus the masks and they played with them like children would. That was cute. It was extremely funny when Shawn, Henry and Gus first got to Henry's house and realized someone was inside. They burst into the house and Gus burst in with a hose, screaming. So funny! A favorite part of mine is when the guys are trapped and Gus doesn't want to use his work phone to call for help. He was basically saying that he'd rather die than let Shawn use any more of his minutes. LOL Shawn had used up a lot of his minutes waiting on hold for concert tickets. Ha ha ha

    Another part that I liked a lot was Juliet's little tirade at the police station. It was cool to see her be "hard ass" but I loved Shawn's reaction when she was done yelling at him: "Oh my God. That was so hot." LOL Another funny part that involved Juliet was when she mentioned the best diet ever, where she lost three pounds after being sick with salmonella poisoning. I am starting to look at Shawn's memory as a super power. LOL It was so cool when he went "back in time" to discover the location of the bell tower. I thought that was awesome. I was really annoyed when Shawn handed "the treasure" to Uncle Jack. I thought he was being naive. I should have known better. :-) I'm happy that our guys got to keep some of the treasure, while deciding to donate the rest. There is something that puzzled me about the episode. How could Shawn see through the one-way glass at the police station? That part had me laughing. Here are some favorite quotes:
    "It's not that we need you. We want you. Plus...we need you." Shawn
    "I know this probably isn't the right time to say this but dude we're probably going to get to ride in a helicopter." Shawn
    "How about a text message? All I need to write is OMG LOL." Shawn
    "Don't call me home skillet." Gus
    "I don't know where you guys went to partner college but I'm pretty sure you guys aren't supposed to shoot your partner." Shawn
    "Are you kidding? That's like asking me if i want my own jet pack. Or if I ever wanted to be a koala bear." Shawn
    "I was the only eight year old kid who knew what a trifecta was." Gus
    "Don't listen to him, Uncle Jack. He's a dream killer." Shawn What a great episode!!
  • one of my favorites...

    I'm not really sure why I liked this episode so much, but I do. Shawn's uncle, Jack, comes to him and asks him for help to find buried treasure. I felt like I was watching National Treasure...but oh well. Anyways, Jack turned out to have promised a lot of people and screwed them and so they were after him and the treasure. In the end, Shawn pulled a fast one, which was predictable, and got the gold. I love how this episode was set up. It showed flashbacks and I loved it. I like seeing Shawn's father in a bigger role because I love his character. Overall, great episode with great character development - one of my favorites.
  • We learn more about Shawn's family.

    Steve Weber! Oh my, how I loved him on Wings and in Jeffrey! He's just great :) I liked the way in which this episode was told and the case itself was quite interesting too, if I may say so. The double danger/betrayal was a nice twist. I also adored the interaction between Shawn and Juliet, when he gave her his message, being certain that she would know what to do. And then Shawn's little smile when he managed to trick his uncle. I bet that Henry was really proud of him :) Though it was a bit sad, as if Shawn lost some childhood illusion...
  • National Treasure meets Psych and a little bit of Goonies.

    This episode is one of the best of the season. It seems to include less serious content then the episodes before it but still has many elements of comedy and adventure. It also includes an angry french pirate with v.d. The guest star for Uncle Jack was a perfect selection. Poor Gus lost a Puma. Spanish government and stolen gold. The treasure hunt was interesting. It's like the movie Idol Hands but without nudity which much make Shawn pretty un watchable now. The scenes between Henry and Shawn were great. It also looks like Juliet has some romantic interest in Shawn and actually admitted it. Overall it was a pretty good episode.
  • Shawn and gus are treasure hunters!

    This episode was great. It's about Shawn and Gus telling the story of how they found treaure to Lassider, the Chief, and O'Hara in flashbacks to a couple of days ago. The story is about Shawn's Uncle Jack showing up at Shawn's and his dad's house because he wants their help in finding some long-lost treasure. uncle jack thinks that shawn really is a psychic so he asks most of his help for more clues. While they're doing all of this, some of uncle jack's old partners are after the treasure too and kidnap shawn, gus, and uncle jack. Will they be able to continue the adventure and find the long-lost treasure? This episode will soon be classic. It's very funny, exciting, and adventurous. Everything we're looking for in a Psych episode.
  • Shawn and Gus hunt for buried treasure with Uncle Jack.

    I usually put a quote at the top of my episode reviews, but I cannot do that today because this edition of Psych was jam-packed with gems and hilarious lines. James Roday completely escaped into his role of Shawn Spencer and gave a brilliantly derisive performance. Gus, Jack and Henry all played their supporting roles well and established a strong team that produced an exciting show.

    This episode was an instant series classic and is everything that Psych should be about. Non-stop comedy, mystery and just a unique offering that nobody else on TV can give you. From Shawn's comedy, to the hero's journey to the great pay-off in the end, every single thing was well-written and well-done. I've always wondered why Pysch received such high ratings, but episodes like this fully justify those scores. Let's hope next week will be as action-packed as this.
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