Season 4 Episode 15

The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2010 on USA
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When Lassiter maintains that a shark attack is really a planned murder to much skepticism at the department, Shawn and Gus eventually take pity on him and set out to help him prove the crime.

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  • Solid episode

    Very bizarre episode of Psych tonight. Carlton was actually at the forefront in this installment with Shawn and Gus almost being in the background as supporting characters. I did like the Jaws overtone, and the very predictable ending was actually welcome here with the way the storyline progressed.

    I don't know why they had Jeri Ryan here for such a small role, unless she is recurring on the show. I did find it funny how they mentioned Leverage, a show she was actually on this season, while she was there. This show always gets me with their shots at tv ( lol).

    Funny episode tonight. The show has been very good since its return a few weeks back.moreless
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Michael Hogan

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Kurt Fuller

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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In the scene when Shawn and Gus are talking to Shawn's dad and mocking him about the picture with the shark, we can see Lassiter's shadow behind them as he waits to come in.

    • In the flashback, Young Shawn is completely terrified by Jaws: The Revenge. Ironically, one of the 2 victims in Jaws: The Revenge was Sean Brody. They have the same name, but they are spelled differently.

    • Psych-out: Maggie sings Olivia Newton-John's "Let's Get Physical" as Timothy dances around her, but this is interrupted by a character motivation discussion.

    • Shawn asks the boat captain if he has cable because Gus doesn't want to miss the season finale of Leverage. Guest star Jeri Ryan was on Leverage this season.

    • Pineapple Spotting: The pineapple is on the bottle of suntan lotion.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Lassiter: At the end of the day, I do good police work and people respect me for it.
      Gus: Name two.
      Shawn: Name one.

    • Gus: You want to go home or you want to go watch your dad hit on that lady doctor for a while?
      Shawn: I'd rather dip my jewels in honey and go on a bear watch.

    • Henry: (on the phone) Hello?
      Shawn: Hey dad. Help me out here. I need that number for that doctor lady.
      Henry: Shawn, what are you doing?
      Shawn: Nothing.
      Henry: Shawn.
      Shawn: Okay, fine. It rhymes with "fark punting".

    • Tanner: Your job is to "shut up".
      Shawn: Okay, that's good. That's easy. I was worried I would draw swabbing the deck, which is far more difficult than remaining quiet.
      Gus: You're failing at your job right now.
      Shawn: Says you.
      Gus: Says the definition of "shut up."

    • Juliet: He brought a woman he just met to an autopsy?
      Gus: (sarcastically) Yeah, who does that? (looks at Shawn)
      Shawn: Shut up.

    • Kim: I was glad to see that it was a former cop who caught the shark instead of a shark hunter.
      Henry: My intentions were good.
      Shawn: He wanted the reward in a big, big way.
      Henry: I was trying to keep the waters safe for the children.
      Kim: Were you, really?
      Henry: The reward crossed my mind, but a divorced man has to build his nest-egg.
      Kim: Did you just casually slip the word "divorced" into a sentence to an apparently single woman?
      Henry: Did you just casually slip "single woman" into your response?
      Kim: Touché.
      Shawn: Is this really happening?
      Gus: Yes, I think you're dad is totally in there.
      Shawn: Oh, please, Gus. Where's the decorum? He's hitting on this poor woman in the middle of a crime scene.
      Gus: Shawn, you did that three times in the last year.

    • Lassiter: Well, I feared it would be a Spencer that got to that shark before me. I just can't believe it turned out to be the other one.
      Shawn: I think I should be offended. Gus?
      Gus: Compliment to you, insult to your dad.

    • Shawn: We just need to see the shark's teeth to see if they match a wound.
      Henry: Wait a second. Are you working with Detective Dip Stick?
      Gus: You're calling him that too?
      Henry: I tried not to. It just rolls right off the tongue.

    • Gus: Let me get this straight. You're doing real police work, and Lassiter's following some crazy hunch?
      Shawn: Stranger things have happened.
      Gus: Name one.
      Shawn: Michelle Pfeiffer dated Fisher Stevens, and then he actually cheated on her.
      (Gus nods in agreement)

    • (Shawn spots his dad ready to go fishing.)
      Shawn: Oh no, no, no, no, not you too.
      Henry: What?
      Shawn: You're going after the shark reward?
      Henry: What, are you crazy?
      Shawn: What's with all the equipment?
      Henry: This stuff belongs to a buddy of mine. We're gonna go hunt some marlin.
      Shawn: Wayans? Well, it's about time. Get out there quick, before they make another White Chicks.
      Gus: White Chicks was hilarious, Shawn.

    • (Shawn believes Lassiter is right, even though his theory is crazy.)
      Shawn: We're one in the same. We're Shassie now. We're Sharlton. We're Spenciter.
      Lassiter: Oh my God. (he walks away)
      Juliet: Make no mistake; this is definitely your fault.
      Shawn: I've heard that, but I'm trying to figure out how.

    • Lassiter: There's a piercing in the skin.
      Juliet: There are lots of them; it's a shark attack.
      Lassiter: No, no, this one's different. It's cleaner. It's a knife wound.
      Juliet: A knife wound?
      Lassiter: Spencer would say it.
      Juliet: You're not him.
      Lassiter: Thank the sweet Lord for that.

    • Juliet: Carlton, you can't solve a case in four minutes.
      Lassiter: Can't I? I think I can. I've seen it done.
      Juliet: Not by you.
      Lassiter: Thanks for that.

    • Lassiter: This is your fault Spencer.
      Shawn: My fault?
      Lassiter: Yeah, you got all up in my head!
      Shawn: Okay, first of all, I wouldn't last five minutes in your head.

    • Gus: I want you to call me "Guts".
      Shawn: We all call you that.
      Gus: No, Guts, Shawn.
      Shawn: What? What are you saying?
      Gus: Guts.
      Shawn: You're saying "guts"?
      Gus: Yes.
      Shawn: That's too close to "Gus".
      Gus: Never mind; call me "Old Ironside."
      Shawn: Michael Ironside?
      Gus: Old Iron Stomach, that's me.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Jaws
      Shawn tries to get everyone's attention by scraping his nails like Quint did with the blackboard in Jaws, but it doesn't work on the whiteboard so he ends up imitating the sound instead. Shawn then goes to the podium and says "Y'all know me" just as Quint did, but here someone shouts out "No we don't."

    • Title

      The title is a spoof on one of Quint's lines from the 1975 film "Jaws."