Season 2 Episode 12

The Old and the Restless

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2008 on USA

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  • The Old and the Restless

    The Good:

    -"...the hiding Gus in a sack trick, which never fails!" Shawn lists a bunch of tricks that he and Gus have tried to get into a crime scene.

    -"I have a theory based on formaldehyde and mind control."

    -"Did anyone ever tell you that your hair smells like strawberries?" "Peaches."

    -Gus's dance partner doesn't sense movement well, and falls asleep on him.

    -After a long day of trying to straighten out a juvenile delinquent, Juliet succeeds by using her feminine mystique to her advantage.

    The Bad:

    -"The Old and the Restless" lacks excitement. It would seem that in its second half, "Psych" has descended in action.
  • This was great!!

    This is a great Psych episode. It's about Shawn and Gus going to investigate the disappearance of an old man who's training to run a marathon at a local retirement home. Shawn's dad wants to come with them to see if he can solve the case before them. Shawn has a plan to pretend that his dad is his grandpa to get him into the retirement home while him and Gus search for clues. This installment is funny, engaging, fun, and above all a great episode. It's sadly not one of the best of Psych, but still an effective and funny episode!!
  • This episode was quite good.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I only saw half of it so when I saw the other half I was satisfied. I loved when the guard caught Shawn and Gus - that was an awesome scene. I also love Young Shawn and all the little tricks he does to remember things. Checking Shawn's dad into the old folk's home was hilarious! That was a A LOT of paper work, I would feel like Gus too if I had to fill all of that out. The mysterious bracelets! Poor Meredith, I actually liked her and she didn't seem so suspicious either. I thought it would have been the lady at the front desk, she seemed very odd. Shawn and Gus going to the hospital - PRICELESS. Shawn didn't understand what the doctor was saying until he talked to him in 5-year-old words. I still do believe that Shawn's dad enjoyed it in the old folk's home. The teenage boy that stole street signs and other things - I thought that was a pointless B-plot but it was enjoyable to an extent. I didn't care for it, but still it was a great episode.

    Rating = B
  • A really great, really funny episode!

    I absolutely loved this episode of Psych. It was great to see another member of Shawn's family, his grandfather. We now know that Grandpa had a big part in making Shawn the silly clown that we love to see. I loved that Henry got in on the action (more than when he just gives advice about a case). I thought it was great. I loved when it was Shawn and Gus versus Henry. I think that the show could have gone far with them as rivals. However, I was happy to see them come together as a team. My favorite scenes were the tango scene and the scene in the office. The celebration dance that Shawn and Gus did were just so funny. I love seeing them dance. The tango scene was so funny because Shawn and Henry both looked like they were in "lust" with their dancing partner. LOL

    The case was good, but not all that intriguing. But luckily for us, the show and the actors are so funny, that we don't need the best mystery in the world to keep us hooked. I didn't really care about the case until the second and third victims fell ill.

    I liked the story of Juliet and Lassiter, though I wish they'd worked with Shawn and Gus. The four of them as a team work so well, in my opinion. I wonder what Juliet said to the kid to "scare him straight". It was funny when she snapped her finger and got the kid to sit down.

    There were so many funny parts of this episode and so many great quotes, but my review has gone on long enough. Psych does it again. Another surpreme episode. :D
  • Awesome episode very funny!!

    This episode was great!!! I love the part of Gus and Shawn at the hospital, when Shawn said "Explain to me like I am a 10 yr. old, Ok like I am a 5 yr. Old" It was really funny. The other case, I thought it was really great. JJ was really entertaining, he did a great job, funny too. It was great at the end, when Juliett talks to the kid, in private, and makes him changed his attitude. I wonder what she told him to make him apologized...Great episode, can't wait to watch Psych next Friday. I love this show.
  • It had me in a fit of giggles from start to finish

    This episode was truly funny. I was laughing from start to finish. It was nice to see Shawn with somebody else besides his dad as a kid, hopefully we will see him with his mother too. Then it was a case with the added touch of Henry. I also loved how Gus was letting loose too, since he's usually the responsible one. When he helped restrict henry's diet with Shawn I laughed. It was funny from start to finish. I didn't like the Lassie & Juliet story though. I found the fellon telling the kid being in prison is fun a little... ehh wrong, specially because it isn't like that. Other than that, great episode.
  • Another totally awesome episode.

    When a man goes missing from a retirement home Shawn and Gus send Henry in undercover. While there more people suddenly fall ill, and all of the evidence points to one person. But who? While Shawn and Gus are spending time with old people Carlton and Juliet are trying to convince a young delinquent a life of crime is no fun, and they are failing. But the kid seems to have a little crush on Juliet...something that almost seems to make Carlton angry. Or maybe that's just a little bit of speculation. So, like always, I recommend this episode. I was funny like all episodes and well...I loved it and think that if you too love Psych then you would like the episode.
  • This episode was "Marvelous"

    Okay before I begin let me explain I just started watching this show a few weeks ago with the marathon so sorry if this sounds a bit vague.

    After last weeks flop of an episode, dealing with Gus's Wife, I was nervous that this episode would just be as bad but I was suprised that it was funny all through out, the storyline was steady, and just the whole layout and concept of the episode. In this installment Gus, Shawn, and his Dad go undercover in a nursing home in which a resident disapeared and others fell dead. This episode gets a 7.9 out of 10. Even though it was a good episode and all there was something wrong with the pacing and just the storyline itself just seems done before.
  • I laughed but can't say I enjoyed!

    Of course I watched the entire episode, I wouldn't be a true fan otherwise, but I wasn't really impressed with this one. Usually they start them off with an old flash back then we jump into the present and tie it all what happened?

    The mystery was lame, the characters seemed kinda lagging, and even the little animated episode they threw in there was weak. I did like how they added some mystery to Juliet's character, was wondering what they had in store so thumbs up there. I'm a chalk this one up to writers block and assume the best has yet to come.
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